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Rika Tsubaki (椿りか/Age 21)

Also known as: 大島ひな, 廣瀬梨花, 新垣りか, 椿木梨花

Tags: Rank #90, Recommended

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Rika Tsubaki (椿りか/Age 21) Profile:

Born: March 29, 2000
Measurements: B88 / W55 / H84
Cup Size: G Cup
AV Activity: June 2020
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 157cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Rika Tsubaki (椿りか/Age 21)

Rika Tsubaki Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
AARM-049バイノーラルでイク 耳元で囁かれながら受けるジラし淫語フェザータッチ性感愛撫01/10/2022
BMW-248The Women Who Were Already On The Verge Of Passing Out After 10 Thrusts And Then Had Their Faces Disintegrate After Being Thrust 1,000 Times.01/03/2022
MGMP-058The Feminine Joy Of A Man Being Fucked! Devilish Slut Loves Fucking Men Up The Ass BEST 1001/03/2022
GENM-098Ejaculating To The Limit. 23 Ejaculations, 240 Minutes.12/27/2021
GMBM-007妄想爆発 妹が裸でウロウロするもんで目のやり場に困るんだが…!? 椿りか12/26/2021
MMB-396A Story About A Super Horny Beautiful Girl Who Is Starving For C*ck And Putting Her Excellent P*ssy Out For Sale12/06/2021
SQTE-391S-Cute's Yearly Top Sales Ranking for 2021. Top 30, 8 Hours.12/06/2021
GENM-095agein. Ultimate Big Tits. Rika Tsubaki11/22/2021
JUSD-953She's All Mine! Obedient Married Creampie Maid Highlights Collection 8 Hours11/22/2021
GVH-319Nasty Old Man Trying to Score with a Dark Gal on Social Media, Rika Tsubaki11/15/2021
UMSO-422Turned On By Daughter-In-Law Doing Housework So Begged Her For Blowjob! 16 People11/08/2021
UMSO-425Nude Maid's Close Up Love! Bubbly Body Wash & Service Fuck vol. 0411/08/2021
DNJR-062Rika Tsubaki's Dirty Talk, Teasing a Masochistic Male11/08/2021
DNJR-061D***k Up The Nude Holy Water 211/08/2021
GENM-093Colossal Tits Dark Gal In Seaside Pickups! Rika Tsubaki10/25/2021
DAZD-134Gwerghhh!! Bullying And Deep Throat Inseminating Masochistic Women BEST 480 Minutes10/25/2021
AARM-024This Elder Sister Type Happened To Meet This Man Who Was Blindfolded With His Arms And Legs Tied Up, So She Toyed With His C*ck And Nipples While He Remained Bound And Unable To Move!10/18/2021
SOAV-081A Married Woman's Fickle Heart Rika Tsubaki10/04/2021
AARM-020She Kept Acting Like She Wanted Some Cock Shoved Into Her Pussy, But In The End, All She Did Was Show Off Her Cunt And Ejaculated Me With A Foot Job, Because She's Such A Dick Tease10/04/2021
MMBS-009Self Titty Licking 410/04/2021
GENM-091Making Big Tits Shake In A Semen Paradise 240 Minutes!09/27/2021
GENM-090The Club To Which My Friend Invited Me Was A Club For Having A Few Sips With And Then Fucking Women - Two Big Tits That Shake In The Outside Storehouse -09/27/2021
IENF-167You'll Be Able To Clearly See Everything, Even Down To The Number Of Anal Wrinkles On Her Ass! No Mosaic Censoring A Consecutive Orgasmic Anal Masturbation Show-Off 409/22/2021
KIR-044The Sister-in-law Of This Big Breasted Sales Lady Was Fired - Rika Tsubaki09/19/2021
OKP-091Rika Tsubaki. Fantastic Pantyhose Office Lady Compilation. Office Lady Suits With Beautiful Legs Wrapped In Fresh Pantyhose For Fully Clothed Soles And Toes To Enjoy! Occasional Facesitting, Footjob, And Sometimes An Ass In Cosplay For BUKKAKE And To Fuck As Much As You Want! Fetish AV To Enjoy A Horny Girl's Perversion Training For Climax Play.09/08/2021
ZMEN-084I Accidentally Had A Quickie With My Girlfriend's Younger Sister Instead Of Her! I Only Realized When I Was In The Middle Of Giving Her A Creampie!! 507/09/2021
CASMANI-32[VR] Cowgirl Seminar07/08/2021
PYDVR-068[VR] Female Public Toilet - Rika Tsubaki07/08/2021
IENF-150We Seduced This Currently Active Nurse Who Was Willing To Show Her Face On Camera! This Angel In White Will Cure A Man Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction! When She Got Him Rock Hard Again, She Happily Let Him Have Creampie Sex!07/07/2021
CVPS-002[VR] 12 Beautiful Ladies 125 Minutes! An Ultra Exquisite Staring Masturbation VR Video Stare At Her Cunt! Stare At Her Face! Stare At Her Titties! Stare At Her Anal Hole! All The Ways You Want To Look At Masturbation Are Right Here For Your Viewing Pleasure!07/02/2021
WAVR-175[VR] Rika Tsubaki Stars In A Specialized Cowgirl Angle Special VR Video!! A Gal Ass! Anal Sex! Facials! Drool! These Low Angles Will Give You The Excessively Erotic, Ultimate Ejaculation Experience!!06/22/2021
ARM-985Girls Spread Their Pussies And Assholes! Beautiful Young Dirty Talking Girl06/07/2021
GENM-082Big Titty Woman Fucked At The Massage Parlor Rika Tsubaki05/21/2021
ARM-978Raunchy S********ls Masturbate While Showing Off Their Stained Wet Panties05/13/2021
MMB-367June 20th Is Fathers' Day, And It's Also Milk Day, So This Year Momotaro's Gift To Our Fans Is 10 Babes With Divine Big Tits - A Compilation Of The Most Heavenly Huge Breasts You'll Ever See!05/13/2021
3DSVR-0927[VR] The Century's Great Festival Where You Can Have Sex While Becoming A Guru And Being Worshipped Earnestly05/09/2021
CRNX-006Naughty Inside And Out!! Busty Big-Assed Bitches' Day Off- Rika Tsubaki05/07/2021
GVH-228Perverted Wife Who Likes To Turn Men On By Not Wearing A Bra Or Panties Moved Next Door! Rika Tsubaki05/04/2021
ARMF-016Complete S********l Picture Book Volume 105/01/2021
GENM-080A Gal Bitch With No Self-awareness - Rika Tsubaki04/17/2021
ZMEN-083My S********l Stepsister Doesn't Realize I'm Looking... I Can't Resist Her Exposed Flesh... 204/02/2021
OVG-167Did You Get Hard Looking At My Panties? You're Such A Pervert. A Foot Job Will Be Enough For You.03/30/2021
GENM-076Driving Date With A Perverted Guy - Rika Tsubaki03/21/2021
3DSVR-0885[VR] "Please Mentor Me After Class!" Somehow I Became The Most Popular Teacher In School - The Temptation Of Beautiful Teens Turning Into My Very Own Weekend Harem - Passionate Sweaty SEX03/17/2021
ARM-963I Want To Enjoy Peeping At Your Panties For As Long As Possible, So Play With My Dick Slowly03/13/2021
EBOD-807That Weekend, While My Parents Were Away ... My Room Turned Into A Hangout Spot For Colossal Tits Bitches.03/12/2021
MIMK-086Her First Love - The Popular Original Comic Transformed Into Live-Action Porn! Over 20,000 In Sales! 2D Brought To Life In Vivid 3D! Rika Tsubaki03/12/2021
RCTD-388Life Switch ~ Ultimate Step Father And Step Daughter Couple ~ Rika Tsubaki03/10/2021
SDDE-641I Used To Be Cool Live Action Version Bittersweet Sex Between Step Sister And Step Brother Who Stopped Going To School Rika Tsubaki03/01/2021
MIRD-210My Colleagues From My Part-Time Job Missed Their Last Train Home, So Now They're Spending The Night At My Place!! They're Unleashing Their Full Erotic Powers And Wiggling And Jiggling Those 4 Big Divine Titties Until The Break Of Dawn In A Titty-Infested Harlem Creampie Large Orgies Fuck Fest!!02/26/2021
CASMANI-025[VR] Self-Serve Nut-Busting VR - For Those Who Want The Ultimate Slut Experience With Blowjobs, Handjobs, And Titty Fucks Until You Blow Your Load From Ecstasy Overload02/25/2021
MOPT-003Male Subs Teased And Edged To Oblivion - Brothel Of Ecstatic Bliss For Submissive Men Rika Tsubaki02/12/2021
AGMX-069Greedy Blowjobs - She's Getting So Turned On By Sucking Cock You Can See It02/08/2021
VRKM-112[VR] I Wanna Get Dirty. Please Coat Me In Your Seed! S********l Facial VR02/04/2021
ZRC-004[Delivery Only] Fully Naked Catalog vol. 402/04/2021
GENM-070The Sequel: Breaking In A Trapped Babe At An Outdoor Warehouse Caught On Camera Rika Tsubaki01/23/2021
KBMS-101Rika Tsubaki's Strip Dance! Rika Tsubaki01/23/2021
JUKF-054Only Busty Girls - Stepsister For Rent Rika-Chan Rika Tsubaki01/22/2021
VRKM-107[VR] Reward Play With Spit And Dirty Talk! Spitting Slut's Oral Exchange VR01/22/2021
MMKZ-090A Cute Face And A Big Ass!! Rika Tsubaki01/16/2021
MGMP-055Handjob From A Slut Dental Hygienist Wearing Rubber Gloves - The Ultimate Sub Cleaning! 301/16/2021
VRKM-086[VR] S********l Mouths Thoroughly Teased VR01/07/2021
TMAVR-113[VR] She Looked At Me With An Alluring Expression And Gave Me Hot Smothering Kisses With Her Thick, Luscious Lips, And Licked Me All Over, And Wrapped Me In Her Voluptuous Titties And Was The Ultimate Convenient Woman, Because She Wanted My Sperm So Badly Rika Tsubaki12/30/2020
T28-597I Met Up With This Elder Sister Type For The First Time In years And She Looked So Tantalizingly Wet And Juicy And Sweaty And Ready For Shameful Sex Rika Tsubaki12/24/2020
AGMX-066Masturbation Navigation - Tempting Masturbation Navigation While Looking Into The Camera -12/20/2020
MGMQ-064Perverted Submissive Papa Made To Orgasm Hard Without Cumming By Natural Cheeky Slut In Daddy Play - Rika Tsubaki12/20/2020
AGAV-043She's Got A Full Body Erogenous Zone! - Watch Her Wiggle And Jiggle Her G-Cup Titties And Cum Like Crazy While You Keep On Shooting Off Cum Shots! - Rika Tsubaki12/20/2020
PPPD-890When I Realized What Had Happened, I Was Being Taken Care Of By Two Of My Female Colleagues Who Were Giving Me Titty Fuck Action These Big Tits Slut Babes Were Sliding My Cock In Between Their Double Team Of Slimy Tits Honoka Tsujii Rika Tsubaki12/16/2020
SDDE-639The Secret Handjob Clinic - Complete Edition - "This Is How Things Are In The Medical Community..." The Sex Clinic 12 4 Super Select Nurses Provide Professional, Expert, Creampie Sexual Services 180 Minutes + Specialist Cum-D***king Nurses Highlights 180 Minutes A 6-Hour Special12/14/2020
DASD-772My Stepsisters Seduced Me By Rubbing Their Lotion-Slathered Big Tits. Ruka Inaba Rika Tsubaki12/11/2020
YMDD-215I Got My Hands On A Lucky Creampie Ticket, And Now I'm Going To See My Favorite Girl Rika Tsubaki12/10/2020
WAVR-137[VR] The Elder Sister Type Who Lives Next Door Is Prancing Around Without Her Bra On, And Her Bouncing Titties Were Just Too Much To Handle... I'm Gonna Make Her Cum By Pounding That Pussy With Piston-Powered Thrusts!! And When This Elder Sister Type Has Cum Like A Bitch, Next She's Gonna Make Me Cum With Furious Cowgirl Action In This VR Video!! Rika Tsubaki12/08/2020
GENM-062The Record Of How I Took Control Of And Broke In My Beloved Colleague - Rika Tsubaki12/05/2020
VENU-982"They Barely Fit In Here" Sex In The Bath With My Busty Mother-In-Law Rika Tsubaki12/05/2020
CAFR-441[VR] Smoking Hot Business Hotel Masseuse Will Rub All Your Cares Away - Unparalled Orgasmic Services - Rika Tsubaki12/03/2020
KIWVR-187[VR] "Sorry I Was Only Trying To Make Myself Feel Good..." Massage Parlor Slut Isn't Supposed To Fuck Her Clients But She's So Horny She Can't Help Herself And Secretly Takes Their Raw Creampies - Slutty Masseuse Goes Totally Wild (G-Cup) Rika Tsubaki12/02/2020
MANIVR-018[VR] A Devilish Nurse With Big Tits Tempting Me Right Next To My Girlfriend Who Came To See Me In The Hospital - Rika Tsubaki11/30/2020
HDKA-223Naked Housekeeper - Welcome To Your Nude Maid Rika Tsubaki11/30/2020
3DSVR-0808[VR] Big Stepsister Fetishes My Big Stepsister Is Cute And Knows Everything And Is Kind And Gentle And Loves To Help Out And Has Soft Big Tits But She Has Such A Serious Stepbrother Complex That She's Unable To Turn Down My Advances And Will Let Me Have Creampie Sex With Her11/29/2020
DANDY-738Nonstop Fuck While At The Clinic For A Physical Exam Lasting A Few Days With The Nurse, My Girlfriend's Best Friend Vol.4 Rika Tsubaki11/25/2020
CBIKMV-099[VR] Sex As A Hobby And A Profession - Talented Cum-Loving Slut Masters All Your Nut-Busting Kinks Rika Tsubaki11/24/2020
APNS-215Hot Married Woman Caught And Corrupted Rika Tsubaki11/22/2020
DMDG-049Masochist Titties Creampie - Rika Tsubaki11/18/2020
APAK-186Mixing Business With Pleasure - Busty College Girl Fucks Huge Cocks Like A Champ - Sweat Pours Down Her Big Tits As This Natural Born Slut Gets Nailed All Night Long - Video Record Of A One Night, Two Day Sexathon. Rika Tsubaki11/12/2020
VEC-451I Share A Secret With My Friend's Mother. The Fact That I Had Creampie Sex With This Old Lady Is... Rika Tsubaki11/06/2020
SHKD-912Absolute Shame A Receptionist At A Top-Class Corporation Rika Tsubaki11/05/2020
KAVR-110[VR] A Home Soapland VR Where You Can Experience The Most Popular Soapland Princess, Rika Tsubaki's Ultimate Mat Techniques From 1 Objective Angle (Anal Licking Through The Chair) 2 A Closer Angle (Body Foam Wash + G-cup Titty Fuck) 3 Ceiling Angle (Cowgirl)11/04/2020
SQTE-337A Lewd Woman's Slimy Boobs: This Body Is My Strongest Weapon - Rika Tsubaki10/31/2020
WAAA-009Young Wife Offers Up Her Body For Her Sterile Husband... She Needs Thick, Creamy Seed - 3 Days Of Hot, Sweaty, Breeding Sex Rika Tsubaki10/30/2020
HHKL-070Stepbrother! Let's Have A Bath Together! We'll Wear Swimsuits And Have A Bubble Bath So There's No Reason To Be Shy, Right!? Rika Tsubaki10/30/2020
MIAA-337From Day One On The Job My Two Busty Nympho Bosses Were Desperate For My Cock, Draining My Balls Dry With Threesomes. Rika Tsubaki Honoka Tsujii10/30/2020
SAVR-092[VR] Intimacy Brings On The Best Orgasms - Lusty Body Fluids Gush Out Of Her Orifices While She Cums Rika Tsubaki10/27/2020
APNS-209Was Fucked So Hard By Older Men I Almost Melted... Rika Tsubaki10/24/2020
CAWD-133My Girlfriend Was Right There... But I Couldn't Resist My Busty Classmates - Two Slutty BFFs Paid Me A Visit For A Threesome - They Desperately Wanted My Dick, And My Creampie10/23/2020
DASD-752The Domain Of Her Holy Golden Waters This Beautiful Secretary Received Breaking In Pissing Training From Her Critical President And Now She's Dripping Piss Down Her Marshmallow-Soft Skin And Thighs. Rika Tsubaki10/23/2020
CJOD-262She Gets Horny And Sweaty On Her Ovulation Day This Big Tits Wife Is Luring Her Next Door Neighbor To Creampie Sex Temptation Rika Tsubaki10/23/2020
EBVR-015[VR} This Y********l, My Classmate Was, To My Surprise, The No.1 Big Tits Soapland Princess!? I'm A Cherry Boy, But She Kindly And Gently Served Me And Gave Me Some Sweet Rubber Mat Service And The Cherry Popping Dream-Cum-True Experience Of My Life In This VR Video Rika Tsubaki10/22/2020
PPPD-878My Step Cousin Treats Me Like A K*d! She Got Even Got In The Bath With Me, And Of Course I Got Rock Hard - I Can't Believe She Got Me Off With A Titty Fuck! Rika Tsubaki10/16/2020
IPX-547"We'll Make You Melt..." Seduced By Two Nympho Teachers With Big Tits - Ran Shiono Rika Tsubaki10/09/2020
MIAA-330An Orgasmic Genius! The Girls At This Titty Fuck Rejuvenation Massage Parlor Will Rub Their Titties Up Against You An Amazing Titty Technique Consecutive Creampie Full Course Special Rika Tsubaki10/09/2020
EKDV-646Big Tits And Big Asses So High Level You'll Cum Just From Looking At Them... An Elder Sister Type With A Selfish And Indolently Erotic Body Spends A Day Living Like A Selfish Bitch. Rika Tsubaki10/07/2020
HODV-21514Taking My Boss' Younger Wife Out For Takeout NTR She Lost Her Mind During Hard And Tight Sex, Over And Over Again, And Finally Descended Into The Pleasures Of A Creampie Cum Bucket Rika Tsubaki10/01/2020
EMOT-012Enjoy Newlywed Life With Rika Tsubaki In Complete POV09/30/2020
WANZ-987"What? You Just Came Inside Me?" Guy Tells A Girl He Already Blew His Load So She Lets Him Keep Thrusting - Until He Gives Her A Creampie! Rika Tsubaki09/25/2020
GENM-052Erotic Cheerleader Rika Tsubaki09/20/2020
APKH-153Sex SK**ls So Superior She'll Suck The Seed Right Out Of You! POV Footage Of A Secret Meeting With A Voluptuous G-Cup College Girl Rika Tsubaki09/20/2020
DASD-727Please Break Me In. Sweet Submissive Maid At Your Service. Rika Tsubaki09/19/2020
JUL-321Just For Me!! Obedient Married Woman Creampie Maid Obeys Her Father-In-Laws' Orders. Days Of Mating. Rika Tsubaki09/19/2020
ROYD-023I'm Taking A Bath With My Excessively Devilish Big Tits Little Stepsister And We're Crammed Together In A Tiny Bathtub. When She Pressed Her Overgrown Titties Against Me, I Got An Erection, And Then She Begged Me For Creampie Sex, Over And Over Again, During A 4-Day, 3-Night Fuck Fest. Rika Tsubaki09/16/2020
CRVR-206[VR] Rika Tsubaki An Objective View x A POV View VR Video Her Big Tits And Big Ass Are Enough To Knock You Into Orgasmic Oblivion Just From The Sight Of Them... An Idle And Self-Indulgent Elder Sister Type With An Erotic Body Shows Us A Day In Her Bitchy Life09/09/2020
DOCP-243My Girlfriend's "Little Sister" Is A Little Devil Who Lured Me To Temptation...!? My Girlfriend Is Right Nearby, But She Keep Hitting Me With Nonstop Whispering Dirty Talk09/03/2020
MVSD-436My Girlfriend Moved From The Country To Tokyo To Pursue Her Dreams, But Before She Knew It, She Had Become The Victim Of The Handsome Young Pieces-Of-Shit Cocks At Her Office A Long-Distance NTR Tale Rika Tsubaki08/14/2020
PPPD-862My Busty Stepsister Wants To Work At A Soapland - And She Wants To Use Me For Practice - Squeezing My Dick Dry With Her Big Tits Rika Tsubaki07/15/2020
JUFE-194POV Footage By An Older Guy - Hot, Heavy, Sweaty Sex With A Young Slut Rika Tsubaki07/10/2020
MIFD-121According To Customer Surveys, She's Ranked 5th In The Country! Number 1 In Kawasaki! You Can Meet This Real-Life Soapland Girl Right Away A College Girl From A Famous University Is Making Her Adult Video Debut!! Rika Tsubaki06/10/2020
MOPP-042It Almost H**ts, It Feels Good, My Brain Is Melting!! Biting And Delicious Handjob 2n/a
MOPP-041A Sadistic Little Devil SLut Maid Servicing And Playing With Her Masochistic Employer - Rika Tsubakin/a
IENF-158A Massage Parlor Where They Always Play With Your Nipples 2n/a
FGAN-045Horny Creampied Girl - Rika Tsubakin/a
MGMQ-077Nympho Nurses At A Masochistic Sexual Clinic Who Anal Fuck The Men Staying There - Rika Tsubakin/a
VRKM-403[VR] VR Shot With Special Ceiling Angles--Watch As Rika Unleases All The Sexual Tension She Has Pent Up Inside--Rika Tsubakin/a
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