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Erika (Age 34)

Also known as: MOKA, モカ

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Erika (Age 34) Profile:

Born: July 6, 1988
Measurements: B92 / W60 / H86
Cup Size: G Cup
AV Activity: September 2007
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: AB
Height: 160cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Erika (Age 34)

Erika Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
CJOB-091Squeezing Out Your Cum In Her Mouth And Pussy! The Most Erotic Gal In The World! BEST07/16/2021
UMSO-400Big Booties Wanna Get Banged From Behind 50 Girls07/09/2021
UMSO-395Five Minutes Before Intense Orgasms! Scenes Of 40 People Five Minutes Before Ejaculation! vol. 0306/11/2021
LZBS-070The Best Anal Lesbian Babes In The Industry! Perky Booty Lesbian - BEST Selection 5 Hours, 22 Couples, 42 Girls, The Most Erotic Booty-Loving Lesbian SEX!04/14/2021
NACX-069Every Time You Thrust, Her Voluptuous Body Will Jiggle And Wiggle! 20 Colossal Tits Mature Woman Babes In Creampie Sex vol. 0312/31/2020
MANN-028ERIKA Premium BEST 5 Hours12/20/2020
RETOMN-04877 People: Ecstatic Expressions During Cunnilingus Climax That Will Make You Melt09/08/2020
RETOMN-125Knees Knocking! Hard Thrusting Standing Doggie Style 95 Girls BEST OF THE BEST09/08/2020
RETOMN-088An Overwhelming Sense Of Conquest: 64 People09/08/2020
RETOMN-122Hardened Porn Vets Brought To Their Knees With Pleasure - They Can't Stop Cumming - Pretty Faces Twisted In Orgasmic Ecstasy BEST Collection 46 Girls09/08/2020
RETOMN-027Her Legs Are Trembling! Drilled Hard From Behind While Standing09/08/2020
RETOMN-051Metal Plate BEST OF BEST Masturbation 48 People09/08/2020
NACX-061She Looks So Slutty When Spit Dribbles From Her Mouth When She Sucks!! Only Blowjob Video Compilation 41 Beautiful Mature Women08/31/2020
MIZD-192Slut Keeps Sucking Of Her Own Volition: Gal's Wild Fellatio BEST06/26/2020
NACX-051Her Pose While Showing Off Her Ass Is Too Sexy! Footage From Behind Only With 51 Girls03/31/2020
KIBD-253Getting Fucked And Brought To Climax By An Older Guy Who She Hates - Massive Orgasm Special - 8 Hours02/14/2020
KCDA-269Colossal Tits - Pervy Black Gal ERIKA12/19/2019
KIBD-249Every User Who Loves Gals Decides! General Election To Decide Who Is The Strongest Gal BEST3012/13/2019
KIBD-250The Fucking Doesn't Stop Even When They Cum! - Their Tanned Asses Get Piston-Fucked From Behind - 4 Hours12/13/2019
XRW-740She's Got The Ultimate Body And She's Riding It To Cowgirl Fuck Fest Orgasmic Ecstasy 4 Hours08/22/2019
KIBD-244These Slutty Gals Love To Get Their Pussies Licked! Only The Best Cunnilingus Will Make Them Cum Until They Pass Out!08/15/2019
KIBD-245Sweaty, Furious Fucking Sex With A Tanned Gal In The Heat Of Summer 8-Hour Special!08/15/2019
MIZD-147A Tanned Gal Who Likes To Mount Men Without Permission Goes Out Of Control With Piston-Pounding Abandon Best Hits Collection07/26/2019
LZBS-048Lesbian Sex! 6-Year Anniversary. Best Of Women Orgasming For Real With Tied-Up Sex. 10 Hours07/13/2019
TIKB-049[Amazing Gal Hall Of Fame] Gals Really Are The Best! vol. 207/13/2019
KSBJ-055The Naked Wife Highlights vol. 305/16/2019
NASH-0388 Thin Wives With Big Tits04/11/2019
NACX-028Creampie Sex With A Woman With A Writhing Exquisite Body 14 Ladies03/31/2019
LZBS-044Get Your Lesbian On! No Matter How Much You Cum, The Fucking Never Stops... Even After She Cums, The Fucking Keeps On Cumming In This Relentless Super Select 5-Hour Best Hits Collection Woman x Woman Consecutive Orgasmic Ecstasy For Your Viewing Pleasure!03/16/2019
KIBD-239Mercilessly Fucking A Bratty Gal Hard Even After She Orgasms! "I've Been Cumming" Repeated Orgasms With Relentless Fucking. BEST03/15/2019
FLAV-213HYPER FETISH Whipping Glossy Sports Mania ERIKA02/23/2019
YVG-022Insatiable Old Person Special 302/19/2019
XRW-619Devourinng Colossal Tits! - Torture & Rape/Gang Bang/Creampie Sex - 4 Hours12/27/2018
RBB-146Not That!! I'm Coming!!! Intense Fucking While Getting Their Nipples And Clits Stimulated!! Double Orgasms. 8 Hours12/12/2018
XRW-604Rough Deepthroat & BUKKAKE! 4 Hours Of Girls Getting Covered In Cum!11/22/2018
LZBS-040Have Lesbian Sex! The Best Lesbian Sex With Double-Headed Dildos, 5 Hours. Pussy Penetration And "Your Cum Face" Drive The Women Wild. Watch Their Intense Orgasms!11/17/2018
FLAV-207HYPER FETISH The High Cut Naughty Queen ERIKA11/03/2018
UMSO-211This Bitchy Mature Woman Is Getting The Manager's Special Course! A Back-Breaking Aphrodisiac-Laced Massage Parlor!!10/11/2018
SLAP-039Schoolgirl Urinating Masturbation With Bloomers On08/19/2018
XRW-525Love Potion For Pussy-Shaking Orgasms! Creampie Fucking! 4 Hours07/26/2018
RVG-070Best Of French Kiss vol. 107/17/2018
TOMN-150A Hardcore Slobbering Blowjob That Will Bring You To The Edge Of Ejaculation 60 Cum Shots07/13/2018
RVG-069Titty-Loving Shota's Naughty Pranks BEST vol. 707/03/2018
TIKB-027[A Certified Divine Gal] We Slipped Some Aphrodisiacs To This Big Tits Divinely Cute Gal And Now We're Pumping Her With Raw Cock Trembling Pussy Spasmic Sex! We've Transformed This Bitch Into A Mind-Blown Hyper Slutty Goddess Who Will Let You Squirt Your Cum Into Her Pussy LOL ERIKA06/14/2018
TONY-013The Incredibly Cute Big Tits Gal From The Next Homeroom Is A Horny Schoolgirl Who Likes To Toy With My Classmate Cherry Boy Friends ERIKA06/02/2018
BLK-365A Gal Who Will Absolutely Never Cum Vs A Dirty Old Man Who Loves Nipples Kira Kira Relentless Nipple Tweaking Sex ERIKA05/16/2018
TOMN-123No Need To Fast Forward Sweaty Orgasmic Cowgirl Sex 55 Ladies11/22/2017
NACR-114If ERIKA were only....10/31/2017
OOMN-198Unguarded And Lovely Beauties, Changing Out Of Their Clothes 68 Ladies07/14/2017
FRJA-009Blowjob Parade Part 2 32 Ladies/23 Cum Shots! They'll Suck Your Semen With Their Mouths07/08/2017
MIVR00017[VR] POV Slut Blowjob & Colossal Tits Titty Fuck ERIKA06/14/2017
TOMN-092I... Can't Stay On My Feet Anymore... Extreme Piston Pounding Crumbling Breakdown Sex04/26/2017
TOMN-088F***ed Obedience Pleasure S******g Doggy Style 65 Girls04/14/2017
ASW-192P-4 Semen Mania Specialty Video: Completely Nude09/06/2016
HNDB-095Ejaculating As The Woman Orgasms In The Missionary Position And Giving Her A Creampie Vol 2 !! 135 Shots!!06/23/2016
TOMN-04879 Girls Faces in Ecstasy Extreme Cunnilingus03/25/2016
TPPS-005Teppan BEST HITS 201502/13/2016
KIBD-198ERIKA Special 8 Hours -High Resolution- Special Volume11/13/2015
GVG-212French Kiss. The Busty Gal ERIKA Twists Her Dirty Gal Tongue And Has Sex With An Ugly Old Man While French Kissing Him!10/14/2015
ZUKO-085Every Patient In The Whole Hospital Ward Takes Part In A Creampie Orgy08/28/2015
BLK-211Kira Kira TANNED GAL - Dark-Skinned Nurse With Colossal G-Cup Tits Offers Sexy Services - Buckets Of Continuous Creampie BUKKAKE In The Hospital ERIKA02/14/2015
BLK-002Kira Kira TANNED GAL DEBUT - She's Back! A Dark-Skinned Gal's Exclusive Debut - THE PERFECT BLACK GAL - Cosplay Hooker With G-Cup Colossal Tits Takes Your Creampie ERIKA01/16/2015
SCF-057Panty-Less High School, 12 Hours Of Footage (Box)05/22/2014
MKCK-077Best Unstoppable Wet Piston 80 Sessions10/09/2013
KIBD-140kira*kira BEST Red-Hot! GAL Beach Special 8 Hours08/10/2013
ATAD-093Fucked In Front Of Her Husband Completely Saved Version 00404/03/2013
SSPO-16A Class Hot Big Breast Surfer CUM INSIDE BAREBACK Erika10/23/2011
AUKG-081Gossiped-About Lesbian Only Big Tits Massage Parlor10/09/2011
FLAV-085DOUBLE 505/21/2011
RKI-086Sex With The World's Largest Dicks - Moka Mana Izumi Riku Hinano Kyoko09/16/2010
RNYOG-019Busty S********l Creampie 0404/26/2010
MIRD-072MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Day - Fuck Bus Tour 2010: Giant Orgy Paradise!01/31/2010
RNYOG-013Busty S********l Creampie 0301/25/2010
RNYOG-037Super Cute S********l Creampie Raw Footage11/19/2009
ETC-19The Gal's NIGHT 3 Underground Cum PARTY10/13/2009
ONED-838New Face x Barely Censored Fresh Face Minimal Mosaic Moka09/06/2007
TMAM-015The Differences Between Women and Girlsn/a
IPTD-547Black 3 Hipsn/a
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