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Miyu Hoshino (ほしのみゆ/Age 35)

Also known as: Miyu Hoshino, 星野美優

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Miyu Hoshino (ほしのみゆ/Age 35) Profile:

Born: May 4, 1987
Measurements: B84 / W57 / H84
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Height: 155cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Miyu Hoshino (ほしのみゆ/Age 35)

Miyu Hoshino Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
ID-039I Ordered A 20-Year Old Beautiful Girl Real College Girl Delivery Health Call Girl! Sara Kagami05/11/2022
ID-003姫咲はな SPECIAL BEST 3時間01/27/2022
HODV-2163百永さりな、ただいま発情中!! メス盛り イカせるのが大好き◆12/02/2021
ID-033My Beloved Delivery Health Call Girl (A Former Track & Field Athlete) I Ordered A Delivery Health Call Girl And This Athletic Tall Girl (170cm) In Army Fatigues Showed Up And She Had Such Pure And Clear Skin She Was Practically Blinding, But This Military Babe Had Some Pretty Bad Third-Rate Acting Skills. Chitose Fuji09/08/2021
ID-007丘えりな SPECIAL BEST4時間03/25/2021
ID-028(Girl With Braces) I Called Real Life College Girl With An Escort Side-Hustle And She Turned Out To Be An Adorable Babe Getting Her Teeth Fixed Before She Has To Look For Honest Work 28 - Amateur Hooker Raw Creampie Sex - Hidden Camera Voyeur Video Suzuka Nakajo08/27/2020
ID-019My Beloved Delivery Health Call Girl 19 I Ordered A Delivery Health Call Girl Service, And I Realized That I Had Seen Her Somewhere Before, And Then I Remembered That She Was A Half-Canadian Magazine Reader Model Named Urara Or Rei, But Then She Slapped Me Twice And Made Me Squirt Like A Fountain04/30/2020
ID-016EvE channel 04/23/2020
HODV-21471Hottie Just Out Of The Hot Spring, Romantic Fuck Every Way With Her Flushed Body And Pussy04/02/2020
AD-109Tickling Heaven - Lesbian Tickling Attack - Rena Aoi AD - 10912/19/2019
ID-035A Beloved Call Girl. Special Edition. Wife With Super Saggy Tits Squirts Out Too Much Breast Milk. A Big Surprise After Inviting This Call Girl Over! When I Visit My S*****t Sota's House, A Celebrity Lookalike Milf Is There With Highly Sensitive Postpartum Tits That Can Get Milked Like Crazy, Here's The Full Story! Wife In Her 30s, Masaki Sugisaki.09/26/2019
ID-010Kanon Momojiri Special Best Hits Collection 4 Hours03/21/2019
ID-005Hinano Kamisaka SPECIAL BEST HITS COLLECTION 4 Hours02/21/2019
ID-001An Alternate World Fantasy Videos Of Impregnation Sex With A Beautiful Girl PREMIUM BEST HITS COLLECTION 8 Hours01/24/2019
ID-054Priestess PREMIUM BEST 8 Hours12/27/2018
ID-012My Beloved Delivery Health Call Girl (DQN) Amateur Prostitute Creampie Raw Footage - Female Teacher Miss Yuko Edition -11/30/2018
ID-025This Is An Amazing Blowjob! 32 Ladies/8 Hours05/24/2018
ID-021Rika Mari SPECIAL BEST 4 Hours05/24/2018
PBD-323PREMIUM 10th Anniversary - The Best Of PREMIUM 12 Hours 2011~ 201504/01/2016
PBD-317Premiere Actress' Legs x Stockings 3 Beautiful Leg Sluts Special12/30/2015
PBD-268Licky Lick! Rub Rub! The Pleasure Of Anal Licking And Handjobs 8 Hour BEST OF08/01/2014
RKI-337Rookie Selection! The Best Sports Costumes 16 Hours05/16/2014
AMD-2434-Hours of 24 Neat and Clean Schoolgirls II07/09/2012
AMD-207Shy Outside Remote Control Vibrator 4 Hours 10 Girls03/05/2012
PBD-139Premium Masterpiece Selection: Second Half of 201103/02/2012
RKI-158Best Of Blowjobs - Blowjob Heaven 200 Times In 24 Hours12/10/2011
RKI-136Squirting Best Masterpiece: Endless Squirting - 100 Scenes 24 Hours08/10/2011
PGD-520Miyu Hoshino, Retiring!n/a
PGD-5123D Masturbation Supportn/a
PGD-499Urination, Squirting, Great Incontinence, 3Dn/a
ALD-401I Love the Older Mann/a
PGD-468Miyu Hoshino, First Shaved Pussyn/a
PGD-462Please Teach Me! Teacher Miyu!n/a
PGD-441Eyes On Me Miyu!n/a
PGD-431Miyu Hoshino Seven Changesn/a
PGD-419Premium Stylish Soapn/a
PGD-406Young Female Student Without Pantiesn/a
PGD-400Miyu Hoshino 100% Your Virtual Girlfriend Erotic Life Togethern/a
PGD-393Young Lady Who Will Sell You Sexn/a
PGD-372From Morning Until Night in a Single Day, Support From Miyu Hoshino - Your Masturbation Time, 3-Hour Specialn/a
PGD-364Urination, Squirting, Great Incontinencen/a
PGD-355Miyu Hoshino 6 Fucks Special - JK Costume Play Versionn/a
PGD-349Love Knee-High Girln/a
PGD-338The Young Wife is a Young Female University Studentn/a
PGD-322Special Service Sex Dolln/a
PGD-300Eroticism While Still Wearing a Uniform!n/a
PGD-291Miyu Hoshino Vs. Gigantic Penisn/a
PGD-282Young Female Student Without Pantiesn/a
PGD-269Support From Miyu Hoshino - Your Masturbation Timen/a
PDV-060Alice Pink File - You Will Be Enchanted By That Pink File!n/a
KKSP-010Baby Dolln/a
RAGI-015Love Doll Miyu Type 100n/a
BOG-2014No Cut!!n/a
BUR-108Naked Lolita Nursen/a
DV-824Genuine Idol Nakadashi Liberation!!n/a
DV-847Clothed Fuck!!n/a
DV-892Uniform Paid Fuckn/a
EKDV-006Miyu Hoshino Soap Will Be Performedn/a
ELO-125Miyu Hoshino Bestn/a
FAD-098Face 98n/a
KAWD-049Kawaii* Girl 09n/a
M-886For Myself Only. S Custom Maid 004n/a
MIDD-300Hyper-Digital Mosaic Vol.60n/a
SAK-8454Love Fuck - Personal Obscene Daten/a
SAK-8459My Doll Miyun/a
SGOMS-008Ero Gal x 2n/a
SNWD-021Infatuation Cosplay Super Lesbian Spermn/a
VGD-042In--st Document - Mother-in-Law and Younger Sistern/a
SBMX-022A Miyu Feelingn/a
HODV-20509Absolute Costume Play!n/a
ELO-060Beauty Style 15n/a
PSSD-117Best of Miyu Hoshino Improved Mosaic Edition n/a
16ID-003Black Tights Young Female Studentn/a
BUR-192Blue Diamondn/a
HODV-20513Comprehensive Fetish Angle - Super Close-Up Complete Viewing!n/a
SBMX-040Continuous Climax Ecstasy Fuckn/a
16ID-012Costume Playn/a
DCOW-92Delusion Nursen/a
MILD-520Ecstasy 4 Hours Pure Nakadashi Specialn/a
BUR-121Ecstasy-Ridden! Victimn/a
HODV-20506Go With Miyu Hoshino to Love Fuck Hot Springsn/a
HODV-20479If Miyu Hoshino Was Your Erotic Girlfriend...n/a
SHY-017SIndecent Letter From Miyun/a
MDS-491Job-Seeking Exploitn/a
HODV-20485Let Me Do the Erotic Things I Wanted to Try!n/a
SHY-009Me & Youn/a
PSD-259Mischief - An Embarassing Matter, Rebirthn/a
XVSR-289Miyu Hoshino 4 Hoursn/a
BNDV-00636Miyu Hoshino Complete Collection 3n/a
SBMX-002Miyu Lifen/a
DCOW-95Nakadashi New Employee 4n/a
BUR-152Pink Diamondn/a
SHY-011SPlease!! Let Me Do You, Dear Miyun/a
RJK-101R-18 Miyun/a
SBMX-034Teach Me Teachern/a
DV-835The Contrary Soap Heavenn/a
SBMX-025The Secret of Younger Sistern/a
RAGI-008Tokyo Gals, Miyu 19n/a
KAGE-01Tokyo Young Lady Extreme Paid Fuck 01n/a
SBMX-036Uniform Lovern/a
SBMX-001Welcome to Black Max Caf?n/a
HODV-60001Young Female Student - Hooking Up Soku-Fuck Private Experiencen/a
XVSR-007[Reprinted Version] Miyu Hoshinon/a
PBD-275Please Look At My Ass! Booties Up Close PREMIUM BEST Eight Hours vol. 2n/a
PBD-276Screaming - Twitching - Arched Back In Orgasm - Hard Drilling Fucks Take Her To Heaven - 100 Loadsn/a
PBD-278PREMIUM Girls Academy Culture Festival - Horny Girls Collection -n/a
PBD-247From Foreplay To Ejaculation, We Recorded It! Specially Selected Intense Fuck, 16 Hoursn/a
PBD-242Premier Actresses x Huge Dicks Monster Cock Fuck 8-Hour Specialn/a
HMJM-01410th Anniversary Special Variety HMJM All Time Best 10 Hours Part. 1n/a
CADV-4238 Hours in a Soapland with Beautiful Y********lsn/a
PBD-201Ass Focus: 8 Hours of Anal Closeups During Sexn/a
PBD-192Do Me From Behind! BACK-FUCK Compilation (8 Hours) vol. 4n/a
PBD-168Premium Actress Cleaning Blowjob The Best 8 Hours 2n/a
PBD-16030 Soapland Bitches Sucking and Fucking Dirty Unwashed Cocks (8 Hours)n/a
AAJB-010(AV30) 30 Sprays P Remi UM SPLASH HISTORY 8 Hoursn/a
RKI-180These Brothel Babes Know how to Make You Cum Better than Anyone Else (100 Girls, 16 Hours)n/a
ELO-376YeLLOW All 6 Years Of Collected Footage! 24 Hours of 325 Titles In The BEST BOX Setn/a
PBD-118Premium Actress' x Masturbation 18 Ladies Climax Ecstasy 4 Hoursn/a
MIBD-528Earth-Shattering Orgasms! Four Hours of 100 Squirting Womenn/a
T28-116Mini Skirts Knee Socks Collection 8 Hoursn/a
RMILD-571Best Selection! 4 Hours Of Squirting 4n/a
HODV-21636h.m.p 2000s Goddess Legend 2n/a
PBD-326Premium Actress Gorgeous Ass Collection: Super-Stunning Ass Specialn/a
PBD-311The Best Golden Shower, Squirting And Pissing Accident Scenes. Gushing Orgasmic Pussies Of Young Ladies. 200 Liter Specialn/a
PBD-305Saliva, Sweat And Love Juices Mix. The Best Of Sloppy Kissing And Hungry Sexn/a
PBD-29431 Ladies Daily Sex Temptation SEX 8 Hoursn/a
PBD-2938-Hours Of Intimate Sex With Loving Couplesn/a
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