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Maina Yuri - 優梨まいな

Also known as: 久堂理沙, 加藤まいな, 椎名果歩, 神田詩乃

Maina Yuri was born on 05/30/1995 in n/a.

Measurements: B88 / W61 / H93
Cup Size: E Cup
Porn/AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: B
Height: 155cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Maina Yuri.

Maina Yuri Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
ANX-099Honest Hypnotism EX Hypno enthusiast a.k.a. How and why we chose these girls and ended up doing this shoot05/26/2018
FSET-765A Woman With 100cm Of Ass Meat Tweaking Maina Yuri05/23/2018
HDKA-142Naked Maid The Naked Maid Referral Center Maina Yuuri06/30/2018
HZGD-085The Aggressor - A Big Tits Wife Who Was Cuckold Fucked By A Strange Dirty Old Man And Awakened Her Maso Instincts - Maina Yuri05/24/2018
ID-036Human Farm07/26/2018
LOL-164Lolita Special Course A Little Lover's Shaved Pussy Development Journal Maina Yuri05/24/2018
MDB-857This Big Tits Beautiful Woman Awakened Her Lust Through Abstaining From Sex, And Now She's Devouring This Cherry Boy Mio Kimishima Maina Yuri Nene Sakura02/08/2018
MIAE-242Ultra Rock Hard Erection Dick Sucking Blowjob Cum Swallowing Legend Maina Yuri05/25/2018
MIST-217Bodystockings Filled to Bursting! Big Tits, Huge Ass, & Meaty Pussies Slurp Up Cum. Little Devil Edition with Maina Yuri & Miki Sanada07/11/2018
MOPF-011[A DMM Exclusive] A Man Who Wants To Be Tied Up And Raped And The Woman Who Drives Him Insane With Pleasure vol. 307/24/2018
MUDR-041That Slut Kawai Really Knows How To Fuck Maina Yuri07/06/2018
NGOD-077I Want You To Listen To My Cuckold Tale Of Woe An Ant And Grasshopper Type Of NTR Tale A Prim And Proper Wife Who Got Fucked By A Lazy Motherfucker Who's Always Had It Easy In Life Maina Yuri06/01/2018
SQTE-214I Filmed A POV Video With My Beloved Girlfriend This Beautiful Girl With Light Skin Is Revealing All Of Her Honest Feelings In This Deep And Rich Love Affair06/09/2018
VRTM-360"I Just Want To Grope That Ass, Just Once!" Her Daddy Was Feeling Horny For His Daughter's Big Ass Every Time He Saw It Wrapped In Black Pantyhose And Her School Uniform, So One Day He Slipped Her Some Date Rape Drugs, And Made His Dreams Cum True By Satisfying Himself With Her Voluptuous Ass And Getting All The Creampie Sex He Could Ever Want!06/07/2018
VRTM-365"Hey Big Brother, You Can Do It!" When Her Big Brother Lost Confidence In Himself, His Cheerleader Little Sister Tries To Cheer Him Up, But When He Catches A Glimpse Of Her Ass Underneath Her Skirt, He Gets Rock Hard! Hoping To Make Him Feel Better, She Rides His Cock For A Raw Creampie Bonanza! Unbeknownst To Their Parents, These Two Are Having A Multiple Orgasm Fuck Fest! 307/12/2018
WANZ-779258 Cum Shots Into Maina's Body In An Aphrodisiac-Laced Deep And Rich Semen Injection Party Maina Yuri07/27/2018
XRW-485Super Climax - Maina Yuri05/24/2018
XRW-510Breaking In My Step Daughter To Be Submissive Maina Yuri07/12/2018
YSN-470My Super Smart And Talented Big Sister Is Using Masturbation Adult Toys To Scream And Shout With Pleasure She Was Super Excited And Then She Caught Me Watching Her, So She Grabbed My Cock And Started To Play With It Like One Of Her Toys...06/27/2018
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