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Yurie Minamisawa (南澤ゆりえ)

Also known as: 釜田香織

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Yurie Minamisawa (南澤ゆりえ) Profile:

Born: n/a
Measurements: B87 / W66 / H89
Cup Size: E Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: n/a
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 158cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yurie Minamisawa (南澤ゆりえ)

Yurie Minamisawa Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
NASH-610Wife Trained In Bondage, Disciplined By Her Father-in-law's Rope And Fallen Into The Forbidden Pleasure 4 People 4 Hours12/13/2021
CMA-109Nose Play and Shame-on-the-Face Play10/25/2021
OKAX-607When She Rubs Her Voluptuous, Bursting Thighs On Your Cock, You Can Feel The Power And Warmth And You're Just Wishing That You Can Ejaculate All Over Her03/26/2020
CESD-835Her First Anal Fuck x Her First S&M Experience Mature Woman Babes Lift Their Sexual Bans In This Documentary Special Boxed Set 24 Hours And 18 Minutes11/17/2019
PAP-176Cheating Wives Get Creampied. 4 Hours Of Women Giving Their Bodies To Other Men11/17/2018
ARM-701Floating To Heaven Smothered In Her Soft Marshmallows! Thick Oil Rejuvenating Massage Parlor09/07/2018
STCEAD-028[Special Value Combo] A Mature Woman Enjoys Some Tied Up Vibrator Sensation This Ass-Shaking Lady Is Someone Else's Wife A Writhing And Moaning Bitch07/19/2018
MMYM-021"Housewives (And Elder Sister Babes) With Big Asses Are Guaranteed To Be Horny" Greatest Hits Collection06/14/2018
NASS-427'Father-In-Law, Please Don't Stare At My Armpits Like That!!' The Peerless Father-In-Laws That Get Turned On By The Sweaty, Yet Sensual Armpits Of Their Daughter-In-Laws 4-Hours05/12/2016
MOND-027A Good Day To Go On A Journey And Get Hard. The Third Bath. Yurie Minamizawa03/04/2015
STCETD-040[Special Value Combo] Her First S&M Documentary Ryoko Osawa Yurie Minamizawa Hina Sakuran/a
HMD-18S&M Spasmic Ecstasy Beautiful Brides Who Writhe And Moan In S&M Ecstasy 4 Hours/20 Ladiesn/a
PAP-165Middle Aged Sex Lives Cum In All Shapes And Sizes This Mature Couple In Their Fifties Are Still Raging And Waging A Passionate, Shameful Sex Life 4 Hoursn/a
ROD-05A Family In Bondage The Bride Is Being Domesticated By Her Father-In-Law Yurie Minamisawan/a
EMBZ-129Beautiful Mature Woman Sweaty And Serious Masturbation! Masturbation!! Masturbation!!!n/a
OBA-332The Seductive Landlady That Pulls Out Seduces Us - Yurie Minamizawan/a
ARM-581Thigh Masturbating Madamn/a
MMYM-004A Housewife With A Big Ass Is Guaranteed To Be A Horny Bitch Yurie Minamizawan/a
ARM-571Voluptuous Thighs In Black Stockings X Thigh Job 2n/a
CMC-175The Lady Boss Is Turned Into A Domesticated Bitch The Lustful Sacrifice Yurie Minamizawan/a
SW-109Cougars With Issues: Amateur Creampies 109 Yurie Minamizawa, Age 44 Here She Cums! A Kansai Lady With 94cm Big Tits! Her Tits Are Way Too Soft! G Cup Tits!n/a
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