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Saeko Matsushita (松下紗栄子/Age 31)

Also known as: NORICO

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Saeko Matsushita (松下紗栄子/Age 31) Profile:

Born: September 29, 1990
Measurements: B88 / W57 / H86
Cup Size: F Cup
AV Activity: June 2015
Sign: Libra
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 165cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Saeko Matsushita (松下紗栄子/Age 31)

Saeko Matsushita Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
ATKD-332ATTACKERS 松下紗栄子ファーストレ●プBEST05/02/2022
ATKD-327ATTACKERS PRESENTS: 120/100 Amazing Bodies, 20 Bodies' Super Careful Selection - 8 Hours Special!01/31/2022
ATKD-326Fucking Noble Priestesses And Female Teachers, 8 Hours01/03/2022
IDBD-854Getting Fucked On A Business Trip - A Female Office Worker Spends All Night With Her Male Colleagues Making Her Cum - 8 Hours Best 211/08/2021
ATKD-321Day After Day Of Fucking Like Crazy A Frustrated Married Woman From My Part-Time Job. 4 Hours Of The BEST10/04/2021
BF-642It's So Good My Hips Move On Their Own, Rough Nailing Piston Cowgirl 4 Hours10/04/2021
FKJUK-002(A Summer Gift Set) A Collection Of Massive Hits! 1856 Uncut And Complete Minutes! Blow Away Those Summer Blues! Enjoy The Crisp And Cool Feeling Of A Large Release Fuck Fest! Let's Make This A Summer We'll Never Forget! 202107/15/2021
FKHUNT-002[VR Nakamoto Set] Big Hits Compilation! No Cutting, Just 2177 Minutes Of Pure Video! Summer Time All The Way! An Unforgettable Summer Vacation 2021!07/15/2021
ATAD-160ATTACKERS Actress Directory - Saeko Matsushita 4 - 15 Hours07/01/2021
IDBD-84050 Shots Of Girls Not Able To Stop Themselves From Cumming As They're Fucked Hard Right Before Ejaculation04/08/2021
IDBD-83820 Beautiful Ladies Are Jiggling And Wiggling Their Titties And Experiencing Pleasure And Immediately Cumming In A Premature Ejaculating Orgasmic Fuck Fest 4-Hour Best Hits Collection!! 20 Beautiful IP Ladies 20 Titles Cumming Faces x Sensual Titties x A Furious Piston-Pumping Absolutely Erotic Collaboration03/12/2021
ATAD-156ATTACKERS Actress Directory 3 - Saeko Matsushita - 12 Hours03/05/2021
ATAD-154Plan To Turn A Female Teacher Into A Toy: Complete No Cut 9 Hours02/05/2021
ATKD-313* This Is A Work Of Complete Fiction. Do Not Attempt To Replicate This. [Viewers Be Warned] 8 Hours Of Rough Sex Footage12/30/2020
FKHUNT-001[VR Lucky Bag] High-Quality Hit SPECIAL 2 - 11 Popular Labels, 13 Titles, Completely Unedited - Boom, Large Release 2028 Minutes!12/17/2020
IDBD-831A Cum Face Semen Splattered Creampie Oral Ejaculation 2020 White Semen Christmas Special 50 Ai Pocket Actresses Are Getting Splattered With Semen In This 8-Hour Highlights Collection!!12/11/2020
ATAD-152ATTACKERS: Amazing Actress Saeko Matsushita 2 - 22 Hours12/04/2020
IDBD-991"This Is Not The Time To Hold Back!" Girls Gotta Make Money! Hookers Hustle All Day And All Night - Reasonably Priced Pussies 240 Minutes11/12/2020
ATKD-311Violation Really Is Just One On One! 8 Hour Highlights vol. 211/05/2020
IDBD-986It's Embarrassing But It Feels So Good... Would You Forgive Me If I Cum Today? Her Face: 100 Points! How She Cums: 200 Points! 20 Beautiful Ladies Who Make The Adult Video Industry Proud 4 Hours!!09/11/2020
IDBD-829- HIGH LEVEL BEAUTY - A Collection Of The Highest Level Actresses In The Adult Video Industry! Idea Pocket 2019 Super Deluxe Edition SUPER COMBO 8-HOUR BEST HITS COLLECTION09/11/2020
ATAD-148A Fresh Investigator 6 Titles 11 Hours All Episodes Uncut Highlights09/04/2020
IDBD-828BEST Of Young Wives Who Lust After Cocks, Keeping IT A Secret From Their Husbands! Perverted Wives Who Cannot Refuse Abnormal Sex That They Can't Have With Their Husbands - 4 Hours!!08/07/2020
MBYD-314Today, I Want You To Keep Cumming Inside Me Until You Get Me Pregnant... 8 Hours Best Hits Collection vol. 207/10/2020
BF-610Saeko Matsushita 17 Hours BEST HITS COLLECTION All Of Her Videos In The Be Free Series In An Uncut Highlights Collection07/03/2020
SSHN-00220 Gorgeous And Popular Actresses Are Luxuriously Popping Cherries 8-HOUR SPECIAL!06/08/2020
SSHN-005Saeko Matsushita's First 4-hour Special BEST!!06/08/2020
ATAD-145ATTACKERS Actress Directory, Saeko Matsushita 18 Hours06/05/2020
IPX-493Days Of Passionate, Orgasmic Sex, With My Lover's Lady Boss, Until My Balls Went Dry. Saeko Matsushita05/08/2020
ATKD-302I Want To Fuck A Naughty Bitch! Super Select Bitchy And Beautiful Women An 8-Hour Shame-Filled Special!05/01/2020
BF-604While My Girlfriend Was Away For A Few Days, I Fucked Like Crazy, And Here Is The Video Record Of My Exploits 8-HOUR BEST HITS COLLECTION04/03/2020
SSPD-157I Met My Old S*****t At Our Class Reunion, And Now She Was A Married Woman, And So Sexy, That I Lost My Mind And Fucked Her Til The Break Of Dawn Saeko Matsushita04/03/2020
ATVR-026VR - Saeko Matsushita Is In Love With You - Extreme Pleasure Adulterous Sex03/24/2020
REBD-450Saeko 2 - Tropical Peach Blossom Spring - Saeko Matsushita03/18/2020
IPX-461Business Trip Shared Room NTR A Big Tits Lady Boss Wo Got Creampie Fucked Over And Over By Her Orgasmic Employee Saeko Matsushita03/07/2020
ATID-401A Sexually Frustrated Married Woman Gets Fucked For 3 Hours Every Night By Her Next Door Neighbor - Saeko Matsushita03/04/2020
ATVR-024[VR] Two Girls Locked In The Bath Together! Get The Whole Story Of How They Kept Each Other Warm Through The Night And Fucked Until Morning! Saeko Matsushita02/25/2020
SSPD-155Dr. Saeko's Dirty Transgression, Saeko Matsushita01/31/2020
SSPD-152Fucking All Day Everyday With Repressed Married Woman From Work. Saeko Matsushita12/27/2019
SSPD-150While Her Husband Was Away, She Got Fucked By His Coworkers - Saeko Matsushita11/29/2019
REBD-422Saeko Simply Beautiul Saeko Matsushita11/06/2019
SSPD-149The First Lie I Told My Husband Saeko Matsushita11/01/2019
ATKD-293Unfaithful Housewives Who Get Fucked In Their Bedrooms By Other Men 8 Hours BEST HITS COLLECTION11/01/2019
BF-589Divine Titties Jiggling And Wiggling And Fondling 4 Hours SUPER BEST HITS COLLECTION10/02/2019
ATKD-291Women Who Liked To Get Fucked By Younger Men 20 Super Select Beauties 8-Hour T*****e & Shame Special!10/02/2019
BF-586I Want All Of Your Thick And Rich Sperm! Oral Ejaculation Blowjob Action 4-Hour Best Hits Collection09/04/2019
ATKD-286Forced Pre-Ejaculation Fucking 39 Consecutive Cum Shots 4 Hours vol. 208/02/2019
BF-583Saeko Matsushita 4 Hours Super Best Hits Collection Part.2 208/02/2019
ATKD-284I Wanna Fuck That Untouchable Woman! 10 Specially Selected Hotties, 8 Hour Torture Special!07/03/2019
BF-580Glamorous Body Fully Clothed Fuck 8 Hours07/03/2019
ADN-219Wife Next Door, Immoral Afternoon, Saeko Matsushita07/03/2019
ATKD-283Violation Really Is Just One On One! 8 Hour Highlights05/31/2019
ADN-216Former Nerdy Girl Turned Teacher Gets Caught Up In A Love Affair... Saeko Matsushita05/31/2019
BF-577Sex Is Best When We're Alone With Each Other. Raw Unfiltered Sex 30 Fucks 8 Hours05/31/2019
MBYD-289Saeko Matsushita 4 Hour Best Collection05/10/2019
JBD-240Pride Hunter Saeko Matsushita05/03/2019
ATKD-28010 Specially Selected Widows 8 Hours Torture & Rape Special! Widow's Grief05/03/2019
ADN-211Impure Nurse's Uniform The Sins Of Married Nurse Mika Saeko Matsushita04/03/2019
BF-5714 Hours Best Of Collection - The Moment Right Before You Cum Inside Of her04/03/2019
ATKD-279ATTACKERS PRESENTS I Want To Fuck Working Women! 20 Carefully Selected Beauties, Torture And Rape 8 Hour Special!04/03/2019
IPX-287A One-Time-Only Video A Special Performance! This H-Cup Titty Married Woman Works At A Titty Pub That's Rumored To Allow Real Sex "Do You Want To Enjoy Some Furious Secret Hustle Time With Me?" Saeko Matsushita03/09/2019
ATVR-007[VR] Everyone's Favorite Teacher Ms. Saeko Is My Sex Slave03/07/2019
MBYD-285I Went To A No-Sex Massage Parlor And The Woman I Got Was The Beautiful But Arrogant Woman Next Door. Now That I Knew Her Secret, I Coerced Her Into Having Sex With Me And Letting Me Give Her A Creampie! I Even Made Her Into An Obedient Sex Slave Outside Of The Massage Parlor. 8 Titles, 8 Hours. BEST vol. 202/08/2019
ATVR-005[VR] High Definition Video Compatible The Housewife Who Lives Next Door Got Drunk And Accidentally Came To My House, And After I Mashed Her Titties I Raped Her, And It's All On Video, From Start To Finish!!02/07/2019
ATKD-276Fucking Girls in Swimsuits! 8 Hours of Creampie Rape!02/01/2019
ADN-203Immature Adultery: Married Woman Office Lady And Her Younger Subordinate - Saeko Matsushita02/01/2019
BF-567When My Girlfriend Was Away On A Family Trip For 4 Days, I Went Crazy With Creampies On Her Elder Sister - Saeko Matsushita02/01/2019
BF-562Saeko Matsushita 4 Hours Super Best Hits Collection12/28/2018
RBD-916All New The Slave Police Inspector 6 Saeko Matsushita12/28/2018
ATID-327The Moist Pantyhose Of An Office Lady. Saeko Matsushita12/05/2018
BF-559The Charm Of Beautiful Asses In Pantyhose. BEST. 8 Hours.12/05/2018
BF-557A Full Course of Whore Sensuality Saeko Matsushita11/02/2018
SHKD-819The Female Gambler Black Rose Saeko Matsushita11/02/2018
ADN-187A Helpless Married Woman Saeko Matsushita10/05/2018
SHKD-808Elite Agent Falls Into Trap Saeko Matsushita08/31/2018
BF-549She Was Forbidden From Masturbation And Sex For A Month! Saeko Matsushita Is At Her Upper Limit During A Pathology of Lust, And Now She's Going Full Blast And Cumming Her Brains Out In Full F***e Fucking Sex!08/03/2018
ADN-179Nasty Night Activities, Father-In-Law's Lust, Saeko Matsushita08/03/2018
ATKD-270Women Who Get Pleasure From Being R**ed 8 Hours vol. 208/03/2018
ATKD-269Ravaged Girls Who Get Fucked From Behind 8 Hours06/29/2018
SHKD-801Absolute Rape Office Lady Edition Saeko Matsushita06/29/2018
SSPD-144The Porn Bible Overflowing Honey The Awakening Of A Lady Saeko Matsushita06/01/2018
ATAD-133I Wanted To Be Loved By You. Collector's Edition 00406/01/2018
ADN-165Forbidden Immoral Sex 3 An Excessively Young Mother-In-Law Saeko Matsushita05/02/2018
BF-542Orgasmic Sensual Awakening Sex Saeko Matsushita05/02/2018
ADN-162A Cock A*****t This Married Woman Housemaid Is Getting R**ed Against Her Will Saeko Matsushita04/06/2018
ADN-157Horny Hospitality The Celebrity Wife Who Fell For A Trap Saeko Matsushita03/23/2018
BF-534My Run Of The Mill Elder Sister Got Really Sexy So We Had Baby Making Creampie Sex! Saeko Matsushita02/14/2018
ADN-144I Think My Husband Knows Saeko Matsushita11/17/2017
RBD-867Plan To Make A Female Teacher Into A Toy - Saeko Matsushita10/27/2017
ADN-140A Sweaty Shameful Wife Saeko Matsushita09/22/2017
MEYD-280I Went To A Rubber Mat Health Club Where Fucking Wasn't Allowed, And Out Came The Bitchy And Beautiful Married Woman From Next Door Now That I Knew Her Secret, I Could Demand All The Creampie Sex I Wanted! And I Made Her My Obedient Sex S***e Even Outside The Club Too Saeko Matsushita07/21/2017
RBD-827Married Woman EnS***ed At A Soapland 16 - The Final Stop - Saeko Matsushita03/23/2017
ADN-110Dear, Please Forgive Me... Groping And Massaging Her Beautiful Tits Saeko Matsushita12/07/2016
RBD-805S***e-Colored Stage 34 Saeko Matsushita11/11/2016
ADN-106I Just Want To Be Loved By You Saeko Matsushita10/01/2016
SHKD-713Stewardess's Tragic T*****e & R**e Flight 5 - Saeko Matsushita09/02/2016
ADN-100Fucked In Front Of Her Husband - Visited By A Rapist 10 Saeko Matsushita08/04/2016
ATID-274Obscene Infiltration -The Beautiful, Frenzied Fallen Angel- Saeko Matsushita07/02/2016
SDSI-040Former Flight Attendant Turned Etiquette Instructor Saeko Matsushita Returns To Porn! Incredible 10-Load Nonstop Creampie & Rich, Creamy Facial Special04/06/2016
SDSI-019Former Cabin Attendant And Current Etiquette Coach, Saeko Matsushita's Ultimate Service. Super High-Class Creampie Soapland Worker 10/21/2015
SDSI-016Former Flight Attendant Saeko Matsushita Gets Pounded To Her Limit! Breaking Her In With Extreme Orgasms! Thoroughly Exploited Until She's Hooked On Sex...09/23/2015
SDSI-012Former Stewardess Saeko Matsushita - I'll Take Care Of That Pesky Virginity, Boy~08/19/2015
SDSI-008Former Flight Attendant Saeko Matsushita - Overnight Adultery Trip To A Hot Spring With An Unattainably Beautiful Stewardess07/22/2015
SDSI-004Former Cabin Attendant Turned Etiquette Coach Makes Her Porn Debut Starring Saeko Matsushita06/05/2015
SHKD-737Escaped Prisonern/a
ADN-115Inappropriate Relations, A Younger Man and a Big-Boobed Married Womann/a
ADN-148Office Hierarchy That Lends Itself to Cheatingn/a
MEYD-286Please Cum Inside of Me Today Until I Become Pregnant?n/a
SSPD-142Slave Wife Trapped in a Cagen/a
RBD-776The Day My Older Sister Became Minen/a
RBD-826Tonight, I Will Lay Everything On the Line. Bargaining Point of Submissionn/a
SSPD-137When a Married Woman Opens the Door to Her Heartn/a
ATKD-295Visiting Fucker, Wife Fucked In Front Of Her Husband - Selected Highlightsn/a
ATAD-162ATTACKERS: A Directory Of Actresses: Saeko Matsushita, No. 5, 13 Hoursn/a
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