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Yurina Aizawa (相澤ゆりな/Age 29)

Also known as: 山田春菜, 杉浦恵美, 池田彩芽, 相澤ゆうな, 相澤ゆるな

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Yurina Aizawa (相澤ゆりな/Age 29) Profile:

Born: June 10, 1995
Measurements: B82 / W58 / H83
Cup Size: G Cup
AV Activity: December 2015
Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: B
Height: 148cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yurina Aizawa (相澤ゆりな/Age 29)

Yurina Aizawa Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
PTAG-03富樫勇次と女生徒の男女プロレスしごき-学園編- 参巻07/31/2022
CADV-850Enjoy A Married Woman As Much As You Want. Cheat With 30 Women Who Cheat On Their Spouses. An 8-Hour Collection.05/23/2022
NSFS-093ストーカー婦女暴行 リアル!迫力!エロチズム!05/23/2022
PBPM-01Sexy Idol Pro Wrestling A Bras & Panties Match vol. 104/30/2022
PCXX-04Sexy Idol Pro Wrestling MIXED vol. 404/04/2022
JKS-145Up Close Binaural Masturbation With A JK Pussy03/31/2022
MKCK-303(Nipples, Ears, Dick, Balls, Anal) All Pleasured Together From Tits And Techniques From An SSS Class Slut Gathering For A Harem That Teases All Together At Once, 80 Non-stop Shots Of Cum.02/14/2022
BTHA-072Hairy Nudes ~ 10 Big-Tits Sexy Actresses ~ Saki Hatsumi , Kurea Hasumi , Yurina Aizawa, Aya Sakurai, Yuri Oshikawa , Mao Kurata , Shiori Kamisaki , Tia, Kaho Shibuya, NAOMI11/25/2021
OKAX-797Pussy Sopping Wet With Lewd Juices! Anal Twitching Masturbation11/22/2021
OKAX-787Legs Open And Hot Slit! Thick Pussy, Thin Pussy, Wet Teasing Panty Shot10/25/2021
BTHA-070Pussy Hair Nude. 10 Sexy Actresses For A Stocking Fetish. Sora Shiina, Mao Kurata, Yuri Oshikawa , Kanna Misaki, Aya Sakurai, Yui Nishikawa , Nono Mizusawa , Ayane Suzukawa, Yurina Aizawa, Nanako Tsukishima10/25/2021
IMOTA-009My Little Stepsister Has Grown Into A Sexy Woman And Now She's Wearing A Miniskirt And Exposing Her Bare Legs And Blowing My Mind Into A Fully Hard Erection!10/19/2021
PXWR-01Sexy Idol Wrestling ROUND 105/24/2021
OKAX-742Pussy Encyclopedia: Anal Twitches! Pussy Licking! Everything In Full View! Turn You On!05/21/2021
HOKS-094Titties Soft Fruit Ripen To Perfection04/09/2021
td039sero-00373(On Sale) Busty Babe Masturbates While In The Shower, Then Blows The Guys Who Show Up On Her. Getting Herself Off Makes Her Hornier And Hornier Until She's Ready To Suck Any Dick In Front Of Her. Blowjob After Blowjobs Until They All Cum Bukkake-Style On Her Big Tits! Yurina Aizawa03/04/2021
DVAJ-502A 5-Hour Special, Filled With Sex With A Woman Wearing Sexy Lingerie And A Voluptuous Body Stocking!02/12/2021
ANX-131The Godly Technique Of A Female Practitioner - Compelling Session Edition -02/12/2021
SDZ-023This Slender And Pheromone-Pumping Big Tits Elder Sister Type Has A Baby Face But She'll Lure You To Temptation And Finish You Off With A Massive Cum Face Semen Splatter!! Yurina Aizawa02/09/2021
HOKS-090Lesbian Passion - Butches & Femmes - 11 Girls' Filthy Kisses01/30/2021
OKAX-693Pussy Mounds - Vulva Bulge Through Panties Pulled Tight - Flapping Labia And Tight Slits12/24/2020
DOKI-009Watch A Hottie In Hot Pants Get Herself Off12/19/2020
td038sero-00340[Bargain] Uniformed Girl With Big Tits Gets Her Wet Pussy Thoroughly Worked As She Sucks Dick On Tape. The Lines From Her Swimsuit Clearly Visible On Her Body, Her Pussy Squelches As The Vibrator Does Its Job. Her Mouth Goes Straight For The Closest Cock In Sight. After Cumming In Her Mouth, She Just Keeps Going Until She Gets A Second Load! Yurina Aizawa12/17/2020
NASH-409I Fucked The Bride's Mother, My Son's Wife, And My Little Brother's Wife...11/26/2020
td037sero-00373A G-Cup Big Tits Girl In Glasses Is Getting A POV Fuck Fest! After Getting Her Pussy Relentlessly Licked With Cunnilingus Fury, Her Now Thoroughly Wet Pussy Is Ready For Some Backdoor Cowgirl Sex. As She Shakes Her Ass, He Thrusts From Below And Pumps Her Towards The Ceiling. After Thoroughly Making Her Cum From Behind With Hard Piston-Pounding Strokes, He Resumed His Deep Piston-Pounding Thrusts In The Missionary Position. When She Told Him, "Cum Inside Me" They Both Creampie Came Together, And That Was That. Yurina Aizawa11/19/2020
LZBS-065Kissing Lesbian Sex So Hot And Heavy, They'll Be Melting In Each Other's Mouths With Sloppy French Kisses 5 Hours Of Super Selections An Ultra Deep And Rich Tongue-Twisting Drool-Exchanging Orgasmic Lesbian Series For Your Luxurious Viewing Pleasure!11/18/2020
DVAJ-486Her Tanned Body Is A Dazzling Brown: Beautiful Girl BEST 5 Hours11/12/2020
HHGT-005An Unbelievable Miracle! Ultra Cool Biz Style For A Miraculously Divine Situation! 8-Hour Best Hits Collection - My School Is On Full Panty Shot Alert! It's A Titty-Busting Slut Paradise -11/05/2020
NYH-048On The Way Home From The Class Reunion: "My Husband's Not Home..." As I Entered The House Of My Old Classmate Who's Now A Married Woman, I Filmed Us Fucking And Saved It: Yurina Aizawa10/30/2020
ANX-128The Art of Control Seminar LIVE - Performer: Yurika Aoi, Subject: Yurina Aizawa10/24/2020
KIR-019My Little Stepsister Has It All: A Squeaky Anime Voice x Glasses x Big Tits And Her Big Stepbrother Is An Otaku x Shut-In NEET When She Tried To Cheer Him Up, She Accidentally Cheered Up His Cock Instead. Yurina Aizawa10/19/2020
DVAJ-480Sexual Intercourse With Moody, Lewd Glasses Girl - BEST 5 Hours10/10/2020
HGOT-058"Tonight I'll Pleasure You With The Tricks I Learned On The Job" Hooker Girlfriend Reveals Her Amazing Sex SK**ls To Her Boyfriend To Blow His Mind, And His Load10/08/2020
STKO-022SOD Bar Document: Picking Up Tipsy Girls - The Case Of Yuri Aizawa09/24/2020
AGMX-061The Ultimate Nipple Torment Techniques From Ecstasy Experts09/20/2020
AGMX-060Three Rapid Fire Blowjob Piston Face Fucking No Hands09/20/2020
PTS-470Married Woman Top Class Oil Massage Parlor Bondage Lesbians! 8 Hour Highlights09/14/2020
EXVR-362[VR] Great Shape! Great Size! Great Feeling! A Gathering Of Beautiful Girls With Big Beautiful Tits! High Quality Image Big Tits Best 160 Min.09/10/2020
HGOT-055I Played Pranks On My Dozing Friend, But She Wasn't Anywhere Near As Annoyed As I Thought She'd Be. In Fact, She Seemed Kinda Into It - That's How We Became Fuckbuddies.09/10/2020
KIWVR-180[VR] Ultra 4K High-Quality 60 Fps (Low Angles) She's Enjoying Face-Riding Masturbation While Wrapping Her Voluptuous Beautiful Legs In Black Pantyhose 16 Beautiful High-Volume Ladies09/02/2020
EXVR-365[VR] (Inappropriate Acts) I've Always Dreamed Of Threesome / Foursome Sex And I've Wanted To Do It At Least Once Before I Die! High Definition Harlem Best Hits Collection 160 Minutes08/27/2020
JKSR-459Perfect Body, Seductive Wives With Perfect Temptation, 16 People, 4 Hours, BEST08/21/2020
PPBD-191The Greatest POV Titty Fuck That Makes You Feel Like You're Truly Jammed In Between Her Tits 4-HOUR BEST HITS COLLECTION08/14/2020
HGOT-051On The Day We Would First Have Sex, I Disrobed My Girlfriend And Exposed Her Naked Body Kaoru Kira Yurina Aizawa Satori Fujinami08/13/2020
AKDL-038Suddenly Pleasuring The Nipples Of Cute, Beautiful Girls! As Soon As I Find Out They Have Sensitive Nipples, I Lick Their Nipples! 208/05/2020
OKAX-646This Is What A Sex-Loving Girl Looks Like When She Loses Her Mind And Reaches The Edge Of Pleasure 20 Girls07/23/2020
AKDL-036(Breast Shot, Panty Shot Voyeur) Estimated B Cup - F Cup Small Tits, Big Tits 8 Girls Godlike Masturbation Video07/19/2020
DAYD-039I'm A Private Tutor. My S*****t Seduced And R**ed Me In Broad Daylight. Dreamy But Dirty Moments In A Closed Room Permeated With A Sweet Scent... 4-Hour Collection 206/25/2020
OKAX-638A Blowjob Expert & Handjob Pro Who Loves Semen Is Great At Nookie And Licking06/25/2020
KBMS-088I'm Giving You My Ass Meat And Anal Pleasure05/23/2020
GNAX-030This Big Tits Hostess Will Provide You With Deep And Rich, Excessive Creampie Service Yurina Aizawa05/14/2020
GRCH-372Car Sex - We Were In the Car And Stuck Together And Cumming Over And Over Again Alec x Yurina Aizawa -05/06/2020
GRCH-371Business Trip Secret Love - I Was Sharing A Room With My Colleague When He Began To Lust For Me... But I'm Married... -05/06/2020
JKSR-444Full Power Cowgirl Fucking To Make Them Lose Their Minds! - 24 Women, 4 Hours04/24/2020
KBMS-086Cosplay Stripping Dancing Show04/19/2020
TMAVR-091[VR] Harem With 26 Women Total SEX VR03/30/2020
RDVHJ-117Forgive Me Darling Ch. 503/26/2020
MIST-294Getting Fucked On Her Most Fertile Day! Mating Tactics Teacher 4! Yurika Aoi Yurina Aizawa03/11/2020
CMV-140Rope And Vaulting Horse Play Girls Getting Fondled And Fucked And Loving Every Minute 303/05/2020
EXVR-321[VR] KMPVR 4K High Definition Creampie Sex BEST HITS COLLECTION 144 Minutes02/27/2020
KBMS-082A Strip Dance Show With Everything On Display02/22/2020
EXVR-320[VR] KMPVR 4K High Definition Face-To-Face Fucking BEST HITS COLLECTION 149 Minutes02/20/2020
EXVR-319[VR] KMPVR 4K High Definition The Missionary Position BEST HITS COLLECTION 100 Minutes02/13/2020
EXVR-318[VR] KMPVR 4K High Definition Cowgirl Sex BEST HITS COLLECTION 141 Minutes02/06/2020
HOKS-060365 Days - Debt Repayment Fuck As Long As You're Still Alive01/11/2020
HOKS-058Shocking Sexual Impropriety At The Hospital! Adulterous Nurses, Power Struggles, New Graduates Get Sexually Harassed And Patients Seduce The Doctors12/22/2019
ARM-824Pile-Drivin' Piston Cowgirl 412/19/2019
PTS-456Luxury Oil Massage Parlor. A Married Woman Has Orgasmic Lesbian Sex While Tied Up vol. 211/14/2019
PPBD-171A Big Tits Slut Who Will Suck Out Your Semen With A Titty Fuck And Raw Sex 34 Ladies 4 Hours11/13/2019
ARM-813I'm At Work, But This Elder Sister Type Is Luring Me To Temptation By Shoving Her Panty-Covered Pussy Into My Face11/07/2019
SDDE-544Campus Life With Schoolgirls Turned Wild10/21/2019
VOSM-014[VR] Theatrical High Definition Ultra Long-Length, Over 300 Minutes Spectacular Colossal Tits! Take A Good Long Look At This Tits! 8 Ladies Fucking If You Like Looking At Tits, This Is The VR Video For You 210/01/2019
HOKS-045Top And Bottom Lesbian Hell09/28/2019
NTTR-030A Scientific Study Of A Possessed Female Body 2019 Edition A Dark TSF Research Report08/21/2019
VARM-048[VR] Turn You On! Panty Shot Torture08/15/2019
VOSM-012VR: Dramatically High Image Quality! Super Best Missionary, See Her Face Right In Front Of You, She Keep Swinging Her Hips To The Limit08/13/2019
BTHA-005Fully Nude - Unedited - Active Office Lady, G-Cup - Yurina Aizawa08/02/2019
DSVR-491High Quality VR - Saliva Drinking VR - Final Episode - The Ultimate Saliva07/28/2019
GHKO-088Female Combatant VS Young Male Hero - Battle Against Temptation07/03/2019
MDTM-535Uniform Big Tits Girls 10 Girls 20 Tits 4 Hour Special06/27/2019
DSVR-461[VR] Closeup Blowjobs In Virtual Reality: A Sexy Tongue Stretches From a Beautiful Pair of Lips And Wraps Itself Hungrily Around Your Cock06/13/2019
DSVR-457[VR] [HD] Golden Shower JOI 3 Punishment Of Bathing Face In Pee While Being Looked Down On By Panty Shot Police!06/06/2019
GUNM-016[VR] Girls' Night Out05/08/2019
HAVD-983~ Hot Smothering Kisses ~ Love Juices Intermingled With Hot Steamy Kisses By Dr. TORIHAMA05/08/2019
PKPD-051Sucking 009. 9 Angels Give Cleaning Blowjobs To Guys With Limp Dicks After Sex, Lovingly Lick Them And Make Them Cum Again05/04/2019
GOPJ-064[VR] Dramatically High Definition Yurina Aizawa G-Cup Colossal Tits 22 Orgasms "I Want You To Watch How I Do My Masturbation, And I Want You To Keep On Masturbating Too, Okay?" Fingers x Egg Vibrator x Big Vibrator x Vibrator Action For Ultra Sensual Pussy Spasmic Furious Orgasmic Ecstasy! Consecutive Thrusting Creampie Sex And Clit And Womb-Assaulting Pussy Pounding So Furious She'll Have Violent Orgasms04/29/2019
ODVHJ-025Neighbor Wife Kicked Out In Thin Clothes After Couple's Fight...04/26/2019
SERO-373[Special Value] A Big Tits Girl In Glasses Yurina Is Giving You Her Sexy, Slippery Body! Dick Insertion Time With A Girlfriend In Tights Who Is Showing Off Her Pussy. Jiggle Those Big Tits And Make Her Cum, Furiously Pump Her Voluptuous Body With Cowgirl Sex As She Hits Orgasmic Ecstasy. And As She Wobbles And Trembles, Fuck Her From Behind And Make Her Cum 3 Times In A Row. Finish Her Off With The Missionary Position And Furiously Pump Her Pussy With A Consecutive Cum Face Assault.04/25/2019
GRCH-3031Shota Kitano Best Hits Collection Vol.3 Real Edition04/11/2019
VOSM-007[VR] Max Size J-Cup Titties Divine Titties SUPER BEST HITS 8 Ladies04/05/2019
GTRL-039Try Braver Vol.03 Vamilia03/31/2019
ODVHJ-024A Man I Hate Had His Way With My Body And Made Me Orgasm Over And Over Again... Chapter 203/26/2019
EXVR-220[VR] I Used The Mysterious Hypnotism Smartphone App To Make This Annoying Office Lady Beg Me To Creampie Her!! Yurina Aizawa02/26/2019
EXVR-217[VR] A New Sensation! Your First Cat Ears Cafe! Enjoy Massive Creampie Sex With These Super Cute Barely Legal Babes In Cat Ears! Miori Ayaha Yurina Aizawa02/17/2019
EXVR-218[VR] Luxurious Service. A High-Class Men's Massage Parlor That Specializes In Threesomes. Miori Ayaha, Yurina Aizawa02/16/2019
DAYD-029I'm A Private Tutor. Seduced And Raped By My Student In Broad Daylight. Blissful Moments In A Locked Room Filled With A Sweet Scent... Yurina Aizawa01/28/2019
RCTD-190TSFYA Rental We've Begun Offering Possessed Bodies01/23/2019
MRXB-017MARX Popular Porn Star Special: Best Of Big Tits And Ass, 8 Hours01/11/2019
IENE-961Always Fucking Harem Massage Parlor 201/09/2019
PPPD-727OPPAI Nurse Special Big Tits Slut Medical School Titty Fuck Creampie Semen Extraction Department12/12/2018
OKAX-450Fondle Them, Touch Them, Mash Them Up, And Make Them Suck And Fuck! We've Got Nothing But Ulterior Motives! We're Toying With Girls' Bodies! A Reverse Sexual Massage11/22/2018
GOPJ-120[VR] Dramatic High Picture Quality. Divine, Colossal Tits. Her Short Stature Only Emphasizes Her G-Cups! Squeeze Her Tits! Lick Her Tits! Titty Fuck! Anime Voice, Shaking Tits And Creampie Sex! Yurina Aizawa11/16/2018
JKSR-370Oh No, She's That Girl From My Company... She's A Gorgeous Girl Who Seems Like A Madonna At Work, But On Her Days Off, She Goes Wild At The Hot Spring Inn And I've Seen The Pics... 4 Hours 13 Girls10/26/2018
DBEB-092The Legend Of Inkaku. Victims Of The Cruel Pussy Hunt. ~The Dissected Flesh Burn With Pleasure~ The Baby Entertainment GOLD BEST10/06/2018
TKI-087Alluring Titty Sex Slaves 06 Plenty Of Creampie Cum For These Horny Pussies09/20/2018
PCDE-002A Video Record Of The Activities Of A Certain Otaku 0209/13/2018
DVAJ-353Wild Fucking This Beautiful Young Girl in Uniform 5 Hour BEST09/08/2018
GDHH-115The New School Is "Ultra Cool Biz!" Both The S*****ts And Teachers Expose Their Belly Buttons! Panty Shots Everywhere! Even Their Tits Are Half Exposed. It's A Hard-Cock Life At The School With Girls In Tiny Uniforms! 208/16/2018
NSPS-731I Want To Steal Married Women's Hearts And Bodies! The Sexual Stalker08/11/2018
TD014SERO-340BDon't Miss Yurina Aizawa's Body Twitching And Cumming In Threesome Fuck!08/07/2018
TD014SERO-340AIt Feels So Good... Don't Miss A Moment As Yurina Aizawa Gets Pumped Cowgirl-Style And Pounded From Behind And Goes Cum Crazy!08/07/2018
3DSVR-0295[VR] Experience A Harem Of 40 Beautiful Girls Everywhere You Look! Spend 220 Intense Minutes With 18 Scenes Of You And 4+ Other Women!08/02/2018
MDTM-394Raw Creampie Guaranteed! Call Girls in Uniform, 5 Hours 207/26/2018
CHRV-063The Best Hits From Cherries Rebo! Big Tits Seeing! 2018 Highlights 20 Girls Giving Titty Fucks And Getting Creampies 300 Minutes!07/07/2018
SERO-405A Plain Jane Office Girl In Glasses And A Married Woman In A Raw And Sexy Affair Greatest Hits Collection [All Big Tits All The Time]05/12/2018
TEM-074This Beautiful Married Woman Is Now Extra Horny After Giving Birth And Now She's Getting An Ultra Thick Cock Pumped Into Her Pussy With Unstoppable Piston Powered Thrusts! She's Cumming For Real In Consecutive Creampie Ecstasy!!05/10/2018
OFJE-140"I Came For The First Time In My Life" Enjoy The Sensation Of Your Pussy Getting Squeezed And The Pleasure That Runs Through Your Entire Body! Your Brain Will Go Blank As We Bring You Every Single Second Of An Unforgettable First Time Orgasmic Sexual Experience, From Start To Finish!04/06/2018
XRW-395Champion Nipple Sucker11/09/2017
MRXB-002A Highlight Collection Of Maso Colossal Tits 8 Hours10/06/2017
CMV-099Fuck Machine Rape04/30/2017
CAPI051[VR] Captivating Black Stockings Business Woman Gives Slutty Footjob04/25/2017
AGEMIX-363A Highly Refined Female Employee Gives A SK**lful Blowjob Her Abilities To Accomplish Her Goals Within A Limited Amount Of Time Are Unchanged No Matter What She's Asked To Do04/20/2017
ARM-590I Got My Rocks Off At A Rejuvenating Coconut Oil Massage Parlor03/19/2017
ARM-589I Got A Massage And Came Away With An Orgasm Part 2 203/19/2017
OFJE-086Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex - All New 15 Title Complete Collection 8 Hours High Resolution11/19/2016
OFJE-047Yurina Aizawa. All S1 Titles, All Segments, The Complete BEST 8 Hours07/02/2016
SNIS-574Fresh Face NO. 1 STYLE The Rumored Perfect Body - Active Office Lady at a Foreign Company Yurina Aizawa's AV Debut12/11/2015
XRW-299An Oil Massage Awakened the Senses of This Wife With Beautiful G-Cup Tits, and A High-Speed Pistoning Machine Gave Her Orgasms That Made Her Convulse and Shiver, Causing Her to Beg to For Internal Cumshots During Sex That Made Her Whole Body Flushn/a
SNIS-612Beautiful Tits Spilling Outn/a
JUFD-649Bondage Incontinence Training, Tied Up and Subjected to One Nakadashi Fuck After Another That Feel So Good and Has Her Drippingn/a
SNIS-630Fluid Exchange, Intimate Sexn/a
BF-469For Racing Swimwear Maniacs, The Young G-Cup Instructorn/a
SNIS-646Forc*d to Be An Underwear Model?n/a
MOND-118My Conservative Husband Has Suddenly Begun Making a Bizarre Request?n/a
DBIK-007My Lewd Climax, Pussy Hunting House Part 7, Innocent University Student Who Cries Uncontrollably, Shameful Compulsory Bodily Exploitation Snaren/a
GESU-022New Big-Breasted Childcare Worker Was Bombarded With Complaints From Monstrous Fathers and Made to Apologize With Her Bodyn/a
MRXD-004Our Idol-Like Soccer Team Equipment Manager Yurina is Our Naturally Ultra-Masochistic Sex Processing Toyn/a
VENU-623Steamy In--st Mother-Son Bathing Fuckn/a
SUPA-036Super Amateur Who Sells Her Body - Yurina (G-Cup Government Worker)n/a
MKMP-310A Slutty S********l Commits Creampie Electoral Dirty Deeds In Order To Become S*****t Council President!!n/a
PWAS-01Sexy Idol Wrestling Athleticstylen/a
PTFP-01Sexy Idol Pro Wrestling - Triple Finish Momo Hazukin/a
MCSR-473-04Enjoy A Perfect Serving Of Stepmother/Stepdaughter Sandwiches. vol. 4n/a
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