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Maki Hoshikawa (星川麻紀/Age 32)

Also known as: 早川麻紀, 星川真希, 星野あず, 星野槙子, 橋本友美

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Maki Hoshikawa (星川麻紀/Age 32) Profile:

Born: August 31, 1991
Measurements: B83 / W59 / H84
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 159cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Maki Hoshikawa (星川麻紀/Age 32)

Maki Hoshikawa Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
GTJ-113緊縛大全集939分 TOHJIROのSMの世界VOL.201/16/2023
EK-010Monthly Hitozuma Senka Erokari. 10th Edition.03/09/2022
EVIS-387Sweaty, Oiled Dancer01/03/2022
XRL-027Tied Up Screaming Orgasm 4 Hours, 10 Hotties' Uteruses Wrecked10/25/2021
DDT-649Crucifixion Bondage Orgasms 8 Hours05/14/2021
RVG-132Toilet Creeps Vs Cum Dumpsters BEST Collection vol. 405/04/2021
DDT-648A Tied Up Woman Broken In And Brought To The Breaking Point Collection, 8 Hours04/14/2021
DKSB-110I Like The Soft-skinned Legs Of Girls In Uniform03/31/2021
BTH-126Girl Slurps Down 19 Loads Of Cum From Men She Doesn't Even Know! Maki Hoshikawa03/04/2021
DDT-645Supreme Hard Fuck 8 Hours02/18/2021
CADV-797Crystal Films 35th Anniversary - Super Sub Dirty Talk 10 Girls, 8-Hour Special01/06/2021
DKSB-096Pretty Perky S********l Booty - Hard Dildo Masturbation BEST Collection 20 Girls, 5 Hours12/31/2020
DOKS-530Nasty Girls Who Get Turned On When Filthy, Stinking Cocks Get Rubbed Against Their Noses - Best Selection - 5 Hours, 14 Girls11/30/2020
RVH-005Anal Bitch BEST vol. 111/03/2020
PYU-085This Prim And Proper Female Teacher May Not Be Able To Handle It, But We're Going To Turn Her Into A Cum Bucket... Maki Hoshikawa09/27/2020
DDT-637Upper Limit Creampie: Baptism Seeded With 300 Billion Sperm09/17/2020
DKSB-075I Want To Get Tweaked By 2 Slut Bitches! A MOW-Style Double-Casting Of Man-Bullying Best Hits Collections 5 Hours 13 Pairs 26 Ladies08/31/2020
NSSTH-56Married Woman Maki Was Fucked By Her Husband's Best Friend Maki Hoshikawa 08/31/2020
XRW-898Destruction Of A Tied-up Girl's Uterous: Sexual Execution 10 People07/23/2020
SILKC-176Update - Sosuke Higashi -07/07/2020
SILKC-172New Life - Sosuke Azuma -06/30/2020
SILKC-175Be Rounded - Taito Tsukino -06/30/2020
DKSB-062Esoteric Erotica - The Best Collection Of Perverted Sex! - A World Of Mysterious Fetishes Awaits You!06/30/2020
STDDT-021(Special Value Combo) All Together, All In!! Maso Contraband Kaho Kasumi Maki Hoshikawa Yui Misaki06/24/2020
DDT-628Masochistic Woman Pissing Breaking In02/15/2020
OKAX-590Her Bulging Pussy Peeking Out Of Her Panty Shot & Trembling Thighs01/30/2020
XRW-820Beautiful Girl Total Bondage Creampie Endless Fuck01/30/2020
GTJ-078Fuck TJ World12/14/2019
NSPS-858Collector's Edition - The Best Of Lewd Cheating Housewives12/07/2019
GTJ-076Screaming Eros11/14/2019
NITR-474NITRO Fall Squirting Festival!! Deluxe10/15/2019
DDT-623Fisting And Fucking09/14/2019
DDT-622The Ultimate Anal Fuck A Two-Hole Fuck Best Hits Collection09/14/2019
DDT-621Serious Anal Spreading The Rose Bad Recipe08/16/2019
PTS-452Married Woman Anal Orgasm - Lesbian Massage Parlor - 22 Women, 2 Discs, 8 Hours Of Highlights08/14/2019
WSP-168A Dirty Woman Who Gives Off A "Give It To Me In My Ass" Vibe With A Twitching Asshole When I Lightly Fondle Her Pussy Gets Sandwiched By 2 Men And Gets Both Her Holes Filled!06/20/2019
OKAX-514Cum As You Watch Their Moist Panties Digging Into Their Asses And Pussies Right In Front Of You!05/30/2019
XRW-6764 Hours Of Creampies With 7 Tied Up Beauties Getting Impregnated All In A Row04/25/2019
DDT-615S&M Hot Mature Woman Library04/13/2019
NSPS-786Highlights Shocking Scandal Wife Held By Husband's Close Friend03/10/2019
GHKO-029THE SUPERLADY Maki Hoshikawa01/31/2019
HFD-182Deep Throat In... 4 The Coercion Suite 4 Hours01/24/2019
AMBS-052She's Twitching And Trembling In Ecstasy From So Much Finger Banging And Sex Toys Insertion! Beautiful Girl Masturbation 23 Girls12/31/2018
XRW-615Spread Eagle Tied Up Female Orgasmic Degradation Best Hits Collection12/27/2018
TGGP-081[G1] The Pissing Rape Of A Female Soldier - Ryuka - Maki Hoshikawa11/30/2018
WSP-151Neat and Clean: Delayed Masochism with Toys Maki Hoshikawa11/22/2018
RVG-081Anal Device Bondage Steel Tied Up Anal Torture The Best Hits Collection vol. 111/13/2018
DIC-020Thigh-Jobbing With A Schoolgirl's Voluptuous Thighs 5 Hour Collection09/20/2018
DDT-603Best of Hardcore Fisting Orgasms09/15/2018
DDT-602Best of Deep Throat With Hands Tied Up09/15/2018
UMSO-205Innocent And Sweet 18 Year Old Beautiful Girl's Clumsy Cowgirl 50 Girls09/13/2018
SDMU-864Tiger Kosakai Director's Favorite Porn Actress Life Counseling Vol. 1 Do You Want to See Porn Actresses' Real Faces?08/08/2018
DOKS-442Beautiful Ass Dildo Masturbation 5 Hour SP08/02/2018
RVG-070Best Of French Kiss vol. 107/17/2018
DDT-598Best Of Bile-Dripping, Deep-Throat Gagging Babes07/14/2018
DDT-597Best of Sex While Strung Up07/14/2018
NSPS-722The Evil Thoughts Of A Middle Aged Loser Apartment Manager He's Gonna Fuck The Shit Out Of These Apartment Wives!07/07/2018
VVVD-157The Female Detective Insane Gang Rape Divine Greatest Hits Collection06/22/2018
NITR-394NITRO The Cum Bucket Greatest Hits Collection06/15/2018
ADD-046Dogma 2017 Second Half Annual Collection06/14/2018
WSP-139My Loser Cock Will Cum Just From Foreplay But When She Gently And Kindly Gives Me A Cleanup Blowjob And Pretends To Swallow My Cum But She Keeps On Sucking So That My Dick Stayed Hard She Slipped It In Her Pussy Again For A Second Cum Shot Of Consecutive Cum Drinking Sex05/31/2018
ASW-192P-4 Semen Mania Specialty Video: Completely Nude09/06/2016
NFDM468Dildo & Foot Soles 208/04/2016
DOKS-326I Stopped Time!04/07/2015
RCT-709I Got an App That Makes Girls Think Crazy Things Are Normal!!!02/18/2015
BNSPS-326Dreamlike Sex: Apartment Manager Made an Apartment Wife His Toy Maki Hoshikawa01/22/2015
BNSPS-308Her Husband Doesn't Know... The Wealthy Wife Who Is Captivated By A Homeless Man Maki Hoshikawa11/22/2014
FSET-503Sneaking Into Bed For Lesbian Sex 807/09/2014
DOKS-295Lesbian Cunnilingus 306/03/2014
GVG-418Anal Device Bondage III, Iron Restraint Anal Torturen/a
SVDVD-468Anal Torture, Once Again! And Then Getting Sealed!!n/a
CMV-072Bound and Wedgied Swordswoman 3 - Loincloth Slave Lesbian Masochistic Service Dogn/a
PMP-224Cocksucking Semen-Gulping Student - Semen Training of a Young Black-Haired Hardcore Masochistn/a
XRW-275Totally Tied Up Furious Orgasms Crash Landing Maki Hoshikawan/a
DTK-001Graduation, Cum Swallowing Maki Hoshikawan/a
VDD-088Female Teacher in... (Coercion Suite Room) Teacher Maki (26)n/a
DDT-548Masochist D***s Maki Hoshikawan/a
JUX-490My Wife Got Anal From Another Guy - Unable to Forget the Pleasure She Felt in Her Assholen/a
MVG-019Perverted Public Restroom Where a Plaything Uses Her Mouth to Receive Fluidsn/a
DFE-019Real Day-Care Worker Who Does It Alln/a
ES-02Really Erotic With Sperm 2n/a
APAK-064Reviving Her Fantasy - When I Was in High School, I Wanted to Get Ra--d Like Thisn/a
GTJ-053Roped, Tortured Captiven/a
GVG-190Submitted By a Perverted Anal Clubn/a
NSPS-326The Sex of Your Dreams, A Manager Who Made a Wife in the Apartment Building Hisn/a
SMA-743The Wife Next Door Looks So Mild, But Every Night She and Her Husband Fuck Wildly, I Caught Her On a Day That Refuse Was to Be Burned Trying to Throw Out a Ton of Vibrators and When I Warned Her, She Showed What a Masochist She Was As Her Pussy Became Shamefully Wetn/a
DDT-510Tortured Ladyn/a
GTJ-052Totally Restrained, Under Complete Control - Torture Drugn/a
GVG-264Trained in Front of Wealthy Womenn/a
BSY-010Two-Day, One-Night Trip to a Hot Spring Resort With a Perverted Miss Full of Sexual Desire Whose Mouth is Naughty and Who Love Loves to French-Kissn/a
NYH-230Seeing My First Love Again At A Class Reunion, And Now She's A Secretly Lewd Married Woman... Getting So Excited That We Fuck Right Next To The Dining Hall. Maki Hoshikawan/a
MMNA-013First and Last Double Blowjob Maki Hoshikawa Shino Aoin/a
ASW-223MANIAC SEMEN Special Edition: Cum Swallowing Share House! Our Dicks Have Become Slaves To The Landlady. Maki Hoshikawan/a
TIGR-002Maki Hoshikawa Charisma AV Director Tiger Kosakai Presents: "We're Slicing And Dicing Through The Problems That AV Actresses Have!! We Visited These Film Shoots And Started Our Own POV Consultation Sessions Without Permission!!"n/a
NKS-7The Housewife Next Door Looks Might Sexy Doing Her Laundry When I Went To Her House To Deliver Some Underwear She Dropped, She Thanked Me With Some Creampie Sex!n/a
WSP122A Good Woman, Deep Throat Love 4 4 Hoursn/a
EVIS-163feti 072 Director's Choice Lesbian Videos For You To Cum By 02 Mana & Natsukin/a
CADV-606The Best Of Crystal 8 Hours 100 Selections Winter 2016n/a
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