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Kaede Fuyutsuki (冬月かえで/Age 35)

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Kaede Fuyutsuki (冬月かえで/Age 35) Profile:

Born: September 13, 1988
Measurements: B84 / W58 / H84
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: November 2007
Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Height: 163cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Kaede Fuyutsuki (冬月かえで/Age 35)

Kaede Fuyutsuki Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
MIZD-219Piston Rush Two Minutes Before Cumming! Small Tits That Don't Shake, Even During V*****t Orgasms: Continuous Cumshot SEX, 120 Min.01/29/2021
MIZD-998My 32 Very Own Blowjob Maids - Have Your Fill Of Quickies, Ball Licking, Dicks Sucked Clean -12/11/2020
TRE-137The Best Sexual Healing Nurses Vol.01 - Immoral Sex With The Angelic Nurse Of Your Dreams07/30/2020
HRV-033This Totally Beautiful Girl Will Service You The Newest Beauty Salon Addict 8 Hours BEST HITS COLLECTION VOLUME 0406/11/2020
MIZD-180You Will Make Her Cum For Sure! The Foreplay Most Popular With Women: 240 Minutes and 128 Continuous Cunnilingus Scenes With Popular Actresses03/27/2020
MIZD-176Pull Out Sex - Fucking Girls Hard Until They Cum - 88 Orgasms02/28/2020
MIZD-173A Slender Beautiful Woman Is Having 50 Massive Spasmic Fucks In A Row Until It Blows Her Mind!02/07/2020
HRV-014Looking Up: Service Retreat Best 8 Hours vol. 0111/28/2019
RBB-169Please Don't! No, Please, Stop... Shameful Bullying With Fear And Tears 8 Hours11/13/2019
HRV-004My Very Own Obedient Pet Who Loves Me Too Much 8 Hours vol. 0108/22/2019
MIZD-123"I'm Already Cumming!" A Blowjob Rush To The Max In Orgasmic Ecstasy 100 Consecutive Cum Shots01/25/2019
ABP-164天然成分由来 冬月かえで汁120%10/15/2018
ABP-211人生初・トランス状態 激イキ絶頂セックス 冬月かえで10/15/2018
MIZD-109Asshole In Full View!! Continue Fucking Even After She Climaxes!! Fucking Women With Big Asses Persistently, Doggy-Style. 4 Hours10/11/2018
GAH-114To the Limit: 8 Hours of Fucked Silly Greatness09/27/2018
GNE-209A Totally Beautiful Girl Gets Her Beautiful Face Shot Up Cum Face Style 408/09/2018
GNE-208These Blowjobs Are Too Hot 20 Women 408/02/2018
IDBD-777NTR Hard Working Women Who Get Fucked And Are Caught Between Reason And Their Basic Instinct To Fuck Greatest Hits Collection 8 Hours06/22/2018
IDBD-775Scandal!! Picking Up Girls And Taking Home AV Actresses Greatest Hits Collection 8 Hours Of Peeping And Hidden Camera Footage!! Immoral And Raw Private Footage In A Large Release Premiere!!06/13/2018
MIZD-090The Local DQN Bad Boys Abducted My Girlfriend And I Could Do Nothing About It Greatest Hits Collection 4 Hours05/11/2018
GAH-102A Totally Beautiful Girl In The Ultimate Cherry Popping 8 Hours03/29/2018
RBB-127About to Cum! 150 continuous blowjobs bring you to the edge of cumming over 8 hours02/23/2018
IDBD-76750 Wonderful SEX Scenes of Beautiful Girls Only God Could Make - The Pride of Aipoke Star Actresses 50 Videos 8 Hours02/02/2018
GAH-098I Was Lured To Temptation By My Girlfriend's Beautiful Older Sister 8 Hours01/25/2018
GNE-182A Totally Beautiful Girl Gets Her Beautiful Face Shot Up Cum Face Style 107/06/2017
ATKD-250Forgive Me... Complete Collectors Edition 00606/16/2017
GAH-078Clothed Fucks - 40 Girls, Eight Hour Deluxe 303/23/2017
IPZ-912Endless Lust Limitless Pleasure Uncut Orgy Sex Beauty Vs The Beast Non Stop Furious Sex 2 Hours 10 Minutes "I'll Milk You Of Every Last Drop Of Your Semen..." Kaede Fuyutsuki03/03/2017
GNE-170A Totally Beautiful Girl Gives The Ultimate Cherry Popping 103/02/2017
MIDE-407The Local DQN Bad Boys Stole My Girlfriend And I Couldn't Do A Thing About It Kaede Fuyutsuki02/22/2017
GAH-076The Most Beautiful Girls In The World 50 Girls, 8 Hours 202/16/2017
MIDE-394I Came 10 Times In One Day And I'm Still Not Done Kaede Fuyutsuki01/20/2017
GAH-073Cute Cosplay 8 Hours01/12/2017
GAH-072World's Most Heavenly! Brothel Heights 8 Hours12/22/2016
GNE-161Deep And Rich Sex With A Lingerina 112/04/2016
MIDE-375Hot, Heavy Sex With Middle-Aged Men Kaede Fuyutsuki11/16/2016
IDBD-745I'll Teach You The Allure Of A Mature Woman... A Beautiful Female Teacher Led Me To Temptation With A One On One Private Sex Lesson 26 Fucks!10/28/2016
IDBD-735"We an't Shut Off The Urethra!" Accidental Blasts! Accidental Ejaculations! An 8 Hour Collection Of The Best Of Blowjob Action 80 Scenes Of Blowjob Pleasure! [And Handjob Fun Too]08/26/2016
IPZ-808New Spermaina - Swallowing Gallons Of Jizz! Showered With BUKKAKE Facials! These Guys Were Forbidden To Jerk Off For A Week, So They've Got Spunk To Spare! Kaede Fuyutsuki08/13/2016
IPZ-788Escort SEX - Sweet Virtual Slut - All-POV Seduction! All 7 Scenes! Kaede Goes Wild With Dirty Talk! Kaede Fuyutsuki07/15/2016
IDBD-717Women Who Cum To Unwanted Sex, Episode 2 She Says No, But Her Body Says Yes 8 Hours05/28/2016
GAH-053The Most Beautiful Girls In The World 50 Girls, 8 Hours03/10/2016
GNE-130I'll Lend You My Strongest Porn Star. 20 People, 4 Hours 202/22/2016
GAH-049Sweaty, Intense SEX 8 Hours01/28/2016
PBD-317Premiere Actress' Legs x Stockings 3 Beautiful Leg Sluts Special12/30/2015
GAH-046AHighest Peak Trance Sex 8 Hour Disc 111/29/2015
GAH-046BHighest Peak Trance Sex 8 Hour Disc 211/29/2015
GNE-11715 People Doing It with Their Clothes on 310/07/2015
ABP-368My Club Teacher Is My Sex Pet. 013 Kaede Fuyutsuki09/30/2015
ATKD-237ATTACKERS - Please, Stop...! First R**e Collection 4-07/31/2015
IDBD-645Orgasmic Sex With Long-Haired Beauties - Watch Their Long Tresses Get Disheveled With Ecstasy As 30 Long-Locked Babes Have Eight Hours Of Earth-Shattering Climaxes!07/15/2015
IDBD-614Kaede Fuyutsuki The Best Collection - Watch Her Shiny Body Over An 8 Hour Luxurious Footage! Winter Moon's Best Actress Kaede Fuyutsuki's 11 Masterpiece Titles!03/13/2015
IDBD-599Filthy Fingers - Thirteen Girls Get Groped On The Train And Bus Until They're Crazed With Lust Eight Hours01/16/2015
GGG-002Exclusive Prestige Actresses In The Entertaining Tourist!!12/01/2014
IDBD-588The Lustful Sex Of Working Women. Continuous 69 Shots, 16 Hours11/28/2014
ABP-226Absolute Humility. A Pampering Retreat. The Beauty With Incredible Technique Kaede Fuyutsuki11/27/2014
PBD-268Licky Lick! Rub Rub! The Pleasure Of Anal Licking And Handjobs 8 Hour BEST OF08/01/2014
IDBD-555Shattered Pride Female Teachers Get R**ed For Being Too Beautiful A Heart-Rending 8 Hours The Time Of Judgement07/25/2014
IDBD-534Locked Room - Peeping - Voyeur - POV - Private Sex - Naked Pleasure - 8 Hours05/16/2014
IDBD-533Women Who Became Men's Sex S***es, the Never Ending 8 Hours05/16/2014
IDBD-531Wives R**ed in Front of Their Husbands Complete Box 2 6 and a Half Hours Kaori Maeda Kaede Fuyutsuki Ai Hanada Emily Okazaki04/25/2014
IDBD-529Thanks for The Dirty Full House! Cum Faced and Grateful! 700 Massive Bukkake Cum Face Fest!! Generous and Orgasmic 16 Hours of IP Beauties' Beautiful Faces Getting Painted White!!04/25/2014
IPZ-366Gorgeous Technician in Sweet Private Room Kaede Fuyutsuki04/12/2014
IDBD-521The Spit-Roast Threesome03/28/2014
IPZ-344Incredibly Beautiful Wicked Women Kaede Fuyutsuki03/14/2014
IDBD-507The Women Who Were Made To Orgasm With Toys. They Moan And Moan With Sex Toys, 8 Hours!!01/24/2014
IDBD-499I've Been Led Astray by Her Incomparable Looks and Incredible Technique! 8 Beautiful Female Teachers' Erotic Seductive Class - 8 Hour Special!01/11/2014
IDBD-494Overflowing Tears Of Sadness! Overflowing Weeps! Rough Meat Pole Violating A Beautiful Girls Throat With A Cruel Deep Throat BEST 8 Hours!!12/11/2013
IDBD-490Clothed Sex-Only Animals Get Naked, People Express Their Eroticism Without Taking Off Clothing! ~ 8 Hours of Fucking in Clothes ~11/27/2013
IDBD-489Lingerina JOY Chapter 2 - 8 Hours Of Sex With Bewitching Erotic Babes In Their Underwear11/27/2013
IPZ-230Sex? OMG, Here Now? Kaede Fuyutsuki10/25/2013
IDBD-474First Rate Sexual Entertainment - The IP Brothel Is Open For Service: 8 Hours Of Pleasure That Will Burn Into Your Memory!!09/27/2013
IDBD-475Top 100 Sales in IDEA POCKET History 16 Hours!!09/27/2013
PBD-222Large Quantity Cum Face, Bukkake, Cum Swallowing Compilation. 16 hours of Premier beauties covered in semen!09/04/2013
IPZ-175Supreme Butt Fetish Maniacs Kaede Fuyutsuki08/10/2013
IPZ-154Teachers Too Beautiful! They Need A Good R**e - Kaede Fuyutsuki07/13/2013
IDBD-459The Best Demeaning G*******g Of Women Fallen From Grace - 8 Hour Cycle Of T*****e & R**e Filled With Lust And Resentment07/13/2013
IDBD-457Good Quality Movie POV ! IP High Res Fuck SEX 2 8 Hours07/13/2013
IDBD-455Girls 'Accidentally' Going With The Flow Into SEX 8 Hours of Passion06/26/2013
IDBD-450Winter Moon Kaede Fuyutsuki Special Box Set 8 Hours06/14/2013
IDBD-448Service For You - 8 Hours Of Sex Service In Any Which Way You Can Imagine05/29/2013
IDBD-446Best of Tall Girl with Beautiful Legs - Alluring, Sleek and Supple Legs, 8 Hours05/15/2013
IDBD-442Girls That Don't Want Sex Gasping in Ecstasy - While They are Saying No They Cum, 8 Hours04/24/2013
IPZ-072Vacuum Fellatio for Sperm Sucking ( Kaede Fuyutsuki )03/27/2013
IDBD-430Taboo Relations - Girls With Forbidden Partners 8 Hours 30 Stories03/13/2013
PBD-184Kaede Fuyutsuki Premium Box 2 24 Hours02/01/2013
IPZ-036Tipsy SEX Kaede Fuyutsuki 01/25/2013
IDBD-420Hardcore G*******g 8 Hours01/25/2013
IDBD-413Cum Tower #4: Semen Master Arara Kurosawa + Super Hot Actresses: 8 hour bukkake special!12/21/2012
IDBD-407Endless Blowjob Island - 8 Hours Of 100 Consecutive Blowjobs!11/28/2012
IPTD-980My Sweet Sex Life With Kaede - Kaede Fuyutsuki10/25/2012
IDBD-37924 Platinum Office Ladies! Each One Is Unique - 8 Hours of Secret Office Lady Sex Work07/27/2012
IDBD-372Night Fever SEX Hold Me Tighter Tonight! You're All I See! 8 Hour Fever!!06/27/2012
IDBD-366This Is A Pussy! A Quality Pussy! 8 Hours Of High Definition Sex With 30 Of Our Best Girls05/30/2012
PBD-139Premium Masterpiece Selection: Second Half of 201103/02/2012
IPTD-855Passionate SEX With Eye Contact Kaede Fuyutsuki02/25/2012
PBD-123BEST of Panty-Less Female Teacher - 8 Hours11/02/2011
AVGL-024Promo Girl Climax Squirting AV Debut!!! Kaede Fuyutsuki11/30/2007
CHN-042(New) An Absolutely Beautiful Young Lady, She Will Be Offered - Act.22n/a
ABP-278(New) Naked Housekeeper At Your Servicen/a
IPZ-382A Past a Beautiful Librarian Wanted to Erasen/a
ABP-238A Pet Exclusively For Our Groping Pleasuren/a
PGD-191Active Racequeen 6 Real Fucks Special x Hyper-Premium Digital Mosaic 4 Hoursn/a
PGD-162Active Racequeen x Premium Digital Mosaicn/a
ABP-266Be Infatuated With Kaede Fuyutsuki in Her Various Costumes and Cum With Her!n/a
PGD-476Beautiful Ass x Beautiful Legs, Panty Stocking Fetishismn/a
PGD-482Beautiful Picture in the Nuden/a
ADN-008Because I Want to Be Loved By Youn/a
ABP-304Brothel Tower, Sexual Full Course 3-Hour Specialn/a
ABP-340Climax Lingerina 4n/a
PGD-527Confined and Bound Kaede Fuyutsuki Ecstasy 24 Hoursn/a
RBD-505Dear, Please Forgive Me?I Was Viola--d By the Man Next Door 5n/a
PGD-438Deep, Close-Up, Sexn/a
PGD-330Egoist Masochistn/a
PGD-232Entreaty Irrumation/a
PGD-507Fellatio Obscenity 180-Minute Specialn/a
PGD-459Female Teacher Without Pantiesn/a
PGD-502Foolish Young Lady Who Pees a Lotn/a
SHKD-718Gang-Ra--d in Schooln/a
PGD-241Genuine, Gang R--e, Climax Drugn/a
ABP-416Horny Tempting Instructor 03n/a
PGD-498Incontinence Office Lady Pervert Helln/a
PGD-278Incontinent Peeing Female Teachern/a
PGD-407Incontinent, Squirting Nursen/a
ABP-320Indecent Breeding With a Lovely Respectable Missn/a
PGD-490Intimate Erotic Virtual Date With Kaede Fuyutsukin/a
PGD-341Kaede Fuyutsuki 100% Your Virtual Girlfriend Erotic Life Togethern/a
ABP-470Kaede Fuyutsuki and Really Stoked Novices Will Cum Together!! Prestige Fan Appreciation!! Bus Tour (Prestige Graduation Special)n/a
PGD-535Kaede Fuyutsuki As a Lascivious Lady Who Carries Out a Succession of Seminal Emissionsn/a
PGD-394Kaede Fuyutsuki As a Lascivious Lady Who Does It Too Muchn/a
PBD-076Kaede Fuyutsuki Best 8 Hours Premium Vol.1n/a
ABP-399Kaede Fuyutsuki is Just For Me and Loves Me So Very Muchn/a
PGD-274Kaede Fuyutsuki Shamefulnessn/a
PGD-515Kaede Fuyutsuki Who Has a Very Cute Kansai Dialect 200% Your Virtual Girlfriend Erotic Life Togethern/a
PGD-357Kaede Fuyutsuki Degenerationn/a
PGD-449Kissing, Fellatio, Lips All Over Bodyn/a
IPTD-998Lady Who Was Offered Up For Auction As a Sex Objectn/a
PGD-470Messing Around With the Sister-in-Law - Sister-in-Law is a Sex Playthingn/a
PGD-309My Fellatio Ladyn/a
WAT-006New Water Polen/a
RBD-551Outrageous Hunting of a Married Womann/a
ABP-292Outrageous Reverse Pickup By Kaede Fuyutsuki That Escalates to the Maxn/a
PGD-249Please Teach Me! Teacher Kaede!n/a
PGD-211Premium Stylish Soap - Welcome to Premium Soapn/a
ABP-384Property That Comes With a Perverted Pet, Rental Unit Furnished With Kaede Fuyutsuki File.05n/a
PGD-168Racequeen Viola---n Desire - Forc*d Peeing, Squirting, Gang R--en/a
PGD-201Really Masochistic Racequeen Consecutive Incontinence Orgasmn/a
IPZ-767Scandal, Kaede Fuyutsuki Got Hit On By a Guy and Went Home With Him - We Secretly Took a Video and Released It As An AV Just Like That!n/a
RBD-518Secret Footage of a Receptionist - Her Days Exposed, Naughty Signals Made Her Wetn/a
IPZ-056Secret Investigator - A Beautiful Agent Full of Pride Falls to Piecesn/a
RBD-797Slave-Toned Stage 33n/a
ABP-353Slutty Working Womann/a
MIDE-384Super High-Class Hot Curvaceous Maidn/a
PGD-261Support From Kaede Fuyutsuki - Your Masturbation Timen/a
IPZ-262Sweet Temptation of a Racequeen With Beautiful Legsn/a
ABP-198Switch That Makes Her Pervertedn/a
IPZ-020Targeted Office Lady... Perverted Stalkersn/a
PGD-321Temptation of Private Teachern/a
PGD-403Temptation of Sister-in-Law - Under the Same Roof With An Improper Sister-in-Lawn/a
PGD-177The Racequeen is Very Fond of Fellation/a
IPTD-949Under the Direction of Attackers - Viola--d Right in Front of the Husbandn/a
PGD-253Viola--d Racequeenn/a
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