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Yu Sakura (さくら悠/Age 33)

Also known as: 内山まい, 前田真紀, 川上里緒菜, 星原歩, 木下ゆかり, 松元亜衣, 河瀬リナ

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Yu Sakura (さくら悠/Age 33) Profile:

Born: April 1, 1989
Measurements: B110 / W61 / H98
Cup Size: J Cup
AV Activity: September 2012
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 157cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yu Sakura (さくら悠/Age 33)

Yu Sakura Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
BTH-153Gentle Titjob Cumshot Yu Sakura06/03/2021
DKSB-100Rubbing Lesbian Pussies: Best Highlights12/31/2020
DVAJ-486Her Tanned Body Is A Dazzling Brown: Beautiful Girl BEST 5 Hours11/12/2020
DKSB-067It's Summer! The Cocks Are Cumming Out! See All Those Tanned Gal Babes!! It's A Tanned Gal Fellatio Fuck Fest!! Best Hits Collection!! 40 Girls 5 Hours07/31/2020
DKSB-062Esoteric Erotica - The Best Collection Of Perverted Sex! - A World Of Mysterious Fetishes Awaits You!06/30/2020
GAS-471The 100 Best Awesome Titty Fuck Cumshots vol. 211/30/2019
SERO-0300EROTICA 2015 We'll Bring You Every Video 8 Hours!!10/28/2019
OKAX-554These Women Like It Deep! They Take Hard Cocks Inside Them Right Down To The Base And Rock Back And Forth, Twitching And Almost Fainting In Agony When They Cum09/26/2019
DKSB-015This Is The Best Sex Ever!! A Super Bitch Tanned Gal Delivery Health Call Girl Who Will Absolutely Let You Fuck Her!! 10 Girls 5 Hours 20 Fucks!!08/31/2019
YVG-023The Shame Plays Collection03/19/2019
XRW-619Devourinng Colossal Tits! - Torture & Rape/Gang Bang/Creampie Sex - 4 Hours12/27/2018
KCDA-235Jiggling And Trembling Massive Areolas Every Time She Moves, This Erotic Girl's Voluptuous Huge Tits Jiggle And Wiggle08/19/2018
BSY-019An Erotic Hot Springs Date With A Horny Lady Who Willingly And Proudly Exposes Her Hot Body Yu Sakura06/19/2018
ASW-121Oh So Sexy! 36 - This Girl Love Cum Way More Than Normal!04/26/2016
VVVD-137Female Director Haruna's Best Extreme Lesbian Strap On Dildo Ass Fucking Massage Parlor The BEST 17 Ladies 11 Hours02/26/2016
AUKG-197Debauched Glamor Gal - Lesbian Sex on Tropical Beach - Yu Sakura Nao Tachibana10/10/2013
SMA-700Coercion Academy: The Teacher's Colossal Tits Are Smeared With Cum Yu Sakura09/22/2013
DASD-216Compulsory Creampie Gang R**e Yu Sakura 06/21/2013
HOON-03Honk Honk Titties: Plump Colossal J-Cup Tits Yu Sakura06/10/2013
MOMD-006I Can't Go On!! Yu Sakura07/22/2012
SERO-027714 Shots of Cream Pie Drawn Out+1n/a
ONCE-08324/Seven(alpha) 11n/a
GG-175Big Tits Loving Shota Erotic Mischiefn/a
WANZ-043Big-Breasted Suntanned Trendy Soapland Gal Who Talks Dirtyn/a
TYOD-178Black Gal Ranmaru Special - J-Cup Lewd Bursting Tits, 3 Orgasmic Fucksn/a
BBI-129Busty Master Molesting Men - Bless This Crazy Woman Who Keeps Coming On To Menn/a
FLAV-127EroBody - Sakura with a 100cm J-Cupn/a
CWM-167Gulping Semen After Wringing It Out With Her Tits and Mouthn/a
BLK-083Kira Kira Black Gal - The Perfect Black Gal, Devilish Trendy Gal With J-Cup Super Bursting Tits That Will Enchant Youn/a
BLK-080Kira Kira Black Gal - Trendy Gal With a Tan Who Makes Sexual Advances, She Frequents Pink Film Theaters With Her Busty J-Cupn/a
XKK-077Oilish Gal Dolln/a
BBI-127Outdoor Fuck Exposure - Booming J-Cup Titties That Jiggle to the Left and Jiggle to the Rightn/a
OTAV-009The Naughty Body and Desire of a Young Lady Who Wants Guys Badlyn/a
FCDC-070The Trendy Big-Boobed President is the Flashiest Woman in the Company and Truly a Lewd Naughty Slutn/a
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