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Sakura Kirishima - 朔葉あすか(霧島さくら)

Sakura Kirishima was born on 11/11/1995 in n/a.

Measurements: 92-59-88 (cm)
Cup Size: I Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2019
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Height: 157 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Sakura Kirishima.

Sakura Kirishima Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
GRCH-321Love MEn W Debut - Hiromi Nagase/Aleck08/07/2019
HODV-21399I Did The Girl Next Door On My Summer Vacation Stand By Me Sakura Kirishima08/01/2019
SQTE-260S-Cute A Big Tits Beautiful Girl Festival 8 Hours07/27/2019
NITR-459NITRO Deep And Rich French Kiss Sex Best Hits Collection07/15/2019
HODV-21391Just The Two Of You Fucking Intimately In POV At The Soapland Sakura Kirishima07/04/2019
CADV-723You Couldn't Imagine It If You Saw Her Working!! Dirty Videos Of Sexy Working Women. 15 Occupations. 8 Hours07/01/2019
BIKMVR-084[VR] Beautiful Face Best Selection Of Hotties! VR Schoolgirl Highlights! 206/22/2019
HOMA-066Dirty Devil Attack Cum Sucked Out By Dirty Devil Until I'm Dry Every Night 240 Minute Highlights06/22/2019
HODV-21384Stalker's Target Sakura Kirishima 06/06/2019
SAVR-052[VR] If I Accidentally Went Into The Women's Sauna... Sakura Kirishima [Real Video]06/02/2019
SQTE-253S-Cute Girl Rankings 2019 TOP 1005/25/2019
UMSO-250Women With Colossal Tits Tend To Get Stiff Shoulders, So How To Solve That Problem? They Need To Get Their Tits Rubbed At A Massage Parlor!! vol. 0505/16/2019
CADV-714Her First Insertion!! A Cherry Boy Cherry Popping 8 Hours 205/01/2019
KMVR-595[VR] Heisei Era Masterpiece Super Best Hits Collection 2 High-Quality & 60fps!!04/19/2019
CADV-711100 Big Tits Romantic Scenes 8 Hours04/15/2019
GRCH-3032Shota Kitano Best Hits Collection Vol.3 Drama Edition04/11/2019
VRTM-425Sakura Kirishima PREMIUM BEST! 9 Videos, 5 Hours04/11/2019
DVAJ-360[Special Price] I Hold Sakura, A Beautiful Busty Married Woman, Captive And Rape Her. I Forcibly Penetrate The Resisting Woman. At Her She Resisted But She Starts To Enjoy The Passionate Sex She Doesn't Get From Her Husband. She Resists Verbally But She's Made To Orgasm In The Doggy-Style, Prone Bone And Spooning Positions. Finally The Ruthless Man Cums In The Missionary Position And Squirts Cum On Her Face.04/05/2019
HODV-21369"But Even So, I Still Love My Wife..." Sakura Kirishima04/04/2019
HODV-21374240 Minutes Of 40 Women! Sweet Young Girls, Naughty Girls, Hot Girls, Everyone Showing Off Some Hot Ass By Taking It Cowgirl Style04/04/2019
SCVR-022[VR] Experience A Real Massage Parlor Of Vice SUPER BEST!!04/03/2019
CADV-710Oiled Titties BEST HITS COLLECTION 8 Hours03/31/2019
NITR-439NITRO Chubby And Thick Body BEST03/15/2019
HODV-21361I'm Not Fucking Her Big Sister!? My Girlfriend's Big Sister Laid A Honey Trap And Creampie Fucked Me Sakura Kirishima02/28/2019
KMVR-568[VR] The Aphrodisiac Turns Instantly Turns Them Into Dirty Sluts! Women Who Became Addicted To The Intoxicating Pleasure. SUPER BEST02/27/2019
OVG-097"Oh! You're Inside Me Raw!" When Her Pussy And His Dick Were Rubbing Up Against Each Other In An Oiled Up Pussy Grind Session, It Felt So Good That His Dick Just Slipped Right In, Raw!! Delivery Health Call Girls Who Got Creampie Fucked 502/19/2019
CADV-704Moaning Cosplay Sex 8 Hours02/15/2019
HODV-21352If You Want Some Serious Sucking, Leave It To Me Sakura Kirishima01/31/2019
CRVR-128[VR] Big Tits x Colossal Tits x Beautiful Tits A Titty Fondling VR Experience You Love Titties And Now You'll Get To Fondle Them All You Want!!01/27/2019
NITR-429NITRO Best of Big Breasted Unfaithful Wives01/15/2019
CHRV-074Cherries Rebo! You Have To See These Colossal Tits. Here Cums The Bust Hit Parade! 2019. Highlights. 300 Minutes Of Squeezing, Sandwiching, Inserting And Cumming Inside 20 Women!01/12/2019
HODV-21347A Girl In Glasses She's Neat And Clean, But Behind Her Eyes, She's Hiding Her Horny True Identity01/10/2019
MMB-229Big Tits Only Creampie Sex By The Skin Of Your Teeth This Is Truly Mainstream Sex!!! Grab Those Big Tits, Tweak Those Nipples, And Unload Your Cum Deep Into Her Pussy12/29/2018
REBDB-339Sakura Full Bloom Cherry Sakura Kirishima12/26/2018
KMVR-515[VR] A Complete And Comprehensive Look At An Absolutely Sure Thing Actress!! The Ultimate And Divine 10 Best Actresses Best 212/25/2018
AVOPVR-112[VR] VR-1 Anniversary Title. Complete Collection Of The Most Popular Series From KMPVR!! 4 Brand New VR Videos Featuring Popular Actresses!! Sakura Kirishima , Miku Abeno , Yu Shinoda , Akari Maijima12/19/2018
MUDR-059I Invented A Drug That Allows Me To Control Girls. The Principal's After-School Research Project. Akari Mitani, Sakura Kirishima12/08/2018
HODV-21339The Goddesses At The Massage Parlor Made Us Cum With Their Amazing Techniques. An Sasakura Sakura Kirishima 12/06/2018
BBAN-210I Want The Woman Of My Dreams To Love Me... Sakura Kirishima Misato Nonomiya 12/05/2018
SQTE-233S-Cute Yearly Top Sales Ranking 2018 Top 3011/30/2018
EIKI-0871, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Middle-Aged Men. We Rented Middle-Aged Men And Made Them Have Sex LOL. The Best Of Horny You**ber. 4 Hours.11/23/2018
FSET-797(Public Humiliation) Part Time Worker Made To Work In Super Tight Clothing11/21/2018
MDB-954Big Tits Married Woman Babes Only A Home Delivery Reflexology Service That Slowly And Surely Services Your Cock11/08/2018
MDB-958A Beautiful Big Tits Japanese Lady Provides Ultra High Class Sexual Health Hospitality Services11/08/2018
MMB-224Convenient And Totally Easy Women 10 Ladies Who Jump For Joy The Moment You Stick Your Dick In Their Pussies11/06/2018
KMVR-495[VR] Super Luxury Yukata Massage Parlor Where Charming Japanese Beauties With Colossal Tits Service You10/30/2018
TPRM-001[VR] Teppan Orgasm Sex Over 190 Minutes Of Our Super Best10/26/2018
FSET-791Beautiful Working Elder Sister Turned Slut Fucks Me 210/24/2018
JUY-652Cold-Feet Cuckolding. The Shocking Video Of My Wife And Colleague's Adultery The Day Before Our Wedding Sakura Kirishima10/20/2018
GDHH-123My Big Sister Is Always Engaged In Masturbation, 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year! She's Beautiful And Smart But... It Seems That My Big Sister Needs To Stimulate Her Pussy All The Time Or She'll Go Crazy... So No Matter What Time Of Day It Is, She's Masturbating Anywhere! And When Using A Big Vibrator Or Egg Vibrator Or Sex Toys Are No Longer Enough, She Starts Forcing Me To Finger Bang Her Or Give Her Cunnilingus, And Finally...10/17/2018
BCDP-103A Wonderful Girlfriend. Sakura Kirishima 2. Visiting A Beautiful Woman With An Obscene, Sensitive Body At Night. Screaming, Orgasmic Sex10/12/2018
SQTE-228All Kinds Of Tits. Blissful SEX Enveloped In Big, Soft Tits.10/12/2018
MDB-943Super Closeup! Ultimate Tits Come Again And Again10/11/2018
UMSO-213Wanted: Models To Try On New Swimsuits! These Colossal Tits Girls Came Looking For Easy High-Paying Jobs!!10/11/2018
FSET-790The Most Embarrassing Hole! Intently Studying Their Assholes10/10/2018
MMB-219Obedient Creampie College Girls10/06/2018
HMPD-10059Mizuki Hayakawa, Does Her First Lesbian Porn. Continuous Real Orgasms X Lots Of Squirting X Intense Lesbian Sex. Their First Porn Together. 4 Hour Special10/04/2018
ID-043Faith/Grand Orgasm PREMIUM BEST 6-hour Compilation09/27/2018
TPVR-022[VR] Filthy Noises Echoing Through The Office A Sticky And Slippery Handjob Ejaculation Sakura Kirishima09/21/2018
FSET-786In This AV, Girls Will Be Constantly Talking To You A Total POV Experience A Nurse/An Office Lady Boss/A Baseball Manager 3 Situations Of Lovey Dovey Sex09/19/2018
FSET-788My Wife Was Nearby, But This Barely Legal Didn't Care, She Smiled Devilishly And Came At My Hard On Like A Slut 209/19/2018
OVG-087The Night Visit A Married Woman Gets Creampie Fucked In The Night While Her Husband Sleeps Beside Her 309/18/2018
DSVR-310[VR] A Lesbian VR Experience A Female Orgasm Is 10 Times More Powerful Than A Man's! Your Body Will Go Cum Crazy From A Female Perspective! An Obedient Orgasmic Lesbian Threesome Fuck Fest Vol.3 Divine Titties Edition09/13/2018
MDB-935Total Baby Plays!! A Big Tits Uncertified Nursery School For Adults09/13/2018
KRAY-026KIRAY Best Selection 2018 This Lusty Beauty Is Showing Off Her Beautiful Body And Getting Wild And Wet And Lewd And Crude09/08/2018
ADN-182I Want You To Love Me Sakura Kirishima08/31/2018
EKDV-547Oiled Up Titties Sakura Kirishima Jiggling And Wiggling H-Cup Titties In A Slick And Slippery Competitive Swimsuit08/31/2018
NACS-013Daydreaming Wife -Brother-In-Law's Scent Gets Sex Drive Going- Sakura Kirishima08/23/2018
TJVR-014[VR] Miracles Can Happen Even For A Plain And Uninteresting Guy Like Me!! 2 Of The Most Beautiful Girls In School Declare Their Love For Me And I Have Creampie Sex With Both!! Miku Abeno Sakura Kirishima08/23/2018
CRVR-107[VR] Sakura Kirishima Colossal Tits X Thighs X Ass X Pinning The Cheerleader Against The Wall And Fucking Her From Behind While Standing. 10 Times The Enjoyment In VR08/19/2018
MAXVR-007[VR] High Definition Video Sakura Kirishima I Was Working When Suddenly My Secretary Popped Up Underneath My Desk... And Started Playing Pranks On Me, So I Creampie Fucked Her In The Office!08/19/2018
OOMN-233I Was Obsessed And Lured To Temptation By My Mother And Her Braless Cleavage And Erect Nipples COMPLETE BEST HITS COLLECTION07/27/2018
TOMN-152Furious Pre-Ejaculation Ass Shaking 60 Cum Shots 507/27/2018
ID-036Human Farm07/26/2018
REAL-679This Female Teacher Is Teasing And Toying With Her Male Students In An Empty Classroom During Summer Vacation And Raping Them With Consecutive Rounds Of Compulsory Creampie Sex Sakura Kirishima07/12/2018
VRTM-368My Stepmom Was On Her Way Home From Mom's Ballet Practice, And She Was Hot And Sweaty In Her High Cut Bloomers! When She Saw Her Son Watching Her With A Hard On, She Got Hot And Horny And Her Lust Became So Uncontrollable That She Started To Ride His Cock Raw! She Started To Scream And Spray As She Furiously Shook Her Ass On Top Of Him And Creampie Came Over And Over And Over Again! 307/12/2018
SDMU-849An SOD Romance The Escapee - I Was Obsessed With My Stepmom And One Day, When My Dad Was Away On Business, An Intruder Broke Into Our Home, And For 72 Straight Hours, She Was Raped In Front Of Me, And Eventually, Her Eyes Started To Roll Back And She Began To Cum Over And Over Again... - Sakura Kirishima07/11/2018
HODV-21311Alluring Tongue Technique And The Soft Texture Of Her Lips!! She's Using Her Soft Body To Make Men Cum At This Beautiful Woman Massage Parlor07/05/2018
ADN-172Dear, Please Forgive Me... A Deception That Starts With A Lie 3 Sakura Kirishima06/29/2018
MDB-907BAZOOKA 100 Girls/480 Minutes Collector's Edition Ultra Deluxe Special06/21/2018
KRAY-023Drowning In Titties A Big Tits Elder Sister With Over H Cup Titties In Excessively Loving Sex06/09/2018
VRTM-358A Little Brother Who Couldn't Stand Being Forbidden To Fuck While In The Hospital Slipped Some Aphrodisiacs To His Big Ass Nurse Big Sister And Started Rubbing His Cock Against Her White Pantyhose, And Then She Locked Her Legs Around Him And Began Demanding Creampie Sex! 206/07/2018
GRCH-272Lewd Life of a Maid Serving the Saionji Family06/06/2018
SDDE-542(The Secret) Handjob Clinic - Special Edition - The Sex Clinic 10 4 Hours x 8 Fucks The Creampie Nurse Special06/06/2018
HDKA-140The Naked Maid The Nude Maid Placement Center Sakura Kirishima05/31/2018
HODV-21304A Lusty Lineup Of AV Actresses Guaranteed To Make You Cum In Super Hot Sex You Won't Want To Miss 4 Hours05/31/2018
TOMN-144True Meaning Of A Sure Thing! Sweaty Sex Best 305/25/2018
MCSR-297*Bonus With Streaming Editions Only* She Was Getting An Amazing Orgasmic Oil Massage While Her Husband Slept Nearby She Couldn't Scream With Pleasure, So This Big Tits Housewife Had To Endure Creampie Cuckold Sex! 0205/24/2018
DOCP-044Housewife Tricked By Magazine Plan For "Loving Couples Nude Memory Photo Shoot", Made To Straddle Big Dick Stranger For Photos!! Younger And Harder Than Her Husband As The Dick Bends Super Close-Up 3cm Towards Her Pussy Can She Control Her Sexual Desires!? 205/03/2018
HODV-21292A Resort Massage Parlor That Will Guide You To The Most Amazing Ejaculation It Will Cost You More Than 100,000 Yen The No.1 Girl At This Ultra High Level Parlor Has A Divine Technique That You Must Experience For Yourself A Rejuvenating Salon Creampie Course Sakura Kirishima G Cup Titties05/03/2018
YMDD-122The Hottest Beautiful Girl In Town! A Camera Girl With Colossal Tits Sakura Kirishima05/02/2018
EBOD-402E-Body Exclusive Debut - Big-Breasted Miss With a 92cm I-Cup Who Does Things Her Way10/08/2014
BF-413Won't You Test Out Sex Sleeves? Sakura Kirishima's Cosplay Amateur Reverse Pickupn/a
BF-518Special Service Maid Roomn/a
EBOD-410108 Orgasms!!n/a
EBOD-417Bus Tour Led By a Naked Guide With Explosive Tittiesn/a
EBOD-423New I-Cup Soap Miss With the Highest Caliber Bodyn/a
EBOD-427Lovely Undercover Agent With a Super Bodyn/a
EKDV-440Tis the Season For Perverts - Big-Breasted University Student Became a Targetn/a
EKDV-451Eyeglasses x Racing Swimwear x Curvaceous With Big Titsn/a
EKDV-494Busty Cosplayer With Her Wares Bulging Outn/a
EKDV-503Stunningly Agonizing Convulsive Explosive Portio Orgasms!!n/a
EKDV-511Sakura Kirishima Giving The Man His First Experiencen/a
EKDV-514Sakura Kirishima, An Esthetician For Menn/a
GVG-250Entire Documentation of What a Private Teacher Did to a Big-Breasted Student Who Was Prepping For Her Exams - Hidden Camera Footage Filen/a
GVG-285Big Tits Loving Shota Erotic Mischiefn/a
GVG-550True Tale of a Mother and A Young Shitheadn/a
GVG-626Her Fiance is Exceptionally Young, My Fiancee is a College Girl With a G-Cupn/a
HERY-053Sakura Kirishima's Sweaty, Mating, Real Sexn/a
HMPD-10052The Tutor Who Fucks Too Muchn/a
HODV-21186Idol Who Guides Men to Fierce Ejaculations With Her Blissful Dick Massage, Super Idol Massage For Super Shot!!n/a
HODV-21246Her Receptive Big Titties Tempt Men Without Her Even Thinking About Itn/a
HODV-21260Pleasantly Plump Maid in Tight Shorts With a Big Butt and a G-Cup Who's Totally Obedient During Sexn/a
HOMA-00028Father's Private Video - Sex On and On in a Large Family of 10, Morning Sex Life of the Youngest Who is the Sole Daughter, Doing It With Her Dad and Brothersn/a
HOMA-00033The Plain Jane College Girl Next Door Who Wears Glasses and Is Into Gay Anime Turned Out to Have Booming Titsn/a
JUFD-514Deceiving a Pleasantly Plump Hardcore Masochist With Big Boobs Who Aspires to Be An Idol and Then Fucking Her, Nakadashi Sex Object Debutn/a
JUY-375What Goes On in the Afternoon That She Can't Tell Anyone About, Married Domestic Helper Who Got Fucked Like You Wouldn't Believen/a
LID-023Boing.87 G-Cupn/a
MMND-102Something Less Than An Idol Photo Society - Intense Extreme Photosn/a
NGOD-064I Want You to Know the Story of How My Wife Was Seduced - Wife Who Gave Herself Up to Single Guys Who Were Unaninimous in Their Admiration For Her Unbeatable Rack and Had Hounded Her Until She Acquiesced to Getting Her Tits Rubbed Up Each and Every Dayn/a
NITR-205Miss Who Neither Works Nor Goes to School With Big Boobs and Butt, French Kisses, Semen Bukkaken/a
NITR-345(Redirection of Desire) After My Son Was Put in Prison Where He's Being Made to Do Hard Labor, His Young Wife Became Sexually Frustrated and Now I'm in a Quandary, Because She's Getting Way Too Close to Me. Whaddya Think? You Think You Can Take Care of My Daughter-in-Law and Fuck Her?n/a
OKSN-285My Stepmother Tempts Me With Her Unsheltered Braless Cleavagen/a
PPPD-418My Girlfriend's Older Sister Tempted Me With Her Big Tits and By Saying She Was OK With Nakadashin/a
PPPD-589I Can't Contain Myself At the Sight of My Niece's Boobs That Have Grown So Much?n/a
SW-497Big-Boobed Student Sakura With Just the Right Amount of Fat and Wearing Tight Gym Shorts - Sharing the Same Roof With My Cousin, She With Her Vivid Curves Highlighted By a Beefy Butt and A Naughty Grown Bod Equipped With Soft'n Tender Big Breasts, My Cock Was Doomed to Horniness! I Buried My Face in Her Shortsn/a
TPPN-157Close-Up of Sex in Which Intertwined Bodies Indulge in Each Other's Sweatn/a
URPW-013You'll Feel Like You Want to Record Her, Thanks to Her Tits That Are Obviously Explosive Despite Being Clothedn/a
VGD-169Lover of Nakadashin/a
VOSS-075Taking Pity On Me After My Girlfriend Dumped Me, My Mother Promised Me Sex With Protection! As She Wasn't Feeling Anything, She Sneakily Removed My Condom and Then Came Repeatedly While Convulsing. First She Said "You'll Find a Good Girl in No Time", But Then Said "Like I'd Give You Up to Just Anyone" and Suddenly Transformed, Stunning Me With Sex, Rockin' Her Hips Away While Riding On Top!! 5n/a
WANZ-667Oil Massage in Confinement, Fierce Orgasm Nakadashi R--en/a
XVSR-297Big Tits Maniacsn/a
XVSR-346Hot Nakadashi Sex During Which She Constantly Works Your Nipples While Looking Into Your Eyesn/a
YST-56I Am Under Compulsionn/a
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