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Akiho Yoshizawa (吉沢明歩)

Also known as: ACKY, 吉澤明歩

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Akiho Yoshizawa (吉沢明歩) Profile:

Born: March 2, 1984
Measurements: B86 / W58 / H86
Cup Size: E Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: A
Height: 161cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Akiho Yoshizawa (吉沢明歩)

Akiho Yoshizawa Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
MXSPS-681最上級の楽園へようこそ!ハズレなしの超高級ソープランド 4時間03/15/2022
MXSPS-680極上のおもてなし CAファーストクラス 4時間03/15/2022
MXSPS-675「超」本気(マジ)イキコレクション4時間 vol.501/15/2022
MXSPS-672緊縛凌●調教~アクメ地獄 絶頂に狂う美女たち12/15/2021
MXSPS-653MAXING HISTORY vol. 206/15/2020
MXSPS-6505 Hot Babes All Tied Up--4 Hours05/15/2020
MXSPS-647MAXING HISTORY vol. 104/15/2020
MXSPS-645Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 1304/15/2020
MXSPS-641Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 1203/15/2020
MXSPS-637Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 1102/15/2020
MXSPS-639Enchanting Massage Special02/15/2020
MXSPS-633Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 1001/15/2020
MXSPS-629Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 912/15/2019
MXSPS-625Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 811/15/2019
MXSPS-623Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 710/15/2019
MXSPS-621Sex Trade: The World is Wonderful10/15/2019
MXSPS-618Her Smooth Shaved Pussy Gets Fucked Deep - 240 Minute Special!09/15/2019
MXSPS-619Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 609/15/2019
RBB-165Nghh!? Cough, Cough!? A Tearful, Deep Throat Piston-Pounding Blowjob With An Ultra-Thick Cock 8 Hours09/13/2019
OFJE-212Akiho Yoshizawa All New 15 Titles Complete Final Memorial Best Hits Collection 12 Hours09/04/2019
MXSPS-616Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 508/15/2019
MXSPS-615An Adult Private Room Yoga Class Highlights 4-Hour Special08/15/2019
RBB-163Countdown To Ejaculation! Blowjob Action So Pleasurable Your Pre-Cum Will Be Dribbling Down Your Dick 160 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours (RBB-163)08/15/2019
MXSPS-612Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 407/15/2019
OFJE-207One Of The Hottest Slender Bodies In The Industry X Big Dick. The Relentless, Orgasmic Sex Makes Her Ribs Visible07/12/2019
OFJE-205Best Whore At Store Where You Can't Have Sex Secretly Let's You Fuck Her, Best 70 Stores07/03/2019
OFJE-203Passionate French Kiss Fuck Exchanges Passionate Kisses And Tongues With Dripping Spit 55 Fucks 8 Hours06/14/2019
OFJE-201"Show Me How You Cum! I Love Semen! I Want To Make You Feel Good With My Mouth!" An Ultra Pleasurable Blowjob Rush Of Pre-Ejaculatory Ecstasy 100 Cum Shots In A Row! 405/31/2019
OFJE-197An Ultra Orgasmic Furious Piston-Pounding Rush Of Pre-Ejaculation Ultimate Pleasure 114 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours05/03/2019
MXSPS-609Horny Women Get Their Pussies Dripping Wet And Orgasm Over And Over Again When They Have Sex While Ovulating After Abstaining From Sex For 720 Hours. THE BEST, 4 Hours04/15/2019
MXSPS-610Superb Passion! Thick Oral Filth 4 Hours04/15/2019
RBB-155I Put On Some Puppy Dog Eyes And To My Surprise This Hot Older Girl Let Me Have Some Of The Best Sex Of My Life With Her!04/12/2019
OFJE-194We Love S1 Girls 2018 All The Best We Love You All S1 Girls 34 Girls 100 Titles x 100 Fucks 12 Hours Best Hits Collection04/12/2019
MXSPS-606Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 303/15/2019
RBB-152Please Stop... I Don't Like This... Women Who Get Assaulted And Can't Resist The Molester 8 Hours03/15/2019
MXGS-1090Porn Full Retirement -FINAL FUCK- Akiho Yoshizawa 03/15/2019
SSNI-420Akiho Yoshizawa 's Last Porno Before Retirement03/05/2019
OFJE-195S1 PRECIOUS GIRLS 2019 15th Anniversary DVD 6-Disc Set 24 Hours PREMIUM BEST HITS COLLECTION03/05/2019
OFJE-187Raping A Woman Who's Out Of My League And Cuckolding Her Husband! Humiliating Cuckolding Rape Special. 55 Shots, 8 Hours02/15/2019
RBB-151They Scream No! They Can't Speak! Raped! Gang Raped While Tied Up! All Kinds Of Torture And Rape. 8 Hours02/15/2019
RBB-150Made To Orgasm In Situations Where They Can't Make A Sound! It Feels So Good, I Can't Keep Quiet! 8 Hours02/15/2019
MXGS-1086Teasing Her Clit With An Electric Vibrator Until Her Mind Goes Blank Akiho Yoshizawa02/15/2019
MXSPS-603Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 202/15/2019
SSNI-3997 Days Continually Raped By My Superior, With Whom I Shared A Hotel Room During Our Business Trip. Akiho Yoshizawa02/01/2019
OFJE-183Beautiful Female Teacher Babes Who Got Raped Tied Up, Breaking In, Gang Bang Rape 8 Hours01/16/2019
RBB-148Moments Before Ejaculation! A Wonderfully Pleasurable Blowjob Dripping With Pre-Cum Juices 160 Consecutive Cum Shots/8 Hours01/16/2019
MXSPS-601Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle vol. 101/15/2019
MXGS-1082The Chic Cafe's Beautiful Owner, Akiho Yoshizawa01/15/2019
SSNI-379The Captive, Beautiful Female Spy -Complete Restraint And Torture She Can't Escape- Akiho Yoshizawa12/28/2018
OFJE-181"No! I Just Came!" Relentlessly Fucking Her Sensitive , Twitching Pussy Straight After She Orgasms! Orgasm Rush. 102 Shots!12/28/2018
MXGS-1078Follow-Up Piston Pounding Quickie Fucks Akiho Yoshizawa12/15/2018
MXSPS-598All-Star Cum Face Festival 1812/15/2018
OFJE-1792018. Featuring S-Class Actresses With The Best Body And Looks In The Industry Only! S1 Minimal Mosaic Highlights. The Last Super Special Edition Of The Heisei Era. 35 Women, 224 Titles. 16 Hours!12/12/2018
SSNI-357The Reason Why A Married Woman Became A Sex Worker For Her Beloved Husband Akiho Yoshizawa12/05/2018
OFJE-1751 Month Of Sex With S-Class Actresses! S1 Daily Sex Calendar. 8 Hours11/16/2018
MXSPS-595Strapped In And Tied Up x Rough Sex 4 Hours11/15/2018
MXGS-1074My Sister-In-Law Gave Me An Ass-Kissing Fuck Akiho Yoshizawa11/15/2018
SSNI-334The No.1 Pink Salon Girl Here Will Give You A Tight Deep Throat Blowjob And A Nice Fuck Too Akiho Yoshizawa11/02/2018
OFJE-173Bukkake On An S-Class Actress!! Incredibly Pleasurable Facials Rush From Just Before Ejaculation. 100 Shots, 8 Hours11/02/2018
OFJE-170At This Ultra High-Class Men's Massage Parlor, You'll Get To Fuck A Super Class Therapist 8 Hours10/17/2018
MXSPS-592Women Get An Aphrodisiac Rubbed On Their Clits And Orgasm Repeatedly. 4 Hours10/15/2018
MXGS-1070Getting Fucked While Being Pushed Down In A Share House Akiho Yoshizawa10/15/2018
OFJE-169Raping Girls That Are Out Of Your League! Humiliating Rape/Gang Bang Special. 83 Shots, 8 Hours10/05/2018
SSNI-311S1 X Idea Pocket. 2 Actresses Under Exclusive Contract Star Together In This Extravaganza! Reverse Threesome Harem Special Featuring Two Skillful Sluts Who Will Make You Come Repeatedly Akiho Yoshizawa Jessica Kizaki10/05/2018
MXVR-024[VR] Akiho Yoshizawa At A High Class Bathhouse Welcome To The Ultimate Body Bathing Experience [Akiho Yoshizawa]09/25/2018
MXGS-1066One-On-One Yoga Class For Adults Akiho Yoshizawa09/15/2018
OFJE-167This Twitching Asshole Begs for More Anal Sex! Fuck This Ass Harder and Watch Every Inch Bounce in Response! Take in Every Inch of that Ass! Enjoy the Action from All Three Angles of the Ass, Asshole, and Entire Scene! S1 Level 100 Sex!!09/14/2018
SSNI-291Her Throat Gets Fucked When She Starts Sobbing In Deep Throat Fuck 14 Fucks Akiho Yoshizawa08/31/2018
MXGS-1063Sexually Deprived Girl Drips Pussy Juice And Keeps Cumming When Fucking On Her Ovulation Day After No Sex For 720 Hours. Akiho Yoshizawa08/15/2018
MXSPS-585Exclusive Bondage (secret) Club 808/15/2018
OFJE-162Debut 15th Anniversary Akiho Yoshizawa R**e Throat Fuck Premier Selection 200 Video 16 Hrs08/15/2018
SSNI-269Sweaty And Sloppy Kissing Adultery Sex She Was In A Deep Love Affair With Her Middle-Aged Boss Whom She Met While Working At Her Part-Time Job Akiho Yoshizawa08/03/2018
MXGS-1059A Beautiful Office Lady Who Goes Cum Crazy Fucking Rock Hard Cocks While Spectacularly Tweaking Nipples In The Office Akiho Yoshizawa07/15/2018
MXSPS-584Beautiful Statuesque Lust! 12 Dignified And Beautiful Female Athletes Competitive Swimsuit Edition 4 Hours vol. 407/15/2018
MXSPS-58312 Alluring Queens! A Bondage-Filled (Secret) S&M Club 807/15/2018
MXSPS-582We're Raping The Deep Throats Of Women! A Deep Throat Special 4 Hours/12 Women07/15/2018
RBB-136A Beautiful Body The Right Shape, The Right Size, And The Right Nipples!! These Are Indeed A Divine Set Of Titties 8 Hours07/13/2018
RBB-110Glasses Girls Collection: 8-hour. Glasses Of Japan. Feche' Dedicated Girls07/13/2018
OFJE-159Mind-Blowing Massive Spasmic Hard Piston Thrusts And Furious Orgasmic Ass Shattering Sex Videos 103 Cum Shots In A Row!07/13/2018
SSNI-242A Beautiful Cabin Attendant Gets Gangbanged for Days Akiho Yoshizawa06/29/2018
MXSPS-578MAXING Second Half Annual Best Hits Collection 10 Hours - 2017 Second Half Edition -06/15/2018
MXGS-1050Mind Blowing Ecstasy!! The Ultimate G-Spot Orgasm!! Akiho Yoshizawa06/15/2018
MXSPS-580A Sensual Massage Where You Will Touch And Get Touched In Twitching And Trembling Pleasure06/15/2018
MXSPS-579High Definition x Quickie Sex! 12 Girls06/15/2018
RBB-135About to Cum! 150 continuous blowjobs bring you to the edge of cumming over 8 hours06/13/2018
SIVR-018[VR] Make Out SEX Marathon Newly Wed Lifestyle And Real VR Experience With The Kissing Master, Akki (Wife)! Super Suck Blowjob Before Work And Sloppy Kiss SEX While Staring At Each Other Up Close After Coming Home! Akiho Yoshizawa06/13/2018
SIVR-020[VR] Deep Throat Fuck With Cum In Mouth, 2 Deep Throat Cumshots! Wife's Pussy And Throat Fucked, Pussy To Mouth Deep Throat Fuck! Akiho Yoshizawa06/06/2018
SIVR-019[VR] A Double Adultery Cuckold Hot Springs Trip With Our Married Couple Friends! My Friend's Super Hot Wife Is Tempting Me By Prancing Around In Her Bathrobe Flashing Me Some Sneak Peeks! I Was Soaking In The Bath, And Then She Came In Wearing Just A Towel And Gave Me A Deep Dive Blowjob! Both Our Partners Were S******g Right Next To Us, So We Had To Slip Underneath The Covers And Keep Our Voices Down While Having Secret Adultery SEX. Akiho Yoshizawa06/06/2018
SSNI-217A Tense Siren Deep Throat Situation Where She Can't Make A Sound Akiho Yoshizawa06/01/2018
OFJE-153"Please Noooo! I Just Came!" After These Ladies Cum, Their Ultra Sensual Twitching Pussies Are Getting A Second Helping Of Piston Pumping Pussy Pounding Greatest Hits Collection06/01/2018
XS-2362Let Me Be Selfish!! Akiho Yoshizawa05/27/2018
XS-241524 Hours At The Up Close And Personally Sexy Hospital Akiho Yoshizawa Shihori Inamori05/27/2018
XC-1383ONA Mates 2 3 Excessively Amazing Daughters!!05/27/2018
XS-2406White Angels 14 Angel in White Babes05/27/2018
XS-2413MAX-A Anniversary Ultimate!05/27/2018
MXVR-010[VR] D***k Date Akiho Opens Up. A Bright And Fun Erotic Time. (Akiho Yoshizawa)05/20/2018
MXGS-1042I Had Been Interested In This Couple Cafe For Some Time Now, So I Finally Convinced My Wife To Go With Me... And Then I Had To Watch While She Sucked On Another Man's Cock And Cum With Pleasure For The First Time Ever... Akiho Yoshizawa05/18/2018
MXSPS-576High Definition x POV Plays Where She'll Look You Straight In The Eye 4 Hours05/18/2018
MXSPS-57713 Dreamy Bubble Princess Babes! Welcome To Super High-Class Soapland Gorgeous05/18/2018
MXGS-001When This Newly Debuted Fresh Face AV Actress Enters The Studio, She'll Start Quickie Fucking So Hard You'll Throw Out Your Back Yukari Kotobuki05/18/2018
RBB-132Her Face Is Warping With Pleasure The Moment She Cums In Seriously Orgasmic Ecstasy05/16/2018
SSNI-191Akiho Is A Beautiful Married Woman Who Became Hooked On Her Father-In-Law's Persistent Licking Sexual Advances, Which Escalated In Intensity By The Day Akiho Yoshizawa05/02/2018
MXVR-007[VR] After Exercising Together, A Muscle Massage Leads To Erotic Relations With My Older Sister [Akiho Yoshizawa]04/19/2018
OFJE-147Super Selections Of The Latest And Most Popular Actresses!! 100 Blowjob Dick Sucking Moments Right Before Ejaculation! 304/13/2018
MXVR-002[VR] A Page From Our Life Together. I'll Be With You From Morning Until Night. [Akiho Yoshizawa]03/20/2018
SSNI-141Akiho Yoshizawa Is Getting Defiled And Fucked In A Full Body Cum Facial Lotion Lathered Massive Bukkake R**e03/17/2018
OFJE-142S1 First Half 2017 + Second Half Full Penetration 100 Best Selections 100 Best Of The Best Fuck Scenes Of 2017 Edition03/14/2018
RBB-127About to Cum! 150 continuous blowjobs bring you to the edge of cumming over 8 hours02/23/2018
OFJE-138Beautiful Faces, Great Bodies, Incredible Service! 24 S-Class Pros Welcome You On a Grand Tour Through 48 High Class VIP-Only Sex Shops02/14/2018
OFJE-136Jiggling Tits And Beautiful Ass Pussy Cumming FUCK02/02/2018
OFJE-132Slow And Luxurious, Thick And Rich French Kissing, With Plenty Of Tongue Twisting, Drool-Exchanging Sex 24 Fucks/8 Hours12/29/2017
OFJE-1292017 Hot Bodies! Amazing Beauty! 34 S1 Actresses In 181 Episodes!! Only The Hottest And Best AV Actresses In This Minimal Mosaic Highlights 16 Hour BOX Collection12/15/2017
MXSPS-554Exclusive Bondage (secret) Club 712/15/2017
SSNI-065A Live-Action Adaptation Of The Works Of Oltolo - The New Star Of The Fan Fiction World The Unfaithful Wife Honoka Her Greatest Reason Why Staying Married Seems Completely Impossible Akiho Yoshizawa12/08/2017
SSNI-04210 Semen Shots The Limits Of Cum Swallowing Deep Throat Ejaculations With Akiho Yoshizawa11/11/2017
OFJE-108HD Video Wet and Sloppy Pussy Masturbated with Dildo 210/13/2017
OFJE-105Top Porn Stars Keep Their Eyes On You And Help You Masturbate For 480 Minutes To Bring You The Best Masturbation Experience Of Your Life09/29/2017
OFJE-111A Blowjob Rush Of Ultra Pleasure Right Before Ejaculation 80 Cum Shots! 209/29/2017
SNIS-998A Beautiful Lawyer Who Is Totally Tied Down In S&M Sex Akiho Yoshizawa09/16/2017
OFJE-107S1 2016 First Half 0f 2016, 100 Selections, 12 Hours09/13/2017
SNIS-974The Summer Training Camp I Led as a Novice Teacher was Famous as a Camp For G******ging D***k Women Akiho Yoshizawa08/19/2017
OFJE-120S1 Porn Stars Get Bound Up So Tight They Can't Move - Hips Shaking, All They Can Do Is Cum Over And Over As They're Pounded Again And Again - All 45 Scenes From Every Title: Complete Greatest Hits Collection 12 Hours07/01/2017
OFJE-091Now, We Will Have 50 Popular S1 Actresses Bare Everything About Their Sex Lives! A Massive Volume 12 Hour Special!!04/26/2017
OFJE-100[First Time Only] Exclusively Shot Original Cover New Year S-1 2017 100 Ultra First Rate Actresses In An Ultra Exquisite Princess Fest! All Sex 12 Hour Special04/14/2017
RBB-117Ready For Launch! I'm Cumming! I'm Cumminggggg! The Pussy Pumping Starts Up Again Once She Starts Twitching And Spasming In Ecstasy "No, Stop, I'm Still Cumming!" But We Ignored Her Pleas And Kept On Pumping Away... 8 Hours03/29/2017
SNIS-861Comfort Bus Tour - Guy Gets An Erection When He Watches A Video Of His Wife Getting Fucked On A Company Trip Akiho Yoshizawa03/10/2017
SNIS-838The Full Video Record Of Akiho Yoshizawa As She Is K****pped By An AV Fan Who Decides To Invade Her Private Life And Keep Her In Confinement So He Can Fuck Her As He Pleases02/10/2017
SNIS-812Silent Thrill R**e, Akiho Yoshizawa01/11/2017
OFJE-094S1 2016 From Beautiful Girl Babes To Pretty Ladies, To Big Tits To Massive Asses, We Guarantee You'll Find An Actress You'll Like! Minimal Mosaic Highlights 16 Hours BOX12/16/2016
SNIS-788A Beautiful Elder Sister Who Leads Me To Temptation From Beyond The Hole In The Wall Akiho Yoshizawa12/09/2016
SNIS-763The Night When Akiho Yoshizawa Got D***k And Horny11/11/2016
IDBD-745I'll Teach You The Allure Of A Mature Woman... A Beautiful Female Teacher Led Me To Temptation With A One On One Private Sex Lesson 26 Fucks!10/28/2016
OFJE-079Anal Sex In High Definition With A Super Class Actress Who Shows Us Her Ass Throbbing And Spasming In Bashful Pleasure10/21/2016
MXGS-009A Fresh Face Luna Takai Her Father Is A Former Professional Baseball Player!? The Strongest Half Japanese With Incredible Beauty And Supple Softness In Her AV Debut!10/15/2016
OFJE-080The Pleasure Of Pre-Ejaculation Blowjob Finishes 100 Cum Shots!10/14/2016
OFJE-074Cum Facial Semen Dripping Slowly Out Of S1 Actresses' Pussies! Cum Facial Action From This Super Popular Series All 8 Titles In Complete 8 Hour Fun!10/01/2016
OFJE-070S1 First Half Of 2016 Selection of Minimal Mosaic Videos 12 Hours09/16/2016
MXSPS-464Fourteen Captivating Queens! The Secret SM Bondage Club 609/15/2016
MXSPS-466Sexually Recharged Full On Erection! An Ultra Rejuvenating Massage Parlor Secret Service 4 Hours09/15/2016
SNIS-723Akiho Yoshizawa 's A Slut: Guys Tied Up And F***ed To Blow 16 Loads With Her Incredible Sex SK**ls09/02/2016
OFJE-062Cowgirl Bitches Are Popping Open Their Pussies And Shaking Their Asses 46 Cum Shots08/13/2016
OFJE-063"Fuck Me Deeper..." The 50 Scenes Of S1 Actresses Surrender To The Pleasure Of Big Cocks08/13/2016
SNIS-650Real Peeping On Film! Extreme, Intimate Footage Of Akiho Yoshizawa 's Private Life For 52 Days, And Caught Her Nailing A Pick Up Artist Twist - With Every Detail Captured For Your Pleasure.04/29/2016
MXGS-861Woman Lover's S&M Game Akiho Yoshizawa04/15/2016
RBB-091I'm About To Blow! Amazing Blowjobs Drenched In Pre-Cum 316 Cum Shots For 16 Hours - Vol. 504/15/2016
SNIS-633Brothel Specializing In Quickie Blowjobs And Deep Throat Face Fucks "Face Fuckers" No. 01 Akiho Yoshizawa04/01/2016
MXSPS-422Akiho Yoshizawa The PRECIOUS BEST 15 Hours03/15/2016
SNIS-614Pussy-Exposing, Public Cock Hunting Life Akiho Yoshizawa03/02/2016
SNIS-595Perfectly Bound In Place Inescapable Akiho Yoshizawa Until Your Hips Are Quaking, No Matter How Many Times You Cum It Just Won't Stop, Infinite Piston Sex02/03/2016
MXSPS-411Unable to Take it and Cumming Hard! Splashing Handjob Climax 50 Cumshots, 5 Hours12/15/2015
RBB-071I Want To Squeeze And Suck Tits With The Perfect Sensitivity, Color, Shape And Size 16 Hours11/13/2015
MXGS-081Fresh Face: Komachi Akizuki ~The Woman A Wealthy Oil Magnate Fell For... The Adult Video Debut Of A Mysterious, Sexy Beauty!~09/15/2015
RBB-057Cry! Scream! The Death Cries Of Beautiful Women! 16 Hours Of Screaming R**e09/12/2015
RBB-048Mortified Girls Find Themselves Shuddering With Pleasure Under Their M****ter's Touch... 16 Hours08/14/2015
SNIS-437The Married Woman Who Was Preyed On By Her Neighbor. The Man Rings Her Bell When Her Husband Isn't Home Akiho Yoshizawa07/03/2015
SNIS-327Since That Day My G-Spot Was Discovered... Akiho Yoshizawa01/30/2015
SNIS-307By Day She's My Boss, By Night She's My Bitch Akiho Yoshizawa12/26/2014
SNIS-222Women Who Wanna Be M****ted - Beautiful Instructor Edition Akiho Yoshizawa09/03/2014
ONSD-820Akiho Yoshizawa R**ed The Sex Of Shame Volume06/13/2014
SNIS-162An Insurance Seller Does Her Business On The Pillow Akiho Yoshizawa06/04/2014
SNIS-142Sex While Doing Something 20 4 Hours Akiho Yoshizawa05/02/2014
SNIS-085Huge Cock Drilling Akiho Yoshizawa01/31/2014
ONSD-770Akiho Yoshizawa 10 Year Anniversary Complete S1 Collection Box Set 80 Titles 48 Hours01/11/2014
IDBD-490Clothed Sex-Only Animals Get Naked, People Express Their Eroticism Without Taking Off Clothing! ~ 8 Hours of Fucking in Clothes ~11/27/2013
SNIS-020High-Class Prostitute - Akiho Yoshizawa11/02/2013
RKI-288Super Deluxe Debuts Of 48 Popular Actresses, Sex With Innocence. 16 Hours10/12/2013
RKI-293High Res - 16 Hours of Thorough Rapes and Forced Gang Bangs10/12/2013
SOE-984V*****ed Lady Lawyer - Courtroom of Shame ( Akiho Yoshizawa )09/04/2013
IDBD-4673 2 1 Cum! Explosive! Smash Hit! They're Taken To The Verge and Then Give a Huge Shot! 154 Stars, 8 Hours of Non-Stop Full Throttle Ejaculation On Display!08/28/2013
MRJJ-002The Bud of an Angel Akiho Yoshizawa Li Mosaic version08/22/2013
SOE-952Wicked Wife Akiho Yoshizawa07/03/2013
IDBD-449Rapid Piston MAX! Idea Pocket Girls Writhing All Over! Accelerated Lusty Fucking 8 Hours05/29/2013
RKI-25216 Hours of the Naughtiest Female Teachers You've Ever Seen04/12/2013
RKI-245Breaking In - 16 Hours Of Fallen Women03/13/2013
IDBD-430Taboo Relations - Girls With Forbidden Partners 8 Hours 30 Stories03/13/2013
SOE-898Wife Fucked In Front of Her Husband: Disastrous H*******m Cure Akiho Yoshizawa02/28/2013
ONSD-687S1 Playback 8 Hour 2007 Edition Best 50 Titles02/28/2013
MXBD-123A*****ting Her While She Sleeps Quickies Serial Fucks And Orgasms Akiho Yoshizawa01/15/2013
SOE-878W Beautiful Assassins Yuma Asami Akiho Yoshizawa12/27/2012
MXSPS-265Members Only (Secret) S&M Club II12/15/2012
MXBD-119Keeping Her Voice Down! Holding Back Orgasms! The Ecstasy Of Self-Control!! Akiho Yoshizawa12/15/2012
IDBD-4033 2 1 Cum! 166 Explosive Blowjob Orgasm in a Row! 8 Hours of Non Stop Ejaculation on Display!11/14/2012
SOE-829Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex - Too Hot To Care What People Think - Coupling Edition Akiho Yoshizawa10/03/2012
MXSPS-247Wow, Girls In Competitive Swimsuits! 308/27/2012
IDBD-384Give Yourself Over to The Horny Female Teacher! Beautiful Female Teachers' Seductive Class - 8 Hours of Pleasure Instruction!!08/11/2012
ONSD-62430 Super Hotties Giving Extra-Deep Blowjobs (4 Hours)07/14/2012
ONSD-619Nervous, Shy Exhibitionist - 4 Hours07/04/2012
IDBD-365Because I'm a man, I'll stand up while you go down on me! Making girls crouch and give blowjobs: 8 hours05/30/2012
MXSPS-205Wow, Girls In Competitive Swimsuits! 201/25/2012
SOE-695Spread Wife Fucked In Front of Her Husband Akiho Yoshizawa Yuma Asami12/28/2011
RKI-158Best Of Blowjobs - Blowjob Heaven 200 Times In 24 Hours12/10/2011
IDBD-329Idea Pocket Beauties Stay Horny! 200 Girls Have Clearly Visible Missionary Sex 24 Hours11/23/2011
SOE-667Banged Bride's Maid - Tragic Virgin Road Akiho Yoshizawa11/02/2011
IDBD-320Hot female teachers who bewitch boys! 12 teachers' seductive class: 480 minute special10/27/2011
MXSPS-182S********l Uniform Collection10/22/2011
SOE-655Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex - Steamy Sex At Hot Spring Akiho Yoshizawa10/05/2011
IDBD-317IP SUPER GIRLS BEST 100 People 16 Hours09/28/2011
RKI-136Squirting Best Masterpiece: Endless Squirting - 100 Scenes 24 Hours08/10/2011
MXGS-346Queen Akiho Yoshizawa Has Beautiful Legs And She Wears Panthyhose08/05/2011
IDBD-303Semen Fest! 1000 Semen 24 Hours!07/27/2011
SOE-617Insta Fuck! Sex Anywhere Every Time The Lamp Comes On Akiho Yoshizawa06/30/2011
ONSD-523Face Sitting Cunnilingus - 50 Women, Four Hours06/15/2011
RKI-126Horse Riding Cowgirl! 16 Hours06/15/2011
SOE-587Mega Best Cum Face Festival Akiho Yoshizawa04/28/2011
ONSD-497Hard Piston FUCK Breakdown 4 Hours03/16/2011
ONSD-493R**ed In The Cowgirl Position 4 Hours 203/03/2011
ONSD-489Beautiful Girls Generation 4 Hours Beautiful High Class Sex02/16/2011
SOE-539Ravaged Wives and Teachers Akiho Yoshizawa02/03/2011
IDBD-261Female Teacher Huge Collection 40 Girls ! 480 Minutes Special12/23/2010
ONSD-466S1 16th Anniversary Complete Best 1200 FUCKS Sapphire11/18/2010
IDBD-246If It's Idea Pocket Even 100 Girls Cumming is No Sweat!09/30/2010
SOE-047Fresh Face NO. 1 STYLE Non-nude Erotica's Venus x S1 Yui Azusa09/16/2010
RKI-084Semen Best Gold Collection: 2000 Scenes 24 Hours of Semen Lovers09/16/2010
MXGS-278Akiho Yoshizawa Seven Performances In Competitive Swimsuits09/15/2010
ONSD-448R**ed In The Cowgirl Position 4 Hours09/06/2010
MXSPS-110Wow, Girls In Competitive Swimsuits!08/15/2010
SOE-438Secret Woman Investigator - Rough Sex With Horny Terrorists Akiho Yoshizawa08/05/2010
SOE-423Delicious Lips - Dirty Talk and Dirty Mouths Deep Throating Akiho Yoshizawa07/06/2010
ONSD-425Akiho Yoshizawa S1 9-Hour Special06/06/2010
ONSD-407S Rank Porn Stars Skewered By World Rank Huge Cocks 4 Hours04/06/2010
SOE-385S1 TV Underground Channel Celebrity World's Too Hot Large Orgies04/06/2010
ONSD-405Barely Censored Special Selection SEX 8 Hour Special 403/18/2010
SOE-361Yoshizawa Akiho Style's Incredible Sword Drawing Technique. She Doesn't Have A Sword So She Has To Use Something Else Instead Akiho Yoshizawa03/04/2010
ONSD-396S1 2009 - The Best of the Best - 8 Hours02/18/2010
ONSD-390The Finest! Dick Rubbing Cowgirl FUCK 4 Hours02/04/2010
ONSD-391S Rank Female Teachers Give The World's Most Filthy Classes 8 Hours !02/04/2010
ONSD-393S1 Special Box S1 100 Greatest Girls 12 Hours 202/04/2010
ONSD-392Super Cuties Team up for an Exclusive Gang Bang02/04/2010
SOE-338S1 TV - Showbusiness Broadcast Goes To The Extreme!01/06/2010
ONSD-378The Best 50 From 2009 1st Half! 8 Hours12/17/2009
ONSD-370Filthy Sex With A Beautiful Slut 4 Hours 211/18/2009
MXSPS-075MAXING GIRLS COLLECTION You Have To See This Cosplay!11/10/2009
SOE-302Minimal Mosaic - I'll make her swallow every last drop Akiho Yoshizawa11/05/2009
ONSD-367The Most Amazing Transcendent Cowgirl Sex 4 Hours10/18/2009
ONSD-365Minimal Mosaic The Best Collection 2009 1st Half10/18/2009
SOE-286Minimal Mosaic - Complete Domination of a Masochistic Secretary - Akiho Yoshizawa10/06/2009
ONSD-362Cock Melting Sloppy Blowjob 4 Hours10/06/2009
ONSD-363Horny Squirting Young Wife 4 Hours10/06/2009
ONSD-35922 S-Class Actresses! Wetting Themselves Cumming 4 Hours09/17/2009
ONSD-356Dirty Talk Sex You'll Feel With Your Ear 4 Hours09/17/2009
ONSD-348S1 Special Box S1 100 Greatest Girls 12 Hours08/18/2009
ONSD-350Beautiful Ass Addiction 4 Hours08/18/2009
ONSD-351Machine Gun Piston Fuck 4 Hours!08/18/2009
ONSD-349Begging For Semen 100 Sessions 4 Hours08/18/2009
ONSD-344Barely Censored Special Selection SEX 8 Hour Special 308/06/2009
ONSD-340Maison S1 Actresses Indulge In 24 Hour Fucking!07/16/2009
ONSD-34320 S-Class Actresses! Sticky and Wild Sex 4 Hour Special07/16/2009
ONSD-341The Best 50 From 2008 2nd Half! 8 Hours07/16/2009
ONSD-342About To Pass Out! Super Squirting 4 Hours07/16/2009
ONSD-338Real Sex Fucking YOU - 4 Hours07/06/2009
SOE-191Minimal Mosaic Beautiful Nymphos Kissing and Fucking Akiho Yoshizawa04/06/2009
SOE-154Minimal Mosaic Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex ( Akiho Yoshizawa )02/05/2009
SOE-142Minimal Mosaic Lustful Groper Akiho Yoshizawa01/18/2009
ONSD-215These Girls Will Suck Your Cock Dry and Swallow Every Last Drop! 100 Girls - 100 Cum Shots!07/17/2008
ONSD-216Amazing Deep In The Fuck 4 Hours07/17/2008
ONED-969Hyper x Barely Censored Face Covered in Cum Akiho Yoshizawa05/06/2008
ONED-919Minimal Mosaic: Railing Sexy Whores No. 1: Akiho Yoshizawa (4 Hours)02/06/2008
ONED-830Barely Censored My Girlfriend Akiho Yoshizawa 09/06/2007
ONSD-104S1 Girls School - Everyone Fuck School Festival! 408/06/2007
ONED-785Barely Censored Orgy Fucks 34 Akiho Yoshizawa07/05/2007
SRXV-335First Time Shots - Debut Sex Only Collection06/11/2007
ONED-719Minimal Mosaic: Akiho Yoshizawa Gives Special Fantasy Baths05/14/2007
DV-228Angel Bud Akiho Yoshizawa03/12/2004
SOE-5053D Evolution - 3D Video Progression That Will Fascinate With a New Dimension of Sexn/a
XS-2410100 Percent Idol!!n/a
MXNBS-009Adult Acky!n/a
DV-488Adult Fairy Tale, Dolln/a
SSNI-165She Was Targeted By A Rough Sex Gang Detective Akiho Becomes A M****ter Akiho Yoshizawan/a
MXGS-453Akiho is Going to Make You Ejaculate Over and Over Againn/a
MXGS-216Akiho is My Wifen/a
SOE-680Akiho Who Loves Big Cocksn/a
MXGS-019Akiho Will Guide You to Ecstasy By Way of Lots of Indecent Languagen/a
PDV-023Akiho Yoshizawa Best Love Selectionn/a
MXSPS-050Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 1n/a
MXSPS-057Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 2n/a
MXSPS-068Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 3n/a
MXSPS-082Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 4n/a
MXSPS-090Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 5n/a
MXSPS-100Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 6n/a
MXSPS-119Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 8n/a
MXSPS-158Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 10n/a
MXSPS-188Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 11n/a
MXSPS-216Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 12n/a
MXSPS-233Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 13n/a
MXSPS-249Akiho Yoshizawa Collection Season 14n/a
MXSPS-531Akiho Yoshizawa Enchants You With Her Fellatio in High Def Vol.2 - Being Shown to the Public For the First Time! A Compilation of Fresh Previously Unreleased Footage, 4 Hoursn/a
ARS-048Akiho Yoshizawa Fan Appreciation - Amateur Home Visitn/a
MXGS-246Akiho Yoshizawa is Quite An Experienced Young Female Student in Her Twentiesn/a
PDV-073Akiho Yoshizawa No.1 Best!!!!!n/a
SRXV-414Akiho Yoshizawa Produce Performance - Akiho The Worldn/a
ONSD-524Akiho Yoshizawa S1 8-Hour Specialn/a
MXGS-228Akiho Yoshizawa Too Much Ecstasy By Way of Her Mouthn/a
MXNBS-006Akiho Yoshizawa Will Be Messed Around Withn/a
MXGS-337Akiho Yoshizawa Will Teach You, How to Get the Lady You Wantn/a
MXGS-317Akiho Yoshizawa x Bondage Queenn/a
MXGS-293Akiho Yoshizawa, That Front and Backn/a
MXGS-499Akki Channel! Dream TV Featuring All Akiho!n/a
DV-536All Open! Upskirt Young Lady, Drawn Up Lustn/a
MXGS-729Android Akiho - Adult Movie Young Beautyn/a
MXGS-662Announcer Acky!n/a
RKI-023Apartment Complex Wife Early Afternoon Fuckingn/a
SOE-744Arrival of the Housekeepern/a
SOE-922As---lted Fugitive - Widow Hunting Gamen/a
MXGS-910Back-Arching Aphrodisiac Massagen/a
SNIS-483Beautiful Bride Sold Out By Her Beloved Fiancen/a
MXGS-561Beautiful Office Lady Ra-ed By a Pervertn/a
MXGS-413Beautiful Security Guard R--edn/a
MXGS-528Beautiful Wife Who Fell to Being a Soapland Providern/a
XS-2316Blue Memories Coming Back
(VHS Quality)
SNIS-041Bodily Fluid Secretionn/a
MXGS-588Bondage - Semen That Coils in Her Throat and On Her Facen/a
MXGS-398Bride Who Was Viola--d By Her Stepfathern/a
SSNI-088An Anal-Licking Genius Akiho The Massage Parlor Therapist Will Give You The Ultimate Detox Lots Of Cum Treatment At Her Salon Akiho Yoshizawan/a
MXGS-439Captivating Massage Given By An Ultimate Beautyn/a
MXGS-392Clothed Fetishism of Akiho Who is Married and Wealthyn/a
SOE-557Complete Eye Contact With the Camera - Face Staring While Coming During Sexn/a
ONED-867Complete Limited Production ?Hi-Mosaic Ver. 2.1 - Hyper-Risky Mosaic MVn/a
SOE-333Confinement Eroticismn/a
DV-282Costume Play Doll!!!!n/a
DV-466Dangerous Locked-Up Roomn/a
MXGS-200Dazzling Sexual Passion, Undulating Bodyn/a
MXGS-304Degradation Playhouse - Lovely Lady Who Cannot Trust This Being the Only Reasonn/a
MXGS-240Delivery Acky!n/a
MXGS-034Doctor Acky!n/a
PXV-020Drawing Out Max 20 Times Consecutively!!n/a
PXV-034Drawing Out Max 30 Times Consecutively!! Akiho Yoshizawa 2n/a
DV-512Eager Private Teacher - Teacher Akiho to Try!n/a
SNIS-507Elite Equestrian Rider Got Trainedn/a
MXGS-509Exquisitely Beautiful Teacher, She Teases the Guysn/a
DV-561Face-Mounted Fuckn/a
MXGS-518Fallen to Climax! Forc*d to Cum While Boundn/a
SOE-631Fascinating Racing Swimwear Fetishn/a
MXGS-854Fast Delivery! Fast Abuse! Chinese Take-Out Trainingn/a
SRXV-447Female After-Hours Detectiven/a
XS-2380Female Teacher Huntingn/a
DV-359Fetish Akin/a
XV-490Final Chaptern/a
MXGS-067Fine Lady Limit Tongue Chu Trance Fuckn/a
MXGS-131Fixed Point Observationn/a
SNIS-201Forc*d to Be An Underwear Model...n/a
MXGS-739Fucking Machine SEXn/a
MXGS-234Girlicious 02 feat.Akihon/a
SOE-798Going At It Chaotically! Human Bullet Pistonn/a
MXGS-059Handsome Guy Acky!n/a
MXGS-579Have the Finest Date With Akki!n/a
MXGS-1014Her Clitoris Was Heavily Smeared With An Aphrodisiac and It Made Her So Sensitive That She Came Repeatedly While Arching Backwardsn/a
MXGS-371High Leg Racequeen x Akiho Yoshizawan/a
SNIS-123High Society Wife Who Came During An Oil Esthetic Treatmentn/a
MXGS-803High-Class Special Service Soap Provider, Beautiful Bubble Princess Who Loves to Please Employs Tremendous Techniques Out of Kind Devotion to Provide Comprehensive Service!n/a
SOE-455Hot Steamy Beautiful Hostess - Relieving Hot Springs Hoteln/a
MXGS-570Humiliated Naked Pub Managern/a
MXNBS-015Hustle Acky!n/a
ONED-810Hyper x Risky Mosaic - Squirting Hyper-Risky Mosaicn/a
ONED-649Hyper-Risky Mosaic - Liberation x Hyper x Risky Mosaicn/a
SNIS-575I Always Get Fucked By My Father-in-Law During the 30 Minutes It Takes My Husband to Take a Bathn/a
XS-2352Imprisoned Body Doll
(VHS Quality)
SRXV-425Indecent Mouthn/a
MXGS-285Innocent Loven/a
MXGS-868Intense POV R--en/a
MXGS-979Irrumatio Sex Slave, Humiliated Beautiful Flight Attendant Who Was Thoroughy Disgraced Down Her Hatchn/a
SNIS-063Irrumatio Slave Ambition - Office Lady Hated Within the Company is Convenient For Great Headn/a
MXGS-204It Can Only Be Done On Akiho, Ultimate Ecstasy Techniquen/a
DV-431It Pleases the Maid to Obeyn/a
MXGS-642It Rained On the Way - Her Secret Place Became Sopping Wetn/a
MXGS-820Kimeseku Stupor - Aphrodisiac x H***otism x Complete Intoxicationn/a
MXGS-884Lady Who Loves Young Dudes Messes Around With Her Perplexed Nephews, Taking and Holding Fast Their Inexperienced Cocks in Her Mouthn/a
MXGS-352Lascivious Lady Who Confines a Guyn/a
SNIS-530Legalization of R--e Has Been Approvedn/a
MXGS-210Lewd Infection Ward, Part 2n/a
MXGS-359Lewd Lascivious Nurse x Akiho Yoshizawan/a
MXGS-310Lewd Very Masochistic Female Doctor Done Too Muchn/a
MXGS-146Licentious Beautiful Secretary
(Chinese Subtitle)
SOE-396Lots of Lotion and Overwhelming Pleasure Sexn/a
MXGS-324Lovely Beautiful Wife - Fucked While the Husband is Awayn/a
MXGS-377Lovely Stepmother Akiho - This is How I Ended Up Getting Done By My Stepmothern/a
MXGS-139Lovestruck Acky!n/a
XV-692Maison Akiho Complete Versionn/a
SRXV-367Maison Akiho, Story 1n/a
XV-360Maison Akiho, Story 2n/a
SRXV-388Maison Akiho, Last Storyn/a
SOE-968Married Teacher Who Got Banged By Othersn/a
XS-2330Max Caf?
(VHS Quality)
SNIS-552Milky Fluid That Flows Out From Withinn/a
MXGS-114Ms. Akihon/a
MXGS-186More Teasing Will Be Done With Akiho Yoshizawan/a
MXGS-431My Lovely Auntn/a
SOE-570My Older Sister Who is Indecentn/a
MXGS-751Newcomer Akiho Yoshizawa x Maxing 100 Performance Commemorationn/a
SNIS-884No.1 Group of Extremely Handsome Male Hosts in Kabukicho Try to Romance Akiho Yoshizawa For Real! After Getting Totally Hooked, Akiho Spent Night After Night Partying With Hosts, Going Wild and Paying For Loveless Sex! Close-Up Monitoring 3.5 Hour Special!!n/a
MXGS-761Obscene Bow-Legged Fuckn/a
DV-581Obscene Modeln/a
(VHS Quality)
MXGS-876Passionate Fucking With Daringly Baring Wedgiesn/a
DV-301Personal Fantasy - I Want to be Serviced by Akiho Yoshizawan/a
MXGS-772Perverted Drooling Ladyn/a
SOE-781Physical Exam For Adults That is So Indecentn/a
MXGS-619Polite Naughty Talkn/a
MXGS-480Pounced Upon While Asleep x Instant Fuck x Getting 4 Guys Off Together x Keeping Her Mouth Shut When She Fucks and Cumsn/a
MXGS-1007Premium Brothel VIP Full Course in Akiho Yoshizawan/a
MXGS-683Premium Peach Hip - Sexy Ripe Beautiful Assn/a
SNIS-394President of a Company That Handles Formal Complaints As a Third Party - She Resolves Matters By Prostrating Herself and Using Her Bodyn/a
XS-2393Princess, Hitting the Town!n/a
MXGS-026Private Acky!n/a
ONED-989R--e x Risky Mosaic - Female Teacher Who Was Viola--dn/a
SOE-258R--e x Risky Mosaic - Female Teacher Who Was Viola--d 2, Cruelty Editionn/a
SOE-028R--e x Risky Mosaic - Young Wife Who Was Viola--d in Front of Her Husbandn/a
MXGS-829Ra--d By the Brother-in-Lawn/a
MXGS-706Rapist - A Woman Who Coerces a Stranger Into Sexual Relationsn/a
MXGS-469Resisting the Urge to Moan! Resisting the Urge to Writhe in Ecstasy! Resisting the Urge to Cum!!n/a
SOE-726Reverse Pervert Who Will Viola-e a Mann/a
SOE-241Risky Mosaic - A Woman Who Will Come Via Deep Vaginal Penetrationn/a
ONED-745Risky Mosaic - Akiho is a Squirting Young Wifen/a
SOE-067Risky Mosaic - Akiho Yoshizawa Who is Just For Men/a
ONED-937Risky Mosaic - I Am Putty For Youn/a
ONED-764Risky Mosaic - Infinite Climax! Exciting Ecstasy Fuckn/a
ONED-848Risky Mosaic - Lewd Passionate Fuck Vigorouslyn/a
SOE-109Risky Mosaic - More Vigorously, Do Me Hardern/a
SOE-010Risky Mosaic - Repeated Extinction, Grand Orgasmn/a
ONED-902Risky Mosaic - Shouting! Big Magnum Fuckn/a
ONED-672Risky Mosaic - Six Costumes Pakopako!n/a
ONED-884Risky Mosaic - Twenty Costumes Pakopako!n/a
SOE-174Risky Mosaic - Twenty Costumes Pakopako! 2n/a
ONSD-762S1 Girls Collection - Akiho Yoshizawa in the Prime of Her Lifen/a
ONSD-889S1 Girls Collection - Akiho Yoshizawa Risky Mosaic 8 Hours Bestn/a
OFJE-011S1 Girls Collection - Akiho Yoshizawa Risky Mosaic 8 Hours Best Vol.2n/a
XV-226Samansa - Akiho Yoshizawa Vol.2n/a
SOE-763Secret Female Investigator 2 - Traitorous and Disgraceful Terrorn/a
SNIS-182Secret Female Investigator, The Finale - Lady Panther of Revenge, Battle Elegyn/a
DV-346Self-Portrait #4n/a
MXNB-001SSell Debut - Love Acky!n/a
SOE-888Sensual Estheticiann/a
MXGS-954Sex-Loving Slut Who Controls My Ejaculation By Arousing Me to the Limit Without Giving Me a Releasen/a
MXGS-159Sexual Service Channel 11n/a
MXGS-051Sexy Pet Acky!n/a
SOE-936Sister-in-Law Who Tempts Men/a
SSNI-114S***e Female Teacher Pet Degenerated By Choker Breaking In Akiho Yoshizawan/a
MXGS-422Slave Widown/a
MXGS-631Slut Who Feasts On Semenn/a
MXGS-043Sports Acky!n/a
MXGS-258Strangely Functioning Wickedly Lascivious Ladyn/a
SOE-506Sudden Sinking Orgasm - Driven Wild From the Brainn/a
MXGS-938Supreme Strap-On Dildo Anal Punishern/a
MXGS-553Sweaty Fuck - 4 Screwsn/a
SOE-708Syrupy Thick Fluid Soupy Sexn/a
(VHS Quality)
MXGS-986Teacher Who Shuts Up the Students Disruptive to Her Class By Treating Them As Grown-Ups, Pile-Driving While Riding On Top of Themn/a
SNIS-371Teacher Who Waits Impatiently For Guardians to Visitn/a
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