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Uta Kohaku (琥珀うた/Age 32)

Also known as: Amber, Miku Misato, 木下瑠璃, 桂木深玲, 甲斐友美, 美里みく

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Uta Kohaku (琥珀うた/Age 32) Profile:

Born: February 13, 1992
Measurements: B80 / W60 / H88
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: A
Height: 167cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Uta Kohaku (琥珀うた/Age 32)

Uta Kohaku Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
NXG-388ふたなり レズ姉妹08/19/2022
DBER-155圧巻!5時間58連発!史上最強の電動ドリル総集編 残酷なる狂乱の絶頂 BABE SUPER ULTRA FILM06/13/2022
EVIS-409Squirting Orgasm Lesbians05/16/2022
CMA-108Alluring Gags Mouth Gag Collection 709/27/2021
CEMD-003Horny Sluts Go Cock-Hunting Vol. 2 28 Hours, 46 Minutes, 10 Discs04/17/2021
DMOW-218Foot Fetish Heaven! Teased By Fantastic Legs! Highlights02/28/2021
DKSB-101A Nurse`s Job 5 Secret Hours Special01/31/2021
LZBS-067The Top 24 Anal-Loving Lesbians In The Biz! 5-Hour Select BEST Collection - Big Booty Babes VS Anal Sex01/16/2021
CADV-795He Knows It's Wrong - Stepbrothers Horny For Their Stepsisters 13 Girls, 4-Hour Special12/16/2020
DOKS-529Her Mouth Is Her G-Spot! Naughty Sluts Who Love To Suck - Deep Throat Face Fucks! Best Collection 5 Hours, 20 Girls11/30/2020
DKSB-084A S********l Blowjob Harlem Best Hits Collection 38 Girls 5 Hours10/31/2020
LZBS-064Boobquake! Wild Hip-Humping Cowgirl Best Selections 5 Hours - See Sensitive Pussies Twitching Through Limitless Orgasms!10/17/2020
DKSB-083Golden Shower On A Masochistic Man! Pissing Face Sitting Special09/30/2020
DKSB-073S********l Mouthpussy - Barely Legal Blowjob Best Collection - 30 Girls, 5 Hours08/31/2020
STDDT-020(Special Value Combo) All Together, All In!! The Endless Creampie Fucker Sana Uta Kohaku Azusa Itagaki06/24/2020
HMD-41Large Orgies With Black Men Japanese Mature Woman Babes Who Got Their Brains Fucked Out By Big Dicks 20 Ladies 4 Hours02/27/2020
LZBS-055Lesbian Kissing Hot Sensual Deep Kissing Five Hour Special Selection Of Women Locking Lips And Entwining Tongues02/15/2020
LZBS-054Lesbian Time! The Best Squirting Lesbians 2 5 Hours Of Ladies Spraying In Ecstasy!01/16/2020
DKSB-031She'll Suck And Slurp On Your Cock With Furious Suction Vacuuming Power!! Super Thrilling Pig-Nosed Deep Throat Dick Sucking!! Ultra High-Speed Hard Boiled Cock Thrusting!! A Dick Sucking Filthy Dirty Talk Commentary!! A Perverted Woman Who Loves To Suck Cock Is Giving Maniac Blowjob Action Best Hits Collection 5 Hours12/31/2019
DDT-620She Squirts And Squirts And Never Runs Out Of Juice! The Best Of Squirting Orgasms08/16/2019
OKAX-535Do You Like Panties? How About Pussies? Cumming While Imagining The Inside Of The Panties That Wrap Around Your Older Sister's Mature Crotch! 07/25/2019
NPS-377Female Director Haruna Amateur Lesbian Seduction 44 Girls 8 Hours Best Collection 1005/14/2019
ZSAP-0032Idol Sensuality R-18 Uta Kohaku04/28/2019
STCETD-067[Value Set] My Mom Loves Anal 1 And 2 Two-faced Women 4 Chisato Shoda Shiori Ihara Uta Kohaku04/19/2019
LZBS-045Go Lesbian! The Best Orgasmic Sex Scenes With Anal Penetration, 5 Hours. Watch Women Get Both Their Assholes And Pussies Penetrated And Orgasm Wildly!04/13/2019
LZBS-044Get Your Lesbian On! No Matter How Much You Cum, The Fucking Never Stops... Even After She Cums, The Fucking Keeps On Cumming In This Relentless Super Select 5-Hour Best Hits Collection Woman x Woman Consecutive Orgasmic Ecstasy For Your Viewing Pleasure!03/16/2019
NPS-374Female Director Haruna's Amateur Lesbian Pickups. 20 Amateur Girls! Orgasmic Sex Using A Double-Sided Dildo, Special Edition!03/14/2019
DJSR-042I Know It's Wrong, But I Really Wanna Lick Pussy. Feeling Her Clit Get Hard Under My Tongue Makes This Straight Girl So Wet She Can't Believe It, And Soon She'll Be My Lesbian Cunnilingus Slave 202/24/2019
GWAZ-078Gaping Asshole! A Beautiful Esthetician's Pile Driver Dildo Masturbation. Deluxe Edition 4 Hours02/24/2019
CXAZ-049I Know I Shouldn't But I Really Want To Eat Pussy. A Straight Woman Gets Her Clit Stimulated By Another Woman's Tongue And Gets Dripping Wet. While She's Bewildered, She Becomes Addicted To Lesbian Cunnilingus. Deluxe Edition. 4 Hours02/17/2019
CETD-146二面性のある女4 ~若妻の心を惑わす欲情の鼻先スイッチ。潮吹き快感二穴同時姦通アナル生中出し~ 琥珀うた10/15/2018
NPS-364Female Director Haruna's Amateur Lesbian Pickups. 20 Naive And Dirty Girls! They Rub Their Pussies Together For Their First Clam Jousting, Deluxe! 4 Hours10/15/2018
STCESD-039[Special Value Combo] A Polite Pussy Grinding Collection Slick And Slippery Squirting Dildo Masturbation! In-N-Out Sliding And Squirting Dildo Masturbation!07/09/2018
DIV-250Peep Show Lesbian Series Viewing Club Greatest Hits Collection 5 Hours07/05/2018
LZBS-035Get Your Lesbian On! Strap On Dildo Sex Super Selections Greatest Hits Collection 5 Hours We'll Show You Women Who Want More Passionate Love And Where They've Cum To, Relentless Non-Stop Piston Pounding Pussy Thrusting Sex!06/14/2018
NPS-354Female Director Haruna Amateur Lesbian Seduction An Orgasmic Squirting Woman-On-Woman Splash Fest 31 Amateur Ladies Special!06/14/2018
DBEB-088This Female Defender Of Justice Is Defiled And Degraded By Evil Men!! She Fights To The Death With All Her Might, But Succumbs To Weeping Orgasmic Ecstgasy The Baby Entertainment GOLD BEST06/02/2018
CESD-538Fainting Anal Fuck 23 Hours 7 Minutes: Full Penetration Recording03/10/2018
APAE-053Totally Exclusive Footage! A POV Blowjob Nookie Experience Over 7 Hours! Vol.2 37 Beautiful Girl Babes Who Will Let You Cum06/24/2016
ASW-083Swallowing Wish! 4 Cum Idols Uta Kohaku12/29/2015
DAZD-073Anal Sex Feels So Good, Her Asshole Is Gaping10/21/2015
MIBD-910Past The Limit! G-Spot Direct Attack Squirting Best04/24/2015
GYAZ-127Squirting Orgasms - Crazed Cumming Of The Beaten Path - Squirting Masturbation03/14/2015
ISSD-063Card-Carrying Lesbian Special 207/13/2014
DOKS-294I Was Suddenly Deep Throated05/12/2014
MIGD-559Bukkake Creampie Anal FUCK! Uta Kohaku01/08/2014
CESD-029Glamorous Outdoor Sex 8 Hours! Vol. 2 Outside Nudes of Girls with Beautiful Tits and Instinctual SEX! Squirting Orgasm!09/22/2013
DMOW-035Foot Fetish Heaven! Teased By Fantastic Legs {Promotional Girl Edition}09/20/2013
ASFB-038Blow Out Fetish Special vol. 205/16/2013
CWAZ-002Strap-on Lesbians 8 Hours01/04/2013
CRPD-445I Will Make All Obey Me Through Pleasure! You Serious!? Girl's T*****e & R**e Academy Reo Saionji Uta Kohaku 12/12/2012
MIRD-109Squirting Orgy 4-Hour Special05/30/2012
ANND-107Vulgar Lesbian Series Uta Kohaku Hibiki Otsuki05/16/2012
PSD-448[All Women Tell Lies...] Bitch Anthology # 099 Uta Kohaku12/06/2011
FSET-334Sneaking Into Bed For Lesbian Sex 311/19/2011
RKI-147Sex With The World's Largest Dicks Uta Kohaku Hikaru Shina Banana Asada Ayaka Tomoda10/14/2011
MIRD-098MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Day - Fuck Bus Tour 2011: Sex Tournament!09/28/2011
SDMT-440National Idol Unit 2 . Uta Kohaku Kotomi Asakura Ayaka Tomoda Fully Nude Live In Concert06/18/2011
HNDS-01820 Young Guys Went Inside the Real Home of Uta Kohaku For Genuine Cream Pie Promiscuityn/a
TMEM-010A Truly Dream-Like Beautiful Young Lady Spontanetously Blew Out My Spermn/a
IENE-108A Young Lady With a Flexible Body That is Still Growing Has Come to a Ballet Class Where She Will Be Given Lewd Training Without Her Mother Finding Out!n/a
JBD-164Becoming a Star - Lonely Balladn/a
BDD-29Black Dudes With Gigantic Cocks - Big Black Wieners On the Roadn/a
DDT-404Confinement Chair Trancen/a
SORA-021Disgraceful Outdoor Training of a Genuine Hardcore Masochist, A Flat-Chested High School Student With a Smooth Pussyn/a
INF-001Endless Climax Orgasmn/a
SEXY-35Fist Fuck Bukkake Gang Bangn/a
GAR-223Greatly Resembling Atsu__ Mae__!! I Who Am Lonely Living By Myself Unexpectedly Received At My Place An Idol Robot For the Sole Purpose of Sex That Would Do Anything I Requested!!n/a
PSD-477Healing Vol.89n/a
MIYA-020Her Occupation is That of a Life Insurance Saleswoman 20n/a
SMA-592Idol Uta Kohaku Letting a Male Virgin Do It For the First Timen/a
AIR-023Lascivious Lady, Your Butt and Hersn/a
TYWD-057Lewd Legend, Best of Uta Kohakun/a
NEO-023My Butter Dog - She Quickly Turns Naughty After Getting Drunk! This is How She Really Is! Intoxicated Uta and Her Perverted Pet Out Exposing Themselves On a Strolln/a
KTDS-337Over-Knee Socks x Mini-Skirt - Between the Socks and Skirt, 2nd Impact, Vol.25n/a
FSET-319Peeing Ballerinan/a
TYOD-184Sex That is Vulgar is Bestn/a
HERX-003She Plays Baseball and Has a Shaved Pussy - Uniformed Young Lady Hunting File.3n/a
DNMA-002Sniper Victimized By Revenge! Scaffold of Humiliation 2 - Uta Kohaku in Crystal Soldier, Hell of Pleasure That Drives Her to Tearsn/a
CMF-009Special As---lt On An Android - Slave of the Future Who Comesn/a
BTH-176A Limber-Limbed Slut Goes Hunting By Trapping Men In Her Clutchesn/a
REBO-0019With Her Support, You'll Have The Best Jerk-Off Experience Ever - R-18 - Uta Kohakun/a
FSG-007More! Slip Rubbingn/a
TD002SERO00351Uta Kohaku Is Scouting For Mega Cock Amateur Men Don't Miss The Moment Of Ejaculation In This 19cm Cock Blowjob!n/a
TD002SERO00352Don't Miss This Chance To See Uta Kohaku Getting Fucked By A Mega Cock Amateur And Finished Off With A Cum Face!n/a
h_307lljw00757Get Lesbian Strap On Dildo Action! 32 Ladies 4 Hour Special The Definitive Collection Of Lesbian Sex Featuring Women Fucking Women With Fake Cocks! See Them Piston Pound Each Others' Pussies And Squirt Their Juices Everywhere!n/a
AGEMIX-319Shlick Shlick Shlick Shlick... Splaaash! The Camera Nearly Breaks In The Face Of Squirting Bukkake - The Fundamentals Of Finger-Banging! Making Her Naughty Pussy Gush! It's Coming! -n/a
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