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Hisae Yabe (矢部寿恵)

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Hisae Yabe (矢部寿恵) Profile:

Born: October 5, 1970
Measurements: B85 / W64 / H88
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Libra
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 167cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Hisae Yabe (矢部寿恵)

Hisae Yabe Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
HMD-039【ベストヒッツ】ピタパン家事代行ヘルパー ムチ尻で客を誘惑してしまう四十路・五十路ヘルパーたちの人には言えない秘密の情事 20人 4時間【アウトレット】11/03/2022
KSBJ-195A Beautiful Mature Woman Performs Masturbation With Squishy, Noisy Pleasure, And Cumming With Twitching And Throbbing Excitement 30 Consecutive Orgasms!!05/02/2022
MLMM-003The Best Of A Beautiful Mature Woman, Hisae Yabe 4 Hours. A Madonna With A Beautiful Ass And Beautiful Legs.04/11/2022
AUKB-075The Fully Clothed Utterly Charming Girl Lesbian Action BEST 4 Hours04/05/2022
EMAZ-400Over 100 People! Mature Women's Masturbation Video Collection! 20 Hours And 19 Minutes Filled With Masturbation02/14/2022
VSED-183A Large Encyclopedia Of Beautiful Mature Women In Their Thirties And Forties01/21/2022
KSBJ-176Creampie Into 20 Beautiful Slender Mature Women With Tight Waists01/17/2022
CEMD-101The Unprecedented "Fist Fuck" 20 Hours 08 Minutes Hyper Complete Box!12/13/2021
CEMD-057Terabyte-Level Masturbation Super Selections Box 1372 Minutes 8-Disc Set - A Massive Collection Of Terabyte-Level Masturbation Scenes, All Gathered For Your Viewing Pleasure! 22 Hours And 52 Minutes Of Amazing Masturbation Videos!09/13/2021
J99-121bMature Woman Caregiver Has Fun With Men Hisae At Age 42, She Still Feels Good And Can Make You Cum! Hisae Yabe07/09/2021
CEMD-029Misa Yuki Bestseller BOX 26 Hours And 36 Minutes, 8-disk Set06/19/2021
VSED-156Full Throttle Shame II05/27/2021
J99-106aSex Under The Same Roof Wife Gets Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law In Front Of Her Husband Hisae Yabe 05/26/2021
JGAHO-255A Still-active Horny Mom Eating Up Younger Men05/24/2021
NASH-509Eternal Madonna - Beautiful Cougar Super BEST 21 Women05/21/2021
KMDS-2051320 Refreshing And Neat Beautiful Wives - 240 Minutes04/22/2021
NACX-070Legendary Beautiful Mature Women, 12 People, BEST12/31/2020
ZOOO-016A Selection Of Beautiful Mature Woman Babes The Legendary Beautiful Mature Woman 12 Ladies 240 Minutes12/23/2020
HMD-49Breaking In Sluts With S&M - Tied Up Wives Reach Their Limits Of Agony And Ecstasy With Ropes, Candles, And Lashes - Their Bodies And Souls Utterly Corrupted 20 Girls, 4 Hours11/26/2020
HMD-47Black Dick G*******g - Japanese MILFs Pounded By Enormous Cocks 20 Mature Girls, 4 Hours09/24/2020
J99-042cHusband Who Gives His Wife To Another Man So He Can Write A Novel Beautiful Married Woman Tastes Another Man Hisae Yabe09/21/2020
J99-042bHusband Who Gives His Wife To Another Man So He Can Write A Novel Beautiful Married Woman Seduces Her Editor Hisae Yabe09/20/2020
J99-042aHusband Who Gives His Wife To Another Man So He Can Write A Novel Beautiful Married Woman Who Loses Her Dignity Hisae Yabe09/19/2020
CESD-914All Ladies Have Bushy Bushes! A Lusty And Bushy Mature Woman Is Exposing Her Female Desires 23 Hours, 31 Minutes 8-Disc Set07/19/2020
KSBJ-089Hot MILFs' Self Shot Masturbation 16 Mature Girls07/16/2020
VSED-135While Her Husband Is Away, She Spends The Afternoon Having Multiple Orgasm Sex With A Younger Guy07/09/2020
RFKS-008Step-mother And Daughter Fucking: Greatest & Best Collection! 10 Mature Moms: Forbidden Journeys04/09/2020
BXX-005A Foot-Jobbing Complete Collection 23 Ladies Are Making You Cum With Their Miraculous Foot Techniques!!01/16/2020
HMD-39Doing Housework With Their Panties On Show - The Secret Love Affairs Of Housework Helpers In Their 40's And 50's - 20 Women, 4 Hours12/26/2019
NACX-04312 Bushy-Haired Mature Woman Babes With Fluffy Pussy Hair vol. 0211/30/2019
NASH-170A Creampie Ejaculation So Massive It Will Cover Up The Pussy Hairs Of This Bushy Haired Mama!10/24/2019
JDL-047Hisae Yabe Complete Works 8 Hours 2 Disc Set10/03/2019
CESD-809Pubic Hair And Sex Are Both Too Dark - Bristly Mature Women 26 Hours 31 Minutes 8 Discs09/08/2019
NASH-113The Tied Up Widow Defiled With The Pleasures Of Bondage...07/25/2019
ABBA-432Hisae Yabe 's Complete Best 16 Pornos 8 Hours 2 Volume Set07/03/2019
NACX-026As Flat As A Washboard!? 8 Mature Women With Small Tits02/28/2019
AST-065Reprint Complete Disk Series A Beautiful Slut In Lusty Temptation 400 Minutes02/02/2019
NASS-965A Skinny Married Woman With Small, A-Cup Tits. The Nipples Under Her Clothes Are Hard And Sensitive12/27/2018
STCETD-065[Value Set] Aerial Anal Yoga Sex With Limber A Woman In Her 50's/My Wife Gets Raped Right In Front Of Me/The Famous Artist Is A Widow. Riko Ayami Hisae Yabe Ryoko Nagase11/29/2018
GIGL-527An Aunt Pretends to Succumb To Her Nephew's Lust, But She's Really Into This Age Gap Sex 4Hours11/22/2018
STCETD-063[Value Set] Limber Ballet S&M Torture. The Unhappy Wife's Fisting At A Night School. The Bondage And Confinement Of A Widow11/09/2018
CESD-650Bondage. Mature Woman's S&M Slave Training 2. 21Hours And 50 Minutes10/12/2018
STCESD-049[Special Value Combo] The Scene Of Adultery With A Celebrity Married Woman Please Fuck Me Genuine Perverted Housewives In Abnormal Lustful Creampie Sex10/09/2018
HMD-025A Mother Goes Cum Crazy For Breaking In Training With Her Son09/27/2018
STCESD-042[Value Set] Masturbation Climax Paranoid All Out Masturbation08/19/2018
MMIX-004Hidden Underneath The Bra Of This Beautiful Mature Woman Are Some Tiny Tits 8 Ladies Who Achieve Ecstasy Through Their Sensual Nipples 4 Hours08/04/2018
VEQ-142"My Pretty Bushy Married Woman, I Shall Love You Forever..." A Super Class Mature Woman Complete Box Set Hisae Yabe 16 Hours07/14/2018
OOMN-231Mother! What Are You Doing In The Bath?! Son Learns Mom's Dirty Secret And They Pleasure Each Other In The Home Bath07/13/2018
STCESD-039[Special Value Combo] A Polite Pussy Grinding Collection Slick And Slippery Squirting Dildo Masturbation! In-N-Out Sliding And Squirting Dildo Masturbation!07/09/2018
VSED-086A Horny MILF Mama Who Reaches Out To Touch Her Son Below His Waist And Relieve His Horny Stress 8 Hours07/04/2018
VSED-088I Went On A Hot Springs Vacation With My MILF Mama, And When I Saw My Mom's Naked Bodies For The First Time In A Long While, I Got So Excited That I Committed The Kind Of Mistake That Should Never Happen...07/04/2018
XRW-504Beyond The Limits Of A Fist Fuck 4 Hours06/21/2018
MLSM-005Mature Woman Asses Greatest Hits Collection 4 Hours/10 Ladies The Filthy Temptation Of Ripe Asses03/31/2018
OBA-036This Married Woman Is A Former Maiko From Gion Keiko Ninomiya, Age 48 An Elegant AV Debut!!10/13/2017
AUKB-074Beautiful Mature Lesbians. Reiko Sawamura. 4-hours.06/29/2017
EMAF-399Waterfall of Fluid Coming From a Mature Beauty's Pussy 8 Hours03/16/2017
HMD-01Fuck Pretty Daughters-In-Law Behind Sons' Back, Domestic V******e Theater, 20 Women 4 Hours07/24/2016
LESJ-322I'm A Card-Carrying Lesbian On A Hot Spring Vacation With The (Straight) Wife Next Door, And Her Hot Body Is Making My Mouth Water. First: French Kisses. Then: Lapping Up The Lovely Juices From Her Horny Pussy! 2 205/12/2016
MBYD-248My Friend's Mother - V*****ed By Her Son's Friend And Made to Cum Repeatedly... Highlights 12 Hours02/10/2016
MBYD-247Their Stupid Husbands Will Never Figure It Out! The Infidelity And Adulterous Affairs Of Married Women 4 Hours01/08/2016
EMAZ-271Real Painful Spanking SEX - The Naughtiness of Girls Who Feel More If They Are Spanked 28 Girls 8 Hours01/17/2015
MBYD-184Eight Hours Of Hisae Yabe03/08/2014
JUSD-544Complete! Hisae Yabe 8 Hours - Yabe's Passionate Fucking. 11 Titles 30 Fucks Best Of.03/05/2014
OBA-088Obasan All-Star Thanksgiving! Ocean Diver Aunties Go Fishing for Men - Bus Tour Special!!12/14/2013
VEC-070Married Teacher M****ted in a Train Hisae Yabe06/27/2013
OKAS-113Vicious Lingerie Arousal 310/08/2012
JFYG-074Black Stocking MILFs 4Hr Highlights10/21/2011
SPRD-838Charismatic MILF Counselor Who Rehabilitated My Younger Brother Who Had Been Socially Withdrawn For the Last 15 Yearsn/a
ARWA-024Extreme Sex Education From a Perverted Masochistic Mothern/a
NATR-360Family Intercourse - My Stepmother is a Slutn/a
OBA-056Her Heart Was Taken By Another While On Vacation At a Hot Spring - Raging Adultery That Flares Up Amid the Steamn/a
GHAT-061Hisae Yabe H***otized While Under the Influence of An Aphrodisiac Hits On Menn/a
VAGU-031Hisae Yabe Relentless Jerking Off!! I Who Was Scolded Via Very Dirty Language While Thoroughly Done By Her Handsn/a
JUX-244Home Delivery Lady Got Fuckedn/a
OBA-013I Got Caught Shoplifting and Ended Up With a Shaved Pussy...n/a
OBA-086In --st - Mother, the Air Conditioner Has Broken Again This Yearn/a
JUX-006Lovely Married Woman I Got to Know While Working Part-Timen/a
VENU-469Loving, Intimate, Passionate Sex Between a Mother and Son That Starts With a Kissn/a
JUX-336Married Woman As---lted in Confinementn/a
NATR-494Married Woman Who Was Targeted By Guys After Her Husband Went Out - Done By Strangers in the Afternoon and Subjected to Nakadashi R--en/a
JUC-856Mother and Son Who Are Behind On Their Rent - Poor and Adulterousn/a
VENU-534Mother Wants to Cum With Her Son!n/a
OKSN-096Mother Who Gives Her Body Up to Her Son... With the Husband Right There...n/a
JUTA-026My Beautiful Auntn/a
JUX-427My Enticing Aunt - Her Naughty Body Furiously Roils My Desiren/a
JUC-694Our Son Does Not Have Small Ballsn/a
IANN-09Passionate Sex During Which Mother Will Not Stop Looking Into My Eyesn/a
TERA-013Settled in One Shot!! Sex-Tremendous Mother, Mama Said Knock You Out!!n/a
VNDS-5144She Lied to Her Husband and Went On An Adulterous Day Tripn/a
EBL-005She Was Ra--d... But It Was Just a Disguisen/a
MLW-2052Super Easy Housekeeper - If Hisae Yabe Was Your Housekeepern/a
VEQ-031Super Mature Woman Complete File - Hisae Yabe 4 Hoursn/a
VEQ-075Super Mature Woman Complete File - Hisae Yabe 4 Hours 2n/a
SPRD-661Surrogate Mothern/a
OBA-046Teacher Who Gives Sex Education Through Fistingn/a
MDYD-827Tempted By Dickn/a
NATR-506Tempted By the Widowed Mother-in-Law?n/a
SPRD-672Trip - Mother and Sonn/a
JUC-933Widow to Whom Middle-Aged Men Will Gathern/a
KMDS-20523The Middle-Aged Woman Who Gives Off A Female Scent Of Being Wet Down There, 15 Women, 240 Minutesn/a
NASH-288No Questions Asked: Home Invasion 7: Young Housewife Fucked Raw By Demon Dick And Getting Cummed On!n/a
STCETD-075[Bargain Set] Losing Virginity With A Widow - Series 1. Happy Family - First-time SM, Age 43, Mature Wife Taken Advantage Of - Documentary.n/a
J99-185dThe Wife Next Door Is Slender, Beautiful, And A Great Barber Hisae Yaben/a
J99-185cThe Wife Next Door Is Slender, Beautiful, And A Great Barber Hisae Yabe , 2 In A Row! Gokkun & Nakadashi Editionn/a
J99-185bThe Wife Next Door Is Slender, Beautiful, And Good In Bed. Hisae Yabe . An Edition Featuring Hot Kisses And Blowjobs.n/a
J99-185aA Mature Woman's Blowjob. Hisae Yaben/a
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