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Sayumi Tsugunaga (嗣永さゆみ/Age 23)

Also known as: まよい(オタ女子), 川村あやみ, 青木比奈

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Sayumi Tsugunaga (嗣永さゆみ/Age 23) Profile:

Born: December 7, 1997
Measurements: B85 / W54 / H89
Cup Size: D Cup
AV Activity: August 2018
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 165cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Sayumi Tsugunaga (嗣永さゆみ/Age 23)

Sayumi Tsugunaga Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
MMB-351A Poisonous French Kiss - 10 Horny Ladies Who Are Proud Of Their Long, Meaty Tongues, And Use Them To Lick Men Wild -03/06/2021
KIWVRB-009[VR] Beautiful Teen Creampie Sex - Better Than 4K High-Quality / 60 fps High-Resolution BEST Collection-02/07/2021
ARM-838Cock Sucked Off In Vacuum Blowjob While Ridden And Kissed Deeply No. 2 302/07/2020
ROOM-011I Was Trying My Best Not To Cum... - She's Only Ever Had Ordinary Sex (With A Condom) Before, But Within Minutes Of Meeting This Guy, He's Fucking Her Bareback And Making Her Cum Over And Over01/19/2020
SQTE-278Fucking At The School After Class12/22/2019
MMB-278I Deceived This Working Girl And Creampie Ejaculated Into Her Tight Little Pussy - She's Good At Her Job, But Her Pussy Is Rumored To Be Super Tight Too, So I Decided To Investigate! -11/30/2019
ARM-810Uniform 25 cm Above The Knee, Panties, And A Blowjob11/07/2019
SQTE-271Naughty After School Sex10/26/2019
ARM-802The Pussy Doctor Is Giving A Medical Examination And Prodding At Her Ultra-Thin Panties A Medical Journal Entry10/07/2019
KIWVR-070VR - High Quality Revolution! - House-Training My Pet Cat - I Feed Her Aphrodisiacs And She Goes Into Heat! - Purring Creampie Sex - Sayumi Tsugunaga09/19/2019
ARM-798She Gazes At You And Gives You A Gentle Handjob, Talking Dirty At Such Close Range That Her Lips Are Almost Touching Yours09/19/2019
KRAY-031KIRAY Best Selection 2019 Dirty Bodies Of Beautiful Women Drowning In Sex09/08/2019
MIRD-193Lucky Punch The Academy Provocation Chiralism Harem09/07/2019
ARM-795Anal Exposed Piledriver Position Dirty Talk Vibrator Masturbation09/07/2019
KIWVR-100VR - Revolutionary High Quality - A Catalog Of Beautiful Asses Spread Wide Before Your Eyes - Embarrassing Super Close-Up Shots Of Beautiful Assholes In VR08/01/2019
SQTE-256Show Me What Feels Good06/08/2019
FCH-030Enjoy Absolute POV Angles As This Beautiful Girl Licks Your Nipples And Makes You Feel Good, And Then Gives You A Slick And Slippery Handjob Until Your Balls Are Drained Dry! 304/18/2019
FCH-029You Want To Cum? You Can't Yet!! A Beautiful Young Girl's Teasing Oil Handjob04/04/2019
DAMA-024Sexy Reflexology With An Adorable High School Girl03/07/2019
DOCP-108The Absent-Minded, Downblouse Girl With Beautiful Nipples Gets Turned On By Being Watched! When I Fondle Her Hard Nipples, She Orgasms Repeatedly!!11/29/2018
HND-554My Boyfriend Might Be An AV Actor... A Beautiful Girl College Girl Decided To Perform In An AV To Test Her Suspicions!! Sayumi Tsugunaga08/18/2018
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