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Hitomi Katase (片瀬仁美)

Also known as: 藤木未央, 藤沢未央, 藤沢澪, 藤沢美央

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Hitomi Katase (片瀬仁美) Profile:

Born: May 1, 1974
Measurements: B83 / W62 / H90
Cup Size: D Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Height: 168cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Hitomi Katase (片瀬仁美)

Hitomi Katase Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
NASH-686A Horny Wife Cheats For Thrills While Her Husband Waits At Home05/09/2022
KTSG-014Hitomi Katase . The Best Of Kahanshin Tigers , Part 2. Farewell, Beautiful BODY.05/02/2022
KSBJ-195A Beautiful Mature Woman Performs Masturbation With Squishy, Noisy Pleasure, And Cumming With Twitching And Throbbing Excitement 30 Consecutive Orgasms!!05/02/2022
NASH-669Satisfying Her Lust With At-Home Adultery - A Married Woman's Afternoon04/11/2022
RVG-157Mother C***d Fucking BEST vol. 502/28/2022
KSBJ-185Without Doubt MILF Is The Most Erotic! 22 people vol. 0202/28/2022
DBER-142The Chamber Of Shame Where Women Experience Pleasure Worse Than Death! These Beautiful Poker Faith Are Distorting In Shame The Real Shame Of A Female Spy Peril So Great, You Can Feel The Sweat Beading In Your Hands Best Hits Collection02/28/2022
UMSO-435Secret Affair With Middle Aged Men POV Footage Of 10 Married Women Enjoying Fucking Around vol. 0302/21/2022
DBER-137True Stories Of Orgasmic, Cum-Filled, Fucked-Up Sex The Greatest Spasms Part-3 Her Pussy Was Invaded By The Evil Electric Drill And As It Made Its Way Deep Into Her Most Private Of Private Parts, She Began To Spasm With Pleasure As His Huge Cock Squirmed And Wormed Its Way Into Her While She Came Like A Crazy Bitch, Over And Over Again01/17/2022
CMN-226This Female Guard Is A Sad Piece Of Meat Special - Nose SP Complete Pride Destruction01/10/2022
NASH-606Real Sexy Stories 2711/22/2021
DBER-129BeAST: Special Highlights. The Tragedy of a Member of the Narcotics Investigation Squad who is Executed by Thugs.11/01/2021
HDKA-244Complete Collection of Naked Visiting Nursing Care Workers 6 People 4 Hours10/31/2021
OKAX-778Lady With Lewd Body And Technique Makes Me Aroused And Hard!09/27/2021
VNDS-5216Mature Women Hitomi Katase09/19/2021
KSBJ-14134 Beautiful Mature Woman Babes Show Off Their Erotic And Super Amazing Blowjob Techniques06/16/2021
OVG-174Clitoris Sucking Vibratory Masturbation 2 Today, Like Everyday, My Clit Is Happy These Adult Video Actresses Are Getting Their Clits A Double Dose Of Stimulation Of Sucking And Vibration, And Now They're Panting And Moaning In A Way They Never Would With Regular Fucking 15 Ladies 240 Minutes06/15/2021
DBER-114Cruel Climax That Exceeds All Limits Bringing Girls Down To Hell With An Electric Drill05/28/2021
NACX-07812 Shaved Pussy Mature Women Collection vol. 0204/30/2021
KTSG-011Daydream Clothed Grabbing THE Kahanshin Tigers BEST 8 Hours04/14/2021
KSBJ-122My Mother-in-law's Mistake - I Can't Keep Hold Of My Lust, Even Though It Feels Wrong...02/27/2021
DBER-099The Mysterious Amorous And Furious Flesh Fantasy Penetration Machine Part 2 This Cruel Machine Will Thrust Her With Thunderous Power Deep Into Her Holiest Of Holies And Her Struggles Will Be In Vain Because She Continues To Ascend To Orgasmic Pleasure 7 Ladies See Their Bodies Ravaged To Sensual Tragic Heaven02/12/2021
GVH-185Sexy PTA President & Seductive Female Teacher Encounter A Naughty S*****t Council President Ayaka Muto / Hitomi Katase02/02/2021
DBER-097BeAST - Wild Narcotics Investigation Squad - Case 003: The Case Of Kaori Domoto - Corrupted By S&M! No Good Thugs Strip Away This Tough Girl's Facade Hitomi Katase01/23/2021
MCSR-421Forbidden Feelings On Infidelity Trip: StepM************n's Sexual Relations Fair-Skinned Young MILFs Edition: 10 Women, 4 Hours12/25/2020
VNDS-3354The Bride's Mother's Blowjob12/19/2020
VNDS-3352Men's Underwear Sales - A Mature Saleswoman's Pillow Business11/19/2020
NASH-398Beautiful Mature Women With Body Lines That Keep To The Golden Proportions: 1:0.7:1 - 14 People11/12/2020
GVH-131Sex With My Stepmom Hitomi Katase09/29/2020
UMSO-339Everything's 100 Times Sexier When You Do It In The Bath! Dripping Wet Beautiful Girls' Masturbation, Blowjobs, And More... 20 Choice Sluts09/10/2020
JRW-021True Stories About The All-Nude Inn 16 After Excessively Worrying About Their Online Reputation, This Young Madam Decided To Provide Excessive Hospitality In Order To Satisfy Every Man's Desire, At This Excessively Erotic Hot Spring Resort09/05/2020
KNMD-093A Mature Delivery Health Call Girl! 3 I'm An Old Lady, So I'll Give You Lots Of Extra Service 4 Hours08/27/2020
BIJC-015Hot Witch COLLECTION vol. 1408/15/2020
NACX-058I Can't Stand It Anymore! Beautiful Mature Woman Climax Masturbation 22 Ladies07/31/2020
NATR-637She's Baring It All! Hitomi Katase07/23/2020
VSED-137This Mother-In-Law And Her Son-In-Law Went On A Couple's Hot Spring Trip Together, And Started Twisting Their Tongues Together And Holding Each Other Tight Only A Parent And Son-In-Law Could Have Deep And Rich Sex Like This 12 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours 2-Disc Set 407/09/2020
EMBZ-206The Lovely Smelly Feet Of A Mature Woman Utterly Charming Fetish Pictorial "The Ultimate Fetishism Gallery" 206/27/2020
DBER-070There's No Use Resisting!! The Upper Limit Of Orgasmic Hell She's Exposing Her Ass To Be Pumped From Behind With Furious Spasmic Ecstasy RED BABE ULTIMATE BEST HITS COLLECTION06/20/2020
BKD-241Step-family Fun [Oku Nakagawa Road] Hitomi Katase06/14/2020
MBKD-030Super Cheap! Get Off For A Buck, Stepmother Fucking Hitomi Katase06/11/2020
OVG-138Plenty Of Drool And Soft, Supple Lips... She'll Use Her Puffy And Creamy Mouthpussy To Give You An Exquisite Blowjob And Suck You Down To Your Last Drop Of Semen!06/09/2020
KTFT-006cMy Supervisor Ms. Hitomi's Elegant Suit And Waving Satin Blouse Adulterous Subordinate Fuck Collection Hitomi Katase06/06/2020
KTSG-002Hitomi Katase THE Kahanshin Tigers BEST 8 Hours06/06/2020
KTFT-006bHitomi-san Is My Lady Boss And She Looks Great In Silky Business Suits And Smooth Satin Blouses, So I Decided To Play Some Pranks On Her Hitomi Katase06/06/2020
KTFT-006aA Female Boss In A Glossy Suit And Silky Satin Blouse Gets A Taste Of Her Colleague's Cock While They're Both At Work - Hitomi Katase06/06/2020
KTFT-006My Supervisor Ms. Hitomi's Elegant Suit And Waving Satin Blouse - Bukkake! A Smooth Satin Beauty Hardcore - Hitomi Katase06/06/2020
NACX-05512 Shaved Pussy Mature Women Collection05/31/2020
KSBJ-082Family Adultery - My Illicit Relationship With My Big Stepbrother - Hitomi Katase05/16/2020
KSBJ-08140-Something Mature Women At The Peak Of Their Lust Fucked For Real 18 Girls05/16/2020
NACX-052Creampie Sex With A Beautiful Forty-Something Mature Woman 12 Ladies vol. 0204/30/2020
EMBZ-202A Beautiful Married Woman Who Degraded Herself At An Aphrodisiac Oil S&M Massage Parlor Back-Breaking Spasmic Squirting! Furious Cum-Crazy Ripe Female Bodies!! Horny Housewives In Forbidden Ecstasy 204/25/2020
XRW-865Sperm-loving Mature Women: The Perverted, Nasty Mouths Of 20 Mature Women, 4 Hours04/23/2020
KSBJ-077A Beautiful Mature Woman Has Filthy And Erotic Ass-Shaking Creampie Sex 11 Ladies04/16/2020
NACR-317Married Woman In A Pinch Hitomi Katase03/31/2020
DBER-061Beautiful Human Dolls Who Cum In Ecstasy When They Reach The Limits Of Their Shame RED BABE 2nd Year Anniversary Highlights - Furious And Ecstatic DNA -03/21/2020
TLZ-012Hitomi Katase Picking Up Lesbian Girls03/14/2020
NBES-021JET Movie - All 48 Titles From The Second Half Of 2019 - Special Best Collection03/04/2020
DBER-058Stunning Sex Where The Girls Really Cum - New Highlights - Stimulating Her Womb With Sex Toys! - Putting A Big Dick Inside Her Already Cumming Pussy02/22/2020
MOND-181With My Breloved SIster-in-Law Hitomi Katase02/12/2020
ARM-818Suddenly! The Fuck Chair What If The Fuck Chair Service Was Available As A Normal Service In This World, Just Like Coffee Or Tea12/07/2019
GVG-979I'm A Nurse Addicted To A Hospitalized Black Man's Huge Cock... Hitomi Katase12/03/2019
ARM-815Garter Belt Wrapped Thighs x Thigh Fucking 311/19/2019
KCDA-267A Horny Mature Woman With A Sexy Body Hitomi Katase11/17/2019
DBER-046The Secret That Hides Deep In Her Heart, Thawed Out With Filthy, Dripping Lust The Orgasmic And Passionately Tragic Ecstasy Of An Excessively Deep And Rich Flesh Fantasy Woman Complete Collector's Edition! RED BABE An Exquisitely Lustful Video Collection11/17/2019
AVSA-107A Cross-Dressing Lesbian Series Fat Clit Cock Erection Panic Ecstasy Kaname Hoshigoe Hitomi Katase11/09/2019
ARM-812My Lady Boss Kept Teasing Me And Dribbling Her Drool Down My Throat While Her Cute Employee Kept Tweaking My Nipples And Giving Me A Blowjob11/07/2019
ARM-814The Ultimate Maso Man Perverted Masturbation Orders JOI & CEI 211/07/2019
MCSR-362Based On Real-Life Hotel Sexcapades "Well, I Am On My Break, So..." Meet The Beautiful Hostesses Who Revealed The Fantasy World Under Their Kimonos And Replenished My Tired Body 12 Japanese Beauties, 4 Hours10/25/2019
NASH-1688 Creampies for 8 Thicc Mature Beauties10/24/2019
MLSM-024Beautiful Mature Woman Babes Best Hits Collection Hitomi Katase 4 Hours A F***eful Fucking Beastly Madonna!10/03/2019
AVSA-102Trap Lesbians Hitomi Katase Komachi Akitsu09/21/2019
NBES-015Jet Videos 2019 First-Half 42 Titles In An All-Encompassing Special Best Hits Collection09/04/2019
AUKB-098Triple Lesbian - A Woman, Another Woman, And Yet Another Woman In A Steamy Threesome - 4 Hours08/31/2019
EMBZ-187Mature Woman's Fragrant Feet - Utterly Charming Fetish Footage vol. 608/31/2019
MESU-076A Mature Insurance Sales Lady Guarantees To Let You Creampie Her - Hitomi Katase08/21/2019
BIJN-161A Mature Woman's Sex Drive Is Too Strong To Ignore - Her Body Is Dripping With Sweat, Engaged In Euphoric Sex! Hitomi Katase07/27/2019
EMBZ-184A Beautiful Married Woman Who Falls For An Aphrodisiac Oil S&M Massage Parlor She's Bending Over Backwards In Spasmic Squirting Ecstasy! A Ripe Mature Babe Is Furiously Cumming With Insane Pleasure!! Hitomi Katase07/27/2019
DIGI-236DISCO QUEEN Hitomi Katase06/22/2019
NASH-088Sad Dark Nipples 20 Mature Women06/13/2019
NGOD-102Hypnotized Woman Wife Asked To Work As Monitor For Sketchy Hypnotism App By Coworker Hitomi Katase05/31/2019
NASH-079What If Your Hot Wife Was Met With Morning Wood From Someone Other Than Her Husband!?05/30/2019
MLW-2170セックスカウンセラー 片瀬仁美の性感クリニック05/28/2019
VAGU-207Incestuous Creampie Soapland. My First Time At A Mature Women's Massage Parlor And I Got My Mom Hitomi Katase05/25/2019
AUKS-099Honeytrap Lesbian ~An Intelligent And Perverted Female Administrative Vice-Minister VS A Lesbian Spy~ Sara Ito, Hitomi Katase04/27/2019
DBER-031Pleasure So Amazing It Will Blow Her Mind To Insanity!! All-Positions Tickling Mind-Blowing Clit-Spasming Ecstasy - Totally Exclusive Footage Of 8 Ladies In The Pleasure Of Hell -04/20/2019
VEC-356My Mom's Best Friend Hitomi Katase 04/13/2019
MMIX-022Underwear Sniffing And Mutual Masturbation While Showing Their Assholes And Pussies. 11 Women, 4 Hours04/04/2019
KTB-015A Clothed Lady And A Naked Man An Elder Sister In A Tight Dress03/16/2019
DBER-025~The Humiliation And Disintegration Of A Determined Mind~ The Real Torture Of A Female Spy STAGE_02. An Elite Female Spy Is Captured By A Human Trafficking Ring, Given A Dangerous Aphrodisiac And Tortured On A Scaffold Hitomi Katase02/23/2019
WKD-014Adultery x Charm x Fucking Hitomi Katase02/21/2019
RCTD-187In This World, Brainwashed Armpit Baring Crouching Poses Are An Everyday Thing01/23/2019
EMAF-487Hostess's Lesbian Orgasm Service01/17/2019
HONE-236Committing Incest While Always Getting Her Nipples Tweaked Whenever I'm Fucking Her I Never Forget To Pinch Her Nipples... Hitomi Katase01/02/2019
VENU-835This Mother And Son Will Be Fucking 2 Seconds After Daddy Leaves For Work Hitomi Katase12/13/2018
EMBZ-169Lascivious Ladies "The Perfect Cure To All Your Ails Is A Sexy, Mature Woman..."12/09/2018
KTG-001"I Hate Molester Assholes!" That's What She Said, But... In Reality, This Beautiful Horny Housewife Gets Twitchy And Lusty When She Gets The Molester Treatment Hitomi Katase12/06/2018
EKW-042A Slut And The Man She Fucks To Oblivion While We Watch Hitomi Katase11/22/2018
NASS-929My Sexy Mother-In-Law Is Hotter Than My Wife, So I Seduced Her... Forbidden Creampie Sex10/25/2018
GOJU-077A Housecleaning Service Featuring An Old Lady Sex Servicing Pussy Grinding Option 410/18/2018
MMIX-007Her Musty Black Pantyhose Were Sticking To Her Pantyless Ass And Pussy A Big Ass Housewife With Beautiful Legs 8 Ladies/4 Hours09/01/2018
GIGL-516I Got A Full Erection From Seeing My Mother's Naked Body In The Hot Spring. Delighted To Be Seen As A Woman, The Mother Loses Herself In The Wild Sex With Her Son08/23/2018
GRCH-273GIRL'S CH Presents Best Way To Use Adult Products08/08/2018
DBEB-090Cruel And Orgasmic Videos Of A Queen Brought Down To Shame And D******e!! And In That Moment, She Spasmed With Tears In Her Eyes An Insane Queen Violation Hell The Baby Entertainment GOLD BEST COLLECTION08/04/2018
GIGL-507"Why Are You Getting An Old Lady Like Me In The Mood?" This Hot Springs Inn Madam Decided To Choose Work Over The Pleasures Of A Woman, But When A Customer Expressed His Lust For Her, She Could No Longer Resist, And Used Her Female Charms As A Weapon 207/26/2018
VECR-016The Ultra Maso Sensuality Research Center Highlights Vol.2 The Ultimate Ejaculation Control! The Succubus Club07/07/2018
LEZM-001Taboo Class Reunion, Triple Lesbian Action - 15 Women, 4 Hours06/30/2018
GHPM-093The Rape Hunter Development Project File_08 Mighty Boy05/31/2018
FLAV-192Beautiful Legs in Pantyhose Mania Hitomi Katase05/03/2018
AUKG-361THE Lesbian Cunnilingus11/12/2016
JUX-201BDSM, Anal Sex, G*******g Hitomi Katase11/21/2013
RBD-613Make My Anus Bloom Wildly?n/a
SPRD-875Mother Debauchery Nakadashin/a
BKD-159Mother-Child Base Fuckingn/a
MLW-2186Once a Punk, But Now Around 40 , This Worker Who Stlll Has An Edge to Her is the One Doing the Sexual Harassing in the Office, "Hurry Up and Whip Out Your Dick!"n/a
YAN-036The Hot MILF Next Door is My Anal Housekeeper! She Begged For 2-Hole Outdoor Training, Saying "Please Shame My Naughty Asshole"!n/a
HHED-53The Naughty Memories Made With My Auntn/a
FSG-015When a Proprietress Puts Out the Sign For the Close of Business... Slip Playhouse 6n/a
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