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Yui Natsuhara (夏原唯/Age 23)

Also known as: 亜紀乃ゆい, 冬野ゆい, 木原唯美, 笠原由美

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Yui Natsuhara (夏原唯/Age 23) Profile:

Born: May 1, 2000
Measurements: B85 / W56 / H85
Cup Size: D Cup
AV Activity: August 2018
Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Height: 155cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yui Natsuhara (夏原唯/Age 23)

Yui Natsuhara Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
KTRA-482ど貧乳ガールズ 4時間01/09/2023
MUCD-265身体いっぱいに超快感が巡ってモジモジ悶絶もうきもちぃぃの我慢できない! 絶頂超えて感じまくりの無垢な美少女のイキ顔50連発8時間!10/17/2022
MUCD-262揺れないおっぱいが超カワイイ! ちっぱいだけど感度最高な敏感貧乳美少女15人4時間BEST07/18/2022
PLWB-01セクシーアイドルプロレズリング ランジェリースタイル WHITE vs BLACK VOL.104/30/2022
OKAX-842Hold Onto The Screen And Watch As Much As You Want! Tonight's Gonna Be A Jerk-Fest! Anal Arousal With Girls Found On Apps04/25/2022
KTRA-399ケートライブ美少女スーパーベスト Vol.11 10人連続セックス 8時間2枚組04/11/2022
GAMA-004放課後の部活休んでパパ活に勤しむ女子校生「ゆっぴー」「乳首をこねくり回されると濡れちゃいます…(*´Д‘)ハァハァ」 夏原唯03/26/2022
DBER-137True Stories Of Orgasmic, Cum-Filled, Fucked-Up Sex The Greatest Spasms Part-3 Her Pussy Was Invaded By The Evil Electric Drill And As It Made Its Way Deep Into Her Most Private Of Private Parts, She Began To Spasm With Pleasure As His Huge Cock Squirmed And Wormed Its Way Into Her While She Came Like A Crazy Bitch, Over And Over Again01/17/2022
NNNC-006王道美少女とスク水いちゃ生中っ「今日は沢山いちゃいちゃしようね」ざーめんぶっかけ大満足 夏原唯01/11/2022
MDBK-213They Swallow Their Dicks In A Disgusting Way! This Is The BEST Of 56 Fresh And Bouncy J-boxers!12/27/2021
MUKD-469Rub Your Dick Between the Thighs and Against the Ass of Barely Legals, who are Dressed in School Swimsuits. They'll Service You with Blowjobs. Completely New Content on Film. 10 Women, 4 Hours.12/20/2021
OKAX-796Just Before the Explosion! A Handjob that Feels So Infinitely Nice11/22/2021
MUKD-467Innocent, Lewd Beautiful Girls Learn To Orgasm Quicker Than Their Classmates Through Mature Techniques. Toys That Make Their Tight Pussies Shiver And Open Up To Pleasure! Going Again And Again For Non-stop Intense Orgasms! 10 Performers, 220 Minutes.11/15/2021
PCDE-013A Video Record Of The Activities Of A Certain Otaku 1310/25/2021
DBER-126Rough Orgasms Hottie, Hot Fuck Toy Crying Tears Of Joy While Jerking In Ecstasy, Forbidden Highlights10/04/2021
AARM-002JOI!! Masturbation Instructions From Sexy Girls Talking Dirty07/19/2021
WVR6-D049[VR] A Sch**lgirl A Fetish Pictorial VR Video Yui Natsuhara07/17/2021
ARM-995A Pure Barely Legal Slut Is Toying With Me07/07/2021
BBAN-334The Winner Is The Queen, And The Loser Is Her Servant Hostess Lesbians Himari Kinoshita Rika Aimi07/01/2021
WVR6-D069(VR) Perverted Female Body Manual Fetish VR Full Face Licking With Sticky Dripping Saliva vol. 406/29/2021
WVR6-D068[VR] A Perverted Female Body Pictorial VR Video Ganki06/22/2021
WVR6-D064(VR) Perverted Fetish Selection - The Stockings vol. 206/08/2021
FTVR-012[VR] Solo Camping Panic - A Busty YouTuber TumB**d Into My Tent - Without Wearing A Bra! The Way She Pressed Her Hard Nipples Against Me And Shivered With Fright Got My Cock Throbbing! "I Promise Not To Tell Your Subscribers" Ruka Inaba05/26/2021
FTVR-010[VR] Secret All-S********l Brothel Posing As A Cyber Cafe - From Ordinary Massages To Secret Services, They've Got Everything! Making Out With Your Class's No. 1 Honor S*****t And Nailing Her Too - 126 Minutes Ai Kawana04/14/2021
EXVR-416(VR) Media Station 40 Year Anniversary In Support Of Your New Life! 1290 Minutes Unedited! Best Of Full Videos!03/31/2021
FTVR-009(VR) A Cute Girl Who Was Camping Alone Was Attacked By A Bear And Came Into My Tent! 2 Panic VR! This One Is Dangerous! It's A Man-Eating (?) Bear! Yui Natsuhara03/31/2021
NKD-272Eating Small Girls: POV Video03/26/2021
WVR6-D057[VR] 16 Of The Hottest Porn Stars In The Ultimate Fetish Field Guide! An Encyclopedia Of Lust! Vol. 2 - Chiharu Miyazawa, Honoka Tsujii, Hazuki Yayoi, Rika Aimi, Yui Natsuhara, Maika Yuri, Aya Mamiya, And More Super Cute Amateur Girls!03/24/2021
DBER-103Vicious Constriction Devil Shaker Stomach Friction + Vibrator Attached To Pussy Lips + Lewd Titty Sucking = Controlling A Woman's Body And Bringing It To The Peaks Of Pleasure03/18/2021
DBER-100SUPER JUICY AWABI Intense Showing Of Slutty Pussy Episode 2 This Honor S*****t Is Dribbling Shameful Fluids And Experiencing The Upper Limit Of Shame Yui Natsuhara02/21/2021
MUCD-242She's Not Satisfied With Only One Dick! Beautiful Teens Cum Surrounded By Cocks 6 Hours02/11/2021
NKK-024Nakajima Industries' Jul-Dec 2020 BEST Collection01/30/2021
PYU-121I Seduced A Slender Slut And Pounded Her With My Huge Cock! Yui Natsuhara01/17/2021
HOKS-089Modern Erotic Theater - Today's Horny Sluts: Your Neighbor, Stepmom, Stepsister, S********ls01/09/2021
KOMZ-007[VR] I Wanna Slip Under A Skirt01/07/2021
PCXX-03Sexy Idol Pro Wrestling MIXED vol. 312/23/2020
AD-433French Kiss Paradise - Erotic Nose Blowjobs And Face-Licking - Yui Natsuhara12/15/2020
AD-430Tickling Play: Tickling A Submissive Guy While He Has To Remain Silent - Yui Natsuhara12/15/2020
AD-432Tickling Fetish - Foot Soles And Armpits Targetted - Yui Natsuhara12/15/2020
AD-434French Kiss Fetish - Licking & Nibbling - Yui Natsuhara12/15/2020
AD-431French Kiss Play - Passionate Face-Licking And Nose Blowjob - Yui Natsuhara12/15/2020
ARM-930S********l In Black Pantyhose - See-Through Panty Shot x Intense, Nut-Busting Masturbation12/07/2020
EXVR-397[VR] Cosmic Variety Show VR - Famous Scene Highlights Collection! The Best Missionary And Doggie-Style Creampie Fucks You'll Ever See - 145-Minute Best Collection12/02/2020
EXVR-396[VR] Cosmic Variety Show VR - Famous Scene Highlights Collection! The Best Cowgirl And Seated And Doggie-Style Creampie Fucks You'll Ever See - 145-Minute Best Collection12/01/2020
MDBK-140Miniskirt Thong S********l 211/12/2020
NKD-262Eating Up Little Women - Yui Natsuhara10/31/2020
ARM-910Mounted In A Miniskirt With Her Legs Spread Wide - Generous Cock Stroking With An Oil-Slathered Cloth10/01/2020
DOCP-252Is She Really Not Wearing A Bra!? This Tiny Titty Beautiful Staffer Is Working While Her Nipples Are Totally Erect And She Has No Idea, And It's Getting Me Really Excited... 510/01/2020
ARM-912JOI Battle! - 2 Women Compete To Give You Masturbation Support 210/01/2020
KBMS-093The Fully Exposed Strip Dance Show Is Starting!09/20/2020
AGMX-061The Ultimate Nipple Torment Techniques From Ecstasy Experts09/20/2020
AGMX-060Three Rapid Fire Blowjob Piston Face Fucking No Hands09/20/2020
FCH-063(For Streaming Editions) Total POV Angles Of Beautiful Babes Giving Seriously Sexy Nookie!! Cosplay Handjob Action 309/17/2020
EXVR-367[VR] (Inappropriate Acts) Experience The Greatest Hospitality That Sexy Young Maids Can Provide! High Definition A Maid Best Hits Collection 2 161 Minutes08/29/2020
KOMZ-006[VR] Glaring Hard At Women's Body Parts 208/02/2020
RVR-049[VR] Double Blonde Slut Gal Ultra Dirty Talk Filled Sex07/28/2020
AKDL-036(Breast Shot, Panty Shot Voyeur) Estimated B Cup - F Cup Small Tits, Big Tits 8 Girls Godlike Masturbation Video07/19/2020
ANX-125I Put A Spell On Her: My Girlfriend Lets Her Guard Down Yui Natsuhara07/11/2020
MUCD-226Barely Legal Girls Swap Spit With Their Hot Smothering Kisses While They Have Steamy Sex 4 Hours07/10/2020
HAVD-997I Love You, So... Kissing Lesbians Living Together06/24/2020
KTRA-22510 Beautiful Girls With Small Tits And Shaved Pussies Get Fucked In Succession - 8 Hours, 2 Discs06/08/2020
CADV-767Pick Up And Reverse Pick Up!! Hot Fuck Between Two Strangers 8 Girls 4 Hours06/03/2020
AD-268Tickling Lesson -Nipple Tickling Massage- Yui Natsuhara05/29/2020
AD-270Super Hot Air Fuck, Yui Natsuhara05/29/2020
AD-269Tickling Lesson - Tickling Masochistic Men - Yui Natsuhara05/29/2020
AD-262Tickling Plays - Uniform Tickilng & Nipple Orgasms - Yui Natsuhara05/27/2020
AD-263A Tickling Lesson - Foot Sole And Nipple Tickling - Yui Natsuhara05/27/2020
AD-261Tickling Plays - Anal & Soft Tickling - Yui Natsuhara05/27/2020
KBMS-088I'm Giving You My Ass Meat And Anal Pleasure05/23/2020
IENF-084Naughty S********ls Dirty Talk While Getting Off In Their Gym Shorts Over and Over 405/20/2020
AD-250Oral Fetish, Yui Natsuhara05/14/2020
KBMS-086Cosplay Stripping Dancing Show04/19/2020
OVG-134Little Step Sister04/14/2020
OVG-135Deep Kiss Handjob II04/14/2020
RVR-035[VR] She Slurps Greedily On Your Cock And Talks Dirty To You At Ultra Close Range In VR04/07/2020
AD-182Tickling Lesson - Tickling Levels Check And Mutual Tickling - Yui Natsuhara03/22/2020
AD-183Tickling Lesson: Tied Up & Tickled: Yui Natsuhara03/22/2020
AD-181Tickling Lesson - A Masochistic Man's Electricity And Tickling - Yui Natsuhara03/22/2020
TCHB-008The Best Of Shimiken 's Threesome Heaven - 18 Women Take Part In 9 MFF Threeways, Including New Footage Of A Tomboy With A Heart Of Gold - 5 Hours03/18/2020
RVR-034VR - Ass-Licking - Her Eyes Are On The Camera And Her Tongue Is Up Your Ass! - She Buries Her Face Between Your Cheeks And Does A Thorough Job Of Licking Your Asshole!03/17/2020
PARM-158Back Space, Girls Tease By Showing Their Assholes03/07/2020
ARM-846Using Her Freshly Removed Black Stockings To Hold His Rod In Suck Marathon No Hands Blowjob03/07/2020
AD-152Tickling Plays - Maso Man Tickling - Yui Natsuhara02/22/2020
ARM-838Cock Sucked Off In Vacuum Blowjob While Ridden And Kissed Deeply No. 2 302/07/2020
DOCP-202My Girlfriend Is Right Next To Me, But Her Little Sister Tries To Seduce Me By Talking Dirty In My Ear02/06/2020
AD-128Oral And Slobbering Tongue Fetishes Yui Natsuhara01/30/2020
AD-129Tickling Plays - Tied Up Tickling - Yui Natsuhara01/30/2020
HOKS-061Modern Theater Of Desire - Father-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law - Married Woman, Horny Devil, S*****t, Dirty, Naughty, S***e01/25/2020
ARM-834JOI Battle! - 2 Women Compete To Give You Masturbation Support01/19/2020
HOKS-060365 Days - Debt Repayment Fuck As Long As You're Still Alive01/11/2020
RCTD-292New: The Watch Part That Stops Time. 1512/25/2019
HOKS-058Shocking Sexual Impropriety At The Hospital! Adulterous Nurses, Power Struggles, New Graduates Get Sexually Harassed And Patients Seduce The Doctors12/22/2019
ARM-823She's Riding Me Like A Cowgirl And Giving Me Sloppy Kisses And Clamping My Cock In Between Her Thighs And Sucking My Tip Over And Over Again12/19/2019
COD-001When She Asks, "What Part Of Me Do You Like Best?" He Immediately Answers, "Your Pussy" And That's Why She Wakes Up To Cunnilingus Every Morning In Their Sex Life Together Yui Natsuhara12/19/2019
DOCP-192Is She An Angel!? Or A Devil!? The Truth Is This Beautiful Nurse Is Super Horny! She's Sucking Up Semen With Her Tight Little Pussy And Crunching My Cock With A Squishy Cowgirl And Holding Me Tight And F***ed Me To Cum, Over And Over Again12/19/2019
AD-101Tickling Heaven -Foot Sole Tickling- Yui Natsuhara12/15/2019
AD-102Tickling Heaven -Ear, Armpit, Anus Tickling- Yui Natsuhara12/15/2019
MDTM-589Super Horny Girls from an Elite Girls School Show Us Their True Colors 0712/12/2019
ARM-820I've Achieved Evolutionary Progress And I'm Getting Excited From Those Tights She's Wearing To Prevent Panty Shot Action, So I'm Getting To Ejaculate Normally12/07/2019
HOKS-054The Rampaging Monster Ground Zero For Sexual Crimes11/23/2019
PARM-156Brilliant Panty Shot Action Underneath Her Fluttering Uniform Pleated Skirt11/19/2019
OVG-114Beautiful Ladies Only!! An Anal-Licking Handjob Produces Lots Of Cum11/05/2019
DIL-005I Heard That A Dildo... Feels Good, From The Front And From The Back... I Attached It To A Table And Spread My Legs Wide So I Could Cum Look At The Dildo Pop Out, Boingggg! Yui Natsuhara10/31/2019
ANX-115Double Hypnotism Addict The Submissive Chick And Her Master10/26/2019
ROOM-006After School Paid Dating Raw Fucking Creampie Schoolgirl ROOM- 00610/19/2019
PAR-005We'll Film Every Little Part Of Your Body Your Nipples, Your Anal Hole, Even Your Pussy... We Can See Everything, Clearly! Yui Natsuhara09/30/2019
TMAVR-078[VR] Cameltoe VR09/29/2019
EXVR-262VR - Please Forgive Me, I'll Do Anything! Threaten This Young Girl Enough And She'll Even Let You Creampie Her! - Yui Natsuhara08/22/2019
VARM-048[VR] Turn You On! Panty Shot Torture08/15/2019
ANA-005I Want You To See My Asshole (Anal) Yui Natsuhara08/13/2019
OMO-005Pee In Your Panties... Yui Natsuhara Got Asked To Do It, And She Couldn't Help Herself08/13/2019
JUKF-024The Purest Of Pure Love From A Barely Legal Young Girl - Yui-chan, Yui Natsuhara07/28/2019
ANX-112Labyrinth Hypnotism: A Young Lady President - Yui Natsuhara07/27/2019
EXVR-263[VR] I Want To Be Your Cum Bucket!! This Frigid J* Was Getting Treated With Relentless Foreplay And Pull Out Teasing Until She Was Begging For Raw Creampie Sex! Yui Natsuhara07/25/2019
RVR-012[VR] Sleeping Private Molestation06/13/2019
CRVR-135[VR] Panty Shot X Thighs X Knee-High Socks. The Flesh Between Her Skirt And Knee-High Socks VR 305/15/2019
KIWVR-030[VR] High-Quality Ultra High Definition Revolution! [Sugar Daddy Hunting Videos] She's Getting Her Entire Body Lathered With Lotion And Toyed With By A Dirty Old Man, And Showing Off Her Asshole For Anal Observations And Sex Toys Orgasmic Ecstasy! "I Have A Boyfriend, So You Can't Stick Your Dick In Me!" But Her Pussy Was Dripping Wet And Ready For Raw Insertion! After Face-To-Face Fucking And Missionary Position Sex, I Ejaculated Deep Into Her Pussy Without Permission!! *Raw Fucking Creampies04/24/2019
AGEMIX-424A Hard And Tight Handjob That Feels Like A Soft Pussy - Her Pussy Is Right There Before You, But I Love This Hole That She's Prepared For Me On This Day Even Better -03/31/2019
FSET-819Suddenly Pleasuring The Nipples Of Cute, Beautiful Girls! As Soon As I Find Out They Have Sensitive Nipples, I Lick Their Nipples!03/20/2019
KTRA-108Turning My Super Slender Little Sister With A Shaved Pussy Into My Sex Pet. Yui Natsuhara03/14/2019
ONEZ-180A Beautiful Young Girl In Uniform Who Wants To Get Raped VOL.002 Yui Natsuhara02/28/2019
KTRA-101Consecutive Fucks With 10 Shaved Pussy Beautiful Girl Babes 8 Hours 2 Disc Set02/25/2019
IBW-714A Naive Beautiful Girl From Your Old Hometown - This Little Sister Is Enjoying Incest Creampies Behind Her Parents' Backs - Yui Natsuhara02/21/2019
GVG-826Fucking Obedient Sisters Living In Japanese Hotel02/19/2019
AGEMIX-420Crouching Revolution - Lusty Hardcore Sixty-Nine Fucking! Face-Splattering Cum-Sucking Lip-Smacking Fun -02/14/2019
AGEMIX-423A Cock-Tip Blowjob With A Penetrated Fuck Hole 2 - When You Pass Through Her Tunnel Of Pleasure, Another Heaven Awaits You -02/14/2019
T-2800549While Our Parents Were Away, My Little Sister And I Fucked All Day Until My Testicles Went Dry Yui Natsuhara01/24/2019
MUDR-064A Highly Educated, Dirty, Beautiful Girl! I Love Sex So Much, I've Come To Be Used As A Cum Receptacle. Please Talk Dirty To Me And Control Me. Yui Natsuhara01/11/2019
FSET-806I'm Gonna Try To Fuck These Office Ladies Who Don't Notice Me Staring At Their Tits While They Are Working! 401/09/2019
EKDV-563When I Woke Up This Morning, There Was A Girl There I've Never Seen Before I Must Have Gotten Drunk And Brought Her Home So I Started Fucking Her From Morning Til Night A Horny Slutty Bitch Yui Shiori Kuraki12/31/2018
SHKD-830The Raped Fresh Face Newscaster Yui Natsuhara12/28/2018
APKH-089A Delicate Body And Hard Nipples! I Was Happy To Have The Men Dirty My Face And Pussy With Their Cum... Yui Natsuhara12/16/2018
DOCP-107My Friend's JK Little Sister Was Smiling Devilishly As She Lured Me To Temptation With Panty Shot Action! She Gave Me A Furious Face Ride With Her Musty Panties And Then She Teased Me With A Horny Hot Dogging Session...11/15/2018
TMCY-118JD Sugar Daddy Hunting11/08/2018
DOCP-101"Shit! I Creampied My Sister!!" I Got Turned On By My Little Sister Who Walks Around The House In Revealing Clothes...10/25/2018
HND-570First Raw Creampie Yui Natsuhara09/21/2018
MIFD-051This Big Brother Who Loves Watching AVs Is Producing His Little Sister In His Own Production! He's Proud Of His Little Sister's Excessively Sensual Teeny Tiny Pussy And Pounding It With 3-Star AV Actor Technique And Follow-Up Cunnilingus And Follow-Up Piston Pounding Pussy Thrusting To Thoroughly Research How Much She'll Cum!! A Furious Spasmic Orgasmic Back Breaking AV Performance!! Yui Natsuhara08/24/2018
NNPJ-298(Hot Release!) Yui, An Innocent Angel Walking Around in Our Town. Shown From Start to Finsih, 2 Mack Daddies Coaxing a Loli-Faced Slender Kindhearted Girl Who Has a Hard Time Saying No Into Going Back With Them and Then Having Lots of Sex With This Young Beauty Dressed in Her School Outfitn/a
MKMP-310A Slutty S********l Commits Creampie Electoral Dirty Deeds In Order To Become S*****t Council President!!n/a
CLO-180I Asked My Boyfriend Who's Living With Me To Kiss Me And He Sucks My Pussy Like It's Natural And We Fuck For 24 Hours Natsuhara Yuin/a
BF001-2Kokiya's Fellatio - Yui Natsuharan/a
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