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Haruna Kawakita (河北はるな/Age 28)

Also known as: 北川遙, 新井恵美, 木島涼子, 速水春香, 青木玲奈

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Haruna Kawakita (河北はるな/Age 28) Profile:

Born: February 19, 1996
Measurements: B89 / W59 / H89
Cup Size: F Cup
AV Activity: July 2016
Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Height: 162cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Haruna Kawakita (河北はるな/Age 28)

Haruna Kawakita Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
PPBX-063隣の○○妻 泥●し部屋を間違え「ただいま~!」4枚組スペシャルBOX(3)08/03/2022
AARM-079POV Masturbation With This Horny Mature Woman Who Knows Just How To Turn A Man On.04/25/2022
UMSO-441Super Curvy Older Sister with Colossal Tits and Colossal Ass, 10 BEST Actresses03/21/2022
MRSC-013Beloved Married Woman, No. 3. 10 Women. Creampies. 5 Hours.02/28/2022
MDBK-226They Make Men's Wishes Cum True: POV X Big Tits X Harem SEX 4-Hour BEST Collection: Includes Creampie Option02/21/2022
NASH-639A Married Couple's Real Sex Life vol. 0502/07/2022
ATKD-327ATTACKERS PRESENTS: 120/100 Amazing Bodies, 20 Bodies' Super Careful Selection - 8 Hours Special!01/31/2022
BDSR-470Undershirt And Light Skin Big Tits. Clothed Sex And Quick Peeks. Non-stop POV Fucking At A Love Hotel. 4-Hour Best Of.01/21/2022
MDBK-215Hot Spring Resort Sex Healed And Made To Cum 4 Hours BEST! It's Only When They Are Intertwined That They Can Be Together. A Dream Development On The Road!12/27/2021
UMSO-428Did the Wife Next Door, Who Had a Few Sips, Come Into My Home, Mistaking it For Hers!? vol. 0312/13/2021
GONE-043不倫カップル風呂 COMPLETE 美人妻5名11/26/2021
NASH-592Approached By Repressed Married Slut10/25/2021
MDBK-203[Total POV x Big Tits] No. 1 Titty Lover Satisfaction, Intense Titty Play Highlights10/25/2021
JFB-280Coming Like Crazy For The First Time In My Life From A Black Guy's BIG Dick. SEX Where Your Reasoning Power Breaks Down. 8 Hours Of The BEST!!10/04/2021
MDBK-199Dreaming Of Harem Sex Life 4 Hours Best 409/27/2021
BDSR-460Golden Big Morkal 2 Married Woman Edition 5 Hour Golden Highlights09/24/2021
MDBK-189BAZOOKA The First Half Of 2021. The BEST. 4 Hours. The Complete Collector's Edition.07/17/2021
AJVRBX-002[VR Nakamoto Set] Alice JAPAN Will Show You It All! 15 Titles In Total Making It Over 16 Hours Of Video!07/15/2021
FAVKH-005Ultimate Sexy Wives Make AV Debuts Behind their Husbands' Backs. Married women Haruna, with Big Tits and Exotic Looks, and Beautiful Slender Akane get Fucked in a Foursome!07/08/2021
MIST-338Mr. Michiru 7th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Special! Ovulation Day, Impregnation, Brothels, Kinks, And More - All 30 Creampie Titles! 500 Minutes, The Best Nut-Busting Scenes From March 2020 To February 2021 - 2 Discs, 980 Yen (1,078 Yen With Tax)06/09/2021
QHGOT-001Secret Lust A Complete Collection PERFECT BEST HITS COLLECTION No.1 15 Titles 2255 Minutes05/24/2021
MDBK-180I Will Fulfill Our Wishes!! Dream Situation SEX 4 Hours BEST05/21/2021
CADV-813Big Titties x Beautiful Y********ls x Nice Bodies HYPERSELECT20_Vol.1 8 Hours05/21/2021
REAL-769Ultimate - KIWAMI - Super Hard05/21/2021
NACX-07812 Shaved Pussy Mature Women Collection vol. 0204/30/2021
VRKM-210[VR] Milking Until Sperm Has Been Depleted!! Complete Satisfaction Missionary BEST!!04/21/2021
VRKM-195[VR] A KMPVR 2020 Collection Of 30 Highly-Reviewed Titles At 4.6 Or Higher 300-Minute VR Video Best Hits Collection Ultra Deluxe Collector's Edition! - These High Ratings Are Proof Of Their Popularity! A Complete Collection Of All The Most Highly Reviewed Popular Videos -04/20/2021
ARM-970The Impulse To Stick Your Face Into A Set Of Thighs, The Desire To Be Corrupted By Having Your Face Squeezed In Between A Set Of Thighs04/13/2021
VRKM-188[VR] Endless Hip-Humping - Incredible Cowgirl Will Leave You Boneless Super Best Collection 183 Minutes!04/09/2021
ARM-965A Super Massive Oil Massage x "That's A Good Boy, That's A Good Boy ..." Cock Tip Stimulating Pleasure Chapter 2 204/01/2021
CBIKMV-158[VR] Coming On To Men And Tempting Them: SEX BEST03/31/2021
JFB-258Sharing A Room With A Black Man On Vacation Cuckhold Hotel 8 Hours BEST03/25/2021
ARM-954Anal Twitching Masturbation In Piledriver Pose, So Clear You Can Count The Number Of Wrinkles On Her Asshole02/19/2021
VRKM-123[VR] See Her Whole Snatch! Superb Close Ups! Beautiful Girls With Shaved Pussy! BEST Collection 180 Minutes!02/09/2021
PARM-165Casual Knit One-piece Dress Provocation02/07/2021
VRKM-095[VR] An Aphrodisiac Has Made Her So Sensitive She Drools! Girls Lovingly Slipped Sex Chems To Make Them Cum Even Harder01/14/2021
MMB-343Complete Squirting - Every Time She Cums, The Squirting Won't Stop! 10 Beautiful Girls Squirting -12/31/2020
TICS-001LUNATICS 1 Year Anniversary Premium Works Collection - 10 Hours, 980 Yen12/26/2020
RVR-058[VR] An Erotic Lingerie Thong VR Video12/15/2020
VRKM-053[VR] Death By Booty - Face-Sitting In G-Strings VR12/03/2020
VRKM-049[VR] Orgasm Booty VR12/01/2020
SOAV-071A Married Woman's Faithless Heart Best Collection 411/28/2020
RVR-055[VR] Catch And Release Creampie!11/17/2020
NASH-399Giving A Creampie To A Young Wife With A Shaved Pussy - 12 People BEST11/12/2020
MIST-318Totally Exclusive Footage Women Who Cum Through Their Nipples 15 Ladies Have Cum To Audition! Our Locked Down Cameras Are Capturing Both Wide And Closeup Angles To Totally Capture Their Nipple Orgasms Videos For Nipple Freaks To Enjoy Their Masturbation + Reverse Nipple Action To Get Men To Cum Too 15 Ladies11/11/2020
VRKM-042[VR] Masturbation Over Panties Until Climax VR11/10/2020
BBAN-298A Corporate Takeover NTR Lesbian Series Sex In The President's Office, Filled With Kisses Haruna Kawakita Aina Shinkawa 711/05/2020
HZHB-002TSUMABANA [60fps] High Image Quality, 5 Hours Ultra HD BEST11/03/2020
ARM-918Enjoy Getting Her Tongue Relentlessly Stroked All Over Your Ear While She Sucks On Your Little Cock Hole In The Ultimate Threesome Teasing Sensual Pleasure11/01/2020
NACX-066Creampie Sex With A Woman With A Writhing Exquisite Body 14 Ladies vol. 0210/31/2020
VRKM-023[VR] The College Girl In Room 401 Is Using Her Secret Weapon, Her Cowgirl Technique, To Indiscriminately Drive The Residents Of Her Apartment Building To Chaos, Because She's An Abnormally Horny Bitch, And Now, Tonight, She's Finally About To Visit My Apartment!! Haruna Kawakita10/20/2020
ARM-916Thigh Job And Ass Job Over Underwear - Boys Wear Briefs Too, So Contact Area Can Be Seen Well! Part. 410/19/2020
ARM-914Intense Masturbation: So Drenched In Her Own Pussy Juices They're Flowing Down To Her Anal Hole10/13/2020
VENU-969My Sister-In-Law Came Onto Me Suddenly, And We Enjoyed A Two Day Trip Of Constant Ecstasy Haruna Kawakita10/10/2020
CBIKMV-094[VR] This Big Tits Sales Lady In A Miniskirt Suddenly Visited My Home, And Aggressively Used All Sorts Of Sexual Techniques To Make A Sale, And She Totally Took Control Of The Situation And Surprised Me With Creampie Sex. So Of Course, I Signed On The Dotted Line. Haruna Kawakita10/08/2020
MDBK-134Cum Around The Clock - You Can't Leave Until This Busty Proprietress Gets 10 Loads - Soothing Sex At A Hot Spring Hotel10/08/2020
VRKM-018[VR] Big Tits Masterpieces Boasting Enthusiastic Support From VR Users, All Released At Once! Super Sex Big Tits PREMIUM BEST10/05/2020
TKS-001[Delivery Only] Handjob Festival With The Ultimate Squeezing Beauties vol. 0110/01/2020
NACX-064Careful Selection Of 8 Beautiful Mature Women With Erotic, Big Tits09/30/2020
ZOOO-00520 Exquisite Bodies - These Beautiful Tits Would Turn Anybody's Head 240 Minutes09/28/2020
BDSR-431Her Fair Skinned Big Tits Are Peeking Out Of Her Shirt Enjoy The Tantalizing Pleasure Of Clothed Sex All Episodes Freshly Filmed Clothed Bathing, See-Thru Wet Lotion Action, And POV Filming All The Time At A Love Hotel09/25/2020
BDSR-431-01(Soft And Gentle Big Tits) Spoiled Brat Sex "You're Such A Baby" An Elder Sister Type With Marshmallow-Soft Big Tits Who Will 100% Grant Your Every Wish Haruna Kawakita09/25/2020
NIMA-008Fitch, The Most Nut-Busting Adult Comics Out There, Faithfully Recreated On Screen! (Sad News) This MILF Kept Her Career Too Late And Now She's Desperately Trying To Get Pregnant Haruna Kawakita09/25/2020
MRSS-095The Story Of Losing My Wife To An AI - Haruna Kawakita09/17/2020
AJVR-096[VR] Raw Dogging Right Before The Creampie - 67 Loads, 305 Minutes Of The Most Pleasurable Pounding You Can Imagine (Lotus Position/Cowgirl/Missionary) Enjoy The Best Part Of Sex From Every Angle!09/14/2020
NEO-739Overdoing It! Peeing Older Sister - Haruna Kawakita09/09/2020
GUN-744Crotch Vibrator, Incontinence Masturbation09/09/2020
FCH-062(For Streaming Editions) "I Can't See Your Cock" G-Cup And Over, These Tits Are So Big They'll Completely Swallow Up Your Cocks... How Exquisite!! Big Tits Titty Fuck Action09/03/2020
ZRC-001[For Delivery Only] Completely Naked Catalogue vol. 109/03/2020
GOWA-002Tokyo Adultery Stories 2: See You Later, I'll Be Going Out To Have Some Fun Today Too... Haruna Kawakita08/29/2020
HOTVR-014[VR] An Underground Rejuvenating Creampie Massage Parlor "You'll Have To Keep This A Secret, Okay...?" This Beautiful Massage Parlor Therapist Tempted Me In The Most Filthy Manner And Licked My Entire Body From Head To Toe And Got Me Rock Hard! I Could No Longer Resist, So I Plunged My Cock Into Her Pussy Raw, And Enjoyed Some Deep And Rich Creampie Ejaculation! Long-Length 180-Minute Special Package!!08/27/2020
VDD-164Secretary in... (Seduction Suite) Haruna Kawakita08/27/2020
DAVR-006[VR] A Totally Private Room Creampie Massage Parlor Date With A Big Tits Elder Sister Type Who I Picked Out For Unlimited Ejaculations... Haruna Kawakita08/27/2020
DANDY-727As I Gave Her A Massage, She Became So Sensual And Rocked Her Hips So Erotically That She Became Sexually Unstoppable!! 30 Minutes After I Started My Session, These Big Ass Beautiful Women Became So Sensual They Agreed To Let Me Fuck Them08/26/2020
EKDV-640Ms. Haruna's Ass Is Bulging Out Of Her High-Cut Competitive Swimsuit And It's Just Too Erotic For Me To Handle! Haruna Kawakita08/26/2020
OVG-149Turn You On! Panty Shots And Footjob By An Impertinent Daughter 308/18/2020
NACR-345The Beautiful Married Woman From Next Door She Came To My Place And Declared, "I'm Home!" Haruna Kawakita07/31/2020
HTD-001Hey Teacher, You Must Enjoy Being The Center Of Attention All The Time, Because It's Going To Your Head, So How Do You Like Being Bullied Like A Piece Of Trash And Getting Creampie Fucked With My Stinky Cherry Boy Cock All Night...? (LOL) Haruna Kawakita07/23/2020
HZGD-157This Beautiful Big Tits Wife With Light Skin Was Placed Under Confinement By Her Husband's Best Friend And Received Breaking In Training And Aphrodisiacs Until She Broke Down With Pleasure Haruna Kawakita07/16/2020
MIZD-194G-Spot Exploitation! The Best Doggie-Style Orgasms - Girls Drilled By Dick To Absolute Bliss07/10/2020
KMVR-916[VR] American S********l VR07/07/2020
REAL-732Prisoner Haruka Kawakita, What A Pleasant Imprisonment!!!!06/11/2020
DANDY-716I Was At A Men's Massage Parlor During The Weekday When It Wasn't Too Busy, And I Was Recommended That I Purchase The Double-My-Pleasure Treatment And Then This Horny Housewife Therapist Made Me Cum Over And Over Again06/10/2020
HDKA-212Naked Housewife, Haruna Kawakita From Urayasu (24)05/31/2020
KMVR-878[VR] You Get To See How She Looks When She Cums, The Entire Time VR05/30/2020
LULU-022(Debt-Ridden NTR) Since Her Husband Didn't Keep His Promise To Pay Back His Debts, She Needed To Use Her Body To Protect Her Family, So Now She's Being Pumped Full Of Cock Every Single Day A Big Tits Wife With Light Skin Immediately After Giving Birth05/28/2020
MIHA-039Mister Michiru 5th Anniversary Exclusive Actress Audition Entry Number 07 Haruna Kawakita05/28/2020
EXVR-337[VR] The Beautiful Shaved Widow Next Door Cheers Me Up By Dressing Up In A Bunny Suit Haruna Kawakita05/27/2020
KMVR-892[VR] Licking Techniques VR05/22/2020
MDBK-103She'll Serve Only You A Super Popular Secretary Service That Provides Extra Horny Services05/14/2020
ADN-246The Jailbreaker - Haruna Kawakita05/01/2020
MIST-297Mr. Michiru Fifth Anniversary Exclusive Actress Audition vol. 304/08/2020
KMVR-847[VR] Total Ban On All Sexual Acts!! Masseuse At Mens' Massage Parlor Presses Her Big Tits Against Your Body Testing Your Temptation: Super Close-Up Pleasure Massage VR!!04/03/2020
GVH-051A Sexy Field Trip With The Boss's Son 303/31/2020
AJVR-082[VR] Cuteness And Sexuality Together; A Fleshy Body, Fair Skin, Light Pink Nipples And Chubby Lips. Sensual Intercourse With This Most Amazing Girlfriend [Raw Fuck] Amazing French Kissing, Nipple Sucking, 69 And Close-up Cowgirl. She Sucks My Finger And I Fuck Her Doggy Style And In The Missionary Position. [Creampie] Haruna Kawakita03/27/2020
LUKE-005A Slutty Young Lady Gets Real Close And Seduces You With Dirty Talk - Haruna Kawakita03/21/2020
GVH-045Erotic Novelist And Fresh Out Of School Cute Editor: Haruna Kawakita03/17/2020
MDBK-092Erotica Unleashed! - A Slutty Personal Trainer With Big Tits - Working Out At A Gym Where The Female Trainers Use Their Beautiful Fit Bodies To Make You Cum!03/12/2020
UMD-725If I'm Right About The Mood In This Room, Maybe She'll Let Me Fuck Her If I Push A Little Harder!? "May I Please Fondle Your Titties!!?" "Can I Touch Your Ass!?" "Can I Just Stick My Tip In!?" I Have No Shame, I'm Getting On My Hands And Knees And Begging!! A Horny Guy Who Wants To Fuck And Women Who Easily Dodge Their Advances Are In An Intense Battle Over Insertion!! 303/05/2020
RBD-961Young Lady In A Cage, Haruna Kawakita, Moe Hazuki03/04/2020
JUFE-148Sharing A Room With A Black Man On Vacation - Big Dick Adultery - Haruna Kawakita02/28/2020
ONEZ-224A Chubby Girl In Uniform With Big Tits - Haruna Kawakita vol. 00302/06/2020
ADN-236Forgive Me, Darling... First Time Trying To Get Pregnant, Haruna Kawakita01/31/2020
SOAV-061The Heart Of Infidelity In A Married Woman Haruna Kawakita01/25/2020
HOTVR-008VR - The Dark Business Of Creampie Massages - "Don't Tell My Boss, Okay?" - A Beautiful Massage Therapist Makes An Indecent Proposal, And Gets You Hard By Licking Your Entire Body! She Rides You Until You Can't Control Yourself And Cum Inside Her! - Special Threesome Edition With Haruna And Ruru01/09/2020
HOTVR-006VR - The Dark Business Of Creampie Massages - "Don't Tell My Boss, Okay?" - A Beautiful Massage Therapist Makes An Indecent Proposal, And Gets You Hard By Licking Your Entire Body! She Rides You Until You Can't Control Yourself And Cum Inside Her! - Haruna Kawakita01/09/2020
FCH-046Digital Exclusive - Extremely Meaty Assjobs! 3 - Her Big, Round Ass Is Going To Jump Out Of The Screen And Rock Your World!01/02/2020
DOCP-195While Her Husband Was Having A Smoke, For Those 5 Minutes, This Honest And Reliably Good Wife Was Getting More Than 3 Cum Shots Of Creampie Sex From Her Father-In-Law And Pumped With Over 10 Pregnancy Fetish Cum Shots A Day, So Much That She's Guaranteed To Get Pregnant vol. 201/02/2020
JUKF-033Forbidden Relationships - This Stepbrother And Stepsister Have Sex At Least Twice A Week While Their Parents Aren't Looking - Haruna Kawakita12/27/2019
OTIM-014[Digital Exclusive] Uniform Mama's Romantic Service Haruna Kawakita12/26/2019
DOCP-191This Masochistic Woman Gets Mouth-Fucked So Hard She Gets Excited, And Cums Again And Again With A Dick Deep In Her Throat12/19/2019
MDTM-586Exclusive High-Class Beautiful Girl! - The Boss's Secretary - Image Club Premium vol. 00212/12/2019
HGOT-020Just Once OK...? Sensitive Body Cheating Fuck Under The Electric Blanket12/12/2019
DOCP-187Hunting For An Older Beauty's Underwear "Are You Getting Horny For The Panties Of An Old Lady Like Me?" At First She Was Overjoyed At Being Seen As A Woman Again, And Then She Said, "Do You Really Want Me?" And Used Her Horny Body To Extract My Semen 312/05/2019
ETQR-113Naughty Assistant & Dreamlike Boss Experience! Haruna Kahoku11/29/2019
JUFE-121The Fully Nude NTR Class This DQN Bad Boy S*****t Found Out A Secret Belonging To This Female Teacher, So He Taught Her The Physical Pleasures Of Shame Haruna Kawakita11/22/2019
OTIM-006Digital Exclusive - An Armpit Fetish Club Where Pleasure And Shame Unite! - Haruna Kawakita11/21/2019
GDHH-173I've Got A Cute Pet Kitten! She's House-Trained And Well-Mannered! - She Gets A Little Embarrassed When She Uses Her Kitty Litter, But She Loves It When I Play With Her!11/01/2019
ONEZ-210A Fetish Club Where The Girls Constantly Show Off Their Armpits - Haruna Kawakita vol. 00210/31/2019
DOCP-180I Already Came! I Take Advantage Of A Beautiful Maid, Relentlessly Fuck Her And Forcibly Give Her A Creampie! 210/31/2019
DOCP-174Forbidden High-Speed Detox - A Massage Parlor Where The Girls Wear Lingerie And Ride You Cowgirl Style, Giving You The Best Ejaculation Of Your Life10/03/2019
DOCP-175The Temptation Of A Front Clasping Bra 3 I Was Peeping On The Big Tits Beauty Who Was Living In The Room Across From Me, When I Saw Her Bashfully Unclasping Her Bra, And Starting To Lure Me To Temptation... I Started To Lose My Mind, And Let Her Tempt Me To Her Heart's Content, And I Got My Fill Of Her Voluptuous Titties Until I Could Taste No More That Day.10/03/2019
YTR-130Good-Enough Girls Who Get Pumped And Creampie Fucked In 240 Minutes Of Continuous Fucking.03/21/2019
RVG-075Naughty Elderly Care BEST vol. 1309/18/2018
MIZD-104Cum Crazy Premature Ejaculation A Beautiful Young Girl In Uniform Greatest Hits Collection 8 Hours07/06/2018
HTPS-011Cute Barely Legal Girls Who Love Hard Cock & White Cum: Includes 10 Perverted Girls08/24/2017
HMNF-045Pass By An AV Actress 06. All Members Are F-Cup. Bottomless Sex Edition.05/26/2017
APAK-154I'm Gonna Fuck This Bitch... Haruna Kawakita "Please Forgive Me! If You Keep Fucking Me Like This... I... I'm Going To Lose My Mind..."12/24/2016
MKMP-098AV Debut Haruna Kawakita - The Top Hostess For 2 Years Running, Inspired By Rika Hoshimi Haruna Makes Her Debut!! -07/07/2016
MKMP-101Body-Hugging Cosplayn/a
XRW-331Divine Ecstasyn/a
GVG-443Forbidden Nursingn/a
YAL-055Fuck-Filled 85-Minute 14-Shot Contest in Which She Gets Poked Out of the Blue and Planted With Seedn/a
TIKJ-010Fucking Raw While Under the Influence of An Aphrodisiac! Nasty Divine Tits! She Had Sex While Using a Drug! She Has a Cute Loli-Like Face, But After Consuming An Aphrodisiac, Her Logic is Busted and She Becomes a Nakadashi Masturbation Doll Who Cums Like Crazy!n/a
MKMP-109If Haruna Kawakita Was My Girlfriend?n/a
HIZ-010Nothing But Orgasms No.010n/a
XRW-292Pregnant Sugarbaby Student Gets 10 Shots of Raw Cream Pie in a Rown/a
MIAE-082Premature Ejaculation and a High School Girl Who Cums Easy 8n/a
MKMP-116Rejuvenating Massage That Provides All Kinds of Stupendous Pleasuren/a
MKMP-122Stimulating the Hell Out of a Virgin to Guide Him to a Spectacular Devirginizing Ejaculationn/a
HTPS-006That Proper Big-Breasted Girl is Actually Nasty. When This Squirting Miss is About to Cum, Her Face Turns Contorted and She Begs to Get Creampiedn/a
HERY-083We Middle-Aged Guys Do For a Wife What Her Husband Cannot, Badgering Her Mercilessly to Drive Her Wild and Make Her Oursn/a
TMEM-091Young Ladies Are Submissive, Such a Trait is Easy to Detectn/a
VRKM-436[VR] Unprecedented Erotic Thanksgiving!! Contains 4 Works Packed In One Volume! Memorial For Gorgeous Immaculate Women BEST 340 Minutes!!n/a
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