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Hikari Sakuraba - 桜庭ひかり

Also known as: 桜井美南, 田宮優衣, 白木エレン

Hikari Sakuraba was born on 06/29/1998 in n/a.

Measurements: 90-58-88 (cm)
Cup Size: G Cup
Porn/AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 155 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Hikari Sakuraba.

Hikari Sakuraba Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
GEKI-030If This Limber-Limbed Synchronized Swimmer Can Hold Her Pose While Fucking Until the End, She'll Win A 1 Million Yen Prize! She's Immobilized And Subjected To Big Vibrator Treatment And Big Dick Furious Pussy Pounding! No Matter How Many Times She Cums, The Tweaking Won't Stop In Her First-Ever Non-Stop Cumming!! This Real-Life Big Tits Athlete Has Inter-C*llegiate Tournament Experience Hikari (21 Years Old) Hikari Sakuraba05/08/2019
PPBD-158Time-Stopping Titty Rubbing Academy When The Time-Stopping Function Was Overridden, It Turned Into A Scream-Filled Creampie Panic Rape Fuck Fest Best Hits Collection 8 Hours04/12/2019
URKH-001Titty Daycare With Your Very Own Teacher Hikari Sakuraba04/04/2019
AGEMIX-424A Hard And Tight Handjob That Feels Like A Soft Pussy - Her Pussy Is Right There Before You, But I Love This Hole That She's Prepared For Me On This Day Even Better -03/31/2019
NACR-229Fakecestuous Sex Between A Stepfather And Daughter. I'm A Bad Drunk Who Can't Stop Relying On My Parents And I'm Always Causing Problems For My Father... That's Why On That Day... Hikari Sakuraba03/31/2019
TKI-099The Charming Titty Slaves 11. Big Creampies For Horny Pussies03/28/2019
DOCP-134The Temptation Of Front Closure Bras 2. I Was Peeping At The Busty Beauty Living Across The Street From Me When She Shyly Unhooked Her Bra And Started To Seduce Me... I Lost Control Of Myself And Spent The Day Thoroughly Enjoying Her Big Tits.03/14/2019
AGEMIX-421Breaking In A Sex Slave With Relentless Deep Throat Dick Sucking 4 - Your Throat Is An Endless Sewer Drain Pipe For Sucking Big Dicks -02/14/2019
AGEMIX-423A Cock-Tip Blowjob With A Penetrated Fuck Hole 2 - When You Pass Through Her Tunnel Of Pleasure, Another Heaven Awaits You -02/14/2019
NACR-209The Exchange Student Living Next Door Is From Spain! She Came Back Home One Night A Drunk Girl And Came To The Wrong Door (My Room), And Then We Spent The Night Passionately Fucking Hikari Sakuraba01/31/2019
PPPD-733Time-Stopping, Titty-Copping School Days 4 A Screaming, Creaming, Raping Panic Ensues! Hikari Sakuraba Yuri Fukada01/16/2019
TMEM-103She's in College Plus She's Just Like a Foreigner So She'd Cost You 512/27/2018
CAFR-246[VR] A Pay-For-Play Girl Hikari Sakuraba12/27/2018
VEC-339Friend's Mother12/22/2018
HDKA-155Naked Housekeeper11/30/2018
VAGU-198Cream Pie Soap In--st - I Called For the First Time to Get Service From a MILF and The Provider Turned Out to Be My Mother11/30/2018
CCVR-019[VR] Submissive Pet. Hikari11/19/2018
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