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Tsukasa Aoi - 葵つかさ

Also known as: Tsukasa Aoi, 葵つかさ

Tsukasa Aoi was born on 08/13/1990 in Osaka.

Measurements: B88 / W58 / H86
Cup Size: E Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2018
Sign: Leo
Blood Type: O
Height: 163cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Tsukasa Aoi.

Tsukasa Aoi Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DVAJ-399So Goood - So Much Cum After Fucking! Super Passionate Sex Ends In Big Facial Highlights 10 Women06/08/2019
OFJE-201"Show Me How You Cum! I Love Semen! I Want To Make You Feel Good With My Mouth!" An Ultra Pleasurable Blowjob Rush Of Pre-Ejaculatory Ecstasy 100 Cum Shots In A Row! 405/31/2019
DV-1649Gang Bang Doctor05/23/2019
RBB-156The Butt Cheeks Of 50 S-Class Porn Actresses! Assholes! Complete Domination! Beautiful Bubble Butts Shake Wildly!! 8 Hours05/15/2019
SSNI-474A Beautiful Wife Whose Husband Married Her So He Could Fuck Her On A Daily Basis. The Story Of Disgrace That Begins On Their Wedding Night. Tsukasa Aoi05/15/2019
DVAJ-393Sex 4 Seconds After Meeting. 13 Beautiful Girls Get Insta-Fucked By A Man With A Fully Erect Dick. 5 Hours05/11/2019
DVAJ-394She's Getting Her G-Spot Stimulated And Now She's Cum Splattering And Showering Everywhere!!! 120 Consecutive Squirting Cum Shots 5 Hours05/11/2019
OFJE-197An Ultra Orgasmic Furious Piston-Pounding Rush Of Pre-Ejaculation Ultimate Pleasure 114 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours05/03/2019
DV-1656Lewd Cabaret Miss Who Gets Drunk Before Heading Out Afterwards04/25/2019
OFJE-194We Love S1 Girls 2018 All The Best We Love You All S1 Girls 34 Girls 100 Titles x 100 Fucks 12 Hours Best Hits Collection04/12/2019
RBB-155I Put On Some Puppy Dog Eyes And To My Surprise This Hot Older Girl Let Me Have Some Of The Best Sex Of My Life With Her!04/12/2019
SSNI-454Overtime Adultery, Filled With The Smell Of Musty Pantyhose Tsukasa Aoi04/12/2019
DVAJ-387Girls Look You In The Eye While They Slurp And Suck Your Cock 15 Girls In 4 Hours04/07/2019
DVAJ-389Drunk Women Have Their Guard Down And Are Super Sexy And The Best Fucks Best Hits Collection 5 Hours04/07/2019
OFJE-190Bewitching Young Beauties' Panty Shots, Down Blouse Shots, Seduction And Insta-Fuck Sex Scenes. 87 Shots!03/15/2019
SSNI-434Cuckolding Rape. During The Overnight Company Trip, Your Boss Raped Me Over And Over Again. Tsukasa Aoi03/15/2019
SIVR-042[VR] Even Though I Have A Girlfriend This Sexy Temptress Seduces Me With Her Intimate Whispers Of Dirty Talk In This Alluring VR Experience Tsukasa Aoi Tsukasa Aoi03/14/2019
DVAJ-38310 Massage Girls Provide Their Special Treatment With 5 Hours Of The Best Slick Oiled Dick Pumping And Ball Emptying Cumshots03/10/2019
DVAJ-384She'll Look You In The Eye The Entire Time As She Fucks You In This Total POV Sex Experience 15 Ladies 5 Hours03/10/2019
OFJE-195S1 PRECIOUS GIRLS 2019 15th Anniversary DVD 6-Disc Set 24 Hours PREMIUM BEST HITS COLLECTION03/05/2019
OFJE-187Raping A Woman Who's Out Of My League And Cuckolding Her Husband! Humiliating Cuckolding Rape Special. 55 Shots, 8 Hours02/15/2019
RBB-151They Scream No! They Can't Speak! Raped! Gang Raped While Tied Up! All Kinds Of Torture And Rape. 8 Hours02/15/2019
SSNI-411Big-Assed Miss Tsukasa Provocatively Shows Off Her Voluptuous Lower Body As She Fucks In The Cowgirl Position Tsukasa Aoi02/15/2019
DVAJ-3798 Dirty Sluts Who Know How To Tease And Play02/09/2019
OFJE-185Special: Women Who Get Molested In Situations Where They Can't Call Out - Newest 14 Titles: 53 Corner BEST02/01/2019
OFJE-183Beautiful Female Teacher Babes Who Got Raped Tied Up, Breaking In, Gang Bang Rape 8 Hours01/16/2019
SSNI-390Siren Silent Molesters In The Library: Young Wives Violated In Public Tsukasa Aoi01/16/2019
DVAJ-373Pitakosu Athlete Fuck Collection 15 Girls/4 Hours01/12/2019
DVAJ-374Best Of Sex With Gushing Girls Who Piss Themselves01/12/2019
OFJE-181"No! I Just Came!" Relentlessly Fucking Her Sensitive , Twitching Pussy Straight After She Orgasms! Orgasm Rush. 102 Shots!12/28/2018
SIVR-036[VR] S1 15th Anniversary Special Double Headlining Stars The Ultimate Hard And Tight Harlem Reverse Threesome Dream Soapland Experience 3D VR! 2 Instant Blowjobs! 2 Periscope Fucks! 2 Full-On Fucks! Luxurious All Double Consecutive Ejaculation Special12/27/2018
OFJE-1792018. Featuring S-Class Actresses With The Best Body And Looks In The Industry Only! S1 Minimal Mosaic Highlights. The Last Super Special Edition Of The Heisei Era. 35 Women, 224 Titles. 16 Hours!12/12/2018
SSNI-367Tsukasa, The High-Class Maid With Big Tits Services You With Her Super Slippery Lotion Techniques X Golden-Ratio Body Tsukasa Aoi12/12/2018
SSNI-378S1 15th Anniversary Special. A Huge Collaboration. Part 3. An Extravagant Lineup Of S1 Actresses.12/12/2018
OFJE-1751 Month Of Sex With S-Class Actresses! S1 Daily Sex Calendar. 8 Hours11/16/2018
SSNI-346Sickening Video Of How My Girlfriend Was Fucking Other Men From Dusk To Dawn During The 2 Days I Was Away. Tsukasa Aoi11/16/2018
DVAJ-362Relentless Fucking 4 Hours Tsukasa Aoi11/10/2018
DVAJ-363Ultra Long Best Sellers A Furious Binge-Watching Special Of All The Longest Best Selling Divine Videos You Could Ever Want11/10/2018
OFJE-173Bukkake On An S-Class Actress!! Incredibly Pleasurable Facials Rush From Just Before Ejaculation. 100 Shots, 8 Hours11/02/2018
OFJE-171"Noooo! I'm Going To Squirttttt!!" She's Feeling So Good That She's Gushing A Geyser!! Beautiful Girl Babes Are Squirting Orgasmic Juices From Their Sensual Pussies 100 Showers Of Cum In A Row!10/17/2018
SSNI-324Rough Sex Gang Bang Rape With A Cabin Attendant - A Beautiful Cabin Attendant In Peril - Tsukasa Aoi10/17/2018
DVAJ-357Massive Loads Of Cum On Their Faces. BEST. Normal Playback And Slow Motion. 105 Shots.10/12/2018
DVAJ-358Sex In The Bath Highlights. 18 Women, 4 Hours10/12/2018
OFJE-169Raping Girls That Are Out Of Your League! Humiliating Rape/Gang Bang Special. 83 Shots, 8 Hours10/05/2018
OFJE-167This Twitching Asshole Begs for More Anal Sex! Fuck This Ass Harder and Watch Every Inch Bounce in Response! Take in Every Inch of that Ass! Enjoy the Action from All Three Angles of the Ass, Asshole, and Entire Scene! S1 Level 100 Sex!!09/14/2018
RBB-141Over 45 Super-Class Actresses Are Baring Their Asses! Non-Stop Ass-Shaking Sex 8 Hours09/14/2018
SSNI-303This Half-Naked Elder Sister Is Always Baring Herself In Maximum Exposure Temptation With Her Hot Tanned Body Tsukasa Aoi09/14/2018
DVAJ-3514 Hours Best Footage Of Girls Being Raped Until They Cum By Monster Cock09/08/2018
OFJE-163They Want Each Other For Super Passionate Make Out Fuck While Swapping Spit Slow And Full 30 Fucks 8 Hrs08/15/2018
RBB-138Ecstasy Climax Splash Squirting!! So Wet!! Pussy Feels So Good, She Squirts And It Leaks Out 8 Hrs08/15/2018
DVAJ-346Blowjobs Feel Best Right Before You Blow Your Load (100 Ejaculations)08/11/2018
OFJE-159Mind-Blowing Massive Spasmic Hard Piston Thrusts And Furious Orgasmic Ass Shattering Sex Videos 103 Cum Shots In A Row!07/13/2018
SSNI-256How A Married Woman Became A Whore to Save Her Husband Tsukasa Aoi07/13/2018
OFJE-156Tsukasa Aoi S1 8 Hour Greatest Hits Collection vol. 306/29/2018
RBB-131The Assholes Of Over 50 Super Class Actresses Are Here For Your Viewing Pleasure! Trembling Beautiful Asses In Super Exciting 8 Hours Of Fucking! Wherever You Turn, There's An Ass Waiting For You! These Perky And Pretty Asse Are Smooth And Silky And Just Waiting For You To Cum For Them06/13/2018
SSNI-231Relentless Teasing And Pull Out Fucking To The Upper Limit To Bring Her Sensuality To Maximum Levels In An Orgasmic Ecstatic Hot Sex With You Fuck Fest Tsukasa Aoi06/13/2018
OFJE-153"Please Noooo! I Just Came!" After These Ladies Cum, Their Ultra Sensual Twitching Pussies Are Getting A Second Helping Of Piston Pumping Pussy Pounding Greatest Hits Collection06/01/2018
SSNI-207My Wife Is Right Nearby And Yet I'm Succumbing To The Whispering Dirty Talk Of An Elder Sister Who Is Luring Me To Temptation Tsukasa Aoi05/16/2018
OFJE-147Super Selections Of The Latest And Most Popular Actresses!! 100 Blowjob Dick Sucking Moments Right Before Ejaculation! 304/13/2018
OFJE-142S1 First Half 2017 + Second Half Full Penetration 100 Best Selections 100 Best Of The Best Fuck Scenes Of 2017 Edition03/14/2018
OFJE-138Beautiful Faces, Great Bodies, Incredible Service! 24 S-Class Pros Welcome You On a Grand Tour Through 48 High Class VIP-Only Sex Shops02/14/2018
OFJE-136Jiggling Tits And Beautiful Ass Pussy Cumming FUCK02/02/2018
OFJE-133S1 Fan Thanksgiving Day Best Popular 10 S-class Actresses x Standard Users. Dream Penetration Special. 38 Corners, 8 Hours01/12/2018
OFJE-132Slow And Luxurious, Thick And Rich French Kissing, With Plenty Of Tongue Twisting, Drool-Exchanging Sex 24 Fucks/8 Hours12/29/2017
OFJE-1292017 Hot Bodies! Amazing Beauty! 34 S1 Actresses In 181 Episodes!! Only The Hottest And Best AV Actresses In This Minimal Mosaic Highlights 16 Hour BOX Collection12/15/2017
OFJE-108HD Video Wet and Sloppy Pussy Masturbated with Dildo 210/13/2017
OFJE-105Top Porn Stars Keep Their Eyes On You And Help You Masturbate For 480 Minutes To Bring You The Best Masturbation Experience Of Your Life09/29/2017
OFJE-107S1 2016 First Half 0f 2016, 100 Selections, 12 Hours09/13/2017
OFJE-120S1 Porn Stars Get Bound Up So Tight They Can't Move - Hips Shaking, All They Can Do Is Cum Over And Over As They're Pounded Again And Again - All 45 Scenes From Every Title: Complete Greatest Hits Collection 12 Hours07/01/2017
OFJE-091Now, We Will Have 50 Popular S1 Actresses Bare Everything About Their Sex Lives! A Massive Volume 12 Hour Special!!04/26/2017
TDOP-007One Bill AV Best [Shaking Shame] It's Embarrassing To Shake My Ass, But A Cowgirl Is The Only Position That Feels This Good! These Ladies Are Going Cum Crazy For These Hip Shaking Furious Fuck Dances03/06/2017
OFJE-094S1 2016 From Beautiful Girl Babes To Pretty Ladies, To Big Tits To Massive Asses, We Guarantee You'll Find An Actress You'll Like! Minimal Mosaic Highlights 16 Hours BOX12/16/2016
DVAJ-200I Love Asses! Perky Asses, Jiggling Asses, We're Furiously Pumping Asses! 5 Hours Of Ass Angle Sex Scenese!!12/10/2016
OFJE-086Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex - All New 15 Title Complete Collection 8 Hours High Resolution11/19/2016
OFJE-079Anal Sex In High Definition With A Super Class Actress Who Shows Us Her Ass Throbbing And Spasming In Bashful Pleasure10/21/2016
OFJE-080The Pleasure Of Pre-Ejaculation Blowjob Finishes 100 Cum Shots!10/14/2016
DVAJ-174These 7 Horny Brides Fuck Hard Every Night! The Polygamous Harem Of Your Dreams Special09/11/2016
OFJE-062Cowgirl Bitches Are Popping Open Their Pussies And Shaking Their Asses 46 Cum Shots08/13/2016
OFJE-063"Fuck Me Deeper..." The 50 Scenes Of S1 Actresses Surrender To The Pleasure Of Big Cocks08/13/2016
DVAJ-165"Fucking In 4 Seconds After Meeting" 20 Sensual Girls Who Cum Like Crazy While Being Piston Pumped During Their Interviews08/11/2016
DVAJ-156The BEST Sweat-Covered Sex In Midsummer07/09/2016
DVAJ-147BEST Cowgirl Sex- Leading Men To Climax With Their Dirty Grinding. 4 Hours06/11/2016
DVAJ-138Hotties Only - Gang Bang Rape 4 Hours05/08/2016
DVAJ-024Lots of Love Juice BEST 4 Hours03/12/2015
DVAJ-018Female Teacher's Semen Shame Caught On Film! Bukkake Classroom Collection - 4 Hours02/26/2015
DVAJ-015Rape Academy Culture Festival Strip Show Special 4 Hours02/12/2015
PDV-164The Rape Madness05/22/2014
PDV-154The Never-Ending 4 Hours 15 Actresses Special!!04/11/2013
PDV-153Special About Calling Upon My Instincts to Have Some Dirty SEX.02/07/2013
DV-1424Full Bloom - Alice All-Stars09/13/2012
DV-1291At the Front-line of True Beauties, THE BEST of Alice JAPAN07/21/2011
DV-1195Absolute Young Lady10/07/2010
AAJ-027100 Actress Visionaries 3n/a
DV-1205Alice Japan Campusn/a
DV-12154 Substantial Rounds of Sex That Will Awaken the Instinctsn/a
DV-1231Tropical Young Ladyn/a
DV-1241Meet Up and Then Fuck in 4 Secondsn/a
DV-1251Looking Only At You - Tsukasa and I's Heart-Pounding Sexn/a
DV-1261Cleaning Fellatio That Does Not Endn/a
DV-1272Alice Japan-Exclusive Actress - Tsukasa Aoi's Super High-Class Soap!n/a
DV-1281Sex and Sports!n/a
DV-1294The Younger Sister Prances Around in the Nude at Home and I Can't Stand Itn/a
DV-1304Festival Ladyn/a
DV-1314Waiting For the Rain to Stop With Youn/a
DV-1325Subjected to Mischief By the Second Fathern/a
DV-1337Always! Look This Way During Sexn/a
DV-1346AV Idol Photo Sessionn/a
DV-1357Meet Up and Then Fuck in 4 Seconds Againn/a
DV-1367Sex48 - National Idol Does It Every Which Way During Costume Playn/a
DV-1377Will Come With Miss Tsukasa! Premature Ejaculation Incidence Reduction Training Campn/a
DV-1387Congenial Facial Striken/a
DV-1396Hot Bath Featuring a Guy's First Fuck - Bathhouse For Male Virginsn/a
DV-1408Undercover Investigator At a Male-Only Schooln/a
DV-1417Intercourse While Sweating Heavily and Getting Covered With Another's Sweatn/a
DV-1426Welcome to An Esthetic Treatment For Men That Makes Them Squirtn/a
DV-1435Nurse de NyanNyann/a
DV-1445Big Orgasms From Getting Fucked Every Which Wayn/a
DV-1456That Student's Ass is Showingn/a
DV-1466Tsukasa the Teacher Will Cum!? Giving It a Try With the Tutor!!n/a
DV-1478Champion of Climax Resistancen/a
DV-1489I Can't Stop Masturbating Myself!n/a
DV-150813 Shots!! Overdoing It With One Ejaculation After Anothern/a
DV-1522Young Wife Who'll Give Head Right Away At Any Timen/a
DV-1531Kiss-Addicted Girlfriendn/a
DV-1541Racing Swimwear Soaplandn/a
DV-1551R--e Campus - Strip Show Festivaln/a
DV-1561Naniwa Miss's Kansai Dialect and Fucks With Dirty Wordsn/a
DV-1583Stewardess Who Wants to Get Trainedn/a
DV-1593Teacher Tsukasa's Bukkake in the Classn/a
DV-1602Squirting Awakeningn/a
DV-1613Temptation of a Beauty in Traditional Garbn/a
DV-1622Slutty New Employee Who Commit Sexual Harassmentn/a
DV-1633Alice Japan 30-Year Anniversary Commemoration - Special Presenting Popular Series Spanning Successive Generations From "Flash Paradise" to "Reverse Soap Heaven"!!n/a
DV-1641Let Me Suck Your Cock By Way of Nasty Fellation/a
DV-1665Only On Topn/a
DV-1673Seeing My Uncle Again Who Ra--d Me For the First Time in Ten Yearsn/a
DV-1682Newlywed Life With Tsukasa in Which Your Body Won't Hold Upn/a
DV-1690Brothel That's Free If You Can Ejaculate 3 Times in Tsukasa Aoin/a
DVAJ-0005My Personal Nude Modeln/a
DVAJ-0016Tsukasa Aoi Ra--d All From Your POVn/a
DVAJ-0025Vs. Black Dudesn/a
DVAJ-0033Older Sister Who Walks Around in Her Underwearn/a
DVAJ-0041Intense Orgasms Over and Over For the Last Timen/a
SNIS-436No.1 Style Exclusive - Tsukasa Aoi's S1 Debutn/a
SNIS-449Forc*d to Be An Underwear Model...n/a
SNIS-472Super High-Class Sex Workern/a
SNIS-496Beautiful Tits Peeking Outn/a
SNIS-519Secret Female Investigator - The Closer's Drugged Fall Into Slaveryn/a
SNIS-542Milky Fluid That Flows Out From Withinn/a
SNIS-565S1 Fan Appreciation - You Can Have Sex With Tsukasa Aoi If You Can Withstand Her Super Techniquesn/a
SNIS-605The Sound of Pussy Spreading Openn/a
SNIS-625Peeing Liberation - Incontinent Mass Flood Specialn/a
SNIS-642Fluid Exchange, Intimate Sexn/a
SNIS-658Secretly Shot Real Document! Here's the Whole Story of How Tsukasa Aoi Whose Private Life We Had Shot Aggressively For 44 Days Was Snagged By a Veteran Pickup Artist Posing As a Camerman and Ended Up Having Sexn/a
SNIS-675S1 x Attackers Special Collaborative Project - Viola--d Right in Front of the Husband, The Sun Setting On a Harmonious Couplen/a
SNIS-694Masturbation Material Service During Which a Virgin is Shown Tits, Ass and Pussy All in the Flesh. Will the Supremely Kind Tsukasa Aoi Devirginize His Cock That Longs to Have Sex? Or Won't She?n/a
SNIS-714Tsukasa Aoi Completely Restrained and Unable to Move - Infinite Pistoning Sex That Goes On and On No Matter How Many Times She Cums, Smashing Her Hips Till They Come Ungluedn/a
SNIS-776The Night Tsukasa Aoi Let Loose After Getting Her Most Plastered Evern/a
SNIS-801Intense Kissing, Deep-Throat, Irrumatio. All-Out Mouth and Pussy Maniacsn/a
SNIS-827Tsukasa Will Use Her Ass to Help You Unload. Grand Gathering of Guys Crazy About Tsukasa Aoi's Peachy Ass! Coated With 8 Shots! Big Butt Offline Meeting During Which Cocks Cum Wildlyn/a
SNIS-851She'll Talk Naughty to Him, Begging to Be Impregnated After Slipping the World's Thinnest Condom On Him, Beseeching a Middle-Aged Guy For Cream Pies While Playing Make-Believe Newlyweds, Viscously Fucking Her Brains Outn/a
SNIS-874Try As She Might to Avoid Orgasming Aboard a Fully-Packed Train, The Perverts of the Commute Make An Office Lady With a Big Butt Cum Against Her Willn/a
SNIS-898Wanting to Explode With Pee So Badly That She Can't Stop From Letting It Out While Still Clothedn/a
SNIS-943Young Wife With a Smooth Pussy Immaculately Bound and Utterly Donen/a
SNIS-967I Went to a Class Reunion With My Fiance and Was Ra--d After Getting Totally Hammered. Gang-Banged Continuously, The 6 Worst Days of My Lifen/a
SNIS-989Fan Appreciation For Married Men Only, A One-Day Lovers' Contract With Tsukasa Aoi. Forgetting About Their Families, They Exhaust Their Lust to the Limit With This S1 Actress! A Document of Real Seduction and Adulterous Sexn/a
SSNI-012While Her Husband Was Gone For a Week, A Young Lady Was Banged On and On By Her Father-in-Law Whose Big Cock Simply Drove Her Wildn/a
SSNI-033Cheating, Becoming Promiscuous After Getting Butt - My Dear Wife is Normally Very Respectable, But When She Gets Together With Others For Drinks, She Reveals the Secretly Naughty Horny Bitch That She Is, Spreading Her Pussy Wide Open, Looking to Get Screwed Left and Right By Other Men's Cocksn/a
SSNI-079Utterly Ra--d While Tied Up, She Felt Compelled to Pee Uncontrollablyn/a
SSNI-103She Finally Let Herself Get Gangbanged!! 23 Cocks Vs. Tsukasa Aoi, Constantly Wanting Meaty Dicks, Pleasure Both Given and Received. Nonstop Heavy Ejaculations, 24 Back-to-Back. A Super Promiscuous Specialn/a
SSNI-129Oil Massage Clinic That Targets Nice'n Proper Young Wives, Making 'Em Convulse and Arch Backwards Like a Shrimpn/a
SSNI-154"Dear? Please Forgive Me". My Father-in-Law is Always Making Love to Me in the 30 Minutes It Takes My Husband to Finish His Bathn/a
SSNI-180Married Teacher Who Was Gang-Ra--d By All Her Studentsn/a
SSPD-130Attackers x S1 Special Collaborative Project - Dear, Please Forgive Me... Memories of That Which Was Lost 2n/a
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