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Chitzuru Iwasaki (岩崎千鶴)

Also known as: 岩崎ちづる

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Chitzuru Iwasaki (岩崎千鶴) Profile:

Born: February 7, 1958
Measurements: B88 / W68 / H95
Cup Size: E Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 152cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Chitzuru Iwasaki (岩崎千鶴)

Chitzuru Iwasaki Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
JDL-077デジタルモザイク5部作 お母さんの奴●になりなさい07/04/2022
J99-064dSex Under The Same Roof - Lesbian Sex With My Step-Grandmother Edition12/10/2020
J99-064cSex Under One Roof - Old Fashioned Grandparents SEX Edition Chitzuru Iwasaki12/09/2020
J99-064bSex Under One Roof - Sex With My Stepgrandma Edition Chitzuru Iwasaki12/08/2020
J99-060cFamily Fun - I Am The One Who Made My Stepson Lose His Virginity Chitzuru Iwasaki10/25/2020
J99-060bA Mature Woman's Blowjob Chitzuru Iwasaki 51 Years Old10/24/2020
GIGL-614This Stepson Became A Victim Of An Unfair Society (Unemployed, Uneducated, Shut-In), But 20% Of The Reason Is Because Of His Stepmother's Lust!? His Stepmother Hadn't Had A Man For A Long Time, Since His Father Was No Longer There, And She Was Feeling So Horny That She Began To Dominate Her Stepson's Big Hard Cock... Highlights A Shameful Stepmother And Stepson BEST HITS COLLECTION 8 Hours07/23/2020
NASH-32550-Somethings And 60-Somethings - Mature Couples Reignite Their Old Flames With Passionate Kissing And Sex - BEST 30 - 8 Hours07/09/2020
JDL-056Chitzuru Iwasaki Complete Works 8 Hours 2 Disc Set07/04/2020
J99-017aFamily Affair, When A Stepmother Sucks Off Her Stepson Chitzuru Iwasaki06/20/2020
J99-017bFamily Affair, When I Hold My Stepmom Chitzuru Iwasaki06/19/2020
NASH-307Stepmothers And Stepsons Who Go Together To Hot Spring Resorts And Fall For Big Dick Sex 20 Ladies 8 Hours06/11/2020
VSED-118We Want To Please These Old Ladies Who Have Been Recently Experiencing Pussy Throbbing So Intense, They Just Want To Go And Fuck Some Young Guys!07/07/2019
CJ-092OVER 60's Over Sixties Beautiful Mature Woman MAP Baby Boomer Mature Woman Style Who Loves Hot Guys - Chitzuru Iwasaki02/12/2019
NASS-892Stepmother And Offspring Survived Showa Stepparent And Offspring From Country Have Raw Forbidden Fuck08/09/2018
VSED-086A Horny MILF Mama Who Reaches Out To Touch Her Son Below His Waist And Relieve His Horny Stress 8 Hours07/04/2018
VSED-090This Middle-Aged Couple Has Not Had Sex In Years, But Now They're Taking A Couple's Hot Spring Trip To Bring Back The Passion Of Their Youth, And Then They Started To Have Hot Passionate Sex, Over And Over Again07/04/2018
VSED-088I Went On A Hot Springs Vacation With My MILF Mama, And When I Saw My Mom's Naked Bodies For The First Time In A Long While, I Got So Excited That I Committed The Kind Of Mistake That Should Never Happen...07/04/2018
EMJD-005Pump Me Deeper, Ahhh, I'm Cumming Stinky Smelly Sex With 60 Something Ladies And 50-Something Bitches05/17/2018
VSED-42Fakecestuous Family03/14/2016
OBE-030Wife's In Hospital, Mother-in-law Commutes Highlights 10 Titles 8 Hours02/03/2016
RBB-063They Love Sex So Much That Nothing Else Matters Lusty Cumtastic Sex With Horny Old Ladies 16 Hours10/16/2015
RBB-037Lewd Sex With Mature Women - Sixteen Hours Long06/12/2015
UMD-34The Sex Lives Of Mature Women - 50 And 40-Something MILFs09/24/2014
JUSD-525Madonna 10 Year Anniversary Intensely Seeking StepM************n Fakecest 50 Couples 8 Hours12/04/2013
JUSD-519BBW MILF R**ed by 38 guys during 8 hours - hard fucked fatty body11/02/2013
UMD-18Real Footage: Fakecest No.1, 50 And 60 Something Showa Era Stepmother And Offspring Fakecest, 20 Pairs.05/29/2013
MAD-002She Could Possibly Get Pregnant By A Young Man. 8 Hour Creampie Sex. A Count Down To The Moment Of Ejaculation Into The Dripping Wet Pussy02/06/2013
JUSD-451Enjoying the Extremely Bouncy Big Tits of a MILF 8 Hours11/21/2012
JUSD-444Mother/Daughter-in-law Lesbian Training Highlights: 8 Hours10/19/2012
RKI-213100 Of The Best Mature Women In Their Prime - 16 Hour Compilation10/13/2012
ISD-43Hello. I've Come To Deliver Chitzuru Iwasaki To You.10/09/2012
AAJB-138AV30 Ruby 20th Anniversary Collection - We Will Show You All! The Best BEST 6008/12/2012
JUSD-417Widow's Immoral Fuck 8 Hours06/06/2012
JUSD-413Our Mother! Chitzuru Iwasaki Best 8 Hours05/23/2012
JUC-700Mother/ Daughter-in-law Lesbian Training: Peaceful days of a new bride and her mother-in-law! Nozomi Hatsuki Chitzuru Iwasaki 12/15/2011
JUSD-385Madonna 8th Anniversary Famous Adult Site User Reviewed Highest Rated Best, 100 Titles 16 Hours12/15/2011
JUSD-357Climaxing Orgasm! Whole Cunt Cunnilingus 120 Scenes 4 Hours07/30/2011
JUC-447This Mother is Jealous of Her Son's Wife - Chitzuru Iwasaki12/18/2010
JUK-334Yakuza Loving Women04/24/2006
MCSR-468-01"I'm An Older Woman That'll Make You Feel So Good..." Mature Woman's Returns The Favor With Lewdness 2. Misaki Hibino , Chitzuru Iwasakin/a
J99-126bThe Circumstances Of The Sexual Lives Of A Stepmother And Stepchild. The Flesh Of A Stepmother In Her Fifties. Chitzuru Iwasakin/a
J99-126aA Mature Woman's Blowjob And Handjob Chitzuru Iwasaki 55 Years Oldn/a
TURB-2062Don't Lick Your Stepmom's Pussyn/a
NEXTS-1071Masturbation Video Lettern/a
EMAF-379Sex With Fifty Somethings 8 Hoursn/a
VNDS-2225Hotel Hostess - Chapter Twon/a
EMAF-365A Mother Who Becomes Mentally Unstable Unless She Gets Fucked At Least Once A Day By Her Son 4 Hoursn/a
WNXG-069An Ultra Massive Gathering Of Stars!! A Super Horny Mature Woman And Married Woman Lineup 200 Ladies In A Hyper Best 8 Hoursn/a
MGDN-004Luxurious Adult Footage - 100 Mature Women SUPER BEST 240 Minutesn/a
NASS-309Gorgeous 50-Something Cougars Sweetly Suck Thick Cocksn/a
EMAF-324Mature Cheating Wives Want Yong, Hard Cock Four Hoursn/a
HYAS-055BBW MILF 100 Girls 8-Hoursn/a
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