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Yua Kisaki (妃悠愛)

Also known as: 木崎祐子, 水原里香, 長澤杏奈, 高橋亜紀

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Yua Kisaki (妃悠愛) Profile:

Born: November 30, 1980
Measurements: B74 / W54 / H72
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: B
Height: 154cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yua Kisaki (妃悠愛)

Yua Kisaki Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
PYU-110I Tried To Shut Up A Rebellious Girl With My Cock, But She Didn't Shut Up; Instead, She Started Panting And Became Obedient!12/06/2020
td034sero-00019Enjoy A Wide Open Pussy Dildo Masturbation Show And Private Room Blowjob At A Strip Club! As She Moistens Her Cunt With A Dildo, Her Pussy Will Be Dripping Wet And Ready For You To Enter. First She'll Shake Her Ass For You, And Then Turn Around And Show You Her Anal Hole For You To Enter While She Shimmies. Next, You'll Enter A Private Room And Put On A Condom For A Blowjob & Handjob. Her Blowjob Will Feel So Good, You'll Blow Your Load Right Into That Rubber! Yua Kisaki08/27/2020
WSS-124ツン顔でイキガマンするオンナ教師 妃悠愛12/27/2019
SERO-019Watch Yua Kisaki's Movie At An Affordable Price! - A Real Sex Show. They Begin Fucking Cowgirl Style In Front Of An Audience. She Grinds Her Hips And Makes Herself Cum, Then Gets Fucked From Behind Standing Until She Cums Again. She Gets Fucked Lying Down And Standing Up, And Does Missionary Until She Cums And Squirts. She Gets Fucked Deep One More Time And Has Cum Blown All Over Her - Yua Kisaki08/22/2019
DVAJ-410Girls Fucked At A Gang Banging Photo Session 13 Girls 5 Hours08/10/2019
HFD-190Mature Woman In... Secret Room Breaking In Fuck With Haughty Ripe Meat x 8 Women x 8 Cumshots04/18/2019
ID-054Priestess PREMIUM BEST 8 Hours12/27/2018
MIDI-025[Bargain Buy] Young Wife "Yua Sasaki" Has A Secret, Sexy Photo Session Behind Her Husband's Back. As Countless Shutters Snap Around Her, You Get The Chance To Dock Your Camera In Her Behind! Her Acrobatic Poses Show Off Her Asshole For The World To See. And When Her Pussy's Sloppy Wet From Getting Fingered, You Finish Her Off On Her Back...12/13/2018
OKAX-392A Hip Shattering Serious Dildo Masturbation Session 270 Minutes!06/21/2018
MIBD-861Beautiful Women With Amazing Techniques Only! A Careful Compilation Of Cum Swallowing And Extreme Sperm Drinking 4 Hours10/24/2014
MIBD-847I Can't Move... I Don't Wanna Cum... N-no, I'm Cumming! Relentlessly Making Trapped Women Cum!08/27/2014
SBB-122MILFS Legendary Big Ass 4 Hours11/10/2011
FETI-020Kat Suits Ass-job09/29/2011
TBD-021GLAY'z Hi-Vision Idol Collection11/10/2010
HITMA-39This Naughty Secretary Loves Semen Yua Kisaki HD09/09/2010
MVSD-126Sperm Lesbian Ayu Yuara / Saya Yukimi07/15/2010
BUR-288Submissive Cabin Attendant Just For Me06/11/2010
VENU-050Fakecest: Magic Mother. A Mother's Folly, Atonement To Her Son. Yua Kisaki03/18/2010
YSN-17320cm Young Mann/a
T28-240An Immoral Wife in Kyoton/a
MIAD-478Beautiful Wife Who Lowers Herself - Doing It in Turn in Front of the One She Loves...n/a
T28-181Beautiful Young Lady to Whom Black Stockings Are Well-Suited Will Be Yours For a Dayn/a
MIDI-0025Beautiful Young Wife Photo Sessionn/a
MOMJ-085Carnal Ministrationn/a
FTA-103Climax Final?Yua Kisaki, 22 Years Oldn/a
T28-223Come Inside of By the Stepfather...n/a
AKB-022Costume Playern/a
AOZ-047Cute Amateur Young Lady Who Looks Great in Jeans 02n/a
EC-095Devil Ecstasyn/a
MIGD-326Dream Woman Vol.77n/a
IESP-546Drug Investigator - Yakuzuke Vaginal Convulsions, X-File-34n/a
SVDVD-173Embarrassment! Go Around Town With Forc*d Squirting Machine Pants! 13n/a
JUC-202Father, We Have Married - Marriage Announcement Trip On Which the Father-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law Secretly Get It Onn/a
SERO-0019First Real Fucking Giving It Up Shown/a
SDS-031Get Off On a Favorite!!n/a
AOZ-055Glossy Married Woman Pure Nakadashi
(No Menu)
RCT-210Going With Yua Kisaki On a Fan Appreciation Mixed Gender Outdoor Bathing Much Fucking Around Bus Tourn/a
ONEM-070Graduation 2n/a
SMA-474Group of Perverts Bukkake As---lt Fallen Madonna Young Female Employeen/a
T28-231Hakodate Immoral Getawayn/a
MIAD-473Hollow Ecstasyn/a
T28-248Horny Wife Who Gets Compensated For An Affairn/a
TYOD-074I Am Troubled As I Am Feeling Hot Down Theren/a
OKAD-335If Yua Kisaki Was My Lover?n/a
T28-246Married Woman Ecstasy Breaking Continuous Orgasmsn/a
WIF-020Married Woman Nakadashi Entreaty 19n/a
T28-204Married Woman Nakadashi Immoral Tripn/a
T28-207Married Woman Nakadashi R--en/a
ZOW-18Married Woman Shameful Self-Gratification Tripn/a
WIFE-34Memories of Summern/a
T28-235New Home Helper Who Was Subjected to Cream Pie By An Old Guyn/a
T28-218Office Lady Commuting to Work Nakadashi Pervert Busn/a
SVDVD-182R--e! Beautiful Young Female Announcer is a TV Channel High-Class Prostituten/a
MILD-636Revival Ecstasy 4 Hoursn/a
VDD-046Secretary in... (Coercion Suite Room) Secretary Yua (26)n/a
MIGD-348Semen-Drinking Masochistic Ladyn/a
BBI-095Semen Gulping Irrumatio Lascivious Lady - A Woman Who Takes a Guy All the Way Into Her Throatn/a
MVSD-115Semen-Gulping Toy, Lips of Desiren/a
RKI-050Shameful Carnal Nursing - Targeted Bursting Tits Pitiful Young Wifen/a
NIT-052Single Best 11n/a
SVDVD-167Smell of Pussy Vol.3n/a
T28-208Super High-Class Soapn/a
CRIM-006Tasty Cabin Attendantn/a
SDDE-220Tekoki & Fucking Clinic Specialn/a
WNZ-156Temptation of Female Teachern/a
YO-116The Bestn/a
MOMJ-067The Putty-Like Wife Next Doorn/a
WSS-113Very Big Penis Taste Comparisonn/a
EC-093Waking Dream With An Immoral Wifen/a
UFD-002White Gown Angel and Fuckingn/a
T28-229Wife Taken By Another - Viola--d in Front of Her Husbandn/a
SDMT-155Will Copme Using An Orgasm Bicycle & Orgasm Announcement Car!!n/a
MIAD-445Yua Kisaki is a Putty-Like Sex Ladyn/a
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