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Marina Matsumoto (松本まりな)

Also known as: 奥田美須絵

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Marina Matsumoto (松本まりな) Profile:

Born: June 8, 1969
Measurements: B82 / W59 / H85
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: A
Height: 158cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Marina Matsumoto (松本まりな)

Marina Matsumoto Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
MLMM-019美熟女ベスト 松本まりな 4時間 強欲淫乱マドンナ212/12/2022
NAGA-028怖いものなし 極淫ヤリ過ぎ腰/松本まりな03/25/2022
KND-024黒人巨大マラvs日本人美女 輪●陵●大乱交マ●コ破壊FUCK!! 10枚組 1290分11/22/2021
NASH-573Beautiful Japanese Women Who Fall Into An S&M Servant Breaking In By Black Guys - 4 Girls, 4 Hours09/27/2021
HYJD-002Global Media 20th Anniversary Special Video!! The Newest Fresh Face Popular Series Best Hits Collection Deluxe Boxed Set 5-Disc Set 100 Videos 1200 Minutes A Brand New Edited Edition Just For This Occasion, Featuring Only The Choicest, Best Nookie Scenes For A Fully Satisfying 20 Hours Of Viewing Pleasure07/17/2021
VVVD-190Forbidden Lesbians Dramas Made Only By Female Stuff Complete Collection Of 7 Works 8 Hours06/24/2021
NASH-522A Married Woman Who Turns Her Husband Into A Cuckold While He Doesn't Notice06/11/2021
KMDS-20511Stuff On Location Get Their Erections Off With 20 Beastly Girls With Juices Flowing Out - 240 Minutes04/22/2021
BTH-138She Acts Cold To Me, But I've Heard She's A Great Fuck And You're Breaking Her In As Your Bitch. Marina Matsumoto04/15/2021
KMDS-20501Mature Woman's Scent Special, 20 People, 240 Min.12/24/2020
KMDS-20500Sexy Mothers Who Attract Their Stepsons, 20 People, 240 Minutes12/24/2020
KMDS-2049720 Perverted Mature Women Who Are Just Too Nasty12/03/2020
HYAS-116100 Japanese Women Fucked By Black Guys - The Intense Pleasures OF Black Cocks!!11/26/2020
HMD-49Breaking In Sluts With S&M - Tied Up Wives Reach Their Limits Of Agony And Ecstasy With Ropes, Candles, And Lashes - Their Bodies And Souls Utterly Corrupted 20 Girls, 4 Hours11/26/2020
KMDS-20491A Mom Who Fell For Their Friend's Young And Stinky Meat Sticks - 10 People, 240 Min.09/29/2020
HMD-47Black Dick G*******g - Japanese MILFs Pounded By Enormous Cocks 20 Mature Girls, 4 Hours09/24/2020
td034sero-00218Taste Some Tantalizing Sex With A Braless Pantyhose-Wearing Mature Woman And Her Musty Pussy! Shift Her Pantyhose Just Slightly And Fuck. As You Furiously Pump This Ass-Shaking Mature Woman From Below, She'll Twitch And Tremble And Keep On Cumming. Keep On Pounding Her With Raging Pussy-Pumping Thrusts From Behind And Keep Her Cumming, And She'll Bend Over Backwards With Pleasure As You Fuck Her In The Missionary Position. Witness How A Mature Woman Cums! Marina Matsumoto08/20/2020
DKSB-053Rich Anal FUCK Super Cumming Special!!04/30/2020
HMD-41Large Orgies With Black Men Japanese Mature Woman Babes Who Got Their Brains Fucked Out By Big Dicks 20 Ladies 4 Hours02/27/2020
MLSM-028A Beautiful Mature Woman Best Hits Collection Marina Matsumoto 4 Hours A Madonna With Desires!02/01/2020
KMDS-20468Headphones Recommended! - These 10 Screaming Orgasms Are Too Loud!01/30/2020
HMD-38Abnormal S&M Sex Tied Up Wives Mature Women Drowning In The Fainting Pleasures Of Their Bondage Training Orgasms 20 Women 4 Hours11/21/2019
ATKD-292Extreme Shame and H*********n. Enema Best Collection 211/01/2019
HYAS-090Anal Sex! S&M! Lesbian Lust! Orgy Sex! Instant Fucking! Family Sex!! 100 Mature Woman Babes Having Abnormal Sex 8 Hours10/24/2019
KMDS-20458Forbidden Relationships... She Yells "Stop It!", But She's Already Getting Turned On! This Dirty Married Woman Is So Into It, She Even Begins To Take The Lead10/24/2019
MCSR-351What Happened To My Wife? Why A Chaste Wife Fell For The Father-In-Law And Son08/23/2019
MCSR-340Up Close Sex Overflowing With Motherhood!! Mature Stepmom 12 Women 4 Hours05/24/2019
PHD-001Tortured Bondage The Slave Town Banquet Chapter Three04/28/2019
MMMB-002Working Older Woman Cougar's Lust04/04/2019
ADBS-008[House Of Adultery] A Woman Is Addicted To Fucking Her Husband's Father03/07/2019
PSSD-427Meeting A Beautiful Mature Woman In An Arranged Marriage Meeting For Sex Special02/21/2019
YVG-022Insatiable Old Person Special 302/19/2019
CXAZ-049I Know I Shouldn't But I Really Want To Eat Pussy. A Straight Woman Gets Her Clit Stimulated By Another Woman's Tongue And Gets Dripping Wet. While She's Bewildered, She Becomes Addicted To Lesbian Cunnilingus. Deluxe Edition. 4 Hours02/17/2019
NASS-981Pussy Thieves ~Now She's A Stepmom~01/24/2019
JUSD-810Madonna's 20 Most Popular Married Women/Mature Women From The Last 15 Years = 300 Titles. The Madonna Best 2004~ 201812/15/2018
NASS-931Intimate Sex. The Passionate Sexual Relations Between A Man And A Woman10/25/2018
DDT-604The Best Dirty, Deep-Throating, Vacuum Blowjobs10/18/2018
MMIX-009The Best Of Beautiful Mature Women's Obscene, Asshole-Showing, Wet, Masturbation. 22 Women, 4 Hours10/06/2018
PSSD-424The Pub Matron Will Jerk You Off Special 209/27/2018
RVG-066"My Dick Is In Her Raw!" She Was Giving Me An Oily Pussy Grind But When My Cock Was Rubbing Up Against Her Pussy It Just Slipped Right In! This Service Didn't Allow Real Fucking But This Horny Delivery Health Call Girl Ended Up Letting Me Have A Raw Creampie Greatest Hits Collection vol. 205/15/2018
VVVD-152V's 10th Anniversary Special: Grand Anal Torture Divine Box Set (24 Films, 12 Hours)04/27/2018
MLSM-005Mature Woman Asses Greatest Hits Collection 4 Hours/10 Ladies The Filthy Temptation Of Ripe Asses03/31/2018
OOMN-198Unguarded And Lovely Beauties, Changing Out Of Their Clothes 68 Ladies07/14/2017
XRW-315Top Class Mature Woman Breaking In SEX Collection05/25/2017
RVG-046Married Woman Babes Who Lust For Big Black Cocks BEST vol. 105/02/2017
HMD-06Tragedy In The Afternoon The Rapist Lurks Nearby Endless Sex Crimes In An Infinite Loop Of Ecstasy And Pain We're R****g Women Too Beautiful To Leave Alone 4 Hours/20 Ladies12/24/2016
GVG-209Mom's Crazy About The Big Black Cock Next Door Featuring Marina Matsumoto10/14/2015
RBB-057Cry! Scream! The Death Cries Of Beautiful Women! 16 Hours Of Screaming R**e09/12/2015
DAZD-071Face-Fucking A Hot Girl Felt So Good That I Blew My Load Deep Down Her Throat06/19/2015
RBB-037Lewd Sex With Mature Women - Sixteen Hours Long06/12/2015
RKI-371Torture & Rape In The Damned Hell Of Rough Sex 16 Hours10/11/2014
EMBZ-067This Evening, I Want To T*****e & R**e A Beautiful Married Woman... Mature Woman Hell - The R**e Best Collection Vol. 3! These Ripe Bodies Are Fucked Hard, Turning These Women Into Sex S***es!09/13/2014
OOMN-111Hurry Up And Get Hard! What!? How Did You Get So Big And Hard So Early In The Morning... 40 Ladies08/28/2014
SLBB-018Shameful Acme With A Girl She Was Never Supposed To Have Lesbian Relations With. Dangerous Girls Who Lick Each Others' Dripping Wet Pussies And Fuck Each Other Marina Matsumoto Kotone Amamiya Reina Nakama07/26/2014
ARM-330Marina Matsumoto 's Kissing Salon (Berolina's Annexe)03/07/2014
JUX-263Manual Laborer's Exclusive Anal S***e Wife - Made To Offer Anal Sexual Gratification For Their Barbaric Cocks...- Marina Matsumoto02/20/2014
RKI-293High Res - 16 Hours of Thorough Rapes and Forced Gang Bangs10/12/2013
SCF-043Anal Rimjob & Handjob Faint 24 People 4 Hours10/10/2013
OOMN-068Hot! Smooth But Strong Hip Movement Cowgirl Fuck 4 Hours 41 Girls07/14/2013
RKI-27216 Hour Compilation of Extreme Bukkake Showers (High Definition)07/13/2013
HGS-019FUCK To The Teacher Marina Matsumoto05/31/2013
AUKG-171Lesbian T*****e & R**e Of A Married Woman04/07/2013
RCT-470Almost Miraculous Fakecest Happening. The Stepmom Who Was Turned On When Her Son's Hard Cock Accidentally Penetrated Her. The Double Hole Penetration Of A Stepmom Of Two Special02/23/2013
JUSD-457Exclusive Actress Special Appearance First Time Madonna Red & White Sex Battle 8 Hours12/15/2012
MBYD-150Marina Matsumoto 12 Hours Complete Edition12/08/2012
JUSD-444Mother/Daughter-in-law Lesbian Training Highlights: 8 Hours10/19/2012
RKI-213100 Of The Best Mature Women In Their Prime - 16 Hour Compilation10/13/2012
MBYD-146Married Woman Banged Without Their Husbands Realizing it 8 Hours10/06/2012
AAJB-009(AV30) Cougar Collection! The BEST Beautiful Mature Women08/08/2012
JUC-795Madonna 8 Years Special Variety Retro Madonna Marina Matsumoto vs Reiko Makihara First Co-Starring Of These 2 Beautiful Mature Women04/18/2012
JUSD-401Spring Selection - 8-Hours Of Amazing Sex With 32 Beautiful Mature Women!!03/23/2012
ANND-099My Friend's Mother Get Some Lesbian Sex Unexpectedly Marina Matsumoto Maeda Aya 712/10/2011
JUC-619Mother/Daughter-in-Law Lesbian Training -Love Requiem for a Widow- Marina Matsumoto Rin Aoki08/31/2011
CORE-0173-Hole Continuous Climax Anal Destructionn/a
CRPD-417After She Was Made to Lick the Smelly Butts of Ugly Guys, This Hot MILF Was Banged in the Ass By Their Dirty Cocksn/a
AVD-280Best 4 Hoursn/a
BTC-01Big Black Wieners On the Roadn/a
BDD-16Black Dudes With Very Big Cocks Vs. Marina Matsumoto, 2-Hole Destruction By Gigantic Dicks!!n/a
TTNK-23Chocest No Mosaic Anal Raw Nakadashi Incontinent 2-Hole Fuckn/a
HMNF-023Document of Marina Matsumoto 1990-2012n/a
GG-127Forbidden Nursingn/a
MME-7Home of a Nasty MILF 7 - A Day in the Life of a Lusty Supervisorn/a
NATR-165In--st - Temptation of Stepmother 3n/a
MDYD-715Married Woman Broken in Confinementn/a
MDYD-644Married Woman Disgraced Through a Cream Pie As---ltn/a
GG-144Married Woman Shameful Self-Gratification Tripn/a
CWM-154Married Woman Slave Agreementn/a
MADA-062Married Woman Who Came to Feel Great Pleasure While Being Savagely R--edn/a
MDYD-672Married Woman Who Has Moved in Next Doorn/a
JUC-685Married Woman With a Shaved Pussy Gets a Fist Fuckn/a
MDYD-690MILF Cream Pie Soaplandn/a
VENU-319Silent In--st - Hey, Your Father is Just in the Next Room...n/a
VENU-228Steamy In--st Mother-Son Bathing Fuckn/a
MDYD-684Stepmother Slaven/a
MLW-2056Super Easy Housekeeper - If Marina Matsumoto Was Your Housekeepern/a
SPRD-684Surrogate Mothern/a
MDYD-678Teacher Who Has Fallen to Be a Carnal Playthingn/a
SPRD-716Trip - Widowed Auntn/a
HAVD-857Undeniable Passionate Kissing and Fucking - Beautiful Wife Whose Body Catches Firen/a
AXBC-002Viola--d Beautiful Wifen/a
MDYD-666Viola--d By the Brothers-in-Lawn/a
NATR-186Widow Dressed in Mourning - Forgive Me, Dear... Wife Viola--d and Made a Sex Slaven/a
NTRD-36Wife Compromised By a Deal 22n/a
MLSM-00212 Curvaceous BBW MILF With Big Tits & Ass, Best 4 Hours. Overflowing Juices & Swaying Tits, Begging for My Dick in Her Ripened Pussyn/a
CORB-043A Legendary Actress In Her Amazing First Experiences 4 Hoursn/a
DSEM-034Let's Keep it a Secret from Mom and Dad! I'm Grown Up and I F***e My Erection into My Aunt's Pussy! I Can't Take It and Creampie Her Multiple Times!n/a
KBDV-027Twitching And Spasming Orgasms To Drive You Wild!! MILF Mamas In Cum Face Fun 30 Ladies/4 Hoursn/a
KMDS-20357I'm My Son's Sex Toy. 30 People in 8 Hoursn/a
UMD-52A Collection Of Supremely Erotic Mature Women Selected By A Global Media Director 4-Hours 20 Womenn/a
WNXG-073Best Selection!! Golden Best, Dazzling BOX Ver.3 8 Hours And 30 Minutesn/a
PSV-026Oral Obscenity 8 Marina Matsumoton/a
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