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Chika Arimura (有村千佳/Age 32)

Also known as: Erika Kimura, Natsumi Ishihara, 佐久間梨乃, 有川千明, 木村恵梨香, 村田ちか, 落合絢, 高瀬夏希

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Chika Arimura (有村千佳/Age 32) Profile:

Born: April 14, 1990
Measurements: B85 / W58 / H88
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: O
Height: 158cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Chika Arimura (有村千佳/Age 32)

Chika Arimura Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DVAJ-570Naughty Woman Teases Him By Pulling Out His Cock From Fucking As It Is About To Explode And Then He Shoots All Over. BEST.04/11/2022
MDBK-20033 Person Group With Glamorous Beautiful Legs In Black Stockings!! Perfect Best, 4 Hours.09/27/2021
NYH-133The Feeling Of A Hard Cock Probing Her Miniskirt Makes Her Horny On A Crowded Bus / Ms Chika Chika Arimura06/14/2021
NYH-121This Older Girl Always Shows Me Her Panty Shots In A Miniskirt. She Rubs Against My Cock And Pushes Onto It With Her Erotic Ass/Chika-chan Chika Arimura05/23/2021
DMOW-218Foot Fetish Heaven! Teased By Fantastic Legs! Highlights02/28/2021
DMOW-216Slapping Rough Sex: THE BEST, 5 Hours Full Course!12/31/2020
NYH-072The Girl Who Came To Comfort Her Boyfriend In The Hospital In A Miniskirt Flashed Me Her Panties! She Fucks Other Patients While He Lays Nearby / Chika Arimura12/15/2020
MMB-337She Started As An Amateur, And Now She's An Adult Video Actress - From Her Innocent First Time Shots To Her Serious Fucking Scenes As An Adult Video Actress -12/05/2020
CADV-789Beautiful Girl Rental Home Delivery 12 People, 4 Hours SP11/04/2020
td036sero-00111An Older Sister Causes Premature Ejaculation! When She Starts Shaking Her Hips In The Cowgirl Position, She Also Starts Cumming Right Away. She Shakes Her Hips And Causes Early Ejaculation. Then She Takes A Second Cock In The Missionary Position, And Cums Delightedly A Second Time. Then She Takes A Third One, First In Doggy Style, Then In The Cowgirl Position, Where She Cums Instantly. The 4th Cock Makes Her Cum Repeatedly In The Missionary Position. Finally They Both Cum At The Same Time. Chika Arimura10/29/2020
EIH-0548 Hours Of Full-Scale Sensual Drama Tonight All 5 Stories Recording10/19/2020
LZBS-064Boobquake! Wild Hip-Humping Cowgirl Best Selections 5 Hours - See Sensitive Pussies Twitching Through Limitless Orgasms!10/17/2020
DKSB-083Golden Shower On A Masochistic Man! Pissing Face Sitting Special09/30/2020
RETOMN-002Iron Hands - Extreme Finger Banging Masturbation BEST Collection09/08/2020
RETOMN-070Her Legs Are Trembling! Drilled Hard From Behind While Standing 209/08/2020
RETOMN-122Hardened Porn Vets Brought To Their Knees With Pleasure - They Can't Stop Cumming - Pretty Faces Twisted In Orgasmic Ecstasy BEST Collection 46 Girls09/08/2020
RETOMN-111Her Legs Are Trembling! Drilled Hard From Behind While Standing 309/08/2020
RETOMN-113POV Sex I Want You To Watch Me Cum...09/08/2020
RETOMN-095Full, Sweaty Masturbation, 39 People09/08/2020
RETOMN-001Iron Blowjob - BEST Collection09/08/2020
RETOMN-018Teppan - It Doesn't Stop With Cumming!! Extreme Masturbation09/08/2020
RETOMN-052Fierce Hip Swinging Like A Beast Just Before Ejaculating - 51 Shots09/08/2020
J99-026cConfinement, Fuck And Ecstasy Chika Arimura Obedience07/26/2020
J99-026bConfinement, Fuck And Ecstasy Chika Arimura Fuck07/25/2020
J99-026aConfinement, Fuck And Ecstasy Chika Arimura Captured07/24/2020
MMB-307Hairy Pussy - An Unkept Natural Type Of Girl Made Me Aroused For Some Reason 30 Girls06/06/2020
HODV-21471Hottie Just Out Of The Hot Spring, Romantic Fuck Every Way With Her Flushed Body And Pussy04/02/2020
DVAJ-441Best Of Beautiful Girls Who Love Premature Ejaculating Cocks 5 Hours02/08/2020
XRW-823Beautiful Girl in Uniform In Shameful Soiling Training Fuck 4 Hours01/30/2020
BBSS-028When Lady Parts Meet Lady Parts! - Two Pussies Rub Together And Provide Mutual Stimulation - Lesbians Try Scissoring And Double-Ended Dildos - 8 Hours11/29/2019
XRW-787Tons Of Sperm on Her Beautiful Face: Feel Good BUKKAKE! 30 People, 4 Hours11/21/2019
RBB-168Over 50 S-Rank Actresses Show Off Their Asses! The Shape Is Good! The Size Is Good! The Feel Is Good! Their Perfect Asses Hit The Trifecta! - 8 Hours11/13/2019
LZBS-047Get Your Lesbian Lust On! Dripping Wet Orgasmic Bathroom Sex, Drowning In Ecstatic Lust Super Select Best Hits Collection 5 Hours We'll Show You Women Twitching And Trembling In Ecstasy As They Rub Their Pussies Together In All The Most Shocking And Unexpected Places!06/15/2019
DJSK-092The Perverted Handjobs of Chika Arimura . 12 Scenes. She Made Me Blow My Load With Her Sexy Costumes, Incredible Skills And Teasing!04/21/2019
GWAZ-078Gaping Asshole! A Beautiful Esthetician's Pile Driver Dildo Masturbation. Deluxe Edition 4 Hours02/24/2019
SITA-004While Her Husband Was Away During The Afternoon, This Young Wife Was Blatantly Luring Me To Temptation, And My Rock Hard Cock Was Happy To Oblige. When She Realized That My Dick Was Ready To Burst Out Of My Pants, She Started Licking It With Her Rich And Thick Tongue, And Gave Me Sloppy French Kisses And Gave A Nice Teasing Handjob To My Cock Tip, And Then She Sucked Me Dry Of All Of My Semen02/24/2019
DSMZ-005Chika Arimura Chika Arimura Binds A Masochistic Guy And Turns Him On With Dirty Talk! 3.5 Amazing Hours Of This Sadistic Succubus Violating Her New Sex S***e02/18/2019
ID-046Tiny Tits Beautiful Girl Cosplay PREMIUM BEST 8 Hours10/25/2018
DMOW-186A Face Sitting Special Featuring Nothing But Beautiful Babes!! 5 Hours10/18/2018
SMA-601銭湯で代わる代わる犯●れ続ける女子マネージャー 有村千佳10/15/2018
MMB-219Obedient Creampie College Girls10/06/2018
OKAX-415S&M Slave Raw Fuck Creampie Human Toilet 4 Hours OKAX- 41508/23/2018
STCETD-047[Special Value Combo] An Unscripted One-Chance Only Fuck Fest A Bitchy Lady Boss Who Got Fucked By Her Little Sister-In-Law The Fate Of An Unlucky Woman...07/19/2018
TOMN-132Furious Ass Shaking Beastly Fucking To The Edge Of Ejaculation 55 Cum Shots 402/23/2018
MKMP-187Missed My Stop! Train & Bus M****ters Best 31 4 Hours08/10/2017
TOMN-095Totally Sweaty Masturbation 40 Ladies05/26/2017
BMW-141The Ultimate Beautiful Ass In A Thong Best 208/26/2016
DMBK-052Footjob By Ladies In Bondage Suits, This Is Maso Men's Ultimate Foot Worship!!!! Handpicked 4-Hour Edition08/14/2016
TPPS-005Teppan BEST HITS 201502/13/2016
MIBD-972Funya-chan's Wriggling Mouth: Best Blowjobs12/05/2015
MIBD-945Porn Stars VS Amateurs - The Moment They Can't Hold Back And Explode With Gallons Of Cum - BEST Collection!09/09/2015
LZWM-007No Mosaic Lesbian Action! Ayumi Shinoda/ Yui Oba / Miki Sunohara / Kaede Niyama / Ema Kisaki/ Asahi Mizuno / Chika Arimura / Ayu Sakurai / Ichika Kamihata / Mao Hamasaki05/16/2015
ASFB-119Pitakosu Premium Collection You Won't Withstand this Charming Body01/17/2015
DVDES-803A World Where R**e Is Legal - Public Insertion! Fuck Whenever You Want! Baby Making 24/7!01/07/2015
HODV-21029h.m.p 2014 - A Super Cute Porn Star Makes A Comeback One Year After Her Hard-Banging Debut And Now She's Hotter Than She Ever Was Four Hour Complete Version12/04/2014
SDDE-350Back Fuck Clinic! Reverse Cowgirl Position, 69 And Dildo Training! (SENZ UNIT) The Fourth Round Production]04/19/2014
MIRD-127National pop idols' M-girls temptation large orgies 4 hour special - currently popular idols doing pillow business that is taboo in their industry!11/27/2013
ASFB-038Blow Out Fetish Special vol. 205/16/2013
SW-1602nd Anniversary Thank You: 720 Minutes Mega Compilation Switch02/09/2013
DSEN-002Pussy Beauty Clinic Salon de HEAVEN Customer's Screaming Orgasm Chika Arimura - Chika Arimura01/13/2013
HAVD-841Beautiful Adult Lesbian Series. Twin Head Vibrator Ecstasy. Chika Arimura , Yui Hatano .11/17/2012
KNCS-047Getting A Mean Boss's Daughter D***k And R****g Her In Front Of Him. Dad I'm Sorry. Chika Arimura10/24/2012
DVDES-543A World with Exceptionally Low Hurdles to SEX 309/08/2012
HPF-001H*******ed Innocent Face07/18/2012
LANK-03Beautiful Girl Pussy Handling Chika01/03/2012
DVDES-43510 Stepsisters and only one Boy! Big Family 4 Yamada Household Goes to the Beach! My Passionate Big Stepdaddy (Penis) Awaits me!09/05/2011
TPPN-0474 Fucksn/a
MDS-79510 Back-to-Back Blasts of Costume Play Cream Pie!10 Back-to-Back Blasts of Costume Play Cream Pie!n/a
EKDV-355Anime Costume Sexn/a
NMD-004Bare Facen/a
SHKD-613Beautiful Broadcaster Who Was Being Constantly Watchedn/a
STM-006Beauty Rendered a Puppet 2n/a
WANZ-354Big Butt Maniacsn/a
MILD-903Bound Young Ladyn/a
MIAD-790Chika Arimura and Real Amateurs Hitting the Road - Virgin Graduation Bus Tour That Gets Guys Laid For the First Time!!n/a
23ID-011Chika Arimura Platinum Selectionn/a
DJSK-014Chika Arimura Will Do Youn/a
ASFB-206Chika Arimura, The Final Best, 4 Hoursn/a
AAA-005Complete and Utter Breaking 6 - Furious Sex That Fills the Void They Both Feeln/a
ANX-005Consent Through H***osis - 23-Year-Old Broadcaster Chikan/a
PPS-247Costume Play Sex Syndromen/a
WNZ-324Dear Older Brothern/a
SUPD-127Digital Channeln/a
NATR-104Dream Boss Wearing Panty Stockingsn/a
URGF-002Glove Fetish Vol.02, Chika Arimura x Gloven/a
ATFB-159Gothic Loli Perverted Dolln/a
KMI-083Harshly-Formed Human Bursan/a
RCT-705Hey, Even I Want to Squirt, Too! After All, I Am An AV Actress!!n/a
EKDV-367I Am a Lascivious Ladyn/a
NATR-188I Was Ra--d While You Were Away...n/a
YAG-091Married Woman Shamed Outdoors 24n/a
DMBK-004Mischievous Chika Arimura - Perfect Collection 240-Minute Special Compilationn/a
T28-406New Bride Who Became a Full-Fledged Woman When She Gave In To Cheating That Was Set Upn/a
ONEZ-030or? Act;04n/a
UPSM-180Paid Fuck Transfer Studentn/a
TPRO-001Popular AV Actress Chika Arimura x Anime Cosplay, Purely Instinctive Deep Kiss Nakadashi Promiscuityn/a
KNCS-018Raw Footage - He Scolded His Co-Worker Who Was a Student and Then Was Able to Fuck Hern/a
GG-245Real Sex Education From the Older Sistern/a
BEB-042Secret Side Job - A Newly Married Woman Who Wants Moren/a
T28-372Sexual Desire Unleashed - Locked in Passionate Kisses and Deeply Engaged in Fiery Lovemakingn/a
DJSK-044She Seduced Me, Smearing Me With Saliva and Forming Wet Threads While French-Kissing, a Foul-Mouthed Woman Who Forc*d Me to Get Hard, Leading Me to the Verge of Unloading Repeatedly Before Finally Squeezing Me Dryn/a
GRCH-008Slow Sex to Please a Woman 1n/a
NATR-416Slutty Young Wife Whose Face Keeps Popping Up Around a Hot Spring Inn 3n/a
ASFB-254Super Happy Endings Illlustrated, Grand Handjobpedia 4 Hoursn/a
ATFB-233Talking Naughty and Pushing For Conceptionn/a
HAVD-853Teacher Who Gave Herself Up in Place of Students to Be Viola--d On a School Busn/a
MDYD-985Tempted By a Married Teachern/a
SMA-561Uniform Incontinence R--en/a
MSTT-006Visitor Appearing Out of a Lewd Dream - Days Warped With Obscenityn/a
WSS-177You Have to Be Sure Not to Make Any Noise!!!n/a
NYH-210This Married Woman Is Getting Her P*ssy Red Hot For Adultery Sex With Her Horny Father-In-Law, Even With Her Husband Nearby Chika Arimuran/a
26ID-019A Popular AV Actress x Anime Cosplay Basic Instinct Baring Deep Kisses And Creampie Sex PREMIUM BEST 8 Hoursn/a
EMJD-003A Middle Aged Man's Selfish Lust I Was Domesticated By My Neighborn/a
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