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Risa Shiroki (白城リサ)

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Risa Shiroki (白城リサ) Profile:

Born: n/a
Measurements: B76 / W53 / H80
Cup Size: B Cup
AV Activity: March 2020
Sign: n/a
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 155cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Risa Shiroki (白城リサ)

Risa Shiroki Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
GOPJ-557[VR] High-Quality Dramatic High Resolution - Irate Customer Wants A Clumsy Waitress To Apologize With Her Body - I'm So Sorry I Spilled Something On Your Pants! Risa Shiroki 07/15/2021
CAFUKU-003[VR] (A VR Video Summer Gift Set) Over 1000 Minutes Of Masterpiece Sex, In 15 Super Select High-Quality High Definition Titles, Uncut And Complete! Experience These Wafting Erotic And Ripe Fumes Of Fucking! A CASANOVA Mid-Summer Large Release VR Video Set07/15/2021
VRKM-273[VR] Oozing Love Juices! Full F***e Masturbation with Competition Swimsuit VR06/29/2021
MKON-052My Prim And Proper Girlfriend Would Absolutely Never Let Me Fuck Her, But On The School Field Trip, We Got Stay In The Same Inn, Yayyy! But Then She Was Preyed Upon By A Pack Of Horny Bastards Risa Shiroki05/14/2021
SAVR-104(VR) My Younger Step Sister Is Normally A Sweet Angle But One Night She Can't Control Her Lust And Comes Into My Room... Risa Shiroki03/23/2021
CASMANI-024(VR) Hot Female Body Close-up ~ Playing With Nipples, Ass, And Pussy ~02/25/2021
DASD-819In My Job-hunting Resume... When I Wrote "Small Breasts" In My List Of Advantages, I Was Called Into Another Room. Risa Shiroki02/20/2021
AGMX-069Greedy Blowjobs - She's Getting So Turned On By Sucking Cock You Can See It02/08/2021
APKH-162"I Want To Be Defiled... Please Turn Me Into A Pervert..." This Girl In Uniform Is Cute Enough To Be An Idol, And On Her Way Home From School, She Got Fucked By A Dirty Old Man Old Enough To Be Her Father And He Filmed Her As She Went Cum Crazy In This Forbidden POV Video Risa Shiroki01/23/2021
CACA-241[VR] With Hard Nipples And A Wet Pussy! Light-Skinned Slender Petite Lolita With A-Cup Breasts On A Mission To Get Pregnant Risa Shiroki12/31/2020
AGMX-066Masturbation Navigation - Tempting Masturbation Navigation While Looking Into The Camera -12/20/2020
KIWVR-195[VR] Secret Negotiations At A "No Penetration" Brothel Staffed By College Girls! Although This Black-Haired Girl Says Absolutely Not, I Was Able To Flip Her Switch And Get Her Turned On! She Let Me Fuck Her Raw, And As She Was Cumming Wildly I Even Gave Her A Creampie Risa Shiroki10/31/2020
SDAB-145At The PtoM Academy, You'll Get Your Cock Rocked With A Cowgirl, And Then You'll Receive A Blowjob, And Then The Cycle Repeats, Over And Over Again Risa Shiroki10/05/2020
REBD-491Risa - Risa Shiro's Bubbly Sweet Youth Risa Shiroki09/09/2020
SDMF-015It's The 100th Day Since I've Practiced Sex For My Cherry Boy Step Brother. Pink Family Vol. 17 Risa Shiroki09/07/2020
3DSVR-0727[VR] She's S******g Her Way To The Top In This VR Video A Flat-Chested Idol Who Knows Nothing About The Business Was Brought Here By Her Manager And Now She's Getting Fucked With Teary Eyes Lisa-chan Height: 155cm Risa Shiroki08/23/2020
SDAB-137The Passions Of Youth Best Selection 15 Girls In Their Debut First Time Shots Of Sex 8 Hours07/13/2020
3DSVR-0717[VR] A Dumb Couple VR Video Super Fun Lovey-Dovey Sex With A Cheerful And Cute Girlfriend Risa Shiroki07/01/2020
SDAB-133Sticky Licky Kissy Risa Shiroki06/01/2020
SDAB-129Drenched In The Juices Of Youth Her Moist, Fresh Body Is Splattering Us With Sweat, Sweat, Squirts, And Semen! 12 Splattering Cum Shots!! A Real-Life Idol!! Risa Shiroki05/05/2020
SDAB-125Uncontrollable Urges - A Slender S*****t Has An Awakening When She Takes Aphrodisiacs - Risa Shiroki04/06/2020
SDAB-122A Real Idol Who Has A Naughty Side - Risa Shiroki - SOD Exclusive - Porno Debut03/09/2020
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