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Yoshie Fujie (藤江由恵)

Also known as: 小宮百恵

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Yoshie Fujie (藤江由恵) Profile:

Born: November 29, 1983
Measurements: B86 / W60 / H88
Cup Size: E Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 164cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yoshie Fujie (藤江由恵)

Yoshie Fujie Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
VVVD-203Anal Sex Gets The Green Light. The BEST! Moaning And Groaning Anal Sex. A Selection Of Masterpieces.02/28/2022
VVVD-188Group Anal Lesbian Shame: Best04/22/2021
SBNR-366Immoral Series - I Was Fucked By My Husband's Friend... Yoshie Fujie06/24/2014
HTMS-045Bisexual Couples Swap (Hidden Camera)06/08/2014
SOKU-002We Met A Perky Assed Housewife With A Nice Smile In A Suginami Supermarket. We Heard That Her Husband Was In Need Of Money So We Pretended To Counsel Her And Gave Her A Makeover and Took Her Picture And Made Her Debut In An AV Video (oh boy...). Yoshie Fujie10/23/2013
OTAV-010Aphrodisiac, Obscene Language Madamen/a
JUX-232Middle Aged Men and Their Fulfilling Lifestyles: Yoshie Fujien/a
NTRD-009Netorareze How I Got The College S*****t Next Door to Cuckold with My Wife Yoshie Fujien/a
MOND-062I Accompanied My Hot Female Boss On A Business Trip To The Country But Ended Up Having To Have To Stay The Night There Because Our Bullet Train Was Canceled Due To A Typhoon Yoshie Fujien/a
OKSN-182Mother Allows Son To Ravage Her Body... With Her Husband Right There... Yoshie Fujie Digital Mosaic Master.n/a
FAA-026The Young Wife Next Door has a Plump Body and Gets Horny When Men V*****e Her Yoshie Fujien/a
MDYD-860Working Married Woman - Married Woman Yoshie Fujie Finds In Her Work Break What Her Husband Can't Give Her At Home.n/a
NSPS-560My Bad Hobby I Can't Tell My Husband Aboutn/a
HDVHJ-004Fakecest Between A Busty Stepmom And A Lazy But Well-Endowed Sonn/a
JFB-136Indecent And Lustful Lesbian Bitches Hunger For Each Other's Flesh BEST 8 Hoursn/a
HTMS-085Henry Tsukamoto - Inside Every Cute Girl Lives A Thousand Wriggling Worms - Inside My Father's Second Wife's Holes/My 29-Year-Old Divorced Daughter's Holes/My Voluptuous Daughter's Holes/My Wife's Daughter's Holesn/a
HDVHJ-001Fakecest! MILF With Big Tits Get So Horny For Her Son's Huge Dick That She Lets Him Give Her A Creampien/a
HTMS-078Henry Tsukamoto The R**e Of The Female Body. T*****e & R**en/a
AUKG-296Les-bi-an ~Pleasure~ Kaori Otosaki Yoshie Fujien/a
SGRS-01728-Year-Old Widow - Horny Guys Swarm Girls Who Lost Their Husbands Yoshie Fujie Maria Shirosakin/a
ARM-442The Sensual Miniskirt Slut Dojo 3n/a
PSSD-366POV x Dirty Talk x Hot Wife SPECIAL 5n/a
OOMN-124Fucking A Young Wife With An Abnormal Sexual Appetite. The Obscenity Filled With Love. The Mother U*******gly Accepts His Dickn/a
AUKG-261The Right Age For Lesbianism -The Mature Divorced Lesbian Fantasies- Yoshie Fujie, Aya Kokushon/a
UD-640RAre They Trying To Tempt Me? The Woman Who Moved Next Door To Me Just Oozes Sex Appeal. I Don't Fuck My Wife Anymore, It's Too Much For Me! All I Can Do Now Is Go For The Fuck!n/a
SGRS-005A Married Woman Uses Her Flesh As Collateral - I'll Use My Body For Money - Yoshie Fujie Yu Shinodan/a
SGRS-004Naughty Smell From Underneath Japanese Clothes: A Female Landlords Lustn/a
JUFD-385Limited to Female Members! An obscene and Bristle Lesbian Massage Parlor - The Flirting of the Hot and Sticky Intertwining Ass Hair and Pussy Hair - Nozomi Hazuki Yoshie Fujien/a
UD-628RA Married Women Lost Her Smartphone With All Of Her POV Sex Videos On It, I Met Her In Person To Return It But She Was So Hot I Just Had To Fuck Her, I Know It Was Wrong But I Threatened Her And Fucked Her.n/a
OOMN-100All Creampie Sex, All The Time! Deep And Rich Mother-In-Law And Son-In-Law Sex 19 Super Select Mature Woman Babes 4 Hoursn/a
PSD-517"Mature Women Are The Biggest Liars" Ripe Bitch Anthology #103 Yoshie Fujien/a
SBNR-346Cheated On At The Movie Theater - Wife M****ted While Sitting Right Next To Her Husband At The Theater Yoshie Fujien/a
CADV-456Mature Madam PREMIUM 8 Hours 2n/a
SORA-016Naive Housewife's utmost desires for an Outdoors R**e Travels! I Don't know her reasons for Adultery but Her Pussy is Really Wet... Yoshie Fujien/a
STD-10Casual Stopover Trip - Black Farmers Picking Up Mature Womenn/a
RCT-564Weekdays Only From 10:00 ~ 16:00, A Married Woman's Home Soapland~ The Unfaithful Wife Who Opened A Creampie Soapland At Her Home In Secretn/a
MNTR-011Dumb Cute Housewives Sex Interviews. 29 Years Old Dripping Wet Down To Her Pussy Hairs. Yoshie Fujien/a
RD-583The Interview Vol.133 - You Can Make A Deposit Anytime - Bank Teller Sucks On A Pharmacist's Jewels - Attention Please! Fucked 'Till Morningn/a
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