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Ayako Inoue (井上綾子)

Also known as: 工藤宏美

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Ayako Inoue (井上綾子) Profile:

Born: November 8, 1969
Measurements: B83 / W62 / H86
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: June 2016
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 160cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Ayako Inoue (井上綾子)

Ayako Inoue Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
ERDM-009素人投稿!マンション不倫熟妻 年の差カップル隠し撮り4時間10/17/2022
CEMD-234熟痴女BOX 10枚組 25時間56分~魅惑の悶絶淫乱SEX大公開特別版!09/26/2022
NASH-677Real Sexy Stories 3104/25/2022
NSFS-078- Highlights Of Shame - A Stepmom And Her Stepson 10 Ripening Ladies Having Forbidden Sex03/21/2022
NXG-373An Intelligent And Excessively Naughty Beautiful Married Woman In Glasses She's Neat And Clean But She Loves Lusty Sex03/19/2022
NASH-659This Horny Body Can't Be Tamed! Beautiful Mature Woman Masturbation BEST 20 Performers. vol. 0203/07/2022
MLMM-001Beautiful Mature Women Best: Ayako Inoue, 4 Hours, A Madonna With Beautiful Ass And Legs03/07/2022
KNMD-110The Hot Sex Of Mature Women Gets Even More Passionate When The Women Pass Age 50. 20 Women, 5 Hours.02/21/2022
NASH-635Real Sexy Stories 2901/24/2022
NASH-610Wife Trained In Bondage, Disciplined By Her Father-in-law's Rope And Fallen Into The Forbidden Pleasure 4 People 4 Hours12/13/2021
KNMD-106Lewd Wives Who Fulfill Their Sexual Desires With Other Men's Dicks - 4 Hours07/17/2021
NANX-232A Pretty & Horny Woman Picks Up Innocent-Looking Amateur Girl On The Street For Some Lesbian Action 307/17/2021
HZHB-003"I Orgasmed On A Dick Other Than My Husband's" Highlights 8 Hours 20 Minutes Super High Quality (4K) Ultra HD Best06/17/2021
NASH-522A Married Woman Who Turns Her Husband Into A Cuckold While He Doesn't Notice06/11/2021
NACX-081Slender Mature Woman Creampie, 18 People BEST05/31/2021
VSED-157I Messed Up: All Alone Together With My Smoking Hot MILF Stepmom At A Hot Spring I Saw Her Naked, Got Hard, And Couldn't Resist Nailing Her 205/27/2021
NASH-509Eternal Madonna - Beautiful Cougar Super BEST 21 Women05/21/2021
J99-098dSkinny Married Woman Has Sex With Her Son's Friend She Has To Keep Her Voice Down But She's Loving It Ayako Inoue04/23/2021
J99-098cSkinny Married Woman Acts Embarrassed But Loves Having Sex With Her Son's Friend Ayako Inoue04/22/2021
KMDS-20511Stuff On Location Get Their Erections Off With 20 Beastly Girls With Juices Flowing Out - 240 Minutes04/22/2021
J99-098bA Mature Woman's Handjob - Ayako Inoue04/21/2021
J99-098aA Mature Woman's Blowjob - Ayako Inoue04/20/2021
MCSR-428The Melancholoy Of A Beautiful Mature Woman In Mourning - Immoral Widow Babes - 5 Ladies 4 Hours02/26/2021
MCSR-424Aunties' Obscene, Thick Lesbian Sex: 20 People, 4 Hours01/22/2021
KMDS-20503Horny Housekeepers Pumped Full Of Cum 16 Girls, 240 Minutes01/21/2021
VSED-149Beautiful Mature Babes In Racy Lesbian Love 301/05/2021
ZOOO-016A Selection Of Beautiful Mature Woman Babes The Legendary Beautiful Mature Woman 12 Ladies 240 Minutes12/23/2020
JGAHO-046S-class Mature Woman: Complete File Ayako Inoue, 4 Hours12/14/2020
NASH-417Deep And Rich Creampie Sex With A Bushy Mature Woman 10 Ladies vol. 0412/10/2020
NACX-06812 Bushy-Haired Mature Woman Babes With Fluffy Pussy Hair vol. 0311/30/2020
RVH-006A Sexy P*A Director & A Mind-Blowing Female Teacher And A Bad Boy S*****t Council President Best Hits Collection vol. 111/17/2020
NACX-063Small Breasts Slender Mature Women, 12 People, BEST09/30/2020
NASH-36910 Slender Mature Women With Tits That Are Just Right09/24/2020
NSPS-933My Friend's Stepmom Best Edition09/20/2020
DDT-637Upper Limit Creampie: Baptism Seeded With 300 Billion Sperm09/17/2020
KSBJ-098Creampie Sex With An Alluring Mature Woman With A Beautiful And Supple Slender Body 10 Ladies09/17/2020
NATR-641MaruMaru! Ayako Inoue 209/10/2020
CAREM-013[VR] Revived To Clear And Crystal Clarity Through The Digital Master! A VR Nookie Masterpiece Collection Ayako Inoue09/03/2020
td034sero-00299This Stepmother Is Getting Cock-Pumped By Her Stepson's Friend At Her Front Door! Her Ripened Pussy Accepted His Rock Hard Cock. While They Stood, He Fucked From The Front, From The Back, And Kept Her Cumming. As She Aggressively Shook Her Ass, He Pumped His Young Cock Up From Below And Kept Her In A State Of Orgasmic Ecstasy. And Then He Pumped Her Again From Behind, And As They Came Together, He Bukkake Splattered His Semen All Over Her Ripened Ass! Ayako Inoue08/27/2020
SSHN-009How Did This Porno Drive Japan's Horniest Kinksters Wild?! [Senz Studios' Most Controversial Work] 12 Shocking Scenes! Magic Ray - Time Freezing - Quickie At A Clinic - Night Safari For Sluts - While I Was Getting Sucked Off...08/24/2020
ZEAA-52I Am A Lustful And Horny Wife, And I Got Wet From A Dick Other Than My Husbands'. 16 People, 8 Hours!08/19/2020
BIJC-015Hot Witch COLLECTION vol. 1408/15/2020
NACX-058I Can't Stand It Anymore! Beautiful Mature Woman Climax Masturbation 22 Ladies07/31/2020
KNMD-092Oh, How Naughty! 10 Bushy Ladies 5-Hour Special07/23/2020
LZBS-060I Was Seriously Tired From Work And Studying And Nodding Off When That Woman I Always Trusted Suddenly Began Playing Sexual Pranks Against Me! But To My Surprise, I Didn't Hate It, In Fact, It Felt So Good That I Didn't Want Her To Stop07/16/2020
NSPS-913Comely Country MILFs - Ayako Inoue Collector's Edition07/11/2020
CVDA-001(For Streaming Editions) Special Price S&M BOX All Videos Uncut And Unedited 3 Videos 4 Hours, 55 Minutes06/17/2020
LZBS-059I Was Seriously Tired From Work And Studying And Nodding Off When That Woman I Always Trusted Suddenly Began Playing Sexual Pranks Against Me! But To My Surprise, I Didn't Hate It, In Fact, It Felt So Good That I Didn't Want Her To Stop06/14/2020
KNMD-089Cut Out Drama Thick, Wet, And Drowning In Pleasure Lewd Married Woman In Her 50s 5 Girls 4 Hours05/28/2020
KSBJ-08140-Something Mature Women At The Peak Of Their Lust Fucked For Real 18 Girls05/16/2020
UMSO-319Seriously Huge Cocks! - These Women Get Fucked By Massive Cocks Until Their Pussies Are Ready To Break!05/14/2020
NACX-052Creampie Sex With A Beautiful Forty-Something Mature Woman 12 Ladies vol. 0204/30/2020
NASH-263My Sexy Mother-In-Law Is Hotter Than My Wife, So I Seduced Her... Forbidden Creampie Sex vol. 0203/26/2020
NSSTL-022Married Woman Ayako: A Wife Giving Over Her Body To A Younger Man: Ayako Inoue02/29/2020
MCSR-371With My Stepmom; Me, My Stepmom, And Slutty Bath Therapy. Forbidden Hot Spring Trip With Stepson. Close Up Dirty Fucking. 12 Women 4 Hours12/27/2019
HZGB-027Married Woman Flower Garden Theater Best of 2019 All 28 Titles12/26/2019
LZBS-053Get Your Lesbian On! 2019 Premium Best Hits Collection A Woman-On-Woman Cum Fest 10-Hour Special12/14/2019
MYBA-017Unpeeling The Flower Petals Of A Married Woman Best Selection12/14/2019
MCSR-366The Mourning Erotic Novel Series Dear, Please Forgive Me... A Horny Widow Enjoys Immoral Pleasures11/22/2019
LZBS-052Women Against Women! The Female Director Haruna On The Lesbian M****tation Bus Her First Lesbian Experience Best Hits Collection Cruel Ecstasy 5 Hours11/14/2019
NSPS-848A Hot Mama Who Got Passed Around By Her Son's Friends This Mama Was Passionate About Education And Now She's Being Defiled With Young And Hard Cocks Ayako Inoue11/09/2019
NASH-178Adultery With Married Woman Starting In The Street 211/07/2019
KNMD-050The Only Thing That Can Satisfy My Lust Is Deep And Rich Sex With My Son-In-Law... Ayako Inoue10/24/2019
HZGB-025A Married Woman Got Fucked By An Orgasmic Man, And Kept On Cumming In Guilty Ecstasy BEST HITS COLLECTION10/24/2019
BIJN-166French Kissing While Super Piston Fucking Till She Comes: Hot Mature Bristly Wife! Mature Horny Meat Gets Fucked And Creampied For Complete Betrayal! Ayaka Inoue10/12/2019
KNMD-046One Thousand And One Nights 3 - An Erotic Portrait Of Adultery - Part 5 - 4 Hour Special09/26/2019
TLZ-007Ayako Inoue Is Picking Up Girls For Lesbian Seduction09/14/2019
AGMX-021Total POV Blowjob With An Intelligent Girl In Glasses Who Will Look You Straight In The Eye 2 - A Super Socialized Girl With Glasses Says, "This Is How I Suck Dick" -08/24/2019
VEC-267母の親友 井上綾子08/07/2019
NACX-03612 Bushy-Haired Mature Woman Babes With Fluffy Pussy Hair07/31/2019
HZGD-119Tonight, Like Every Night, I'm Waiting To Get Fucked - This Horny Mama Was Gang Bang Fucked By Her Son's Friends, And Then She Became Their Sex Slave - Ayako Inoue07/25/2019
DDT-619Rough Creampie Fuck, Women Made Into Cum Dumpsters07/13/2019
LZWM-028I Was Seriously Tired From Work And Studying And Nodding Off When That Woman I Always Trusted Suddenly Began Playing Sexual Pranks Against Me! But To My Surprise, I Didn't Hate It, In Fact, It Felt So Good That I Didn't Want Her To Stop07/13/2019
CABE-090VR - This Sex Establishment Is Staffed By Married Women, For Married Men Only - Ayako Inoue07/11/2019
NASH-106Deep And Rich Creampie Sex With A Bushy Mature Woman 8 Ladies vol. 307/11/2019
NSSTL-001My Bride And My Mother Are In Love Etsuko And Emi06/30/2019
GIGL-554Deep, Passionate Kiss Between Stepmother and Son Leads To Deep, Passionate Sex06/27/2019
AGMX-014Sensual Massage Shop Does Not Allow Happy Endings -Correlation Between Setup And The Amount Of Sperm Ejaculated-06/22/2019
CAFR-296[VR] We Gave A VR Camera To A Porn Actress And Got Her To Film Herself And Make POV Porn. We Got Extremely Erotic, Dirty Footage. Ayako Inoue06/20/2019
NSPS-809MILF Highlights -Son Steals Mom From Father-06/08/2019
AUKG-459A Fifty-Something Lesbian - A Horny Mature Woman Ran Away With Her Lesbian Lover To A Train Station Inn - Ayako Inoue Rikako Oikawa06/08/2019
SDDE-584Go Mom And Dad! Lotion-Slick Friendly Family Fucking Competition! 205/22/2019
SOJU-007Please Make Me A Sex Slave.Thoroughly Training A Married Woman Who Wants To Be Dominated For 250 Minutes. Ayako Inoue (48 Years Old)05/16/2019
JDL-042Ayako Inoue Complete Works 8 Hours 2 Discs05/04/2019
GIGL-548"My Tits Are Sensitive, So Please Don't Touch Them..." When This Old Lady Gets Her Erect Nipples Toyed With Her Horny Switch Gets Flipped And She Won't Be Able To Refuse When She's About To Get Some Lesbian Sex Unexpectedly 304/25/2019
WSP-162Mrs. Throat Fuck04/18/2019
GVG-838A Sexy P*A Director & Mind-Blowing Female Teacher And A Bad Boy Student Council President Ayako Inoue/Yuki Jin03/19/2019
NACR-214A Stepmom Who Wants Her Son-In-Law's Morning Wood, Ayako Inoue02/28/2019
WA-396Cuckold Sex With A Ripe Married Woman From The Town Hall Association She Was Fucked By A Guy From The Neighborhood And Forced To Cum Until She Lost Her Mind...02/14/2019
NACX-024Creampie Sex With Mature Woman Babes With Skinny Waists 20 Ladies01/31/2019
NATR-598MaruMaru! Ayako Inoue01/24/2019
TAMA-033She Specializes In Teaching Students Who Have Failed Their University Exams. Indecent Private Tutoring. Ayako Unoue01/19/2019
DANDY-643"You Only Have One Line! 'Please Take Care Of This Cherry Boy'! The Mature Actress, Yukari Matsuzawa, 44 Years Old, Helps Cherry Boys Lose Their Virginity At Home"01/09/2019
NACR-202A Forty-Something Wife Who's Fallen For Big Cocks Ayako Inoue12/31/2018
KNMD-003Fascinating Women Who Drive Men Mad Is My Pussy Getting Excited Because Of You? The Horny Lust Of A Married Woman Who Knows It's Wrong But Cannot Control Her Desires... Aki Sasaki Kanon Saiki Ayako Inoue12/27/2018
AUKB-093Secret Bathroom Love Wet And Wild Lesbian Series 240 Minutes12/22/2018
YOZ-359Hidden Camera Footage From Former Swimming Coach's Massage Service12/19/2018
LZWM-026First Time Penetration! Double Strap-On Lesbian Sex12/13/2018
EMBZ-169Lascivious Ladies "The Perfect Cure To All Your Ails Is A Sexy, Mature Woman..."12/09/2018
NACX-022Creampie Sex With A Beautiful Forty-Something Mature Woman 12 Ladies11/30/2018
PAP-176Cheating Wives Get Creampied. 4 Hours Of Women Giving Their Bodies To Other Men11/17/2018
MYBA-004Stripping Flower Petals Off A Married Woman Ayako Inoue11/17/2018
IQPA-160An Excessively Erotic Horny Mature Woman She'll Whip Out Your Rock Hard Cock, And Give You An Exquisite Handjob And A Rich And Deep Blowjob11/11/2018
NASS-929My Sexy Mother-In-Law Is Hotter Than My Wife, So I Seduced Her... Forbidden Creampie Sex10/25/2018
DDOB-039Continuously Impregnating Married Women. Continuous Bukkake In The Wombs Of Filthy Married Women10/18/2018
ZEAA-030Immoral Blowjob Wives Selection10/10/2018
CESD-631Best of Yumi Anno 22 Hours 11 Minutes09/08/2018
FERA-097I Slipped Some Aphrodisiacs To My Mother And This Is What Happened... I Got These Drugs From My Classmate And Gave Them To My Mom Because I Was Worried That She Had Lost Her Luster, But Then She Assaulted Me Ayako Inoue08/22/2018
NASS-886A Fully Ripe Stepmom Who Wants Her Daughter's Husband To Love Her 6 Ladies07/26/2018
STCEAD-028[Special Value Combo] A Mature Woman Enjoys Some Tied Up Vibrator Sensation This Ass-Shaking Lady Is Someone Else's Wife A Writhing And Moaning Bitch07/19/2018
ADD-046Dogma 2017 Second Half Annual Collection06/14/2018
BLOR-098A Mature Woman From The Anals Of The Three Kingdom This Beautiful Mature Woman Wants To Passionately Discuss The Three Kingdoms! Ayako Inoue05/20/2018
MRXB-008Let's Do It! D***k Girl Orgy! BBQ! Social Mixer! Picking Up Girls! Fuck Em And Leave Em! The Best D***king Party Where Anything Can Happen!04/06/2018
BKD-181Mother/ C***d Fucking The Izumisaki Road Ayako Inoue09/14/2017
AVOP-351Her Husband Doesn't Know The Forbidden Lesbian Series My Wife And Her Mother-In-Law08/31/2017
CABE040[VR] The Taste of Maturity, Ayako Inoue06/29/2017
NSPS-539Forbidden! A Ripe Mother Ayako Inoue12/24/2016
EMBZ-119[Caution Before Viewing] Uncut And Unedited G*******g R**e Videos "A Record Of A Female R**e Victim" Put To Sleep With Chloroform And A Stun Gun, She Is Spasmed With Aphrodisiacs, And R**ed Until She Goes Insane The R**e Victim: Ayako Inoue, Housewife10/29/2016
ANB-108The Intense And Obscene Sex Education By My Beautiful And Dirty Aunt Makes Me Give Her Creampies. Ayako Inoue07/03/2016
OIGB-002Bondage-Addicted Wives - 4-Hour BEST Collection05/21/2016
VENU-587The Love, Intimacy And Intense Sex Of A StepM************n That Starts With A Kiss. Ayako Inoue03/03/2016
MEYD-046My Friend's Mother I Was R**ed By My Son's Friends And They Made Me Cum Over And Over Again... Starring Ayako Inoue07/10/2015
SDNM-054Super Sumptuous Harem Orgies Club - Dream-like Performance: 240 Minutes Special07/08/2015
CESD-115Secret Lesbian (Married Woman's Tears Edition): First Lesbian Experience, First Tears, First Pure Pleasure - A Documentary of Her Road to Become an AV Pro Actress - Ayako Inoue05/10/2015
MAC-30MILF F***ed To Restrain Her Lust - Looking At My Beloved Son's S******g Face, I... Ayako Inoue04/24/2015
BKD-128Mother/ C***d Fucking -Tsukuda Road - Ayako Inoue04/22/2015
SDNM-03544-Year-Old Ayako Inoue, Final Chapter - Unquenchable Desire... Unrestrained Lust... "Make Me Cum Until I'm Completely Satisfied!" She Takes Strangers' Cocks - On A Train, At The Home Of A Male Porn Star, And At A Hotel - In Haze Of Sex Until She's Sated!09/24/2014
SDNM-029A Married Woman With Lovely, Pale White Skin And Lusty Limbs - 44-Year-Old Ayako Inoue's Adult Video Debut - After 20 Years Of Marriage, All She Wants Is To Ride A Stranger's Cock07/23/2014
HHED-39An Aunt Related By Bloodn/a
VENU-460Banging His Mother Who Cums Quickly Whenever and Wherever As Much As He Wantsn/a
SPRD-806High-Legged Mothern/a
GVG-207Hot MILF Fucking and Coming Too Much During a Lewd Hitchhiking Journeyn/a
NACR-060If Ayako Inoue?n/a
SERO-0299Immoral Stepmother, Her Desire Shone Through to Her Sonn/a
MOND-090Mother and Son Who Stayed At a Love Hoteln/a
VAGU-173My Lovey-Dovey Nakadashi Life Trying to Conceive a Child With My Wife Ayakon/a
TORG-044Naughty Showa Era Wife, Ripened Body Dying of Lustn/a
DDOB-018Pervy Middle-Aged Lady Who Becomes Naughtily Horny to the Extreme When a Lot of Cocks Are Pointed Right At Hern/a
NATR-568Playing With the Widowed Mother-in-Law?n/a
VENU-579Silent In--st - Hey, Your Father is Just in the Next Room?n/a
OKSN-284Stepmother Will Let Herself Be the First Woman You Haven/a
SPRD-878Surrogate Mothern/a
OBA-168Teacher Who Inadvertentlly Tempted Me With Her Loose-Fitting Bran/a
SPRD-968Tender Mother From POVn/a
SPRD-766Unmarried Auntn/a
RBD-42Wife Broken and Bred By Her Father-in-Law, The Terrifying Eyes of Her Father-in-Law Whom She Shares the Same Roof Withn/a
ELEG-022Wife Life Vol.022 - Ayako Inoue Goes Wild, 45 Years Old At the Time of Shooting and Her Measurements Are 83-62-86n/a
J99-167aMature Woman Sucking And Masturbating Ayako Inouen/a
td042sero-00299(The Return) A Horny Stepmom Who Descended Into The Pleasure Of Sex With Her Stepson. She Begged Him For His C*ck, And He Obliged By Slipping That Big Boy In. When His Gigantic Sausage Wormed Its Way In Deep, She Got On Top And Gave Him Some Ass-Shaking Cowgirl Pleasure, And He Responded With Upward Thrusts Of His Own. She Beckoned His C*ck In From Behind, And After Banging Her To Exhaustion With Furious, Piston-Pounding Missionary Position Sex, He Unleashed A Massive Oral Ejaculation Of Semen Into Her Mouth! Ayako Inouen/a
STCEAD-043[Bonus Set] My Lovely Bristle-Haired Stepmother. My Stepmother Is My Sex Toy. Housekeeper Who Just Had a Grandkid.n/a
td043sero-00299(99 Yen) She Fucks Step-son In The Kitchen Even Though Her Husband Is In The Next Room. Taking A Dick For A Pounding Even After Quietly Refusing. Stepmom Gasps And Keeps Her Voice Down During Orgasms. Stepmom Gives Into Step-son's Demand For A Blowjob. Deep Throat, Licking His Balls, Passionate Blowjob From A Mature Woman. Feeling Amazing And Then Giving This Stepmom A Cum Load In Her Mouth. Ayako Inouen/a
J99-167bThe Mature Woman I Creamed On Behalf of My Father: Ayako Inoue, Stepmothern/a
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