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Ayumu Sena (瀬名あゆむ/Age 34)

Also known as: 吉村あきの, 広瀬藍子, 榎本さなえ, 深見弥生

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Ayumu Sena (瀬名あゆむ/Age 34) Profile:

Born: November 8, 1986
Measurements: B90 / W58 / H88
Cup Size: E Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: B
Height: 158cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Ayumu Sena (瀬名あゆむ/Age 34)

Ayumu Sena Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DMOW-218Foot Fetish Heaven! Teased By Fantastic Legs! Highlights02/28/2021
DKSB-100Rubbing Lesbian Pussies: Best Highlights12/31/2020
DOKS-530Nasty Girls Who Get Turned On When Filthy, Stinking Cocks Get Rubbed Against Their Noses - Best Selection - 5 Hours, 14 Girls11/30/2020
DOKS-529Her Mouth Is Her G-Spot! Naughty Sluts Who Love To Suck - Deep Throat Face Fucks! Best Collection 5 Hours, 20 Girls11/30/2020
DOKS-528Carefully Selected Pantyhose Erotica - Office Girls With Beautiful Legs Get Themselves Off10/31/2020
DKSB-086Aren't Women Who Can Cum Just Through Their Nipples Simply Erotic? You Get To Witness This Miracle, Which Only Happens To 1% Of Japanese Women...!10/31/2020
DKSB-083Golden Shower On A Masochistic Man! Pissing Face Sitting Special09/30/2020
BTH-054This Slut With Amazing Technique Made His Premature Ejaculating Cock Cum In Seconds And She Was Cum Swallowing It All Down07/23/2020
DKSB-058Married Women In Passionate Slutty Lesbian Lunchtime Fucking, 4 Hour Special05/31/2020
TD029SERO-0118You Can See A Cute Girl's Pussy AS Much As You Want. It's A Horny Pussy That Leaks Juices All Over When You Look At It. You Can Also See This Pussy Squirting As It's Being Played With By My Fingers. After Looking And Playing, She Gives Me A Blowjob And I Put My Dick Inside Of Her Until I Shoot All Over Her Face. Ayumu Sena02/27/2020
NPS-381Female Director Haruna Amateur Lesbian Seduction - 46 Women, 8 Hours - Best Collection 1108/14/2019
DDT-618Cosplay Fucking 15 Costumes 17 Girls Hard Fucking06/15/2019
DVAJ-398Angry Hard Fucking Making A Shake Of Creampie Semen With Cock In Pussy06/08/2019
NPS-377Female Director Haruna Amateur Lesbian Seduction 44 Girls 8 Hours Best Collection 1005/14/2019
NPS-374Female Director Haruna's Amateur Lesbian Pickups. 20 Amateur Girls! Orgasmic Sex Using A Double-Sided Dildo, Special Edition!03/14/2019
YVG-022Insatiable Old Person Special 302/19/2019
CXAZ-049I Know I Shouldn't But I Really Want To Eat Pussy. A Straight Woman Gets Her Clit Stimulated By Another Woman's Tongue And Gets Dripping Wet. While She's Bewildered, She Becomes Addicted To Lesbian Cunnilingus. Deluxe Edition. 4 Hours02/17/2019
DVAJ-372Raw Piston Pounding Thrusts That Feel So Good In The Moment Before Pull Out Ejaculation 82 Consecutive Cum Shots01/12/2019
KK-075Gold 3 Ako Kagami10/25/2018
DMOW-186A Face Sitting Special Featuring Nothing But Beautiful Babes!! 5 Hours10/18/2018
WSP-146They Both Tease Me...08/30/2018
DIV-250Peep Show Lesbian Series Viewing Club Greatest Hits Collection 5 Hours07/05/2018
OKAX-380Complete Anal - In Gaping Exposed and Fully Open Pose! 30 Women05/24/2018
MKMP-187Missed My Stop! Train & Bus M****ters Best 31 4 Hours08/10/2017
RBB-104He Just Keeps Cumming and Cumming, Bukkake & Creampie & Massive Cum Shot Special 8 Hours08/13/2016
HNDB-095Ejaculating As The Woman Orgasms In The Missionary Position And Giving Her A Creampie Vol 2 !! 135 Shots!!06/23/2016
CRMN-068Let's Do Some Full-on, Sloppy Rimjobs Rimjobs, Handjobs, Anal Spreading & Soft Tongues In Deep12/20/2015
DMOW-056Cock Sommelier Ayumu Sena05/12/2014
VANDR-097Foaming And Convulsing C*ck Cr*zy. 10 Hours Complete Collection.03/05/2014
DKDN-022Monthly Panty Stocking Mania Vol.18. Provocation, Campaign Girl x Glossy Panty Stocking01/29/2014
MIGD-562Swallowing The Cum Out Of A Creampie Vol.03 Ayaka Tomoda Ayumu Sena01/24/2014
NNPJ-008Picking Up Girls In Japan - Lesbian Hunt Vol.02 Ayumu Sena And Female Directors - Nantomo JAPAN's Best Girl Couples! Lesbian Friends Picking Up Girls Edition01/18/2014
ANX-036H*******m Mansion - Urban Hill Daikanyama Room 603 - Ayumu Sena12/21/2013
KIBD-140kira*kira BEST Red-Hot! GAL Beach Special 8 Hours08/10/2013
MIRD-125MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Day - Fuck Bus Tour 2013: Massive Orgy Special!07/26/2013
SW-1602nd Anniversary Thank You: 720 Minutes Mega Compilation Switch02/09/2013
VICD-237This Feels So Good My Eyes Roll Back Into my Head!! Female Director Haruna's Extreme Lesbian M****ting Hibiki Otsuki Ayumu Sena10/25/2012
FSET-381Sneaking Into Bed For Lesbian Sex 509/08/2012
VSPDS-639Brilliant Beautiful Female Anchors Driven So Wild By Cocks They Foam At The Mouth During A Live Broadcast06/09/2012
UPSM-176Because You Have the Same B***d Type as My Husband... Horny Married Woman Lets You Cum Inside12/08/2011
DOKS-183Lickin' Love Lesbians Vol. 509/13/2011
ONCE-038OKuBo Idol Story - We'll Show You How They Made It To Their CD Debut! 240 Minute Complete Collector's Edition06/28/2011
RCT-264Announcer Facial! Cum Swallowing Special! vol. 201/06/2011
DVDES-352I Am The Only Boy Among 10 Stepsisters! Huge Family 2 The Akagi Family's Wild Onsen Bus Tour11/20/2010
ARMG-115I've Awakened To My B.B.Boys. Little Devil Edition. 511/07/2010
RCT-247Video of a Female Announcer Having Sex 10 In A Row Part 210/22/2010
SDMT-165Fuck Air Special10/08/2010
SEO-0022 Entanglements + Bukkake of An Amateur Young Lady Who Body Can Be Offered 02n/a
SERO-011814 Shots of Cream Pie Drawn Outn/a
KV-105106-Minute Non-Stop Filming, Unedited Pure Nakadashi 23 Times Consecutively Thorough Long-Lasting Fellatio!!n/a
XKK-059AV Model Interview 2n/a
DVDES-408Female Boss Haruna Snatching Lesbian Pick-Up! Vol.04 - Magic Mirror Issue of a Sensitive Inexperienced Amateur Who a Man Cannot Seduce Will Be Feasted Upon By Ayumu Sena Who Likes to Get Her Fill of a Wet Pussy!!n/a
GG-279Forbidden Nursingn/a
ECB-054Head of the Dick - Sexual Feelings Relaxationn/a
SDMT-105Job-Seeking Young Female Studentn/a
BLK-089Kira Kira Black Gal Beach - Trendy Suntanned Gal Screwing Guys With Hip-Quaking Nakadashi, Fuck On the Beachn/a
UPSM-103Most Powerful - Young Lady With a Beautiful Ass Next Door Who is Too Cuten/a
UPSM-091Paid Fuck Transfer Studentn/a
IPSD-048Sperm-Drinking 100 Shotsn/a
JUC-679Viola--d By the Father-in-Law... Messing Around With Beautiful Daughter-in-Lawn/a
FSET-368Caught Wanking by Lesbians 3n/a
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