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Karen Uehara - 上原花恋

Karen Uehara was born on 12/06/1993 in Kanagawa.

Measurements: 87-62-92 (cm)
Cup Size: C Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2012
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Height: 163 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Karen Uehara.

Karen Uehara Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
TIKB-047[Amazing Gal Hall Of Fame] Gals Really Are The Best! vol. 106/15/2019
SITA-004While Her Husband Was Away During The Afternoon, This Young Wife Was Blatantly Luring Me To Temptation, And My Rock Hard Cock Was Happy To Oblige. When She Realized That My Dick Was Ready To Burst Out Of My Pants, She Started Licking It With Her Rich And Thick Tongue, And Gave Me Sloppy French Kisses And Gave A Nice Teasing Handjob To My Cock Tip, And Then She Sucked Me Dry Of All Of My Semen02/24/2019
QEDP-005School Uniform x Double Queen Action x Maso Man Domestication "Addicted To Breaking In" 5 Karen Uehara Mao Mizusawa12/24/2018
MMNA-018Karen Uehara Lifts Her Anal Ban, And Retires12/13/2018
KCDA-245Cock Dependence Karen Uehara12/06/2018
MMVRN-003[VR] A Miniskirt Gal With A Tanned Ass VR 6K Video + Zero Distance Moving Perspectives + Totally Free POV Perspectives To Bring You The Greatest Tanned Big Ass Gal In All The Sweaty Deep And Rich Sex You Can Handle VR Karen Uehara12/06/2018
MMB-222Biracial Beauty's First Porn Appearance! She Fucks Passionately, Moans And Shows Her True Nature11/03/2018
ARM-712Give Me An Erotic Video Featuring Beautiful Models Showing Off Their G-Strings In Various Positions Wearing Miniskirts 25cm Above The Knee.10/19/2018
MIZD-107The Glans Is Where All Your Sensual Pleasure Is Concentrated A Best Of Collection Of Glans Assaults No.209/28/2018
LZBS-038Get Your Lesbian On! A Schoolgirl Lesbian Sex Super Select Best Hits Collection 5 Hours It Starts With A Kiss And Escalates Into Full Blown Lust! We Show You Plenty Of Lesbian Lovers In Uniform Having Lots And Lots Of Sex!09/15/2018
MDB-904Slutty Gals Getting the Cum They Deserve!! 4 Hours of Creampie Specials06/21/2018
TOMN-14570 Ladies Faces Of Lust That Will Melt You Like Butter Cunnilingus Ecstasy 306/13/2018
TOMN-144True Meaning Of A Sure Thing! Sweaty Sex Best 305/25/2018
MIGD-477Actual Gravure Idol's AV Liberation!!11/07/2012
ARM-413The Right Amount of Padding in a Tight Mini-Skirt and An Extremely Erotic S-Shaped Linen/a
ASFB-199I Spend All My Time Masturbatingn/a
ATFB-269Seductive Slutty Beauty in Panty Stockingsn/a
ATFB-305Gothic Loli Perverted Doll 4n/a
ATFB-383Nasty Pussy! Here They Are, the Quivering Lower Lips of a Pervert's Cuntn/a
BDSR-274This is For You If You've Lost Your Way! You'll Be Reenergized So That You Will Quickly Come Within 3 Minutes. Trendy Gal With a Light Tan Who Looks Pretty Strong and Possesses a Tremendously Hot Ass Tenderly Abuses Us As She Goes On and On With Foul-Mouthed Sex That's So Much Superior!! 4 Hoursn/a
CRMN-100Flashy Young Mother's Impregnating Nakadashi Sexn/a
DJSK-066I'll Shower You With Dirty Talk - Sensual Obscene Language Playn/a
EIKI-009As His Cock Went In, Her Eyes Turned Watery. Are You For Real!? Debut By a Bad Ass Who's So Cute! Scary Intimidating Punk Becomes Like a Little Girl When She Has Sex With An Older Man.n/a
FLAV-125Easy Trendy Bitch With a Lick-Happy Tongue On the Hunt For a Masochist's Semenn/a
FLAV-165Deeply Tan Trendy Gal Big Butt Maniacsn/a
FRJA-001Trendy New Halfn/a
GDQN-004Trendy Mama Who's Rumored to Be Easyn/a
GDQN-012I'm Throbbing Down There and I Just Can't Help Myself?n/a
GG-153Half-Japanese Amateur I Got to Know By Way of An Online Dating Siten/a
GG-162Beautiful Young Half-Japanese Sexually Harassed in a Factoryn/a
GVG-110Butt-Loving Young Men's Erotic Mischiefn/a
GVG-170Karen Uehara's Encyclopedia of Dirty Wordsn/a
HAVD-860Beautiful Half-Japanese Young Wife Taken to Bed By Another - Passionate Kissing With a Middle-Aged Mann/a
HXAD-004Lewd Ass Juicy Panty Stockingsn/a
MIAD-594She Catches Men By Showing Too Much Skinn/a
MOJ-307After Stimulating You to the Limits Without Letting You Unload, She Lets You Do Whatever You Please! If a Woman Like This Plays With You, You'll Want Her to Coerce You to Cum. Please Engulf My Cock Inside Your Pussy!! 2n/a
NATR-308I Was Ra--d While You Were Away... 4n/a
NATR-498Invited By a Fine Adulteress ? She's Got Her Husband's Gaze, But Without Fear of Who Might See She's Inviting Me in to Get My Dick! Affairs Are the Best!n/a
SITB-005"If You Happened to Find Yourself in An Erotic Situation Such As This With Karen Uehara... " An Utterly Erotic Development Caused Me to Sprout a Hard-On! A Series of Circumstances As If Out of My Dreams Unfolded and Unable to Contain Myself, I Squirted Heavy Shots of Cum! 2n/a
SORA-017Trendy Mama Next Door Got Pregnant With Her Construction Worker Boyfriend When She Was a Teen and She's Been Busy Raising a Family Since, One Would Never Realize She Probably Didn't Get to Have Much Fun in Her Younger Years, But Lately When After Sees Her Husband Off in the Mornings, I Can Tell She Sometimes Let's Out a Sigh of Extreme Boredomn/a
TMAM-037She Gets First Prize For Her Use of Buttn/a
TOMN-080Teppan Complete, Best of Karen Uehara - Real Fucking Without a Director Around By a Hottie With a Great Ass and Skin the Color of Mochan/a
TONY-005Sugarbaby Bible - Perverted Cock Training Trendy Galn/a
TPPN-073Bronze Body Glistening With Sweat and Secretionsn/a
WANZ-253French Soapn/a
ZKRA-005While Her Husband's Away... A Young Wife Who Does Nothing But Naughty Things 2n/a
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