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Rina Rukawa - 瑠川リナ

Rina Rukawa was born on 02/22/1991 in Chiba.

Measurements: 81-59-85 cm
Cup Size: A Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2010
Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: A
Height: 155
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Rina Rukawa.

Rina Rukawa Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
R-668Hotties at the Coed Bathhouse Titties in the Rising Steam06/27/2017
R-666Steamy Breasts Bathing Beauty06/13/2017
OFJE-091Now, We Will Have 50 Popular S1 Actresses Bare Everything About Their Sex Lives! A Massive Volume 12 Hour Special!!04/26/2017
OFJE-080The Pleasure Of Pre-Ejaculation Blowjob Finishes 100 Cum Shots!10/14/2016
SPS-003Uniform Romance03/15/2012
SPS-001Straight-Up Idol05/18/2010
DANDY-418Only Women Who Don't Know Will Lose Out! Rina Rukawa's First Shaved Pussy, Reverse Molestation, Moist Fuck, Bondage Fuckingn/a
DVDES-813Extreme Cream Pie Project Featuring a Lady Who Loves Young Guys!! Making Sure the Parents Didn't Notice, a Really Perverted Tutor Who's a University Student Obsessed With Boys Tames Her Pupil's Virgin Cock, Forc*ing Him to Cum Right Inside of Hern/a
NHDTA-695Wife Who Rides a Convenience Bike After Having a Kid Prone to Sudden Sensitivity Ejects Fluid Prematurely x Rina Rukawa, Orgasmic Days Stained With Lust, 4 Surging Fucksn/a
NTR-013My Lover Was Stolen By My Fathern/a
SNIS-012Viola--d New Announcer - Disgraced At the News Stationn/a
SNIS-031Shameful Peeingn/a
SNIS-053Rina Rukawa Will Comen/a
SNIS-076Secret Female Investigator - Agent Held Captive By Lewd Brutesn/a
SNIS-096Bodily Fluid Secretionn/a
SNIS-115Loving Ugly Dudesn/a
SNIS-134I'm On My Way to Let Myself Be Viola---d - Young Wife Who Became Stuckn/a
SNIS-154We're Having a Film Shoot At Your Workplacen/a
SNIS-193I Love Old Guys!n/a
SNIS-214Woman Who Wants to Get Groped - Peeing University Student Editionn/a
SNIS-235Irrumatio Slave Ambition - Shy Low-Profile Office Lady With Minimal Career Prospects is Convenient For Great Headn/a
SNIS-256Elderly Care Worker Who's So Obedient That She'll Do Whatever She's Toldn/a
SNIS-277I'll Unleash a Lot of Spray in No Time So Let's Fuck Outdoorsn/a
SNIS-298Graduating No.1 Stylen/a
SOE-596Most Mega Facial Feastn/a
SOE-611Fluid Exchange, Intimate Sexn/a
SOE-6263D Evolution - Perfected 3D Video That Will Fascinate By Way of Giving a New Perspective of Sexn/a
SOE-640Rina is An Ejaculating Young Wifen/a
SOE-650Fucking Outside With a Lolita - Tropical Splash Fuckn/a
SOE-66320 Costumes!n/a
SOE-675Intense Ecstasy Fuck 3-Hour Specialn/a
SOE-688Outrageous Student Molesting Fantasyn/a
SOE-702Bang Away! As Long As There's Light, We Can Have Sex Anywhere!n/a
SOE-718Bakobako Sexual Service No.1 Provider, 4-Hour Specialn/a
SOE-737Investigator Dressed in a Sailor Suit - Taken Down For Play With a Semen Aphrodisiacn/a
SOE-755Complete Eye Contact With the Camera - Face Staring While Coming During Sexn/a
SOE-773Syrupy Thick Fluid Soupy Sexn/a
SOE-790Rina Rukawa's Sexy Channeln/a
SOE-806My Younger Sister Who is Indecentn/a
SOE-822Hot French Kisses, Our Bodies Pressed Hard Up Against Each Other As We Begin to Fuckn/a
SOE-837Young Female Student Who Was Viola--d - Stalking Classmate's Trapn/a
SOE-849Rina Rukawa's Cowgirl Position Specialn/a
SOE-861Masturbation Support No.1n/a
SOE-873Very Promiscuous Bang Bangn/a
SOE-883Miss Who Sells Adult Toysn/a
SOE-894Rina Rukawa's Squirting Full Coursen/a
SOE-905Give Me Spermn/a
SOE-917Ninja Sisters 2 - Younger Sister Rina's Trampled Priden/a
SOE-945My Lolibo Idol Who is Just For Men/a
SOE-961Young Female Student Who Was Viola--d - She Got Set Up After Schooln/a
SOE-977Bang-Bang Tap-Tap High-Class Soap Missn/a
SOE-994Rina Rukawa's Fan Appreciation - Visiting Regular Guys At Their Homesn/a
SPND-001Rina Rukawa Absolute Idol 8-Hour Specialn/a
SPS-002Pure Idol's Inexperienced Eroticismn/a
SPS-004The Younger Sister is Sweetly Dependentn/a
SPS-005Very Infatuating 7 Costume Playn/a
SPS-006Her Heart Races With Having Hardcore Sex For the First Time - First Facial & 3Pn/a
SPS-007Soothing Lolita Angeln/a
SPS-008Rina's Secret Sexual Feelings Switch - He Doesn't Know What It Isn/a
SPS-009Perverted Boyfriendn/a
SPS-010Sports Costume Beautiful Young Ladyn/a
SPS-011Splash Fuck - Squirting That Just Won't Stopn/a
SPS-0121-Year Anniversary of Debut 4-Hour SP - She Has Become So Eroticn/a
STAR-574Transferred to SOD x Nakadashi Liberationn/a
STAR-588Magic Mirror Boxcar On the Go!! Shocking Project With Fans, Getting Hit On By An Actress You Adore and No Way, Having Sex With Her!n/a
STAR-601Rina Rukawa - One Towel, Won't She Try Entering the Men's Side? Hardn/a
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