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Hikaru Konno - 紺野ひかる

Hikaru Konno was born on 01/15/1994 in Tokyo.

Measurements: 85-59-86 (cm)
Cup Size: C Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2013
Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: O
Height: 165 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Hikaru Konno.

Hikaru Konno Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
ABP-158Beauty Made Nasty By Alcohol - Usually, She's Gentle and Easygoing, But When She Gets Drunk, She Becomes Like Another Person As She'll Go After Any Guyn/a
ANX-065Genuine H***otism Experiment (Avant-Garde)n/a
AP-034Aphrodite Hikaru Konno09/09/2018
APAA-372Sex During Private Time, Filled With the Scent of Chestnut Flowers and Secretions. Getting Drunk, She Sobbed From the Pleasure of Making Love During Her Overnight Tripn/a
APAK-162This Young Lady Will Let You Do Her? Lovely Office Lady Who Was the Victim of a Hellish As---lt. Smeared With Milky Fluid, Poked By Meaty Cocks One After the Other! A Tragedy That Will Not End Till She's Broken to the Point She Becomes a Hardcore Masochistn/a
AQUA-005Alcohol Talk - Going From One Place to Another For Two Days and One Night to Drink and Fuck Like Crazy
ARMG-264Hikaru's Arousing Chiralism... My Cousin is Such a Little Devil That It Proves Difficult For Me to Deal With Her... 7n/a
BBAN-180The Lesbian Series Prison Where The Female Prison Guards Will Always Turn Their Prisoners Into Lesbian Bitches05/02/2018
BIKMVR-009[VR] Hikaru Konno and Hibiki Otsuki From Above JOI, Gazing Just At You And Talking Dirty While She Helps You Come... Raw Creampie Footage... 2 Female Doctors At Hospital Have Been Ordered To Help Patients Come! 70 Mins10/05/2018
BIKMVR-011[VR] 100 Mins Long-Length. The Woman He Remarried Has 3 Gorgeous Daughters And Suddenly He Has A Super Horny Harem! Yui Hatano Hibiki Otsuki Hikaru Konno10/16/2018
BMW-167Loads Of Cum Pumped Inside Her Body! The Best Of Wandz's Famous Continuous Creampies!!09/28/2018
BZVR-023[VR] Voice Control Sex VR! The Older Girl In Your Club Is A Virginity Hunter! Fuck Her Secretly While Everyone is Asleep! Hikaru Konno Hikaru Konno08/20/2018
BZVR-037[VR] A Sex Instructor Provides Some Cock Strengthening Exercises! Premature Ejaculation Improvement Training Edition Hikaru Konno10/04/2018
CPDE-019Strongest Attribute 19n/a
DAZD-090Guaranteed Impregnation Danger Day Creampie Sex Greatest Hits Collection 8 Hours06/16/2018
DBER-009Little Demon-Queen's Violation Hell Episode-1: Disgraced TSUNDERE Gruesomely Brought To The Brink And Denied Her Climax Hikaru Konno07/21/2018
FRJA-002Cute-Faced and Ultra-Slender
FSET-557Complete POV - Pounding Heart Fuck Plus, Make This Miss Yours!n/a
GDQN-005Trendy Mama Next Doorn/a
GENT-056Completely Devoted to Conceiving! Brainwashed Into Being Extremely Sexually Receptive On a Day She's Most Fertile, She Provokes a Guy Until He Lets Loose With Really Gooey Sperm in Her Uterus!!n/a
GKD-004Trembling Womann/a
GRCH-275This Secret Massage Parlor For Women Is So Popular It's Impossible To Get A Reservation An Orgasmic Creampie Massage Salon07/11/2018
GVG-056Trendy Racequeen's Non-Nude Fuckn/a
GVG-102Forbidden Nursingn/a
GVG-120Raw Cock Breeding Diaryn/a
GVG-138Hikaru Konno's Encyclopedia of Dirty Wordsn/a
GVG-154Real Sex Education From the Older Sistern/a
GVG-217Ra--d By That Guy - For the Sake of My Beloved Boyfriend, I Was Viola--d and Felt Such Naughty Pleasuren/a
GVG-300Complete Details of What An Obscene Tutor Did When She Became Turned On By a Cock That's Come of Age 2n/a
GVG-498Husband Who Gets a Thrill From Seeing His Wife Get Screwed By Other Menn/a
GVG-519Butt-Loving Young Men's Erotic Mischiefn/a
GVG-576The Tragedy That Unfolded At Her Husband's Family's Homen/a
GVG-687Naughty Nurses Hikaru Konno (GVG-687)06/05/2018
GVG-709Big Sister Crime Journal Hikaru Konno07/03/2018
HND-133Evasive Girl's Convulsive Nakadashi Sexn/a
HNDB-109Ultra Super Selections Special Edition All 100 Creampie Fucks/12 Hours04/20/2018
HODV-21066My Beloved Hikaru Konno Slept With Some Other Guy... My Younger Sister Turns Me On Like a Little Devil, I Have No Choice But to Feel Jealousn/a
HODV-21101Drunken Little Devil, You and You Are My Snacksn/a
HRRB-031Seduced, Her Face Contorted Face While Giving Double Peace Signs - The Moment When My Beloved Girlfriend Transformed Into a Sex Object Steeped in Pleasure Right Before My Eyes?n/a
INDI-033Virgin Survey - Q. A Virgin With No Advance Notice is Locked in a Room With a Restrained and Naked Hikaru Konno, What Will He Do?n/a
JUTN-002Tragic Student Who Became Saddled With Her Father's Debt to a Loan Shark, The Debtor's Daughtern/a
KAWD-452New Face! kawaii Exclusive Debut - Star Discovery: Beautiful Hikaru Kono06/21/2013
KAWD-483Devious Plots to Catch Hikaru By Surprise - Unavoidable Penetration Right On the Spot...n/a
KMVR-462[VR] Hyper Binaural. Intense Harem School SEX With A Cute Girlfriend And A Sexy Female Teacher. Boner-Inducing Whispers In Both Ears Hikaru Konno , Hibiki Otsuki08/24/2018
KMVR-485[VR] User's Choice No.1 Over 100 Minutes Of The Best Ever III Condensed Complete Collectors Edition10/04/2018
KRAY-024"Deeper! Deeper!" These Hot Women Are Desperate for Good Sex07/07/2018
KV-198143-Minute Non-Stop Filming, All Unedited, Raw Nakadashi 28 Times Back-to-Back As Well As Thorough Fellatio and Bukkake 18 Times in a Row!!n/a
LOVE-299Inside Her Bold Exposure Trainingn/a
MDB-907BAZOOKA 100 Girls/480 Minutes Collector's Edition Ultra Deluxe Special06/21/2018
MDB-938The Beautiful Women Of BAZOOKA In Full Force!! Uniquely Japanese Attentiveness!! Hospitality And Service SEX Golden Best09/27/2018
MDS-88130 Beautiful Girl Babes In A Mind-Blowing Traumatic Fuck Fest Greatest Hits Collection 4 Hours06/07/2018
MGMF-039Bewitching Beautiful Legs, Stuffy Black Panty Stockingsn/a
MIAD-728Student Whose Uterus is Available For Rent - My Girlfriend Will Have Nakadashi Sex With Anyone!!n/a
MIAD-787Unable to Offer Further Resistance, She Fell to Coming Repeatedly and Squirtingn/a
MIAD-816Your Girlfriend, Hikaru Konno. Her Occupation, An AV Actressn/a
MIGD-647Public Lavatory Lady At Your Service - Semen-Gulping With Her Mouth, Nakadashi With Her Pussyn/a
MIGD-678Adult Movie Theater Nakadashi Sex Object For Your Usen/a
MILK-007Devirginization Document!!! Nakadashi Graduation Courtesy of Kon-Pika Whose Maternal Instinct is Firing On All Cylinders!!!n/a
MKMP-233Hall Of Fame! 4 Hours Of A Super Idol Hikaru Konno07/12/2018
MOPA-026Hikaru Konno's Sadism Between the Legs, Monster Strap-On Dildo On and Onn/a
MRSS-015She's Impudent, But Has the Body of a Hardcore Masochist! Hikaru Konno, The Famous Angelic Nakadashi Receptaclen/a
NFDM-362Foot Narcissist - Hikaru Konno Will Get You Off With Her Private Collection of Stockings and Socksn/a
NKKD-047Warning, It's Disgusting - A Couple Happily Married For 3 Years Was Living in a Condo They'd Taken Out a Loan On to Purchase, But There Was So Much Ruckus From Upstairs Caused By a Charismatic Mega-Bad-Ass and So They Went Together to Complain to Him. This is the Story of How He Did the Wife Right in Front of Her Husband After Getting Pissed At Themn/a
NTRD-029Giving In to Cheating - Tale of a Wife Who Consented to Sleeping With the University Student Next Doorn/a
ONEZ-075Beautiful Trendy Gal's Reflexologyn/a
PLA-046The Love-You Holdn/a
PRTD-003Suspended in Time At Her Esthetic Salon Business, A Babe Was Made to Cum By a Middle-Aged Guy She'd Let Gon/a
RBB-134Furious Ass Shaking Backdoor Sex As She Seriously Cums Right Before I Ejaculate 8 Hours Greatest Hits Collection06/13/2018
RVG-077Tragedy At My Husband's Childhood Home Best Collection vol. 110/02/2018
SERO-028514 Shots of Cream Pie Drawn Out+1n/a
SORA-160The Young Lady I Happened to Come Upon and Rescued Was a Sex Slave Who'd Been Put Through Severe Masochistic Trianing. Taking Pity Upon Her, I Had Her Live With Me and For All the Kindness I Showed Her, She?n/a
TIKB-021(Warning, This'll Make You Wank Furiously) Drinking a Ton With KonPika From Morning Till Night! Fucking Our Brains Out While Plastered, A Hot Private Vid With Raw Fucking and Internal Cumshots!n/a
TMHP-032This Young Beauty With a Mouth Like a Duck is Remarkable For the Way Her Tongue Protrudes So Much When Her Face Contortsn/a
TOMN-151I Immobilized Her And Kept On Pounding Her Pussy With All My Might Mind-Blowing Sweaty And Cumtastic Sex Greatest Hits Collection07/27/2018
TPVR-035[VR] "I'm So Sorry To Keep You Waiting...!" A Competent Female Employee's Sweaty, Intimate Reception Sex Hikaru Konno10/05/2018
VENU-714Mutual In--stuous Sweat - Her Body's On Fire, Her Uterus is Stuffy, The Undeniable Instincts of a Mother and Sonn/a
WANZ-394Impregnation Molester Trainn/a
WVR-90001[VR] Super Love Exciting First Date With Hikaru Konno Hug Me!09/26/2018
WVR-90002[VR] Total Hypnotism You'll Absolutely And Totally Love Everything About Hikaru Konno In This VR Experience10/04/2018
XVSR-013Student Who's a Second Generation Handymann/a
XVSR-022Erotic Tale - Lady's Castn/a
YST-20The Day I Met You I Had On a Skirt and...n/a
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