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Erina Nagasawa (長澤えりな/Age 30)

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Erina Nagasawa (長澤えりな/Age 30) Profile:

Born: July 3, 1994
Measurements: B82 / W59 / H88
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: January 2019
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Height: 158cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Erina Nagasawa (長澤えりな/Age 30)

Erina Nagasawa Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DVAJ-596バック中出し&尻ぶっかけBEST プリプリ美尻に後ろからズボハメ激ピス52連発09/12/2022
DVAJ-540A Real Orgasmic Climax Where the Beautiful Face of a Girl Gets All Disordered Due to the Pleasure of the Moment She Comes, 5 Hours10/11/2021
DVAJBX-002[Summer Special] Penetration Four Seconds After Meeting Series: 11 Complete Titles, 22 Hours In Total07/15/2021
td041dv-01662(On Sale) Young Wife Is Horny Anywhere, Anytime. She Stares Straight At The Camera. She Wants A Quickie In The Bathroom. She Straddles Your Cock And Rides It. Then She Wants It From Behind. Then Missionary Until You Both Cum Together. Finally, A Facial, Then She Cleans You Up With A Blowjob. Erina Nagasawa06/24/2021
DVAJ-501A Two-round Intercourse With An Ultimate Beauty Who Won't Stop Even After You've Cum Once02/12/2021
td034dv-01638This Big Stepbrother Is Getting Excited Over His Little Stepsister's Super Mini Sailor Uniform And Her Bulging Ass! He's Pumping Her Peachy Ass As It Bulges Out Of Her Super Miniskirt. And Then He Took Her Top Off Too And Started Twiddling Her Nipples. Next, She Mounted Him For A Cowgirl And Started Shaking Her Ass. And Then As He Pumped Her From Below, She Started To Cum. As He Pounded Her Pussy From Behind, She Kept On Cumming And Finally He Ejaculated With A Deep And Rich Cum Face Semen Splatter! Erina Nagasawa08/27/2020
td034dv-01654This Beautiful Girl Was Booked For A Live Sex Show At The Cultural Fair! She's Going To Get Fucked In Front Of Rowdy Customers And Classmates. While Everyone Watches, This Beautiful Girl Is Going To Get Pumped Deep Into her Pussy And Expose Her Slutty Desires. As She Shakes Her Ass During Cowgirl Sex, He'll Pump Her Furiously From Below. From Face-To-Face Fucking, She'll Switch To Deep Piston-Pumping Missionary Position Sex. And Finally, She'll Receive His Rich And Thick Semen All Over Her Face! Erina Nagasawa08/27/2020
td032dvaj-00071Instant Gratification - These Two Beautiful Stepsisters Don't Need A Man When There's A Dick Growing Out Of Their Table! - One Girl Rides The Dick And Sucks It Off With The Other One Watching! Her Pussy Is Dripping Wet As She Cums! - Mami Nagase - Erina Nagasawa06/18/2020
td031dv-01587(Instant Nookie) Erina Became A Deflowered Virgin In Her Debut Video, And Now She's Embarking On An Unscripted Sex Video, And You Can See The Worry On Her Face. First She'll Moan With Pleasure From Missionary Position Sex, And Then Get Surprised With Sudden Threesome Sex, And All Of It Looks So Pure And Innocent. Watch Her Get A Cum Face Semen Splatter And Give Some Cleanup Blowjob Action. And Then She'll Get Some Second Piston Pumping Action And More Threesome Fuck Fest Sex. Finally, She'll Be Surprised By Some Fingering, Seriously Frightening Orgasmic Ecstasy. Erina Nagasawa05/07/2020
DVAJ-446Inside Her After 4 Seconds From Meeting EX 2, 15 Beautiful Girls Suddenly Taken And Fucked By Hard Men03/08/2020
DVAJ-425Beautiful Ladies Who Became The Prey Of A M****ter, Unable To Move, In A Train, On A Bus, In A Movie Theater11/09/2019
DVAJ-416Professional Women Having Sex in An Empty Office - 12 Women, 5 Hours09/08/2019
DV-1628Special Offer - Eri-rin Follows Her Sexual Instincts. She Looks Deep Into His Eyes And Kisses While She Gets Fucked. She Rides Cowgirl Until He Pulls Out And Licks Her Pussy, Then Fucks Her From Behind Until She Cums. Finally He Fucks Her Aggressively In Missionary Position Until He Blows His Load All Over Her Erina Nagasawa07/25/2019
DV-1618Special Offer - Eri-rin Can't Believe The Size Of This Dick! She Gets More And More Turned On With A Huge Dick Inside Her Tight Pussy. She Gets Fucked Missionary And Cowgirl Style Until She Loses All Strength. She Flops Around While Getting Fucked From Underneath And On Top With A Bukkake Finish Erina Nagasawa07/18/2019
DV-1577[Great Value] We Teach The Basics Of Being A Porn Star To A Girl Who Lost Her Virginity In Her Porn Debut. Everything Is A First For Her! "No, What?" She Squirts For The First Time. From An Awkward Blowjob To Missionary Sex. From A Surprising Reverse Cowgirl Position Where She Gets Thrust From Below To Spooning And Missionary Sex. Surprised By The Fast Fucking, She Gets Cum All Over Her Face. Erina Nagasawa05/16/2019
DVAJ-387Girls Look You In The Eye While They Slurp And Suck Your Cock 15 Girls In 4 Hours04/07/2019
DVAJ-384She'll Look You In The Eye The Entire Time As She Fucks You In This Total POV Sex Experience 15 Ladies 5 Hours03/10/2019
DV-1597[Special Price] Hibiki Otsuki Barges In While The Beautiful Girl Erina Nagasawa Is In The Middle Of Fucking! Miss Hibiki Will Teach Erina How To Properly Fuck Hibiki Is Whispering Into The Ear Of Erina While Enjoying Orgasmic Masturbation And When Erina Gets Some Cock Inserted Into Her Pussy, She'll Put All Of The Lessons Miss Hibiki Taught Her To Good Use...12/27/2018
TDOP-007One Bill AV Best [Shaking Shame] It's Embarrassing To Shake My Ass, But A Cowgirl Is The Only Position That Feels This Good! These Ladies Are Going Cum Crazy For These Hip Shaking Furious Fuck Dances03/06/2017
DVAJ-200I Love Asses! Perky Asses, Jiggling Asses, We're Furiously Pumping Asses! 5 Hours Of Ass Angle Sex Scenese!!12/10/2016
DVAJ-174These 7 Horny Brides Fuck Hard Every Night! The Polygamous Harem Of Your Dreams Special09/11/2016
DVAJ-147BEST Cowgirl Sex- Leading Men To Climax With Their Dirty Grinding. 4 Hours06/11/2016
DVAJ-138Hotties Only - Gang Bang Rape 4 Hours05/08/2016
DVAJ-130Meeting and Fucking Right Away Special 404/09/2016
DVAJ-015Rape Academy Culture Festival Strip Show Special 4 Hours02/12/2015
DV-1565The Miracle Virgin - Erina Nagasawa11/07/2013
AVOP-053Alice Japan 30-Year Anniversary Commemoration - Special Presenting Popular Series Spanning Successive Generations From "Flash Paradise" to "Reverse Soap Heaven"!!n/a
DV-1680Cinema Gropern/a
DVAJ-0056Gang-Ra--d Teachern/a
DVAJ-0014Loving Blowjob-Swallow SEX Erina Nagasawan/a
DVAJ-0038Loveless Sex Only Longing For Teasing Pleasure Erina Nagasawan/a
DVAJ-0022Nutbusting! Real Creampies Erina Nagasawan/a
DV-1609Meet Up and Then Fuck in 4 Secondsn/a
DVAJ-0065Sex In 4 Seconds - Creampies: Filled to the Brim Erina Nagasawan/a
DV-1688Only On Topn/a
DVAJ-0046POV R--e of Erina Nagasawan/a
DV-1654R--e Campus - Strip Show Festivaln/a
DVAJ-0079Her Shocking Retirement Erina Nagasawan/a
DV-1671Super!! Ashamed and Peeingn/a
DVAJ-0004Whorehouse Gets Free After The Third Cumshot in Erina Nagasawan/a
td047mtndv-01688POV From Start To Finish - Cowgirl Only! Erina Nagasawa Has Her Pussy Walls Pounded By A Hard Cock. She Uses Her Whole Hole To Grind Down On His Dick, Experiencing It From Every Angle! Finally, She Wrings Out Every Last Drop Of Its Seeds With Hard Thrusting Until The Condom Is Fit To Burst Erina Nagasawan/a
td045nmtdv-01671[99 yen] Playing With This Hot Girl's Pussy And Poking It Until She Squirts! First She Squirts After Non Stop Poking With Finger Fucking And Cock Penetration. Standing Up From Behind She Is Fucked So Hard She Can't Stand It And Cums Everywhere And Squirts. Pee Covered Pussy Is Fucked Hard And She Gets A Facial Cumshot At The End. Erina Nagasawan/a
td042avop-00053B[Revival] Beautiful Girl Fingering Time! Always Ready To Show You Her Pussy So You Can Give Her A Blowjob. She Is A Beautiful Girl Who Never Misses The Camera's View At Any Time. She's Always Ready To Give You A Close-up Of Her Pink Pussy, And She's Always Ready To Be Fingered From Behind. In The End, She Gets Deep Throated Erina Nagasawan/a
td042avop-00053A[Revival]Quickie In The Elevator. After Stripping Off Her Panties She Is Quickly Fingered And Hard Dick Thrust Into Her. They Move To The Bed And She Is Fucked From The Back. She Lies On Her Side And Is Fucked Again, Then She Gets Cum In Her Face Erina Nagasawan/a
TD005DVAJ130AShe's Having Quickie Sex 4 Seconds After Meeting, And Finishing With Some Cum Face Action! And She's F****d To Finish With A Cleanup Blowjob Erina Nagasawan/a
DVAJ-0071The Beautiful Stepsisters Who Live In A Property With Dicks Mami Nagase Erina Nagasawan/a
DVAJ-0067I Pounded The Wall So Hard She Froze, So I Pounded Her Pussy!n/a
REBDB-098Erina: Beautiful Girl From A Tropical Island... Erina Nagasawan/a
DVAJ-0035Thick Cum Facial Special! 4 Hoursn/a
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