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Hikaru Shina (椎名ひかる/Age 31)

Also known as: 椎名ひかり, 白石つばさ, 羽川るな, 葉月美緒

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Hikaru Shina (椎名ひかる/Age 31) Profile:

Born: November 10, 1991
Measurements: B85 / W58 / H86
Cup Size: G Cup
AV Activity: May 2010
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Height: 161cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Hikaru Shina (椎名ひかる/Age 31)

Hikaru Shina Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
CEMD-101The Unprecedented "Fist Fuck" 20 Hours 08 Minutes Hyper Complete Box!12/13/2021
COM-0002スタイルのいいお姉さんがエロいボディを駆使してボクのチ●ポ弄びながらイカせてくれましたぁ!! 吉澤友貴 (DOD)09/17/2021
STDDT-073(Bonus Set) Jerk Off Collection! Beautiful Girl - Erotic Research Lab Series Saya Aika Sae Aihara Hikaru Shina04/24/2021
td039sero-00117(Special Value) I'm Secretly Fucking Her Raw And Pumping Her Full Of Round After Round Of Creampie Sex Into Her Beautiful Pale Titties And Light-Skinned Body. I Suddenly Tore Her Clothes Off And Pumped My Big Dick Into Her, Raw, And Furiously Pumped Her Until She Came. I Fucked Her From Behind, From The Side, And Kept Her Cumming With Creampie Fury. I Pumped Her Deep In The Missionary Position, And We Finally Came Together. After Some Cum Face Semen Splatters, She Cleaned Me Off With A Blowjob, And Her Pussy Began To Flood With All Of That Cum I Injected Her With. Hikaru Shina03/11/2021
PYU-119Horny Nurse With Beautiful Tits Drains All Of Your Pent Up Seed With Her Hot Body! Hikaru Shina01/03/2021
td032sero-00117(Instant Nookie) I Tried Having Sex With A Super Thin Condom, Thinking That It Would Feel Super Good! But Then ... That Rubber Broke, And I Ended Up Having Seriously Raw Sex. I Tried To Pretend That Nothing Had Happened And Continued To Pump Her With My Raw Cock, And Since She Never Realized What Was Happening, I Pulled Out And Hit Her With A Cum Face Semen Splatter. Hikaru Shina06/11/2020
CLO-050A Massage Parlor Where They Always Ensure Not To Neglect Your Nipples - Hikaru Shina06/11/2020
AD-249Tickling Pleasures--Tickling And Getting Physical With Sakura In Her Gym Clothes--Sakura Nanami05/14/2020
COM-025A Cute Girl Who Looks Good With Short Hair Lets Me Jam My Cock In Her Mouth And Pussy, And Fuck Her Like A Beast! - Hikaru Shina04/07/2020
STEMAZ-036[Special Value Combo] A Gynecologist Pussy Medical Examination 1/2 A Horny Slut Shows Up At The Men's Bathroom In A Bathroom Guerrilla Assault06/09/2019
BDSR-371She's Got A Full-Volume Erotic Body! Get Your Nookie On With A Big Tits Beauty In A Bulging High-Cut Leotard! 14 Ladies/4 Hours11/09/2018
HFD-176After Her Night Shift, This Angel In White Will Be Having Sex In The Hospital Room All Morning 3 Clothed Insertion And Filthy Nursing 4 Hours10/25/2018
WSP-147Real Sex Covered in Sweat09/27/2018
DDT-601First Anal Fuck!! Asshole Opening Best08/16/2018
CESD-538Fainting Anal Fuck 23 Hours 7 Minutes: Full Penetration Recording03/10/2018
MXSPS-466Sexually Recharged Full On Erection! An Ultra Rejuvenating Massage Parlor Secret Service 4 Hours09/15/2016
DVDES-660Newly Married Mama Is A Teacher By Day! Whore By Night! Beautiful Mama's Fakecest Creampies Sex Education!!09/21/2013
KWBD-093kawaii High Definition BEST - Deep, Passionate Kissing and Sex 8 Hours03/16/2013
ATKD-193ATTACKERS Someone Help Me------! First R**e Collection 2-02/28/2013
KNCS-060Devoted Wives R**ed in Their Own Homes by Remorseless Visitors ( Nanako Mori Hikaru Shina Reiko Sawamura)02/24/2013
KNCS-043G*******g By Relatives Creampie On Young Wife. Forgive Me Darling. Hikaru Shina09/24/2012
RBD-353S***e-Colored Stage 2103/02/2012
YRZ-012Seducing Working Women. (We Fuck 8 Heads Tall Office Lady With Model Looks) vol. 910/31/2011
MXSPS-182S********l Uniform Collection10/22/2011
RKI-147Sex With The World's Largest Dicks Uta Kohaku Hikaru Shina Banana Asada Ayaka Tomoda10/14/2011
MXSPS-166First Scene! Fresh Face Debuted With MAXING07/21/2011
MXGS-257New Faces Hikaru Shina 05/26/2010
PSSD-418H*******m [TS] Selection 501/01/1970
DDT-561Spread Them Wide! Anal Fucking BEST01/01/1970
STCETD-037[Special Value Combo] Real Extreme H******s Hitomi Honjo Aya Kitagawa Yuki Toma Rina Fukada Hikaru Shina Maki Mizusawan/a
DDT-588Best Of T*****ed Girls F***ed To Piss and Cumn/a
BDSR-340A Thickness Of Only 0.00000000001mm The Most Dangerous Condom In The World, Don't Wear This And Fuck We Conducted A Social Experiment With These Girls Who Absolutely Refuse To Have Creampie Sex By Seeing If They Would Agree To Fuck If We Wore This Rubber That Would Break In Seconds Would They Agree To Raw Fucking Creampies And Have Our Baby? 4 Hours/22 Girls Super Greatest Hits Collection!n/a
NEO-415Wanted: Sperm SP Thank You! 708 Men's Worth of Spermn/a
DDT-572Full body orgasms with crazy eyes! Best selectionn/a
SQTE-180S-Cute Lovey Dovey Sex Collection 8 Hours The Returnn/a
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