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Sarina Takeuchi (竹内紗里奈)

Also known as: 張心凌, 村上里沙, 村瀬沙緒里, 真宮梨沙子, 竹内ゆきの, 綾城京子, 長谷川紗子

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Sarina Takeuchi (竹内紗里奈) Profile:

Born: May 23, 1983
Measurements: B86 / W58 / H86
Cup Size: D Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Height: 168cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Sarina Takeuchi (竹内紗里奈)

Sarina Takeuchi Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DKSB-058Married Women In Passionate Slutty Lesbian Lunchtime Fucking, 4 Hour Special05/31/2020
DOMD-004"I Know You Like Big Girls!" - A Beautiful, Tall, Sexy Woman... With Her Queen-Like Looks, Sadistic Attitude That Attracts Masochistic Men, Her Sweet Voice And Her Experienced Hands, She Rides On Top Of Guys And Makes All Their Dreams Of Slutty Sex Come True!08/22/2019
OKAX-535Do You Like Panties? How About Pussies? Cumming While Imagining The Inside Of The Panties That Wrap Around Your Older Sister's Mature Crotch! 07/25/2019
MCSR-343"Wanna Have A Family Time Fuck At My Wife's Place?" 3 4 Hours 12 Women06/21/2019
ATAD-141Forgive Me... Complete Collectors Edition 00702/01/2019
NSPS-728Guilty Conscience. Straight-Laced Wife Grinds On Another Man's Rod07/21/2018
NSPS-704An Unattainable Flower! A Fine And Arrogant Woman! Sarina Takeuchi In Her Final Performance Collector's Edition 8 Hours05/12/2018
DMBA-185Submissive Men Get Their Masochistic Assholes V*****ed By A Strap-On Until They Squirt09/24/2016
NSPS-459The Obscene Drama Queen Sarina Takeuchi04/23/2016
BNSPS-394D******ed! Domineering Wife F***ed To Cum09/19/2015
DMBJ-040Dry Orgasm Therapy Specialist, Male Squirting Clinic Sarina Takeuchi 07/24/2014
DJSK-038Saying lewd things while getting a a BUKKAKE. Extreme slut and her dirty talking play. Sarina Takeuchi06/24/2014
RBD-588House Of Lust Sarina Takeuchi06/04/2014
HFD-100Mature Cum Guzzling - 2 Mature Sluts Love To Kiss And Gulp Down Submissive Mens' Seed - Four Hours Of Reverse R**e06/03/2014
SBNR-344Girl With A Clear Face: Don't Talk Fuck. Sarina Takeuchi03/24/2014
ADN-006Loving Wives Kaho Kasumi Sarina Takeuchi 12/04/2013
SBNR-318Adultery. Immoral Kisses And Sex Last Volume. Sarina Takeuchi 11/24/2013
BDCLB-016Absolute Best! 8 Hours. Sarina Takeuchi10/03/2013
DVDES-660Newly Married Mama Is A Teacher By Day! Whore By Night! Beautiful Mama's Fakecest Creampies Sex Education!!09/21/2013
VENU-317Fakecest Beast Mother Sarina Takeuchi02/23/2013
DDB-207Maso Dicks Only Sadistic Dirty Talking Slut Sarina Takeuchi01/13/2013
MADA-074The Mother V*****ed By Her Friend In Front Of Her Son Sarina Takeuchi12/16/2012
MVSD-181Shall I Make Your Cock Ultra-Sensitive With My H*******m and Blow and Suck You Dry?10/13/2012
RBD-414Housewives Become Soap S***es 8 Sarina Takeuchi10/03/2012
SHKD-478Fucked In Front Of Her Husband - A Brother In Law's Lust Sarina Takeuchi08/01/2012
VDD-071Secretary In... (Intimidation Sweet Room) Secretary Sarina (28)06/20/2012
TYOD-191All Guys Want a Woman Who Can Rock Her Hipsn/a
VGD-129Beautiful Mature Woman Document - All of Sarina Takeuchin/a
NSPS-225Cheating - Immoral Kissing and Sex Vol.2n/a
ADN-016Dear, Please Forgive Me... A Good Wife Sunkenn/a
SSPD-114Female Body Torture Research Lab, Last Dance - Investigator Ayumi Himekawa, The Final Seven Daysn/a
BDD-22Finally Free to Do It With Black Guys - 28-Year-Old Sarina Takeuchi Fucked Outdoors, Her Wonderful Erotic Body Screwd in Broad Daylightn/a
GG-101Forbidden Nursingn/a
TERA-011Impersonation - Beautiful Wife Who Works For a Troupen/a
SPRD-594Lady Who Will Perform Immediate Fellation/a
RBD-389Newscaster Disgraced in Confinement - Degraded in the Darkness of a Lewd Prisonn/a
SMA-654Raunchy Bondage Training - Disgrace Led Her to An Awakening, A Putty-Like Masochistic Wifen/a
ASFB-100Sarina Takeuchi Best 4 Hours - The Free Bitch is Backn/a
ATFB-176Seductive Venus Who Talks Dirtyn/a
ADN-027Sinful Secret Sexual Relationsn/a
OTAV-002Slut, A (Bang)able Womann/a
ATID-203Special Investigator, Sayaka Himuro - Pride Turns to Shame As She Wantonly Gets Wetn/a
GXAZ-023Stained With Erotic Fluids From Masturbation Addiction 5n/a
RBD-612Tax Accountant Who Got Banged By a Shop Ownern/a
MDYD-709The Young Wife Next Doorn/a
SPRD-604Trip - A Woman Traveling Alonen/a
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