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Maika Asai (浅井舞香)

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Maika Asai (浅井舞香) Profile:

Born: n/a
Measurements: B85 / W67 / H90
Cup Size: D Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: n/a
Blood Type: A
Height: 165cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Maika Asai (浅井舞香)

Maika Asai Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
CEMD-272女捜査官拷問調教 厳選コレクターズBOX 22時間52分 8枚組12/12/2022
JUSD-996浅井舞香 The Revival Best 4枚組16時間 22本番SPECIAL11/07/2022
HMIX-013グローバルメディア伝統作品 くノ一 恥辱の快楽拷問に堕ちた美しき女忍者たち 10人 4時間07/25/2022
KSBJ-195A Beautiful Mature Woman Performs Masturbation With Squishy, Noisy Pleasure, And Cumming With Twitching And Throbbing Excitement 30 Consecutive Orgasms!!05/02/2022
EMAZ-398Family Fun BOX: 20 Hours, 8-disk set - A Full Set Of Obscene Family Fun Videos!01/17/2022
MBYD-351The Moment That The Married Women Completely Give Up Hope! The Fierce Piston-Like Fucking Just Before He Cums. 78 Cum Loads.01/17/2022
NASH-628They Can't Restrain Their Lustful Bodies! Beautiful Mature Women Masturbating - BEST 2101/10/2022
YVG-036Beautiful Mature Woman Babes Who Enjoy The Glistening Big D*cks Of Big Black Men 8 Hours 16 Ladies12/20/2021
NASH-589Stepmom Succumbs To Stepson's Training, Strange Sight Of Family Fucking!! 4 Women 4 Hours10/25/2021
NASH-576My Sexy Mother-In-Law Is Hotter Than My Wife, So I Seduced Her... Forbidden Creampie Sex vol. 0309/27/2021
CEAD-349Mature Lesbians: 480 Minutes Of Nut-Busting Footage! Horny Lesbian MILFs Loving Each Other! Mature Girls Rubbing Each Others' Soft Skin In Just The Right Places For Mutual Pleasure!07/17/2021
KSBJ-145Without Doubt MILF Is The Most Erotic! 22 people07/14/2021
J99-119dStep-Mom Indulging With Step-Son's Friend Maika Asai Hard Blowjob Compilation07/03/2021
J99-119cStep-Mom Indulging With Step-Son's Friend Maika Asai Hard Masturbation Compilation07/02/2021
J99-119bStep-Mom Indulging With Step-Son's Friend Maika Asai Fuck Me Next To My Step-Son Compilation07/01/2021
J99-119aStep-Mom Indulging With Step-Son's Friend Maika Asai Guy After Masturbation Compilation06/30/2021
LZBS-072Mature Lesbian - Passionate, SK**led, Lady-Loving MILFs Go Wild With Each Other - Select BEST Collection 5 Hours06/16/2021
NASH-509Eternal Madonna - Beautiful Cougar Super BEST 21 Women05/21/2021
NACX-073Legendary Beautiful Mature Women, 12 People, BEST vol. 0202/28/2021
NASH-452Real Sexy Stories 1902/11/2021
CEAD-328Please, Ravish Me... Really, These Horny Sluts Just Want To Get Fucked - Raw Instincts Laid Bare 16 Hours, 100 Girls01/09/2021
NASH-425Real Sexy Stories 1712/24/2020
ZOOO-016A Selection Of Beautiful Mature Woman Babes The Legendary Beautiful Mature Woman 12 Ladies 240 Minutes12/23/2020
NASH-398Beautiful Mature Women With Body Lines That Keep To The Golden Proportions: 1:0.7:1 - 14 People11/12/2020
LZBS-062These Orgasmic Lesbian Series Slut Bitches Are Cumming! Cumming! Through Double Dirty Talk! Super Select Best Hits Collection 5 Hours We're Showing You Everything That Horny Dirty Talk And Tempting Lesbian Sex Can Do To Blow Men's Minds!08/15/2020
LZBS-061Let's Go Lesbian! 7th Anniversary Special - The Hottest Girl-On-Girl Techniques - 60 Couples, 10-Hour Greatest Hits Collection, Best Ever Seen In The Industry! You'll Bust A Nut Over These Goddesses, Guaranteed!07/16/2020
VSED-137This Mother-In-Law And Her Son-In-Law Went On A Couple's Hot Spring Trip Together, And Started Twisting Their Tongues Together And Holding Each Other Tight Only A Parent And Son-In-Law Could Have Deep And Rich Sex Like This 12 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours 2-Disc Set 407/09/2020
VSED-139Nuns Drowning In Lust07/09/2020
SEMS-004Showa Romance Porn The Sorrow Of Women Who Were Toyed With By The Times06/05/2020
KSBJ-077A Beautiful Mature Woman Has Filthy And Erotic Ass-Shaking Creampie Sex 11 Ladies04/16/2020
NASH-269Real Historical Erotic Drama - Female Ninja Chronicles04/09/2020
CESD-866S&M Mature Woman Cum Dumpster Training 3, 25 Hr 34 Min02/08/2020
NATR-623Fully Exposed! Maika Asai01/30/2020
NASH-228Mature Woman In Their 50's With Nicely Droopy Bodies - 18 Women01/30/2020
KBKD-424Married Woman Pantyhose Highlights11/26/2019
ATGO-005Keeping It In The Family A Story Of One Family The Many Different Forms Of Love11/24/2019
MCSR-362Based On Real-Life Hotel Sexcapades "Well, I Am On My Break, So..." Meet The Beautiful Hostesses Who Revealed The Fantasy World Under Their Kimonos And Replenished My Tired Body 12 Japanese Beauties, 4 Hours10/25/2019
NACX-040Giving Creampies To Beautiful Mature Women In Their Fifties - 18 People09/30/2019
LZBS-050They Never Stop Rubbing Their Pussies Together Even When They Climax - 5 Hours Of Specially Selected Highlights - Take A Good Look At Clit-Rubbing Crazy Lesbian Sex!09/14/2019
NASH-142A Horny Mature Mama Who Fucks Her Son-In-Law While Her Husband Sleeps Beside Her09/12/2019
STCESD-076[Special Value Combo] Middle-Aged Relentless Sex Total Masturbation Support! A Lonely Old Lady And Her Son-In-Law08/29/2019
CESD-802- A Cunt Crack Full Of Pussy Juices - A Serious Lesbian Goddess In A Lesbian Fuck Fest 25 Hours, 5 Minutes08/24/2019
LZBS-047Get Your Lesbian Lust On! Dripping Wet Orgasmic Bathroom Sex, Drowning In Ecstatic Lust Super Select Best Hits Collection 5 Hours We'll Show You Women Twitching And Trembling In Ecstasy As They Rub Their Pussies Together In All The Most Shocking And Unexpected Places!06/15/2019
EMAZ-389Forty-Somethings And Fifty-Somethings In Hot Passionate Fucking Creampie Raw Footage 50 Ladies 8 Hours05/16/2019
RUKO-027Seduced By A Voluptuous Married Lady03/19/2019
EMRD-123Big Tits, Colossal Tits, Massive Asses Slut Temptation 50 Ladies 8 Hours03/16/2019
LZBS-043Go Les! The Best Of Strap-On Dildo Sex, 5 Hours 2. The Love Between These Women Intensifies As They Fuck Passionately And Have Vaginal Orgasms! Watch!02/16/2019
EMAF-487Hostess's Lesbian Orgasm Service01/17/2019
EMAZ-385A Horny Stepmom x An Unfaithful Housewife x Incest 8 Hours11/17/2018
LZBS-039Go Lesbian! The Best Squirting Lesbian Sex. 5 Hours. Lesbian Orgasms And Lots Of Splashing!10/18/2018
JARB-004A Nun's Forbidden Tale10/11/2018
HMD-025A Mother Goes Cum Crazy For Breaking In Training With Her Son09/27/2018
NCAC-075War Damaged Love Affair09/13/2018
NASS-921Mother And Son From The Country. Incestuous Sex In The Country. Mothers And Sons Enjoying Immoral Sex In A Village Deep In The Mountains09/13/2018
CESD-631Best of Yumi Anno 22 Hours 11 Minutes09/08/2018
GIGL-516I Got A Full Erection From Seeing My Mother's Naked Body In The Hot Spring. Delighted To Be Seen As A Woman, The Mother Loses Herself In The Wild Sex With Her Son08/23/2018
GIGL-507"Why Are You Getting An Old Lady Like Me In The Mood?" This Hot Springs Inn Madam Decided To Choose Work Over The Pleasures Of A Woman, But When A Customer Expressed His Lust For Her, She Could No Longer Resist, And Used Her Female Charms As A Weapon 207/26/2018
EMJD-00740 Year Old Mother Fucking Her Son Right Next to Sleeping Husband07/14/2018
LZBS-036Be A Lesbian! 5th Anniversary Celebration "Cuckolding Lesbians" A Woman Took My Wife. A 10-Hour Best-Of Special07/14/2018
NACX-01250-Something Mature Women's Sublime Fucking 12 MILFs06/30/2018
CESD-573She'll Show You Tempting Dirty Talk Sex To Give You Full Support To Your Masturbation Efforts! BOX SET 1287 Minutes05/12/2018
JUSD-781The No. 1 Maker of Married Woman MILF Videos, Madonna's Top 30 Selling Videos of the Year!!03/17/2018
LZBS-030Get Some Lesbian Action! 2017 Premium Best A Woman On Woman Cum Quest 10 Hour Special12/16/2017
JUSD-7642017 First Half 158 Titles 8 Hour BEST11/02/2017
EMAF-424The Nun and the Apartment Wife Seven Selections from the Sensual Playhouse09/23/2017
JUSD-7512016 Second Half BEST 8 Hours Of All 183 Titles06/02/2017
RVG-046Married Woman Babes Who Lust For Big Black Cocks BEST vol. 105/02/2017
NASS-598Perverted Horny Mature Women Masterpiece Edition03/23/2017
JUX-9272 Mature Women Fight Over A Younger Man Under One Roof. Maika Asai Hitomi Enjoji07/23/2016
MBYD-248My Friend's Mother - V*****ed By Her Son's Friend And Made to Cum Repeatedly... Highlights 12 Hours02/10/2016
MBYD-243Huge Dick Blowjob 4 Hours11/06/2015
UMD-34The Sex Lives Of Mature Women - 50 And 40-Something MILFs09/24/2014
MDYD-838My Friend's Mother V*****ed By My Son's Friend, I Came Many Times... Maika Asai10/09/2013
FABS-017It Will Remain In Your Soul And Touch Your Heart Henry Tsukamoto Sensual Porn The Kiss08/23/2013
FAX-439Unfaithful Housewives - I Think I'm About to Cum! - Heavenly Pleasures with A Man Other Than Her Husband!09/21/2012
FAX-361The S***e System Returns The Cum Receptacle People08/05/2011
FAX-275The Dominant Lesbian Starved For A Woman. A Dominant Lesbian R****g A Woman In The Toilet/A Woman's Pussy Over Her Husband's Cock/The Dominant Lesbian Who Makes A Woman Orgasm On The Commuter Bus06/12/2010
FAX-268Woman That Have THE SMELL Of SEX04/24/2010
FAX-245Horny as Fuck Housewives Have Sex with Their Son-in-Law instead of Their Husbands / Work Incompetent but SEX Professional Husband / Housewife's Sexual Affairs with Her Daughter's Private Tutor / Condomless Adultery!01/12/2010
TOS-001Card-Carrying Lesbians. The Unknown Sexual Odyssey Of Beautiful Sister-In-Laws06/16/2008
GESD-060New 30s! 40s! 50s! Special 12 Women 604/04/2008
JUY-002Awkward Relations With the Sexually Frustrated Stepmothern/a
EMBZ-002Beautiful Big-Breasted 50-Year-Old Wife Rendered a Sex Object to Be Cum Inside Ofn/a
ORG-023Do Me.... Tale of a Beautiful Mature Wife and a Man On the Runn/a
GMED-097Female Ninja Who Obeys the Love Coden/a
JUKD-745In--st - Mother-Child Partialityn/a
CESD-285Investigator Tortured and Trained 21n/a
JUC-988Low Tide Hunting - My Friend, My Mother and I On An Overnight Trip Gone Nastyn/a
JUX-309Married Woman Bound and Taken By Other Guysn/a
MDYD-884Married Woman Who Grabbed AV Out of the Garbagen/a
MAC-24Mother Endures Satisfactionn/a
BKD-156Mother-Child Base Fuckingn/a
JUX-902Seduced in Front of Your Very Eyes?n/a
JUX-767Shaving Liberation!! A Married Woman Arches Backwards! Orgasmic Shaved Pussy Esthetic Sessionn/a
MEYD-143She Was Defiled By Her Brother-in-Lawn/a
VENU-475Silent In--st - Hey, Your Father is Just in the Next Room...n/a
NADE-282Sister-in-Law and Younger Brother Fucking - Koushuu Hot Springs Close Relations Travel Sentimentn/a
JUX-694Substitute Teacher, The Temptation of Maikan/a
MDYD-910Tempted By Dickn/a
DDK-023Together With Mother at a Love Hoteln/a
NACR-072Widowed Stepmothern/a
JDL-069Maika Asai Her Complete Worksn/a
J99-126fBig Tits Married Woman's Night Visit Maika Asai 48 Years Oldn/a
J99-126eMature Woman Masturbation Maika Asai 48 Years Old Big Tits Married Woman's Night Visit Nextn/a
J99-190bFamily Fun Maika Asai A Mom Who Puts Up With Night Visitsn/a
J99-190aFamily Fun Maika Asai A Mom Who Accepts Her Stepsonn/a
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