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Ayu Sakurai - 桜井あゆ

Also known as: Aya Fukui, Haruki Kato 2, あゆっぺ

Ayu Sakurai was born on 04/14/1991 in Miyazaki.

Measurements: B82 / W59 / H81
Cup Size: B Cup
Porn/AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 162 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Ayu Sakurai.

Ayu Sakurai Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DXBG-003A Woman's Moment Of Misery. Tormenting The Narcotics Investigator. SPECIAL BEST Vol.25~ Vol.32. Watch!! Their Intense And Dark Quivers07/20/2019
ATKD-285Tempting Black Pantyhose Torture 8 Hours07/03/2019
MMB-245A Married Woman Hot Springs Adultery Trip (MMB-245)05/04/2019
DFET-024If You Need To Relax, Go To The Men's Blowjob Parlor! Bare Blowjob Detox. 4 Hours04/05/2019
DJSR-042I Know It's Wrong, But I Really Wanna Lick Pussy. Feeling Her Clit Get Hard Under My Tongue Makes This Straight Girl So Wet She Can't Believe It, And Soon She'll Be My Lesbian Cunnilingus Slave 202/24/2019
GWAZ-078Gaping Asshole! A Beautiful Esthetician's Pile Driver Dildo Masturbation. Deluxe Edition 4 Hours02/24/2019
DDB-325Dirty Talk Slut The Best vol. 501/17/2019
SERO-221[Special Price] Ayu Sakurai Was Supposed To Test This New Ultra-Thin Condom, But... Now It's A Sudden Emergency Situation! Ayu Wanted To See What It Looked Like To Have A Dick In Her Pussy So We Had To Hurry And Put Things Back Together And Re-Insert That Cock! But While Getting Fucked From Behind We Discovered That The Rubber Broke Again (Although It Was Ripped To Begin With), And So We Had To Stop Filming...!12/20/2018
DOKS-459Super Selections Pantyhose Fetish Freaks Sch**lgirl Black Stocking Special 5-1/2 Hours12/06/2018
MVBD-165As Much Cum Swallowing As You Can Handle Best Of Collection09/14/2018
CESD-588Full Penetration Pissing Sex 21 Hours 28 Minutes06/09/2018
SQTE-075S-Cute Short Collection 201512/20/2014
AGEMIX-237If You Show A Girl Your Dick When She's Masturbating She Can't Help But Suck It08/13/2014
AVOP-038"I Bought A Video Camera" -Start Learning Today. Beginner's Guide To Filming Porn-06/30/2014
23ID-020Ayu Sakurai Best Selection 4 Hoursn/a
ASFB-097Ayu Sakurai Best 4 Hours - The Free Bitch is Backn/a
ASFB-136Fetish Collection Best 4 Hoursn/a
ATFB-229Seductive Slutty Beauty in Panty Stockingsn/a
ATFB-237Men's Naughty Talk Salonn/a
ATFB-244Provocative Naughty Woman - Delicious Trap That Lures Menn/a
ATFB-249Talking Naughty and Pushing For Conceptionn/a
ATFB-257Beautiful Tutor's Inappropriate Lessonn/a
BDSR-258This is For You If You've Lost Your Way! You'll Be Re-energized So That You Will Quickly Come Within 3 Minutes. Constantly Talking Dirty to Yogu During Sex So That the Pre-Ejaculate Doesn't Stop Flowing!! 4 Hoursn/a
BF-295Private Teacher Ayu's Nakadashi Lessonn/a
BF-360RQ - Real Racequeen the Most Beautiful Legs! Oily Footjob Nakadashi Sex!n/a
BLK-098Kira Kira Black Gal - Tan Gal in a Hospital Ward, Lascivious Lady Who Makes the Rounds a Lot to Make Guys Cum Inside of Hern/a
BLK-136Kira Kira D Collection Collaborative Production - Suntanned Trendy Gal Who Overwhelms Guys and Forc*s Cream Pies From Them Outdoors, Black Gal Beachn/a
BLK-179Kira Kira Black Gal - Lotion & Oil Body Gal, Wild Raw Nakadashi With a Deeply Tan Trendy Gal Who Gleams With Profuse Sweatn/a
CEAD-030Lamenting Woman Who Feasts On Men Through In--st - Adulterous Immoral Three-Pronged Sex With Her Brothers-in-Law in Place of Her Busy Husband to Compensate For Her Lonelinessn/a
CESD-087Masturbation Pleasure Paranoid 15n/a
CESD-107It Feels So Good, I'm Sorry I Squirted So Much... Squirting Sex That Makes Her Come Over and Over So Hard That the Inside of Her Head Will Become Pure White!n/a
CESD-112The Moment When Ayu Sakurai Transforms For Real... Be As Slutty As You Can!! Fabulous Sexual Recreation During Which She Teases With Exquisitely Naughty Words Until She Has a Guy Desperately Wanting to Poke Hern/a
CETD-219Pervert With Pit Hair Who Will Keep Looking Into Your Eyes - Fascination of Poking Through That Crown, Stopping Before Ejaculating in Her Pit Hair That Smells of Pussy, Passionate Pleasurable Squirting Sex!n/a
CRMN-106Perverted Lips of Indulgent Fellatio, A Lady Who Loves Squeezing Semen to Deathn/a
CRMN-112Man's Splash That Feels So Good! Post-Ejaculation Squirting Cockn/a
DASD-244Forc*d Nakadashi Gang R--en/a
DDB-264Refined Foul-Mouthed Fluid Receptaclen/a
DMBJ-059Sweet Discipline, A Masochistic Guy's Ideal Eros Vol.3n/a
EDD-221Young Female True Amateur Who Will Escalate 221n/a
GG-286Forbidden Nursingn/a
GVG-111Ayu Sakurai's Encyclopedia of Dirty Wordsn/a
HAVD-881So It Was True After All! Finding Out That Ayu Sakurai is Really Married Had the Odd Effect of Making Some Guys Unbelievably Horny and Set Them Off in a Rampage! They Waited For Her Husband to Leave Her Home Before Storming In and Fucking the Hell Out of Her!!n/a
HERZ-008It Does Exist! An AV Cabaret Club That is Often Spoken Of, Red Dragonn/a
HJMO-302Losing in a Cruel Mirror Game Leads to a Game of Erotic Punishment. Ayu Sakurai Takes Some Guy's Girlfriend and Engages Her in Lesbianism! It's Her First Lesbian Experience, Will She Be Able to Cum With Her Boyfriend Just Off to the Side!?n/a
HODV-21042A Hardcore Masochist Underneath - I'm Actually a Perverted Masochist...n/a
IENE-289If Ayu Sakurai Was Your Sex Friend...n/a
IENE-374Female Teacher - Nakadashi 20 Times Consecutivelyn/a
IPZ-423Taking Down 100 Guys - Super Naughty Actress Ayu Sakurai Takes On 100 Men and a Nonstop Fuck Begins n/a
JKZK-017Ms. Sakurai Was Newly Hired By Our Company to Perform Regular Cleaningn/a
JUX-273Secretly Loved By Her Neighbor...n/a
KTDS-580Giving a Cream Pie to a Miss Who's Simple and Reserved 15n/a
MDYD-922Beautiful Wife Gang-Ra--d By All of Her Husband's Relativesn/a
MIAD-641Fresh and Cute No.01n/a
MIAD-677Seductive Cousin Who Flashes Her Pantiesn/a
MIAD-688Once Used Then Tossed Away M Slaven/a
MIAD-693I Want to Fuck, Because I Love You So Muchn/a
MIAD-721A Mentor! A Former Boyfriend! A Classmate's Friend! For Real, Ayu Sakurai Having Sex With Guys She Knows From Her Hometownn/a
MIAD-724Investigator As a School Gang Leadern/a
MIAD-733My Perverted Older Sistern/a
MIAD-745Ultimate POVn/a
MIGD-544Tremendous Ejaculations On Top of Her Tongue Followed By the Gulping of Semenn/a
MIGD-600My Boss is a Perverted Semen-Gulping Maniacn/a
MILD-972Commemorating Her Exclusive Signing, Round 1! 4-Hour Special Filled With Orgasmsn/a
MILD-979The More Titty Milk I Release, The More Pleasure I Feeln/a
MILD-999Nakadashi Sex With a Suntanned Bodyn/a
MISM-011(translation coming soon)n/a
MKMP-022All For You to See! Super Visible Nakadashi Eroticismn/a
MKMP-030Getting Soaked With Sweat and Locked in Moist Passionate French Kisses While Riding Furiously On Topn/a
MKMP-042Bound Young Ladyn/a
MKMP-051All-Out Intense Reverse Pick-Up in Hokkaidon/a
MKMP-059Gulping Down Semen 100 Times in a Rown/a
MKMP-0744 Hours, 5 Fucks, Ayu Sakurai's Retirement Specialn/a
MOND-033TV Travel Program Cameraman Was in the AV Industry, A Guy With An Intense Ass Fetish and Because of the Nature of That Job, He Keeps Fixing a Low-Angle On the Beautiful Announcer's Plump Ass and Now With the Show in Progress, He Still Hasn't Righted Himself and the Program is Bordering On Indecencyn/a
MVSD-288Eat of the Semen-Gulping Buffet 6n/a
MXGS-586Sexual Service Channel 33n/a
MXGS-596Ayu Sakurai x Paying a Visit to Amateurs' Homesn/a
NATR-419Horny Married Woman's Pervert Diary 2 - Naughty Young Wife Who Gets Turned On in Various Locationsn/a
NFDM-343Ayu Sakurai's Superb Techniques For Ejaculationn/a
OKSN-233Me and My Aunt... There's No Way I Can Control Myselfn/a
PGD-693Young Female Student Without Pantiesn/a
PGD-697Slutty Teacher's Handjobs and Naughty Wordsn/a
PGD-704Urination, Squirting, Great Incontinencen/a
PGD-711Temptation of a Nakadashi Sister-in-Lawn/a
PGD-720Alluring Female Teacher - Lewd Tight Skirtn/a
PGD-727Tutor Who Tempts Naturally With a Loose-Fitting Bran/a
PGD-732Two-Day, One-Night Cream Pie Trip to a Hot Spring Span/a
PGD-742My Cousin is a Tempting Cream Pie Pervertn/a
PGD-754Ayu Sakurai is a Slut Who Lends Support to Jerking Off So That You Can Come Over and Overn/a
PGD-763Slutty Lady With a Short Haircutn/a
PGD-854Slutty Older Gal Exploits Young Cocksn/a
RBD-628Stealer of Virtue, Report of Seduction By a Professional Relationship Killern/a
REAL-541REAL 10-Year Anniversary Commemoration - Ayu Sakurai Will Come! Black Dude Promiscuity Tour in L.A.n/a
RSD-014Rodeo Girl's Semen Party in Tokyo - Hip-Quaking Suntanned Trendy Gal Riding On Top Gets Stained Completely White With Amateurs' Fluidn/a
SABA-030A Night An Angel Came Down to Earth 5n/a
SABA-048Trendy High School Gal Who's Left Home - Painfully Cute Girl's Instant Part-Time Job #02n/a
SHKD-554Cabin Attendant is Sadly Humiliated After a Flight 2n/a
SIB-018Choke Me, Slap Me, Please Abuse Me in All Kinds of Ways...n/a
SSR-049The Lady in Japan Who Looks the Best in Body-Hugging Clothes - Ayu Sakurai Will Enchant You As She Dances in Super Shiny Tight-Fitting Outfits and Fucksn/a
SUPD-113Digital Channeln/a
SVDVD-465New Teacher Ayu Sakurai - Machine Vibrator Breaking x SM Bench With Aphrodisiac x 15 Cream Pies in a Row Whiles She's Most Fertile, All This Makes Her Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! 12n/a
SVDVD-529Enlightening Gas Orgasm, Doing Her Silly Till Her She Goes Out of Her Head! Breathing in Gaseous Aphrodisiac That's All the Rage Overseas 03n/a
TMHP-015I Wouldn't Lie to Youn/a
TOMN-016Teppan Ayu Sakurai Highlightsn/a
TPPN-003Reason Crumbles in the Face of Pleasuren/a
TYOD-251Lewd Young Lady's Peeing and Cream Pie Dicksn/a
TYOD-304Ayu Sakurai, Unleashed.n/a
UMSO-001You Must Be This Erect to Ride!! A Dirty Talkin', Rejuvenating Massage Treatment For 10 Premature Amateurs Who Can't Help But Shoot Their Seed! If They Can Withstand Ayu Sakura's Incredible Techniques, They'll Get to Engage in Raw Nakadashi With Her!!n/a
URCH-001It Might Seems She's Aroused and Trying to Make You Get Hard, But She Absolutely Won't Take It All Off. Erotic Temptation By a Slut in Clothingn/a
VAGU-079Complete and Utter R--e - Forgive Me, Dearn/a
VENU-398Adultery With a Relative - Beautiful Auntn/a
WANZ-101Black Panty Stockings, A Student, A Father and Disgracen/a
WANZ-135Female Ninja Cream Pie Gang R--en/a
WANZ-151Beautiful Undercover Agentn/a
WANZ-163Newlywed Life Trying to Make a Baby With Ayun/a
WANZ-187University Student Who Fell to Working At a Cream Pie Soaplandn/a
WANZ-205Beautiful Lady's Techniques to Make a Man Squirt!n/a
WANZ-217If You Can Withstand Ayu Sakurai's Tremendous Techniques, You Can Have Raw Cream Pie Sex With Her!n/a
WANZ-243An Older Sister-Type's Sex Techniques to Put a Rise in Guys Until She Gets 10 Shots of Cream Pien/a
WDI-039Gal Shower!!n/a
WSS-251Kisses That'll Make You Want to Fuck So Badn/a
YMDD-093Love and Pain? Alwayss Enduring, Best of Ayu Sakurai 4 Hoursn/a
ZEX-218Super High-Class Hospitable Soapland Miss Specializing in Cream Piesn/a
ZKRA-020Young Wife's R--e Ambition - What Took Place One Day 2n/a
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