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Rika Aiuchi - 相内リカ

Also known as: Rika Aiuchi

Rika Aiuchi was born on 12/10/1987 in Tokyo.

Measurements: B96 / W61 / H87
Cup Size: H Cup
Porn/AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Height: 156cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Rika Aiuchi.

Rika Aiuchi Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
RKI-25216 Hours of the Naughtiest Female Teachers You've Ever Seen04/12/2013
ONSD-5954 Hours of S1 Actresses + Amateur Guys: Super Famous Girls Hunting For Virgin Cherry Boy Amateurs To Fuck!04/04/2012
ONSD-407S Rank Porn Stars Skewered By World Rank Huge Cocks 4 Hours04/06/2010
ONSD-405Barely Censored Special Selection SEX 8 Hour Special 403/18/2010
ONSD-396S1 2009 - The Best of the Best - 8 Hours02/18/2010
ONSD-391S Rank Female Teachers Give The World's Most Filthy Classes 8 Hours !02/04/2010
ONSD-385Titty Fuck Heaven & Piston Hell 4 Hours01/06/2010
ONSD-378The Best 50 From 2009 1st Half! 8 Hours12/17/2009
MMXD-002[But I Don't Want To Do AV 2] 8 Hours11/30/2009
ONSD-365Minimal Mosaic The Best Collection 2009 1st Half10/18/2009
ONSD-367The Most Amazing Transcendent Cowgirl Sex 4 Hours10/18/2009
ONSD-362Cock Melting Sloppy Blowjob 4 Hours10/06/2009
ONSD-356Dirty Talk Sex You'll Feel With Your Ear 4 Hours09/17/2009
ONSD-349Begging For Semen 100 Sessions 4 Hours08/18/2009
ONSD-351Machine Gun Piston Fuck 4 Hours!08/18/2009
ONSD-340Maison S1 Actresses Indulge In 24 Hour Fucking!07/16/2009
ONSD-341The Best 50 From 2008 2nd Half! 8 Hours07/16/2009
SOE-245Risky Mosaic - Super Poking Frenetic Trance07/06/2009
SOE-227Risky Mosaic - Incontinence Shamefulness06/04/2009
SOE-219Risky Mosaic - Lovely Lascivious Lady's Kiss and Sex05/18/2009
SOE-202Rika's Minimal Mosaic - Let Me Show You My Beautiful Ass Rika Aiuchi04/16/2009
RKI-006Shameful Carnal Nursing - Targeted Bursting Tits Young Wife03/18/2009
SOE-167Risky Mosaic - Twenty Costumes Pakopako!02/18/2009
SOE-124Risky Mosaic - The Big Tits Mama Who is Just For Me12/18/2008
SOE-093Minimal Mosaic - Infinite Climax! Rough Fucking - Rika Aiuchi 11/06/2008
SOE-081Minimal Mosaic - Horny Female Teacher With Colossal Tits Rika Aiuchi10/16/2008
SOE-062Hyper-Risky Mosaic09/18/2008
SOE-041Minimal Mosaic Special - Large Orgies Of Triple Colossal Tits Ayumi Ayukawa x Rika Aiuchi x Meisa Hanai08/18/2008
SOE-027Risky Mosaic - Shouting! Big Magnum Fuck07/17/2008
ONSD-215These Girls Will Suck Your Cock Dry and Swallow Every Last Drop! 100 Girls - 100 Cum Shots!07/17/2008
ONSD-216Amazing Deep In The Fuck 4 Hours07/17/2008
SOE-007Risky Mosaic - Rika's Tits Are Just Too Big06/18/2008
ONED-986Risky Mosaic - Six Costumes Pakopako!05/18/2008
ONED-968Understanding x Risky Mosaic - Newcomer Risky Mosaic04/17/2008
MMND-020[But I Don't Want To Do AV 4] Rika Aiuchi11/29/2007
MMND-018AV Extreme 310/31/2007
MMND-017[But I Don't Want To Do AV 2] Rika Aiuchi09/30/2007
MMND-016[But I Don't Want To Do AV] Rika Aiuchi08/30/2007
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