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Sana - 紗奈

Sana was born on 12/12/1988 in Tokyo.

Measurements: 83-58-86 (cm)
Cup Size: D Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2008
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Height: 158cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Sana.

Sana Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DVAJ-373Pitakosu Athlete Fuck Collection 15 Girls/4 Hours01/12/2019
SERO-003[Special Price] Sana Has A Hot Body, And Now She's Out On The Town Scouting For Amateur Actors! She'll Immediately Start With Cunnilingus And Order Them To Lick Her Pussy, "And Make Sure You Make It Clean!" But After That Pussy Cleaning, She Demands Some Fingering And That Gets Her All Wet All Over Again Whether It's Cowgirl Sex, Or Penis Insertion, She Immediately Explodes With Wet And Wild Lust...12/27/2018
XRW-604Rough Deepthroat & BUKKAKE! 4 Hours Of Girls Getting Covered In Cum!11/22/2018
DDT-595Tweaking Nipple Orgasms Greatest Hits Collection06/14/2018
PDV-055Alice JAPAN 200901/07/2013
PDV-140Alice JAPAN Exclusive Actresses In A Super High Class Bath Brothel!!! 4 Hours Of Footage05/26/2011
PDV-133Alice JAPAN 3 Stars Cum Face Collection 4 Hours02/24/2011
PDV-103Lustful Swim Instructor 7 Girls 4 Hours02/11/2010
DV-910First Impact Sana05/22/2008
DV-091First Impact Sana05/22/2008
AOZ-062Working Woman's Garter Stockings 02n/a
BBI-066Health Teacher Who Feasts Upon His Studentn/a
BUR-281Ecstasy-Ridden! Victimn/a
BUR-289S-Class - Young Female Employee Pure Nakadashi 01n/a
CXD-015Temptation, Female Teachern/a
DDB-133Foul-Mouthed Lascivious Lady - Domineering, Disgrace, Lady Leading Almost Towards Outright Obsessionn/a
DDB-168Let's Have Sex While Under the Influencen/a
DDK-050Masturbation Paranoian/a
DDT-330Liberated Kokoron/a
DDT-339Immoral X-Ray Roomn/a
DDT-3633D Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll, Continual Forc*d Fellation, Pure Nakadashin/a
DV-1003Alice Japan-Exclusive Actress - Sana's Super High-Class Soap!n/a
DV-920Very Sensitive Fuckn/a
DV-931Admired Racing Swimwear Instructorn/a
DV-942First Ecstasy! Super Maximum Climax!n/a
DV-956Dear Older Brother! Please Forgive Me As I Am a Sensitive Younger Sistern/a
DV-968Paradise Loven/a
DV-979Shameful Beautiful Assn/a
DV-991Very Sensitive Maid As Sex Slaven/a
DWD-036Home Delivery Lascivious Ladyn/a
EC-098Devilish - My Woman is a Nakadashi Human Playthingn/a
ETC-46Tempting Private Teachern/a
EZD-251Water Pole 76n/a
FTA-142I Was a Woman Before I Became a Wife... Tonight, I Am Going to Betray You...n/a
GAR-196Gal's Body in My Possessionn/a
GTO-006Campus Paradise 6n/a
IPTD-695HyperIdeaPocket - Extreme Ass Fetish Maniacsn/a
JUFD-098Still, I Want to Be Loved By You?Young Wife Who in Order to Be Ageeable to a Perverted Husband's Taste Will Allow Herself to Be Trainedn/a
MDS-579Magnificent Beautiful Secretary File 03n/a
MDYD-661My Neighbor is a Beautiful Young Married Woman Who Got Drunk and Went Into My Home By Mistaken/a
MOMJ-046Viola--d According to My Husband's Interestn/a
MOMJ-061The Wife Next Door Relieves Me of My Sexual Urgesn/a
MOMJ-099The Putty-Like Wife Next Doorn/a
NADE-744Younger Brother's Wifen/a
NADE-936Son's Wifen/a
NATR-038Loved By the Son-in-Law and Husband?n/a
OKAD-304Female Teacher, As---ltn/a
OKAD-315Office Lady, Pure Nakadashin/a
REAL-391Death Semenn/a
SBB-126Sana Collector's Edition 4 Hoursn/a
SERO-0003Scouting Amateur Actors in Shibuya - Won't You Try Out Your Techniques On Me?n/a
SMA-460Private Teacher Sanan/a
SMA-508Urethra Persecution By a Beautiful Young Ladyn/a
SMA-528High-Class Black Pantyhose Beautiful Legs Fetishn/a
SMA-553Madonna Teacher Viola--d By Grotesque Menn/a
STFR-002Unexpectedly Went to a Classmate's Home Unannounced!! Vol.2n/a
TYOD-078Igu Igu Lewd Teachern/a
VDD-039Stewardess in... (Coercion Suite Room) Cabin Attendant Sana (23)n/a
VEC-004The Old Man's Mistressn/a
VENU-072Dream Mother - Son Staring At His Lovely Mothern/a
VEQ-027Super Mature Woman Complete File - Sana 4 Hoursn/a
WIL-046Facial Aesthetics 13n/a
WIL-048Better Than Even a High-Class Soap - Top-Rate Reverse Sexual Service 06n/a
WNZ-203My Boss is a Lascivious Ladyn/a
WNZ-241Amateur Participant Project! Won't You Have Sana of Yearning to Dispense With Your Virginity?n/a
WNZ-323Lascivious Lady With Beautiful Legs Wearing Panty Stockingsn/a
WSS-106Having a Countenance of Indifference and Holding Back Against Coming Female Teachern/a
WSS-115You Have to Be Sure Not to Make Any Noise!!!n/a
WSS-127Handsome Female Teachern/a
ZXY-004Office Lady Delivery 02n/a
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