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Yui Oba - 大場ゆい

Yui Oba was born on 06/06/1987 in Shiga.

Measurements: 83-60-86 (cm)
Cup Size: E Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Height: 170 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yui Oba.

Yui Oba Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DOMD-004"I Know You Like Big Girls!" - A Beautiful, Tall, Sexy Woman... With Her Queen-Like Looks, Sadistic Attitude That Attracts Masochistic Men, Her Sweet Voice And Her Experienced Hands, She Rides On Top Of Guys And Makes All Their Dreams Of Slutty Sex Come True!08/22/2019
NACX-03417 Beautiful Women With Top Class, Beautiful, Big Asses06/30/2019
KMDS-2044515 Aunts Who Get Horny And Dirty When They're Ovulating06/27/2019
SERO-359(Value) Raw Fucking Creampies With Miyu At The Ultimate Fourway Soapland. Two Other Girls Join In. Miyu Straddles Up And Gets Moving While The Other 2 Get Into Nipple Play. She Faces Away While Getting Pounded And Then Gives This Dick A Blowjob Before It Is Reinserted. She Then Gets Plowed From The Front While The Other Girls Let Their Hands Wander All Over Including To Miyu's Nipples Until Miyu Takes A Load Of Cum Inside Her Miyu Saito06/27/2019
NSPS-801Wives Waiting To Be Fucked Love Being Forced. Highlights05/11/2019
RVG-090Ass-Lover Shota-kun's Lewd Pranks BEST vol. 203/05/2019
KMDS-20429Super Bashful Squirting!! Mature Woman Babes In A Squirting Fuck Fest12/27/2018
UMSO-224A Tall Girl With An Alluring And Beautiful Body!! Creampie Fucking12/13/2018
UMSO-218Mature Women With Kansai Accents Are The Sexiest!11/08/2018
OKAX-439The Temptation Of Her Hard Nipples And Wobbling Colossal Tits10/25/2018
NACX-019Bare All! Yui Oba09/30/2018
OKAX-425Teasing And Milking A Rock Hard Cock! The Ultimate Handjobs Of Horny Young Ladies09/27/2018
NSPS-749Nagae Style Special Actress Slutty Ass Yui Oba Lust09/22/2018
STCETD-058[Special Value Combo] A Married Woman Rental Service Which Provides You Anything You Want She's At The Marrying Age And Addicted To Lesbian Lust A Tanned Call Girl09/19/2018
CADV-682e-Kiss The Best 8 8 Hours A Selection Of 100 Scenes!!08/31/2018
OKAX-403Panty Shot Lovers Will Stroke Their Hard Cocks Without Realizing It! Turn You On! Temptation! Daring Full Panties!07/26/2018
LZBS-036Be A Lesbian! 5th Anniversary Celebration "Cuckolding Lesbians" A Woman Took My Wife. A 10-Hour Best-Of Special07/14/2018
SIS-088Incestuous Cheating - Brother Fucks Sister Next to Her Boyfriend06/23/2018
OKAX-391A Horny Elder Sister And Her Filthy Lower Body II Ripe Thighs & Stinky Panties!06/21/2018
NSPS-714A Nagae Style Super Select Actress The Unforgettable Body Of A Hot Actress - A Hot Ass -06/09/2018
TOMN-143No Need To Fast-Forward Sweaty Orgasmic Cowgirl Sex 2 50 Girls05/25/2018
NASS-8556 Seductive Wife Babes Who Lock On To Other Men's Cocks Behind Their Husbands' Backs05/24/2018
GAH-053The Most Beautiful Girls In The World 50 Girls, 8 Hours03/10/2016
SQTE-075S-Cute Short Collection 201512/20/2014
ABP-010All-Natural 120% Yui Oba Juice - Yui Oba's Body Fluidsn/a
ABP-019Newcomer Yui Oba Will Give Soap Service That's Utterly Satisfying DXn/a
ABP-032We're Going to Catch Yui Oba Off Guard to Bang Her Until She Cums!!n/a
ABS-188A Beautiful Young Lady Living Nearby Who Seduced Men/a
ABS-194Enjoy Hi-School 06n/a
ABS-208Naked Housekeeper At Your Servicen/a
ABS-2192 Days, 1 Night, Beautiful Young Lady By Reservation Only 39n/a
ABS-233Yui Oba Will Give You Special Service - This is the Newest Esthetic Treatment, One That's Sure to Get You Hookedn/a
AQSH-006My Wife Was Seduced. The Slut Was So Turned On and Lost Herself in the Thrill of Itn/a
ASFB-194I Spend All My Time Masturbatingn/a
ASFB-213Incomparable Lewd Beautiful Slayer, 4 Hours Bestn/a
ATFB-306Bullet T-Back, Fat Assn/a
ATFB-311Absolutely Set Upon Pantyhose, But No Pantiesn/a
ATFB-318Intelligent Horny Secretary - Smart Secretary's Extreme Kinkiness?n/a
ATFB-321Leotard That Wedges Into the Swollen Mound of a Model's Bodyn/a
AVSA-001Climaxing Ass!!n/a
BDSR-267This is For You If You've Lost Your Way! You'll Be Reenergized So That You Will Quickly Come Within 3 Minutes. Nicely Plump Big Boobs and Ample Butt, The Best You've Ever Seen in AV, Tenderly Tormenting Masochists With Foul-Mouthed Sex That Goes On and On!! 4 Hoursn/a
BF-323RQ - Oil Fuck With a Tall Beautiful Body!n/a
BF-382Bondage Girl - Booming Butt, Convulsive Sexn/a
CEAD-003Naturally Fresh-Squeezed!! Best of Yui Oba, 4 Hoursn/a
CETD-165Rental Contract By Which a Married Woman Will Do Anything For You - We'll Lend You a Young Wife Who's OK With Nakadashi Sex Anytimen/a
CETD-184Young Wife Who Escalates Wild Notions - Sexual Delusions Run Rampant in Her Mind! Her Aching Sensitive Pussy Poked By a Cock She Wanted So Badly, She Experiences the Pleasure, Squirting and Raw Nakadashi of a Primal Fuckn/a
DJSK-102People Always Say I'm So Hardworking and Proper, But the Truth Is I'm Really Very Nastyn/a
ECB-085Super Towering Lascivious Bow-Legged Female Molester n/a
EKDV-394Big Tits x Bikini Cheer Girln/a
EKDV-403Have Sex With Yui Oba the Trendy Galn/a
FLAV-137Hyper Fetish, High Legs Naughty Queenn/a
FSET-536Lady in Racing Swimwearn/a
GVG-028Big-Breasted Investigatorn/a
GVG-115Forbidden Nursingn/a
GVG-379Dear Grandpan/a
GVG-437Butt-Loving Young Men's Erotic Mischiefn/a
HBAD-265Please Forgive Me - Her Totally Intoxicated Husband's Sleeping Just to the Side... Messed Around With By His Boss, Unable to Say a Word, a Newlywed Caves In to Pleasuren/a
HODV-21104Yui Oba's Passionate Sex That Won't End Until She's Completely Satisfiedn/a
HZGD-012Viola--d While Another is Watchingn/a
JUFD-379Slutty Lady Who Adores Your Premature Ejaculation and Lets You Cum Time After Timen/a
JUFD-498Bondage Slave Impregnation Auction - Rope That Digs Into a Beautiful Flight Attendant's Fleshn/a
JUX-238After My Husband Goes to Work, I'm Always Left Alone With My Father-in-Law...n/a
JUX-261Stained Real Estate Ladyn/a
JUX-284Stepmother's Atonement - Physical Relationship She Granted Her Son In Order to Make Amendsn/a
JUX-356When I Woke Up, I Found My Wife's Younger Sister Sleepign Next to Me...n/a
JUX-819Tied Up Married Woman - Immoral Bound Big Butt Trainingn/a
KMI-103Me x Girlfriend x Racequeenn/a
MAS-095Continuation- Amateur Young Lady Will Be Lent Vol.61n/a
MDYD-831My Husband's Boss Bangs Me All the Time...n/a
MDYD-843Married Woman Who Drops Her Keyn/a
MDYD-855Hot Summer Nightn/a
MDYD-934Big-Breasted Teacher Pet Who is Just For Men/a
MDYD-983Teacher Ra--d in Confinement - Young Wife Whose Home Was Occupied By Students Who Made Her Come Over and Over For 3 Daysn/a
MGMF-033Tight-Fitting Boots, Abuse Through Foot-Stinking Smell Harassmentn/a
MIAD-741Cafe Employee Whose Big Boobs Come Shining Through Her Clothesn/a
MIAD-752Divine Handjob Giver's Techniques to Make Men Squirtn/a
MIAD-765Gagged R--e Breakingn/a
MOND-017We'll Have Our Company's Ms. Oba Turn Your Wayn/a
MOPA-021Reverse-R--e By a She-Male With An Extremely Big Strap-On Dildon/a
NFDM-368The Racequeen Who Lives Next Door Abused Me and Made Me Unload Over and Overn/a
NSPS-366Subordinate's Wife Fucked By the Bossn/a
NTRD-019Giving In to Cheating - Tale of How I Had My Wife Seduced By My Coworkern/a
PGD-691Premium Stylish Soap Goldn/a
PGD-699Female Teacher Without Pantiesn/a
PGD-733Going Overboard During Sex While Tipsyn/a
SERO-0255Mother Who Browses Through Her Son's File Containing Adult Videosn/a
SOAV-004Married Woman's Cheating Heartn/a
SSR-077Beautiful Office Lady Disgraced While Made to Wear High-Leg Attire and Yet, Somehow Loses Herself in Pleasuren/a
TORG-007Showa Immoral Flesh Service - I'll Let Myself Get Done If It's For Himn/a
TPPN-040Reason Crumbles in the Face of Pleasuren/a
TPPN-057Sweaty Assn/a
TYOD-237Genuine Nympho AV Actress Yui Oba Goes All the Way Three Times For Nakadashin/a
UFD-047Sex With a Lovely Racequeenn/a
VDD-109Stewardess in... (Coercion Suite Room) Cabin Attendant Yui (24)n/a
VEC-124So Incontinent - Lewd Wife Who Carries Herself So Properly is So Shamefully Wet When She Fucksn/a
VENU-443Imprudent Adultery - Shameless Widown/a
VRTM-120Sex With Her Husband is One-Sided and Unsatisfying For Her So She Came Back to Her Parents' House. Her Hubby Couldn't Fulfill Her So My Older Sister's Relying On Me to Satisfy Her Lewd Big Bootyn/a
WANZ-193Temptation of Fat in the Right Places and Panty Flashes - Hey Yui, I Don't Know Where to Look...n/a
WANZ-240Big Butt Maniacsn/a
WANZ-314Panty Stocking Maniacsn/a
WANZ-341Beautiful Undercover Agentn/a
WWY-003A Hot Slut With Sensitive Nipples and I Abused Each Other's Nipplesn/a
XRW-024Explosive Orgasm Series 5 - Pounded Furiously With a Vibrator and Erupting With Massive Orgasms!n/a
XRW-029The Queen of Handjobs - Gentle Queen Strikes With Fellatio! But the Tables Get Turned in the End and She's the One Being Made to Come Like Crazy!n/a
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