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出生: 1980年10月17日
三围: B86 / W60 / H87
罩杯: D Cup
出道日期: 2005年07月
星座: Libra
血型: O
身高: 170cm
国籍: 日本



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WWW-005Monthly2 Hours Totally Exposed 504/08/2019
HFD-183You Are A Failure As A Teacher01/24/2019
MVBD-162If She's Got 2 G-Spots Then Lets Use These Sex Toys To Make Her Cum In Both Her Holes06/13/2018
RBB-033Way Too Huge! Way Too Amazing! Way Too Hard! Sex With Black Cocks 16 Hours06/12/2015
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RKI-25216 Hours of the Naughtiest Female Teachers You've Ever Seen04/12/2013
ATKD-193ATTACKERS Someone Help Me------! First R**e Collection 2-02/28/2013
HPF-004H*******ed Innocent Face 402/11/2013
BIB-066Bii 4 Year Anniversary: Wild Slut Special (108 Titles, 8 Hours)01/19/2013
ATKD-187ATTACKERS T*****e & R**e Deep Throat 50 People 390 Minutes09/05/2012
RKI-201The Pee Don't Stop! Pleasureful Incontinence - Shame Pissing: 200 Girls 16-Hours08/11/2012
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WSP-037S CONTENTS First Fuck 4 Hours02/04/2008
GOD-215Wild Erotic Shio01/22/2006
SSPD-046Anal Slave Documentn/a
BEB-046Beautiful and Perverted Lady Changing Studios - Frustrated Wife Who Fucks Around With Other Guysn/a
DBE-135Bejean 135n/a
JUC-982Captive Married Female Police Detective Who Gets It Up the Assn/a
BTD-066Dreamshower No.66n/a
ELO-088Fine Young Ladyn/a
OPUD-024Finest Anal Nakadashi Enema 2-Hole Sexn/a
MIGD-020Genuine Drinking Urine Fuckn/a
GG-210Immoral Trip On a Sleeper Trainn/a
VENU-247In--st - Mischievous Mothern/a
VENU-383In--st - Mother With An Erotic Assn/a
PGD-473Incontinent Peeing Female Teachern/a
PGD-417Incontinent, Squirting Nursen/a
DJE-033Nakadashi By the Teachern/a
BEB-050Outdoor Fuck Exposure - Peeing Lascivious Lady Who Loves to Show Herself in Actionn/a
PGD-493Piss C.C Much Urine 10,000cc Special!n/a
BC-152Premium New Halfn/a
PGD-439Premium Stylish Soapn/a
RBD-277Sad Carnal Offering 2 - I Thought I Could Put Up With Anything For You?n/a
MIGD-011Shaved Pussy Hyper-Digital Mosaicn/a
RBD-330She Works For a Maritime Company and Now, Her Daily Nightmare Has Begun...n/a
VAGU-036Shiho Relentless Jerking Off!! I Who Was Scolded Via Very Dirty Language While Thoroughly Done By Her Handsn/a
PGD-388Shiho, AV Comebackn/a
VENU-340Silent In--st - Hey, Your Father is Just in the Next Room...n/a
OTAV-001Slut, A (Bang)able Womann/a
JUX-159Smashing Liberation!! Black Dudes and a Hot MILFn/a
SAMA-544Special Circumstances! Side Job That This Debt-Ridden Married Woman Cannot Let Anyone Know Aboutn/a
VDD-075Stewardess in... (Coercion Suite Room) Cabin Attendant Shiho (28)n/a
RBD-336Submissive While Giving An Examination After Hours - The Doctor, She Gets Disgraced Each Dayn/a
PGD-453Support From Shiho - Your Masturbation Timen/a
PGD-485Tekoki That Relieves and Admonishesn/a
DMPT-030Temptation Allurementn/a
PGD-409Temptation of Private Teachern/a
PGD-479Temptation of Sister-in-Law - Under the Same Roof With An Improper Sister-in-Lawn/a
SHKD-450The Day After I Viola--d the Older Sister Who Lives Next Door... 7n/a
CBD-033To the Edge Female Teacher Semen Hunting 2n/a
PGD-427Too Much Licking - Kissing, Fellatio, Lips All Over Bodyn/a
GOD-233Uraingo Is Back Side Of Indecent Word 3n/a
MADA-065Wife Who is Used For Sexual Releasen/a
SDMS-084You Are My Putty-Like Male Virgin Petn/a
PWD-005Young Wife - An Ideal Woman As a Slaven/a
VAGU-096Complete R**e In POV: "Please, Don't Look At Me" (Shiho)n/a
VAGU-091Beautiful Mannequin Wife- The Daydreaming Sex Of A Man Who Fell In Love With A Doll- Shihon/a
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