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Rin Azuma - 東凛

Rin Azuma was born on 07/20/1986 in n/a.

Measurements: 85-55-86 (cm)
Cup Size: E Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2014
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Height: 162 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Rin Azuma.

Rin Azuma Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
MEYD-470The Plain-Looking, Married Literary Woman Next Door Accidentally Walked In On Me Jerking Off. Contrary To Her Appearance, She's Really Sexually Aggressive And She Raped Me. Rin Azuma02/08/2019
MEYD-459This Unfaithful Horny Wife Is Begging For Impregnating Creampie Sex From Her Husband's Little Brother To Be Her Sperm Surrogate Rin Azuma01/11/2019
MEYD-446Due To Budget Constraints, I Had To Share A Hotel Room With My Married Woman Lady Boss During Our Business Trip She Always Treats Me Like A Slave, But When She Gets Drunk, She Turns Into A Sweet Little Thing Rin Azuma I Tried Kissing Her, And She Shoved Her Tongue Down My Throat She Lost Her Mind And Started Begging Me For My Cock, So This Time I Treated Her Like The Sex Slave Bitch She Deserved To Be12/08/2018
MEYD-434My Beloved Wife Was Forced Into Bigamy And Impregnated By A Despicable But Wealthy, Middle-Aged Man. Rin Azuma11/09/2018
MBYD-281The Mysterious Rapist Targets Married, Ovulating Women. 8 Titles. 8 Hours. BEST10/11/2018
MEYD-424I Had Creampie Sex With My Brother-In-Law While My Husband Was Away On An Overseas Business Trip. A Diary Of Pure Love. Rin Azuma10/11/2018
MBYD-280Today, I Want You To Keep Cumming Inside Me Until You Get Me Pregnant... 8 Hours Best Hits Collection09/07/2018
MEYD-413If You Can't Pay Your Rent, Should We Have You Repay With Your Wife's Body? Haha Rin Azuma09/07/2018
MEYD-392No Matter Where You Are, No Matter When, Whenever We Meet, I'll Lick Your Whole Body Until You're Covered In Drool And I'll Suck You Off With A Wonderful Blowjob Rin Azuma07/06/2018
MBYD-277A Horny Apartment Wife And A Dirty Old Man With A Pregnancy Fetish Are Having Sweaty, Thick And Rich Creampie Adultery Sex 8 Titles In A Massive Volume 8 Hour Greatest Hits Collection06/08/2018
MEYD-381An Incest Slave Wife Who Was Defiled By A Persistent And Deeply Experienced Dirty Old Man Who Would Foreplay Her Until Her Mind Was Blown With Hot Licking Cunnilingus, Nipple Tweaking, And Tongue Twisting French Kisses Rin Azuma06/08/2018
MEYD-369My Little Brother Brought Over His New Bride And When I Saw Her Come Out Of The Bath With Her Erect Nipples, She Transformed Me Into An Abnormal Sex Monster Rin Azuma05/11/2018
MEYD-002The Wife Next Door With a Loose-Fitting Bra12/16/2016
MBYD-265Includes Entire Segments!! Their First Sex In Front Of Strangers, 8 Hours, 8 Beautiful Married Women10/14/2016
MDYD-939Talented Woman Who's Been Married For 5 Years, She's Finally Ready to Go All the Way and Make An AV Debut09/06/2014
AVOP-03227-Year-Old Talent Married For Five Years, She's Taking Non-Nude Erotica to the Limitn/a
JUX-598Wife Messed Around With By Her Nasty Father-in-Law - Father, Please Leave Me Alone...n/a
MDYD-950Hot Summer Nightn/a
MDYD-962My Husband's Boss Bangs Me All the Time...n/a
MDYD-970Big-Breasted Teacher Pet Who is Just For Men/a
MDYD-981Wanting Each Other So Badly On a Two-Day, One-Night Trip of Adultery That They Ended Up With 10 Shots of Cream Pien/a
MDYD-990Married Woman Who Drops Her Keyn/a
MEYD-012Stepmother Slaven/a
MEYD-043Tempted By Dickn/a
MEYD-063The Young Wife Next Doorn/a
MEYD-073I Had Total Faith in My Beloved Wifen/a
MEYD-084My Stepson is Coarse?n/a
MEYD-106I Was Ra--d By Your Father While You Were Out?n/a
MEYD-1164 Times All the Way With An Older Guyn/a
MEYD-125She Was Simply Trying to Escape the Humiliation She Was Subjected to By Her Husband... Overrun By Temptation, Her Neighbors Banged Her Mercilessly?n/a
MEYD-135The Seduced Wife Was So Lovely and?n/a
MEYD-145Frustrated Young Wife Who Presses With French Kisses and Then Gets On Topn/a
MEYD-155While You're Away At Work, I Get Bound and Trained By My Master?n/a
MEYD-164Sultry Adulterous Nakadashi Sweat of An Old Man Who Knocked Up a Frustrated Wife in Your Apartmentn/a
MEYD-172We Reproduced True Tales Submitted to Us By Regular Women, Naughty Experiences of Real Wivesn/a
MEYD-183I Went to a Sex-Free Mat Health Establishment and My Provider Turned Out to Be An Arrogant Married Beauty Who's My Neighbor. I Took Advantage of the Situation to Fuck and Cream-Pie Her! And, I Ended Up Making Her My Submissive Sex Slave Outside the Shopn/a
MEYD-194Ra--st Whose Face is Concealed and Who Always Goes After a Married Woman the Time of the Month She's Most Liable to Get Pregnantn/a
MEYD-201My Sister-in-Law Tempted and Did Me At My Wife's Family Homen/a
MEYD-213Her Body Fixed in Place So That She Could Offer No Resistance, a Nakadashi Dutch Wife Was Rendered a Sex Toyn/a
MEYD-224Please Cum Inside of Me Today Until I Become Pregnant?n/a
MEYD-237Lewd Stepmother Feasting Upon Her Son, The Horny Beastly Sex That Takes Place As Soon As They're Alonen/a
MEYD-247Convulsive Climax Oil Massage, Discharging Pussy Juice During a Nakadashi Esthetic Treatment in Confinementn/a
MEYD-254Fellatio Slut Vaccum Wifen/a
MEYD-262We Found It in Ginza! A Legendary Super High-Class Nakadashi Soaplandn/a
MEYD-270Haughty Married Woman's Silent R--e Under Threatn/a
MEYD-283Married Woman Who Grabbed AV Out of the Garbagen/a
MEYD-288We'll Send You a Married Woman Who's Totally Wild. Horny Slut's Arousing Orgasmic Nakadashi Fuckingn/a
MEYD-294Temptation of Flashing Pussy, My Classmate's Mothern/a
MEYD-302Members-Only Esthetic Salon For Men Only Where a Married Woman Will Get a Full Rise Out of Youn/a
MEYD-313Seduction, Cheating in Her Third Year of Marriage - The 24 Hours She Spent From the Time She Met Up With An Old College Group Till She Went Home the Following Morningn/a
MEYD-323After Blackmailing His Friend's Education-Obsessed Mother Whom He Had a Crush On, He Transformed Her Into a Sex Monster. Viola-ing Her With His Fresh Young Invincible Cock, He Rendered Her His Playthingn/a
MEYD-333Creampie Infidelity of a Wife Who's Been Trying to Get Pregnant For Ages, She Found Herself a Guy With the Same Blood Type As Her Husband and Sought to Take Him Deep Inside of Hern/a
MEYD-346If You Can Withstand Rin Azuma's Tremendous Techniques, You Can Have Raw Cream Pie Sex With Her!n/a
MEYD-352Slutty Wife in An Apartment Building Who's OK With Getting Pregnant Keeps Saying, "Cum Inside of Me" All the Way Till Her Husband and Kids Are About to Return Homen/a
MEYD-361Seduced Teacher, My Wife Who's the Head Teacher At Her School Traveled With a Fellow Teacher to Scout a Field Trip Location?n/a
MTYD-003My Wife's Cheating Anniversaryn/a
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