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Ichika Hoshimiya (星宮一花/Age 24)

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Ichika Hoshimiya (星宮一花/Age 24) Profile:

Born: June 27, 1998
Measurements: B85 / W59 / H89
Cup Size: D Cup
AV Activity: October 2018
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Height: 168cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Ichika Hoshimiya (星宮一花/Age 24)

Ichika Hoshimiya Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
SSIS-584マジメな人妻がマッチングアプリで出会った若い男と狂った性活 星宮一花11/21/2022
SSIS-557夜間勃起が毎晩スゴすぎる義父に夜●いされ密着スローSEXで犯●れています… 星宮一花10/24/2022
OFJE-381日本一の超単体AVメーカーS1 2022年上半期ベストセラーズ 12時間10/10/2022
SSIS-528バイトテロ従業員に肉オナホにされ絶倫チ●ポ堕ちする美人女将 星宮一花09/26/2022
MKCK-316E-BODY 2022上半期BEST 全44タイトル完全コンプリート8時間09/19/2022
SSIS-496星宮一花にムチャぶり逆ナン指令!成功したらそのまま同棲!? ホンモノ素人がM男に目覚めるまで毎日痴女っちゃった7日間ドキュメント08/22/2022
SSIS-465僕の性癖にドストライクなスレンダー美人教師 艶やかな黒パンストと美脚ホールド&足じゃくりで何度も射精させられた。 星宮一花07/25/2022
SSIS-437飛べなくなった客室乗務員は金持ち親父のヤミツキ肉便器 星宮一花06/27/2022
WICP-005▲【数量限定】AV最高峰-S級GIRLS GROUP エスワンキャンペーン05/26/2022
SSIS-409After 30 Days Of Celibacy, Girls And Guys Enjoy Magic Chems For An Explosion Of Sensitivity During Blissful Sex That Goes All Throughout The Night Till Morning, 6 Hours And 6 Cum Loads. Ichika Hoshimiya05/23/2022
OFJE-360Ichika Hoshimiya 3rd Anniversary 12 Latest Titles, 57 Sections, 480 Minute Memorial Best05/09/2022
SSIS-382Sex On Aphrodisiacs Cheating While Sharing A Room I Hate My Ex-Boyfriend So Much I Could K**l Him, But We Have Amazing Chemistry...And Then He Gave Me An Aphrodisiac...Ichika Hoshimiya04/25/2022
SSIS-355Detestable Brother-in-law Has A Weird Foot Fetish And Uses Close-up Licking Techniques For Non-stop Pleasure On The Night Of A Family Gathering. Ichika Hoshimiya03/21/2022
OFJE-353Out In The Countryside Where There's Nothing To Do All Year, The Wives Living Nearby Offer Temptation, Leading To Indulging In Hot, Wet Sex Every Day. S1 Popular Series, 11 Titles Total, Complete BEST.03/07/2022
OFJE-351101 Freshly Orgasmed Sensitive P*ssies Are Getting A Follow-Up Push Of Piston-Pounding Thrusts Best Hits Collection - They've Just Cum, But Seconds Later, They're Getting Pumped Again So They Will Just Keep On Cumming For 101 Consecutive Second Helpings Of Sex -02/21/2022
SSIS-329The Lightly Dressed Apartment Wife Who Has A Small Waist: Her Neighborhood Socializing Is Indecent And Promiscuous. Ichika Hoshimiya02/21/2022
SSIS-303I'm A Cherry Boy In My Thirties And By The Time My Dick Is All Used Up, I'm Sharing A Room For Intense Sex With A New Employee That Has Zero Memory Of Fucking Like Crazy. I Remember Being Made Fun Of For Not Having Any Sexual Experience (Lingering Anger). Ichika Hoshimiya01/24/2022
OFJE-347A Sissy Dream Of 24 S1 Actresses Who Lean In Close To You And Gently Squeeze The Cum Out Of You. The Feeling Is Even Better Than Sex! Hand Job 100 Consecutive Ejaculation Special01/24/2022
RBB-226I Want To Be Toyed With By A Naturally-Gifted Slut! 8 Hour Special Of The BEST01/10/2022
SSIS-274You Can't Do That If You Are Moaning! Secret Sex While French Kissing Sister-In-Law. Ichika Hoshimiya12/27/2021
SSIS-245How A Gambling Addict Like Me Who Loves Liquor Got A Married Model-Tier Babe To Fuck Me Every Day Ichika Hoshimiya11/22/2021
SSIS-215My Boss From My Part Time Job Is Exactly My Fetish, And She Loves Younger Men. Ichika Hoshimiya10/25/2021
OFJE-333100 Of The Best Super High-Class Sex Clubs, Staffed By S1 Idols 100% Repeat Business Guaranteed!! A Best Hits Collection Filled With The Ultimate Services, Backed By The Greatest Nookie Skills10/11/2021
SSIS-185My Bride's Bizarre Infidelity Is Terrible, Just Too Terrible - Ichika Hoshimiya09/27/2021
OFJE-329Right After I After Fucked Her, I Fucked Her Again 100 Times In A Row 480 Minutes Of Women Who Are Fucked To Oblivion And Can Never Cum Back09/13/2021
SSIS-120*Completely Unscripted! POV! No Makeup! Anything Goes! Ichika Hoshimiya's Raw Carnal Instincts Bared For Real Sex! Genuine Couple's Hot Spring Trip Leads To Wild, Rare, 200% Erotic Fuck Footage07/13/2021
OFJE-318Most Luxurious Men's Massage Parlor In The World With Only Top Class Therapists Who Get Booked A Year In Advance 8 Hours06/15/2021
SSIS-092Furious Pounded From A Huge Dick Drives Pussies Insane With Ecstasy - Intense Vaginal Orgasm Creampie SEX Ichika Hoshimiya06/15/2021
SSIS-066I Was Peeping On My Neighbor, An Elder Sister Type With Beautiful Legs With Whom I Was Infatuated, And On The 5th Day, She Finally Caught Me In The Act ... So She Lured Me To Temptation And Fucked My Brains Out Ichika Hoshimiya05/13/2021
OFJE-311The Best Bodies And Beauty In The Industry! 100 Fucks Carefully Selected From All 2020 Titles! 12 Hours Of Nonstop SEX With The Most Beautiful Young Babes04/30/2021
OFJE-308Ichika Hoshimiya 2 Year Anniversary Memorial Best Complete Collection Of 16 Most Recent Titles 8 Hour Special04/30/2021
SSIS-041Dominant Slut Ichika Hoshimiya Makes Tied Up Subs Bust Their Nuts For 20 Loads04/13/2021
OFJE-309The Corrupted Elite Investigator All 14 Titles Complete 8 Hours04/13/2021
SSIS-016I Seduced The Vulnerable Married Woman I Work With And We Spent All Day Fucking In The Work Toilet! Ichika Hoshimiya03/17/2021
SSNI-992I Had To Share A Room With The Boss I Have A Crush On... And Secretly Pumped Her Full Of My Cum Ichika Hoshimiya02/17/2021
OFJE-299Untouchable Beauties Ravished And Corrupted 8 Hours 202/17/2021
REBD-536REbecca STARS8-The miracles-02/17/2021
SSNI-967Your Older Girlfriend Teases Your Nipples Nicely Until You Cum Ichika Hoshimiya01/15/2021
OFJE-293(*Abnormal Orgasms) Extreme Erotic Awakenings! Mercilessly Drilled Until Her Lust Is Exhausted - Hard, Passionate Fucks - Brand New All 12 Titles, 56 Scenes, Complete 8-Hour Best Collection01/15/2021
BTHA-061Hairy Nude - Non-edited: A Beautiful Girl With Beautiful Legs/A Princess With Beautiful Tits - Ichika Hoshimiya01/11/2021
SIVR-107[VR] Stewardess With Beautiful Legs Gives You An (Assjob Through Pantyhose) Steps On Your Cock In High Heels) (Exposes Her Anal Hole For Sex) Sharing A Room With A Nasty Slut VR Ichika Matsumoto12/31/2020
SSNI-943Massage Parlor Slut Will Bust Your Nut With Her Incredible Hand And Tongue Techniques Ichika Hoshimiya12/16/2020
SIVR-103[VR] Loving, Intimate, At-Home Sex With Your 7-Years-Older Girlfriend Ichika Hoshimiya12/10/2020
OFJE-277Once In A Lifetime! Nervous Interview In Front Of The Camera & First Undressing Scene Making Her Heart Race! 8 Hours Of Uninterrupted Scenes To First Penetration Sex! The Latest S1 Actresses Uncovered Special Large Release!11/18/2020
SSNI-892Keeping Me On The Edge With Peristent Teasing, Building Up To A Super Orgasm Breaking All Limits - Ichika Hoshimiya11/18/2020
SSNI-869Newlywed NTR At The Family Home I Met My Asshole Ex-Boyfriend, Whom I Broke Up With 5 Years Ago, When I Visited My Family In The Country. I Would Have Never Imagined That I Would Commit Adultery With This Piece Of Shit, Or That It Would Be The Most Unforgettable Fuck Of My Life... Ichika Hoshimiya09/16/2020
SSNI-849Ever Since That Day When My Father-In-Law Came Home And Mistook Me For My Stepmom And Paid Me A Furious Night Visit... Ichika Hoshimiya08/14/2020
OFJE-258Total Domination, Cream Of The Crop 13 Beautiful Legs Hotties' Thighs & Thick Peach Ass Flashing Temptation 53 Scenes 8 Hours07/31/2020
SSNI-8303cm Below Her Crotch - A Seductive Nurse With Beautiful Legs In A Tight Miniskirt - Ichika Hoshimiya07/15/2020
SSNI-806Incredible Orgasms - An Erotic Awakening - Non-Stop Fucking Until Her Desires Are Satiated - Ichika Hoshimiya06/13/2020
SIVR-079[VR] She's Wearing Pantyhose And Stroking You Off With A Disgusted Look On Her Face Ichika Hoshimiya05/07/2020
SSNI-760The Crimes Of An Elite Investigator You Will Get Fucked Until You Obey... Ichika Hoshimiya04/15/2020
SSNI-735A House Cleaner Gets Fucked By Her Client's Reclusive Son For Two Days And One Night Like It's Some Kind Of Game To Him - Ichika Hoshimiya03/13/2020
REBD-448Ichika2 Another Fragrance: Ichika Hoshimiya03/04/2020
SSNI-708Female Employee At A Five-Star Hotel Made To Perform Sexual Tasks Whenever Room 415 Calls For Room Service Ichika Hoshimiya02/14/2020
SPRBD-019Like a Sunflower/Ichihana Hoshimiya BD01/27/2020
SSNI-680This Married Woman Just Wanted To Maintain Her Style On Her G-Spot Makes This Married Woman Lose Her Mind In Cum Crazy Ecstasy - A Spasmic Back-Breaking Orgasmic Oil Massage Parlor - Ichika Hoshimiya01/15/2020
SSNI-688Triple Cast - S1 Exclusive Beauties Appearing Together For A 3 Hour Special01/15/2020
SSNI-650NTR Class Reunion - A Disgusting Video Showing The Wife I Love Cheating With Her Terrible Ex Boyfriend. Ichika Hoshimiya12/13/2019
SSNI-6243 Years Ago My Lady Boss Retired To Get Married, But Now That She's Back, I Spent 3 Days At A Hotel During My Business Trip Fucking Her Brains Out, And Here's The Video Record To Prove It Ichika Hoshimiya11/13/2019
OFJE-220Ichika Hoshimiya Her First Best Hits Collection It's The First Anniversary Of Her S1 Debut Her Newest 11 Titles 8-Hour Special11/01/2019
SSNI-596Golden body arching backwards like a shrimp, she's addicted to coming as she gets struck by four big things! Ichika Hoshimiya10/11/2019
LD-016Lover's Day (Ichika Hoshimiya)10/03/2019
SSNI-572Ultra Hot Massage Parlor Girls With Beautiful Legs and Miniskirts Are Luring You To Temptation At The Ultra Hard And Tight Lip Service Salon Ichika Hoshimiya09/13/2019
SSNI-549Her Pussy Was Twitching And Trembling After Orgasming, And Now She Was Getting A Second Helping Of Furious Piston-Pounding Follow-Up Sex Ichika Hoshimiya08/15/2019
OFJE-209They Were Forbidden For One Month To Engage In Either Sex Or Masturbation, And Now They're Super Horny And Their Adrenaline Is Ready To Explode! These S1 Actresses Are Exposing Their Lust In This Latest 8-Title Complete 8-Hour Best Hits Collection08/02/2019
SSNI-523My Girlfriend's Big Sister Seduced Me With Her Beautiful Legs And Panty Shots And I Couldn't Resist The Temptation. Ichika Hoshimiya07/12/2019
SSNI-500The Dirty Talk and Hip Grinding is Out of This World! Cowgirl Ichika Hoshimiya06/14/2019
SIVR-045[VR] The Classy Girl "Ichika Hoshimiya" The Binaural Classy Dirty Talk And Her Dirty, High-Speed, Grinding Cowgirl Sex With A Perverted Woman In VR05/23/2019
OFJE-199Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex. The Latest 9 Titles In High Picture Quality. 12 Hours. Complete BEST05/15/2019
SSNI-479"Students RapeThe Teacher Who's Out Of Their League" A New Female Teacher Is Gang Raped. Ichika Hoshimiya05/15/2019
SSNI-459All Kinds Of French Kissing/Intense Blowjobs ~She'll Shamelessly Savor Your Cock While Drooling~ Ichika Hoshimiya04/12/2019
REBD-372Ichika Only One Flower Ichika Hoshimiya03/30/2019
SSNI-439A Young Lady Has A Massive Adrenaline Rush! Passionate, Non-Stop Sex After 1 Month Of Abstinence. Ichika Hoshimiya03/15/2019
SSNI-416I Will Wholeheartedly Molest Middle-Aged Men; My Favorite Kind Of Men. Ichika Hoshimiya02/15/2019
SSNI-396Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Completely Uncut Special Ichika Hoshimiya01/16/2019
OAE-173Dirty Little Secret Ichika Hoshimiya12/15/2018
SSNI-375Classy College Girl, Ichika Hoshimiya's Sexual Awakening. For The First Time In Her Life, She Convulses 3,800 Times! 27,000 Relentless Thrusts! Her First Convulsion Special12/12/2018
SSNI-354A Classy Girl With A Beautiful Fair-Skinned Body. Here Cums Ichika Hoshimiya. Special Featuring Her First 3 Sex Scenes11/16/2018
SSNI-332Amateur No. 1 Style Ichika Hoshimiya Porn Debut10/17/2018
SSIS-148There's Nothing To Do In The Countriside In Summer So I Gave In To The Neighbour's Pretty Housewife's Attempts To Seduce Me, And Had Sweaty Sex With Her Everyday. Ichika Hoshimiyan/a
SIVR-156[VR] Close And Sweaty On A Hot Springs Vacation (Long Legs And Thighs) (Long-armed Dick Pleasuring) (Ass And Hips Dick Pleasuring) Making Out And Cumming Hard. Gorgeous Tall Girl Model For Non-stop Fucking And 9 Loads Of Cum For Adultery VR Scenario. Ichika Hoshimiyan/a
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