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Kaho Kasumi - かすみ果穂

Kaho Kasumi was born on 10/13/1985 in Okinawa.

Measurements: 86-58-82 (cm)
Cup Size: E-65 Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2015
Sign: Libra
Blood Type: O
Height: 153 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Kaho Kasumi.

Kaho Kasumi Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DDT-620She Squirts And Squirts And Never Runs Out Of Juice! The Best Of Squirting Orgasms08/16/2019
DVAJ-089[Great Value] Completely Restraining A Girl And Relentlessly Making Her Orgasm Using Sex Toys! Sticking An Egg Vibrator On Both Her Nipples And Making Her Orgasm Repeatedly With An Electric Massager On Her Pussy. I Tease Her By Stopping Just Before She Comes, Then I Make Her Come Again. Continuously Pleasuring Her Clit With A Vibrator, Egg Vibrator And An Electric Massager. Watch Kaho Come Over And Over Again In An Orgasm Hell. Kaho Kasumi05/16/2019
HAVD-983~ Hot Smothering Kisses ~ Love Juices Intermingled With Hot Steamy Kisses By Dr. TORIHAMA05/08/2019
RVG-09220 Married Women Are Visited In Their Beds At Night And Get Creampied Next To Their Husbands While Trying To Keep Quiet. BEST vol. 204/16/2019
DDT-615S&M Hot Mature Woman Library04/13/2019
EMRD-127S.S.S. (Sucking/Slobbering/Squeezing) An Ultra Super Class Blowjob 8 Hours04/13/2019
RBB-154Countdown To Ejaculation! Pre-Cum Dribbling, Fully Pleasurable Blowjob Action 160 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours (RBB-154)04/12/2019
IFDVA-004Ren Nanase Torture & Rape Service Nurse Kaho Kasumi04/11/2019
MKCK-232Unloading Lots Of Cum Inside Her Hot Body Pussy! Genuine Creampie Sex 134 Cum Shots 8 Hours04/06/2019
DVPRN-040The Best! Bus Tour Of Pleasure ~All Aboard The Sex Bus~ Kaho Kasumi03/27/2019
EMRD-123Big Tits, Colossal Tits, Massive Asses Slut Temptation 50 Ladies 8 Hours03/16/2019
HNDB-132Honnaka 8th Anniversary 200 Videos 250 Cumshots02/22/2019
HFD-185Cheating... I Should Feel Bad About This.02/21/2019
HFD-186Here, We Can Kiss Without Worrying What People Think02/21/2019
DVAJ-378No Longer Human. Black Men X Woman With Her Limbs Fully Restrained X Hypnotism & Trance02/09/2019
HNDB-131100 Loads Creampie Sex In Totally Deep Pussy Cum-From-Behind Fucking!! All Assholes Bared! Furious Follow-Up Piston Pumping Action!01/19/2019
RBB-148Moments Before Ejaculation! A Wonderfully Pleasurable Blowjob Dripping With Pre-Cum Juices 160 Consecutive Cum Shots/8 Hours01/16/2019
JUSD-812Original Work By Naruto Chuka . Madonna 15th Anniversary Edition!!! Box Edition Including All 13 Titles. 16 Hours12/28/2018
RBB-147It Feels So Good, Their Brains Might Melt! Their Pussies Lap Up The Cum! Once They Experience It, They Can't Go Back! Extremely Pleasurable Creampie Sex. 8 Hours12/12/2018
MKCK-225Encyclopedia Of Word-Class Super Bodies. BEST. A Collection Of The Hottest Bodies In The Industry. 100 Women, 100 Sex scenes. 16-Hour Special12/08/2018
DDT-607Beautiful Maso Makeup Ladies Women Who Moan And Groan In Insane Pleasure To Torture And Breaking In Training11/17/2018
EMAZ-38450 Dirty Mature Women! S&M Slave Gets Gang Banged. Forced Urination. Anal Rape And SEX 8 Hours11/17/2018
EMRD-11150 Pleading Mature Women And Their The Beautiful Big TIts X Ass X Beautiful Legs In Pantyhose And Sex. 8 Hours11/17/2018
CJOB-036Just Me And A Bunch Of Sluts Best 50 Fucks!! Exclusive Harem 4 Hours09/21/2018
DDT-602Best of Deep Throat With Hands Tied Up09/15/2018
RBB-110Glasses Girls Collection: 8-hour. Glasses Of Japan. Feche' Dedicated Girls07/13/2018
RBB-130I Wanna Rape Beautiful Women! Cute Girls! Good Girls! I'll Do Anything I Want! 8 Hours of Rampant Rape!07/13/2018
WSP-141We're Defiling This Beautiful Mature Woman We Met Today With Our Semen... 206/27/2018
HNDB-121Missionary Creampie Sex With Simultaneous Orgasms Timed With A Woman's Ecstasy!! Vol.3 151 Cum Shots!!06/22/2018
IDBD-780Even After She Cums, He Keeps On Pumping Her Pussy! A Greatest Hits Collection Of Women At The Edge Of Ecstasy!! Post-Orgasmic Piston Pounding Thrusts 8 Hours!06/22/2018
JFB-153A Filthy Mouthpussy That Will Suck You Dry, To The Bone Delicious, Dick Sucking Blowjob Action 8 Hours Greatest Hits Collection06/22/2018
DAZD-090Guaranteed Impregnation Danger Day Creampie Sex Greatest Hits Collection 8 Hours06/16/2018
DDT-595Tweaking Nipple Orgasms Greatest Hits Collection06/14/2018
STCEAD-024[Special Value Combo] The Mysterious Sensual Elevator Yumi Anno Ayumi Shinoda Kaho Kasumi06/09/2018
CESD-572Quickie Fucks!! No Matter How Many Times She Cums, The Fucking Never Stops In Non-Stop Pleasure Greatest Hits Collection05/12/2018
STCEAD-022[Special Value Combo] My Mommy Is An Intelligent Lady In Glasses Ayumi Shinoda Kaho Kasumi Chitose Hara04/29/2018
HNDB-109Ultra Super Selections Special Edition All 100 Creampie Fucks/12 Hours04/20/2018
MEYD-036The Young Wife Next Door04/13/2018
MKCK-208E-BODY 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits Collection Horny Housewives In Full Bloom (E-BODY, A Married Woman Label) All 102 Titles From 3 Years Of Our Horny Housewives History 12 Hours03/09/2018
RBB-127About to Cum! 150 continuous blowjobs bring you to the edge of cumming over 8 hours02/23/2018
RBB-126Face To Face Sitting Position Sex That Fels So Good She Keeps His Rock Hard Cock Inserted For Pussy Pounding Ass Grinding Ecstasy 8 Hours12/22/2017
RBB-117Ready For Launch! I'm Cumming! I'm Cumminggggg! The Pussy Pumping Starts Up Again Once She Starts Twitching And Spasming In Ecstasy "No, Stop, I'm Still Cumming!" But We Ignored Her Pleas And Kept On Pumping Away... 8 Hours03/29/2017
RKI-004Psychic Young Lady - Off Type K12/11/2015
RKI-407Ju__n Super B_y Contest Finalist, Sexy Male Model Yuta's Debut12/11/2015
MIBD-972Funya-chan's Wriggling Mouth: Best Blowjobs12/05/2015
RBB-073A Covered Naked Body is Even More Sexy - Black Stockings You Want to Pet 16 Hours of The Best11/13/2015
IDBD-534Locked Room - Peeping - Voyeur - POV - Private Sex - Naked Pleasure - 8 Hours05/16/2014
IDBD-521The Spit-Roast Threesome03/28/2014
IDBD-490Clothed Sex-Only Animals Get Naked, People Express Their Eroticism Without Taking Off Clothing! ~ 8 Hours of Fucking in Clothes ~11/27/2013
IDBD-455Girls 'Accidentally' Going With The Flow Into SEX 8 Hours of Passion06/26/2013
IDBD-448Service For You - 8 Hours Of Sex Service In Any Which Way You Can Imagine05/29/2013
IDBD-449Rapid Piston MAX! Idea Pocket Girls Writhing All Over! Accelerated Lusty Fucking 8 Hours05/29/2013
IDBD-442Girls That Don't Want Sex Gasping in Ecstasy - While They are Saying No They Cum, 8 Hours04/24/2013
IDBD-430Taboo Relations - Girls With Forbidden Partners 8 Hours 30 Stories03/13/2013
IDBD-425Make Her Cum By Poking Her Womb FUCK 8 Hours02/09/2013
IDBD-372Night Fever SEX Hold Me Tighter Tonight! You're All I See! 8 Hour Fever!!06/27/2012
RKI-126Horse Riding Cowgirl! 16 Hours06/15/2011
SDDM-006Kaho Kasumi Debut - Debut -03/01/2009
ADN-019Shamefully Kinky Side She Can't Reveal to Her Husbandn/a
ADN-053Teacher, Meeting Once Again Made Her Wet With Unfaithfulness...n/a
ADN-066Undercover Narcotics Sting Lady Saekon/a
AVOP-169Semen Terminatorn/a
BF-390Nakadashi Temptation of a Wife in Panty Stockings With a Hot Assn/a
CEAD-110Miraculous Sexy Elevator in Which Your Desires Are Fulfilled Vol.02n/a
CEAD-118My Mother is Intelligent and Wears Glasses 2 - Mom's Strict Sex Disciplinary Lesson to Remedy My Prematurely Ejaculating Cockn/a
CEAD-141Getting Right Down to Fucking!! 15 (10-Year Debut Commemoration) With No Script! Unedited! A Real One-Shot Deal!! 15 Rounds of Sex Filled With Pleasure and 25 Orgasms!! 120 Minutes of a Veteran Actress's Smile That's So Full of Blissful Ecstasy You Can Feel It!n/a
CESD-188Fascinating Character Change in 7 Variationsn/a
DASD-318Iron Crimson 8n/a
DDB-284Foul-Mouthed Lascivious Lady - Domineering, Persecution Obsession Ladyn/a
DDT-517Liberation Tohjiro - No Bull, I Want to Cum So Hard That I Go Out of My Mind.n/a
DDT-522Masochism Drug - Female Sex Doll, Continual Irrumatio, Pure Nakadashin/a
DDT-538Best of Actress Kaho Kasumin/a
DJE-062Mature Shower!! The Sight of a MILF's Body As She Dotesn/a
DVAJ-0089The Give Up Human Being x Dharma Dolln/a
DVDES-891Big-Boobed Aunt and Precocious Virgin Nephew's Life of Seduction Under One Nephew 3 - Unbeknownst to Her Husband, a Wife of Ideal Childbearing Age is Made to Cum Around the Clock By Her Nephew Who's Always Got a Bonern/a
EYAN-021Infamous Wife in the Neighborhood Who Cums and Gets It Inside Her Vagina - Neighborhood Nakadashi Love Associationn/a
GBTD-006Kaho Kasumi's Soft-Skinned English Cram Schooln/a
GTJ-051SM Liberation, Bondage Slaven/a
GVG-208Forbidden Nursingn/a
GVG-216Sensual PTA President and Wicked Brats From the Student Counciln/a
GVG-235Kaho Kasumi's Course in Slow Sex to Induce Tremendous Ejaculationsn/a
HBAD-305Kissing and Fucking That Drives 'Em Mad, Widow and Middle-Aged Guy's Obscene Sexual Relationsn/a
HMGL-138Embarrassed Body - Super Lewd Idol Forever and Evern/a
HMNF-040World Express Bullet Tour, Part 8 - Period and Then the Fruitn/a
HND-273Countdown to Her Retirement From AV, Finally Letting Herself Go!! Genuine Nakadashi Liberationn/a
HODV-21116Sexual Awakeningn/a
IDBD-244Kaho is Sexyn/a
IDBD-288I'll Make You Come Just Through Fellatio - Kaho Kasumi's Fellatio 360-Minute Special!!n/a
IDOL-118Tie That Binds Man and Woman's Bodies Changing Places 3n/a
IE-229Kaho Kasumi Specialn/a
IESP-394Young Female Teacher - Nakadashi 20 Times Consecutivelyn/a
IESP-409Drug Investigator - Yakuzuke Vaginal Convulsions, X-File-13n/a
IESP-484Female Teacher - Nakadashi 20 Times Consecutivelyn/a
IESP-498Apartment Complex Wife's Miseryn/a
IPTD-506Kaho Kasumi's Deep Kissing and Sexn/a
IPTD-517Teacher Kaho's Tempting Lessonn/a
IPTD-528Kaho and I's Sweet Sex Lifen/a
IPTD-544Widow - Dear, Please Forgive Me...n/a
IPTD-560Gorgeous Masturbation Support - I Will Help You With Your Masturbationn/a
IPTD-565Private Teacher - A Tutor With a Cute Face Who is Very Lewdn/a
IPTD-579Virtual Date With Kaho - Please Let Me Be Your Girlfriend Just For Today!n/a
IPTD-591HyperIdeaPocket - Extreme Ass Fetish Maniacsn/a
IPTD-602Amateur Participant! Welcome, Male Virgin!n/a
IPTD-615Costume Play 6 Real Fucks x All Semen-Gulpingn/a
IPTD-630Kaho is My Putty-Like Masochism Slaven/a
IPTD-645Please Look At Me As a Woman - Maturing Married Woman's Carnal Receptacle Longingn/a
IPTD-663Regular Sexn/a
IPTD-671Sweaty Sexn/a
IPTD-684Taken Down Fast! Strike Bazooka Facialn/a
IPTD-699Kaho Likes Thick Cocksn/a
IPTD-710Teacher On a Train With Pervertsn/a
IPTD-737Kasumi Radion/a
IPTD-752Welcome to World-Class Soapn/a
IPTD-764Much Fucking Aroundn/a
IPTD-776Kaho Kasumi x Company Matsuon/a
IPTD-804Huh, Sex? Right Here and Now?n/a
IPTD-814Won't Stop Rocking My Hips Until Kaho Comes!n/a
IPTD-823I Was Ra--d Twice in the Same Week By Strangers...n/a
IPTD-837Secret Investigator - An Agent On Her Own Gets Snared By An Obscene Plotn/a
IPTD-875Kaho Kasumi Will Help Control Your Premature Ejaculation - Just Let Kaho Take Care of Your Issues With Coming Early!n/a
IPTD-886Very Erotic Date Plan With a Sexy Goddessn/a
IPTD-913Soaking Hot Springs Fuck Trip With Kahon/a
IPTD-947Sexual Humiliation Entertainment Clubn/a
IPTD-972Sex While Tipsyn/a
IPTD-986Please Do My Wife Hardn/a
IPZ-010Utterly Beautiful Teacher Who Was Viola--dn/a
IPZ-031Let's Have Sex Outside!n/a
IPZ-062Lady Who Gets Wet Just From Feelings - Sexual Desires Unleashedn/a
IPZ-102Passionate Sex Experienced While Looking into Each Other's Eyesn/a
IPZ-153Delivery Sex - Kaho Kasumi Will Be Sent to Your Homen/a
IPZ-172Titty-Fuck Paradise - Clenched Within Jiggly Big Boobs and Firing Awayn/a
IPZ-224Esthetician Wet Between Her Legs - Sexual Desire That Arises From Bodies Making Contact! Lewd Inclinations of a Beautiful Esthetician Who Quickly Teems With Wetness!n/a
IPZ-245A Lady Who Can't Say No and Will Let You Do Her - Just Push Me a Little and I'll Give Inn/a
IPZ-298Kaho Kasumi's Real Challenge to Pick Up On Amateurs!!n/a
IPZ-34524-Hour Overnight Sex With Fans Under One Roofn/a
IPZ-403Coming Fiercely, Squirting Fiercelyn/a
IPZ-737Retiring! And, Letting Herself Go While She's At It! Final Anal Fuck, 11 Years Since Her Debut! Featuring Special Guests, Too!! With Semen-Gulping! With Bukkake! With Butt Fucks!n/a
JUFD-418Lascivious Lady Who Entices Via Dirty Language and Teases to the Limit - Wife Next Door Who Enjoys Taking Me to a High Without Giving Me a Releasen/a
JUFD-437Nasty Raw Nakadashi Sex From Morning Till Night With Kaho Whose Desire to Get Pregnant is Almost Maddeningn/a
JUFD-469Vaginal Ejaculation Recreation With a Married Esthetican Whose Entire Body is Erogenousn/a
JUFD-569Freedom From Just the Usual! Bullet Fuck By Black Dudes With Humongous Cocksn/a
JUX-472In Love With the Father-in-Law Even More Than With the Husband...n/a
JUX-517Sister-in-Law Swept Off Her Feet - Compassion Towards Her Brother-in-Law That Led to Naughty Relationsn/a
JUX-553Domineering Boss, Doing As She's Told in the Officen/a
JUX-579Wife's Indecent Kissing and Fucking - Rendered a Prisoner By Her Brother-in-Law's Tenacious Indulgent Mouthn/a
KSD-025If On a Trip, Without Being Concerned About Being Seen, Can Engage in Kissing?n/a
MDYD-972Teacher Ra--d (Not) in Confinement - Young Wife Whose Home Was Occupied By Students Who Made Her Come Over and Over For 3 Daysn/a
MDYD-982Wife Who Was Forc*d to Strip For the Neighborhood Associationn/a
MDYD-995Hot Summer Nightn/a
MEYD-006Stepmother Slaven/a
MEYD-025Tempted By Dickn/a
MEYD-047I Was Viola--d By My Husband's Good Friend and Came to Feeling Great Pleasure...n/a
MIAD-746Premature Ejaculation Condition Improvement Projectn/a
MIAD-823Wife's Real Video Messages in Which She's Already Been Seducedn/a
MKMP-070Bound Young Ladyn/a
MXGS-102Have the Finest Date With Kaho!n/a
MXGS-108Too Much Viola---n of Lewd Very Masochistic Female Teachern/a
MXGS-116Shaved Pussy Debut!n/a
MXGS-127Middle-Aged Man Love Songn/a
MXGS-141Fine Lady Limit Tongue Chu Trance Fuckn/a
MXGS-148My Bride - A Thing That Kaho Likes, Young Wifen/a
MXGS-155Off Recn/a
MXGS-161Vertigo-Inducing Very Erotic Bodyn/a
MXGS-167Sexual Fever Continent - Just Exactly What Type of Person is Kaho Kasumi?n/a
MXGS-173I Wish to Be Ridden By Akiho's Beautiful Assn/a
MXGS-180Sexual Service Channel 13n/a
MXSPS-059Kaho Kasumi Collection Season 1n/a
MXSPS-072Kaho Kasumi Collection Season 2n/a
MXSPS-087Kaho Kasumi Collection Season 3n/a
MXSPS-102Kaho Kasumi Collection Season 4n/a
NTR-026Though She's Strayed, I Still Love My Wife - She Cheated With My Coworker?n/a
OTS-041Kaho Kasumi as Super High-Class Soap Ladyn/a
PGD-737Premium Stylish Soap Goldn/a
PGD-745Temptation of a Nakadashi Sister-in-Lawn/a
PGD-760Viola--d Beautiful Wife - Thoroughly Disgraced in Front of Her Husbandn/a
PGD-781Tempting Office Lady's Sex While Clothedn/a
PLA-047She Blitzed As Soon As They Met, The Actress Pounced Upon Him and They Had Raw Nakadashi Sexn/a
RBD-371Dear, Please Forgive Me... He Requested a Housecall Just to Fuck n/a
RBD-396Resigned to Being Humiliated - The Teacher, She Gets Disgraced Each Day...n/a
RBD-466Kidnapped - The Devotion of a Beautiful Wife Filled With Sorrown/a
RBD-482Because I Want to Be Loved By Youn/a
RBD-508Groping in a Library - In a Place Like This... And Yet, And Yet I, Oh My...!n/a
RBD-574Turning Around, I Found Myself Alonen/a
RBD-619Forlorn Subtropical Slaven/a
RBD-623Wife of a Movie Director Who Lost His Distributorsn/a
RBD-641Complete Abduction Women 18n/a
RBD-654Beautiful Wife's Perverted Training - My Body Was Developedn/a
RBD-707Forbidden Daughter of the Company President, A Crazed Passion Out of Line With His Statusn/a
REAL-576If You Can Withstand Kaho Kasumi Playing With Your Cock, We'll Give You 100,000 Yenn/a
SDDL-420Purity - Kaho Kasumi, The Bestn/a
SDDM-600Kaho Kasumi Debutn/a
SDDM-611The Older Girl is a Studentn/a
SDDM-624New Nurse Loves Fellation/a
SDDM-639Wouldn't You Like a Kaho Kasumi Production?n/a
SDDM-658Amateur Activity Style - Midsummer Fun Day of Gratitude, Kaho Kasumi's Fantastic Occasion on the Sexy Side Specialn/a
SDDM-677Molester Hell - Train, Bus, Lavatoryn/a
SDDM-775Kaho Kasumi's Nakadashi Heaven - Room Service Editionn/a
SDDM-817Ultra: Doing Too Much! Coming Too Much! 24-Hour Kaho Kasumi Perfect Guerilla Special!!n/a
SDDM-844Slippery Lotion Horny Sexn/a
SDDM-871New Teacher - Tearful Pure Nakdashi Gang R--en/a
SDDM-89910 Cosplay + Very Promiscuous Fuckn/a
SDDM-925Ultra: Doing Too Much! Coming Too Much! 3 Days, 2 Nights, Anytime, Anywhere Sex Concentrationn/a
SDDM-992Kaho Kasumi's Surprising! Astonishing! Nursery!? Wagamama Adult Kindergartener Doing As Much As Desired!n/a
SDMS-034Sexual Passion Esthetic Salon x Full Coursen/a
SDMS-054Aphrodisiac x Erotic Lady's x Passionate Sexn/a
SDMS-079Super Erection Angle x Super Squirting Fuck Lingerie Editionn/a
SDMS-109Intense!! 3P Thick Ones x 8 Complete Entriesn/a
SHKD-443Viola--d Right in Front of the Husband - Target 2n/a
SHKD-557After Being Viola--d By You, I...n/a
SHKD-576Escaped Prisonern/a
STAR-004Just For Me Xn/a
STAR-015Costume Play R--en/a
STAR-030Complete No Cut 10 Sexn/a
STAR-037Female Ejaculation Fuck x Pure Pantyhose Incontinence 1000 mln/a
STAR-044Dear Kaho's Lover - I Who Became Tiny and My Large Girlfriendn/a
STAR-060All Done - Nakadashi/Gang R--e/Bukkake/21 Shots!!n/a
SUPD-063Digital Channeln/a
SVDVD-523Enlightening Gas Orgasm, Doing Her Silly Till Her She Goes Out of Her Head! Breathing in Gaseous Aphrodisiac That's All the Rage Overseas 02n/a
TYOD-261Lewd Apartment Building Wife - Naughty Video Letter From My Wife Showing Her Spent From Another Guy's Cockn/a
VEC-180So Incontinent - Lewd Wife Who Carries Herself So Properly is So Shamefully Wet When She Fucksn/a
VEC-189Mother's Good Friendn/a
VENU-560Steamy In--st Mother-Son Bathing Fuckn/a
WANZ-264If You Can Withstand Kaho Kasumi's Tremendous Techniques, You Can Have Raw Cream Pie Sex With Her!n/a
WANZ-278An Older Sister-Type's Sex Techniques to Put a Rise in Guys Until She Gets 10 Shots of Cream Pien/a
WANZ-294Sex With a Miss Riding On Top That Still Ends With Shots Fired Uncontrollablyn/a
WANZ-333I Can't Resist the Sight of Her Panties Wedgingn/a
WANZ-362Come Inside of Me and Destroy My Uterusn/a
WPE-35Please Do My Wife... Tale of My Wife Who Was Cream Pied By Two Guys From the Place She Works Part-Time Atn/a
ZIZG-018Prison Battleship, Another Story - Inhuman Spouse-Stealing Through Brainwashing Restructuren/a
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