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Ichika Kamihata (神波多一花)

Also known as: 山口希望, 滝本沙耶

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Ichika Kamihata (神波多一花) Profile:

Born: December 25, 1987
Measurements: B84 / W60 / H88
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 172cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Ichika Kamihata (神波多一花)

Ichika Kamihata Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
NASH-526【特選アウトレット】部下に奪われた最愛の妻 全7話10/18/2022
PES-057若妻●辱ドラマ 痴●を呼ぶ女 2枚組04/19/2022
GRBD-045【ベストヒッツ】緊縛近親相姦 義父に飼育される嫁 色欲に犯●れた未亡人喪服縄奴● 神波多一花【アウトレット】04/05/2022
BMW-254Double Slut Action For Simultaneous G-Spot Stimulation, All The Time! Double The Pleasure!! A Harem Reverse Threesome Fuck Fest Best Hits Collection04/04/2022
DKSB-141Sadistic Women Peeing On Masochistic Men Best Collection 5 Hours 40 Girls 50 Total Pee Shots!12/31/2021
UMSO-42616 Beautiful Women With Beautiful Body Lines And Net Tights That Are More Disgusting Than Naked.12/13/2021
KSBJ-16512 Tall Slender Hotties11/01/2021
CLO-0002中年オヤジとオフィスレディ 神波多一花 (DOD)09/17/2021
NSFS-009A Taboo under One Roof: A Wife Who is Made Excited Under Strong Suggestion. Fifteen People. The Best.07/09/2021
DKSB-126Cumming With You - Tempting Dirty Talk And Masturbation 5 Hours06/30/2021
NACX-081Slender Mature Woman Creampie, 18 People BEST05/31/2021
DOKS-541Super Sensitive Nipples! Women Whose Nipples Are More Of A Sexual Turn On Than Their Pussies! Best Collection 15 Women 5 Hours03/31/2021
DONN-004Frenzied Female Bodies - Tied Up, Spread Eagle And Climaxing, What's Next? -03/06/2021
BBSS-049Two People Giving In Completely Not Caring About The Sweat Drops Flying Everywhere. Sweaty Lesbian Fuck Highlights, 4 Hours03/05/2021
CESD-983Bondage Mature Woman SM Meat Urinal Training 4 - 24 Hours, 42 Minutes02/21/2021
BBSS-047Lesbian Youth 2nd: Sweet And Sour Youth Record. 4 Hours02/05/2021
DKSB-101A Nurse`s Job 5 Secret Hours Special01/31/2021
DMOW-215Dirty Talk Teacher And Male Subs - Complete BEST Collection 5 Hours Ichika Kamihata Asahi Mizuno Yuri Nikaido01/31/2021
DKSB-102Lesbian Ecstasy - Hot Girls Crave Each Other - Lesbian Training File 5 Hours01/31/2021
NSPS-952The Boss And His Employee's Wife Vol 2 - Popular Series' Timeless Best Edition12/12/2020
PBD-382Cleavage, Panty Shots, Whispered Dirty Talk - My Hot Slutty Teacher Will Stop At Nothing To Seduce Me. Best Collection12/04/2020
DMOW-214A Dream-Cum-True Situation At School With Your Favorite Classmate And Your Alluring Female Teacher Who Is Hitting You With Dirty Talk, Just The Way You Like It! The Dirty Talk Academy 5-Hour Best Hits Collection11/30/2020
CLO-102Menace A Secretary. Target: Ichika. Ichika Kamihata11/26/2020
NASH-405Pissing Mother: Squirting, Pissing, Dripping Wet Pussy!! Perverted Stepmother's Slutty Side Exposed As She Can't Stop Moaning Getting Fucked By Her Horny Stepson: 10 Women, 4 Hours11/26/2020
NASH-387A Tied-up Widow Trapped In The Curse Of Rope Pleasure...10/22/2020
NACX-063Small Breasts Slender Mature Women, 12 People, BEST09/30/2020
DKSB-082Long Tongue/Snake Tongue/Lewd Tongue09/30/2020
KSBJ-098Creampie Sex With An Alluring Mature Woman With A Beautiful And Supple Slender Body 10 Ladies09/17/2020
RETOMN-113POV Sex I Want You To Watch Me Cum...09/08/2020
RETOMN-095Full, Sweaty Masturbation, 39 People09/08/2020
DKSB-076A Perverted Woman Who Loves Anal Licking!! Best Hits Collection 5 Hours 31 Ladies08/31/2020
NSSTH-57A Married Woman Ichika My Father-In-Law's Powerful Piston-Pounding Thrusts Sent Me Into Orgasmic Ecstasy, Over And Over Again Ichika Kamihata08/31/2020
NSPS-917The Most Exciting Japanese Women - 30 People Selection07/19/2020
td033sero-00249(Instant Nookie) This Tall Girl Is Going Door To Door Selling Condoms And Offering A Free Trial Blowjob. In Order To Test The Sensitivity Of This Condom, She'll First Provide You With A Rubber Blowjob. She'll Suck You Down To The Hilt And Lick Your Balls. Next, In Order To Make A Proper Comparison, She'll Give You A Raw Blowjob. You Can Feel The Improvement In Her Tongue Technique! In The End, She'll Give You The Pleasure Of A Nice Handjob So You Can Happily Ejaculate. Ichika Kamihata07/16/2020
BTH-049Peak Masochism - Ichika Kamihata07/09/2020
CLO-054Twitching! Squirting!! Shaking Bloomer Fuck!!! Ichika Kamihata06/25/2020
NSPS-902Perverted Wives The Best Hits Collection05/23/2020
KSBJ-077A Beautiful Mature Woman Has Filthy And Erotic Ass-Shaking Creampie Sex 11 Ladies04/16/2020
NASH-271Mature Women With Beautiful Tits And Model-Esque Proportions 31 Actresses04/09/2020
UMSO-308I Came To Repair A TV And The Wife Opened The Door Naked!! I Didn't Know Where To Look While I Was Fixing The TV And My Dick Was Rock Hard, And Then She...!?03/12/2020
CLO-028A Dirty Old Middle-Aged Man And An Office Lady Ichika Kamihata03/05/2020
OKAX-600I Want A Woman Who'll Take The Initiative To Make Me Cum... Not With Her Pussy, Not With Her Mouth, But With Her Hands!02/27/2020
CESD-866S&M Mature Woman Cum Dumpster Training 3, 25 Hr 34 Min02/08/2020
DKSB-035The Dirty Talk Temptation Of A Horny Slut! She's Getting Her Beautiful Legs And Pussy Pumped Through Her Pantyhose! Piston-Pumping Thrusts So Powerful Her Sweat Splatters Everywhere! Watch Her Big Tits Jiggle And Wiggle Everywhere! A Horny Piston-Pounding Pussy Cumming Dildo Masturbation Best Selection 5 Hours01/31/2020
BBSS-030Lesbian In MF Fuck, Strap-on Lesbian Fuck Highlights 4 Hours01/31/2020
DKSB-037A Horny Beautiful Woman Will Slowly And Alluringly Show Off Her Body To You In This Hair Nude Collection 5 Hours01/31/2020
DBER-055The Female Body Research Center III Majestic Highlights Furious Spasms Of Goddesses Who Became Victims Of Rough Sex JUDAS EXTREME CUT EPISODE-11 2201/25/2020
VRTM-479This Sales Lady Suddenly Came Over And When I Fed Her Some Aphrodisiacs, She Rubbed Her Black Pantyhose Against Me And Her Crotch Started Glistening With Moisture, And Then She Locked Her Legs Around me And Demanded Creampie Sex! PREMIUM BEST HITS COLLECTION 300 Minutes 18 Ladies All Having Creampie Sex01/16/2020
DKSB-031She'll Suck And Slurp On Your Cock With Furious Suction Vacuuming Power!! Super Thrilling Pig-Nosed Deep Throat Dick Sucking!! Ultra High-Speed Hard Boiled Cock Thrusting!! A Dick Sucking Filthy Dirty Talk Commentary!! A Perverted Woman Who Loves To Suck Cock Is Giving Maniac Blowjob Action Best Hits Collection 5 Hours12/31/2019
NSPS-857A Bride Who Got Fucked By Her Father-In-Law Forbidden Sex With 7 Men, And She Can Never Tell Her Husband About It12/07/2019
DVAJ-421Beautiful Women Who Go Cum Crazy For The Pleasures Of Aphrodisiacs Best Hits Collection10/06/2019
DVAJ-416Professional Women Having Sex in An Empty Office - 12 Women, 5 Hours09/08/2019
BBSS-023Straight Girl Learns To Love The Ladies - 4 Hours of the Best Lesbian Training09/04/2019
JFB-181Timeless Edition!! The Rejuvenation Resort, Where Hearty Handjobs and Copious Cum Is Our Brand Of Hospitality 16 Hours Of Best Hits08/09/2019
HODV-21405Sexy Sluts Drain Every Drop Of Cum From Your Cock - "Give It To Me!"08/01/2019
HMD-034Mothers Who Wet Themselves - Squirting And Incontinence - 20 Women, 4 Hours07/25/2019
ATKD-285Tempting Black Pantyhose Torture 8 Hours07/03/2019
HJD-003Married Woman, Mature Woman Best 100 Videos 8 Hours06/05/2019
KSBJ-055The Naked Wife Highlights vol. 305/16/2019
XRW-686Aphrodisiac S&M R**e Women Fall Into Devil's Trap!05/16/2019
DMOW-198A Horny Slut Who Toyed With Me Using Filthy Dirty Talk And Incredible Pissing04/30/2019
TPVR-060[VR] Ichika Kamihata This Slut Will Drive Men Crazy With Pull Out Sex Overwhelming Lust For Your Personal Pleasure04/29/2019
DMOW-189I Got Fucked While She Talked Dirty To Me. 6 Hours04/21/2019
PHD-006Gold Dust Collection Part 2. 200-Minute Special Featuring 12 Women! The Dirty, Wild Party Of Gorgeous Actresses!04/16/2019
RVG-091Si**ta Hunting Prostitutes Best Hits Collection vol. 104/02/2019
OKAX-493She Gives A Blowjob That Makes Your Dick Wet With What Could Be Either Lotion Or Precum But Stops Just As You're About To Bust Your Nut03/21/2019
ARM-750Reverse Kissing Threesome Freaks03/19/2019
CADV-708Wives In Their 30s and 40s 8 Hours Of Filthy Sex03/15/2019
HMD-030The Moment A Son Fucks His Mother: Irresistible Incestuous Delight, 4 Hours 20 Couples02/21/2019
BBSS-018Mature Bodies... Drowning In The Touch Of An Adult Lesbian Series SEX, 4 Hours02/01/2019
NACX-024Creampie Sex With Mature Woman Babes With Skinny Waists 20 Ladies01/31/2019
HFD-182Deep Throat In... 4 The Coercion Suite 4 Hours01/24/2019
HFD-183You Are A Failure As A Teacher01/24/2019
LZBS-042Go Lesbian! The Best, Carefully Selected Sex Scenes Featuring Busty Lesbians. 5 Hours. Lesbian Sex With Beautiful, Jiggly Big Tits And Shaking Colossal Tits!01/17/2019
MIXMIX-067I Just Took Off My Underwear, What Should I Do?01/17/2019
AGEMIX-416Mutual Blowjob Action - Sometimes It's Friendly, Sometimes It's Competitive, A Dick-Sharing Era When Men Are In Short Supply -01/17/2019
MIXMIX-069An Excessively Crude Blowjob That's So Good You Can Get Your Nookie On Just From The Slurping Sucking Sounds01/17/2019
SERO-249[Special Price] Ichika Kamihata Comes To Your Home To Sell Condoms. You Get To Try On The Condoms And Test Them By Having Sex. Her Pussy Is Already Wet And With Her Legs Spread Open, She's Ready! No Matter The Sex Position Or how Much Pleasure She Feels, Ichika Doesn't Forget To Tell You All About The Condom You're Using...12/20/2018
RVG-085Ichika Kamihata BEST vol. 112/18/2018
UMSO-224A Tall Girl With An Alluring And Beautiful Body!! Creampie Fucking12/13/2018
BBSS-016"We Can't Do This... We're Both Girls!" Cornering Other Women And Getting Them Wet, Then Breaking Them Down! 4 Hours Of Lesbian Rape12/05/2018
RVG-083The Sexy PTA Director And The Bad Boy Student Council President BEST vol. 412/04/2018
CAMI-168[VR] Show-Off Lesbian Sex - These Lesbian Couples Are Taking Selfies With A VR Camera -11/29/2018
STCETD-064[Special Value Combo] Contract Marriage Obedient Sex!! A Horny Wife Is Degraded Into A Tall Girl Bubble Princess With Beautiful Legs In Pantyhose11/19/2018
MIXMIX-060Masturbation Is So Different When Filmed On Video11/15/2018
MIXMIX-057Black Pantyhose, A Fusion Of Intelligence And Eros Company Fantasy11/15/2018
NSPS-759The Beautiful, 172cm-Tall Married Woman. The Final. Ichika Kamihata [Complete Works]11/10/2018
TPRM-001[VR] Teppan Orgasm Sex Over 190 Minutes Of Our Super Best10/26/2018
CAPI-113[VR] The Sexual Affairs Of A Working Woman~ A Welcome Party For The New Guy's Dick~10/25/2018
UMSO-211This Bitchy Mature Woman Is Getting The Manager's Special Course! A Back-Breaking Aphrodisiac-Laced Massage Parlor!!10/11/2018
OKAX-426Seeing A Hot Woman Pissing Herself Is So Filthy It's Amazing! 4 Hours09/27/2018
JUSD-800- 10 Scenes Of Lustfully Blossoming Flowers In A Married Woman Lesbian Drama - The Lesbian Series Language Of Flowers Highlights 8 Hours08/31/2018
NASS-908Beautiful Slender Mature Woman Creampie 3 10 Men08/23/2018
OKAX-414Pleasurable Kissing with Tongue08/23/2018
UD-818RThe Gynecologist M****ter!! Their Long Awaited First C***d! A Young Wife Having Her First C***d Falls Prey To A Horny Gynecologist Who Takes Advantage Of Her Inexperience And Stupidity To Hide Behind The Curtain And M****t Her Sensuous Pussy, Telling Her It's All In The Name Of Her Treatment, And Unbeknownst To The Nurses, He's Giving Her Creampie Sex Too!! 707/31/2018
OVG-084Holding Tight Pregnancy Fetish Fuck07/31/2018
OKAX-402She'll Show You How She Likes To Shove It In And Out In A Tempting Display Of Dildo Masturbation! 22 Ladies/240 Minutes07/26/2018
TOMN-149Over 1500 Convulsions, More Than 145 Climaxes - Endless Climax Sex 207/13/2018
VECR-016The Ultra Maso Sensuality Research Center Highlights Vol.2 The Ultimate Ejaculation Control! The Succubus Club07/07/2018
WANZ-769Ichika Kamihata , Congratulations On Your Wedding, And We're Sorry To See You Retire06/22/2018
TOMN-14570 Ladies Faces Of Lust That Will Melt You Like Butter Cunnilingus Ecstasy 306/13/2018
NSPS-713A Nagae Style Super Select Actress The Unforgettable Body Of A Hot Actress - Tiny Titties -06/09/2018
DMOW-175Piss-Feeding Nursery School06/07/2018
DOHI-070This Horny Elder Sister Likes To Lure Younger Men To Temptation And Fuck Them, But Suddenly She Was Attacked By A Horny Dirty Old Man And Forced Into Babymaking Sex And Descended Into Orgasmic Hellish Pleasure!06/07/2018
DOKS-436When You Have Boys And Girls Whose Most Sensitive Body Parts Are Their Nipples, They'll Be Tweaking Those Nipples All The Way06/07/2018
DOKS-435Silent Eroticism Horny Women Who Lure Men To Temptation With Sensual Looks And Undisguised Allures06/07/2018
TOMN-144True Meaning Of A Sure Thing! Sweaty Sex Best 305/25/2018
NASS-854A Beautiful Mature Woman Video Letter This Message Is Just For You! Self Shot Masturbation 205/24/2018
AGEMIX-404To Tell You The Truth, It's The Absolute Best When She Gets Up Close And Personal With Her Soft Little Pussy-Like Hands And Gives You A Handjob, What Could Be Better? - As She Slides Her Dripping Wet And Slimy Pussy Meat-Like Paws Over Your Hands And Applies The Oh So Right Amount Of Pressure, You'll Ask Yourself, Am I In Cock Pleasuring Heaven? -05/17/2018
STCETD-004[Bargain Set] Loan Shark Female Company President Falls Into Debauchery Ichika Kamihata Yuna Shina Akemi Horiuchi01/29/2018
AVOP-361The Female T*****e Research Center SPECIAL EDITION THE THIRD JUDAS Episode 1308/31/2017
AVOP-308The Man With The Divine Cock My Sister and Her Friends Are Cumming Home08/31/2017
OOMN-202A Horny Married Woman Peeping Underwear Shots08/25/2017
CADV-619A Horny Married Woman Who's Ready To Swallow Rock Hard Cocks With Both Her Holes 8 Hours05/15/2017
TD004SERO0249This Is The Newest Style Of Condoms No, You Cannot Use It On Me... Ahhh... Wait... But It Feels So Good! Ichika Kamihata05/02/2017
OOMN-185Blowjobs Good Enough to Cause Fainting 311/16/2016
AUKG-354The Bonds Between Women A Bad Girl And The Beautiful Elder Sister Next Door Ichika Kamihata Maya Kawamura10/08/2016
MIST-128Smooth Talking Call Girls Who Aren't Allowed To Put Out Into Real Sex! These Studs Charm Them Into Not Only Cosplay, But Creampies! 810/05/2016
MIAD-950Causing Trouble In The Neighborhood: Married Sluts' Dirty Talk Club08/26/2016
RBB-104He Just Keeps Cumming and Cumming, Bukkake & Creampie & Massive Cum Shot Special 8 Hours08/13/2016
HNDB-09615 Slender Beauties Pussy Pounding Creampie Action06/23/2016
NSPS-468The Boss And The Wife Of His Subordinate 7 -The Wife Who Was R**ed And "Creampied" By Her Boss-05/29/2016
GNE-130I'll Lend You My Strongest Porn Star. 20 People, 4 Hours 202/22/2016
MIBD-972Funya-chan's Wriggling Mouth: Best Blowjobs12/05/2015
PBD-312The Cowgirl Lady Who'll Make You Cum With Her Wet Pussy As She Enjoys Herself BEST10/31/2015
AVOP-107The Young Housewife And The Entire Family Was Perverted So I Ended Up Making Babies With Them08/31/2015
LZWM-007No Mosaic Lesbian Action! Ayumi Shinoda/ Yui Oba / Miki Sunohara / Kaede Niyama / Ema Kisaki/ Asahi Mizuno / Chika Arimura / Ayu Sakurai / Ichika Kamihata / Mao Hamasaki05/16/2015
SVDVD-443How Embarrassing! F***ed Orgasms and Squirting in Public! We Stuck a Big Bang Egg Vibrator in Her Pussy and Paraded Her Around the City 212/05/2014
DVDES-783Lesbian S***e Vol. 11 - The Fall Of A Dignified & Intelligent Female Entrepreneur10/22/2014
LZML-005Lesbian Play With My BFF! Ichika Kamihata Mao Hamasaki10/12/2014
BEB-108Reverse M****ter - Trapped By The Temptation Of Beautiful Legs And Panty Shots And Forcibly Ravished Ichika Kamihata09/19/2014
MIRD-141MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Day - Fuck Bus Tour 2014 - Large Orgies In The Tropics On The Fuck Bus!09/06/2014
RCT-645Face Sitting Domination08/20/2014
RCT-631I Saw My Neighbors Have A Big Argument And The Sexy Wife Get Locked Outside In The Nude07/09/2014
WANZ-211Beautiful Secret Investigator Ichika Kamihata06/27/2014
JUX-350She's Ready For Shocking Deeds! Black Men and Hot Older Women Ichika Kamihata06/20/2014
TRE-012Natural Airhead Totally Beautiful Girl Squirters - 8 Hour Best Of Special vol. 0106/10/2014
MVSD-221Extreme Cum Swallowing Ichika Kamihata04/12/2014
GG-264Naughty Nurses Ichika Kamihata01/21/2014
ABS-226Natural Airhead Ingredients 100% Ichika Kamihata Juice Ichika Kamihata's Body Fluids05/30/2013
TAP-002PRESTIGE Porn Actress Comes to your House!12/28/2012
STCETD-077(Special Value Combo) An Erotic Share House Where You Get To Have Sex Immediately! 4 A Young Wife With Escalating Daydream Fantasies 4 A Tanned Call Girl 2n/a
FKBD-002Lucky Bag 34 Hours In The Fuck Suite! 18 Series Titles For A Total Of 2048 Hours! Smart, Beautiful Girl Who Is A Total Masochistn/a
J99-207cMy Sex Life Of Being Tied Up By My Father-In-Law. Ichika Kamihata . An Edition Featuring Tying Up And Sticking It In.n/a
NYH-0193Unprotected Panting Of A Mini-skirt Girl Visiting A Patient! I Fucked Another Patient While Her Boyfriend Was S******g. Ichika Kamihatan/a
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