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Saeko Yokoyama (横山紗江子)

Also known as: 福江範子

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Saeko Yokoyama (横山紗江子) Profile:

Born: n/a
Measurements: B78 / W60 / H80
Cup Size: B Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: n/a
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 157cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Saeko Yokoyama (横山紗江子)

Saeko Yokoyama Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
EK-010Monthly Hitozuma Senka Erokari. 10th Edition.03/09/2022
VSED-179I Went To An Oil Massage Parlor, And He Started To Fondle Me In My Private Parts, And At First I Tried To Resist, But He Was So Amazingly Skilled That I Began To Feel Really Good... And In The End, I Let Him Have His Way With Me (LOL) 211/26/2021
NASH-452Real Sexy Stories 1902/11/2021
RD-980Filthy Showa Drama - A Father-In-Law Creampies His Daughter-In-Law - A 50-Something Married Woman Falls For A Dangerous Guy02/28/2020
GOJU-141Elegant Fifty-Something Ladies In A Rude And Crude Flesh Fantasy Sex Collection 5 Hours 201/31/2020
NASH-228Mature Woman In Their 50's With Nicely Droopy Bodies - 18 Women01/30/2020
RD-967The Excitement Of A Sensual Drama This Father-In-Law Is having Creampie Sex With A Son's Wife, Knowing That She Wants A Baby This Fifty-Something Wife Is Having A Love Affair With Her Husband's Employee, Even When He's Still In The House11/29/2019
RD-960A Sudden Rainstorm This Insurance Salesman Was Dripping Wet After Getting Caught In A Sudden Rainstorm This Fifty-Something Wife Was Taking Shelter From The Rain While She Was Out Shopping...10/29/2019
NACX-040Giving Creampies To Beautiful Mature Women In Their Fifties - 18 People09/30/2019
VNDS-3319Creampie Apartment 208/19/2019
OFKU-057Screwin' Mom: The Bra-less MILF of Fukushima, Saeko Yokoyama05/28/2019
OFKU-107When I Went Back To My Hometown, My Mom Had Become A Bra-Less, Careless Old Woman So I Fucked Her. 180 Minutes02/19/2019
VNDS-5175Drunk Mom Gets Horny And Comes Onto Her Son12/19/2018
FMR-063A Stepmother And Offspring Love And Lust Pictorial V Saeko Yokoyama11/07/2018
GIGL-522"My Tits Are Sensitive, So Please Don't Touch Them..." When This Old Lady Gets Her Erect Nipples Toyed With Her Horny Switch Gets Flipped And She Won't Be Able To Refuse When She's About To Get Some Lesbian Sex Unexpectedly 210/25/2018
MCSR-319The Miraculous Mature Woman In Her 50's. Shiho Sakura, 56 Years Old10/12/2018
VNDS-3290I Seduced A Middle-Aged Part-Time Worker... And Now Her Sexually Frustrated Body Is On Fire09/19/2018
EMAZ-383Only Women In Their 50s, 60s, and 70s Super Mature Older Women 2 1402 Min09/15/2018
NCAC-08350-Something Mother's Lust09/13/2018
VNDS-3280My Stepmom Drove Me Crazy Flashing Her Panties As She Changed Her Clothes06/19/2018
AWD-101Fakecest: My Stepmom's Perfect Ass A Fifty-Something Mama's Throbbing Ripe Big Ass Saeko Yokoyaman/a
NACR-143A Fifty-Something Mother Who Is Luring Her Son To Temptation Saeko Yokoyaman/a
HMD-20Forbidden Fakecest In The Country She's Getting Her Skinny Body Pumped With Her Son's Rock Hard Cock 4 Hours/20 Ladiesn/a
GOJU-048Elegant Fifty-Something Ladies In A Rude And Crude Flesh Fantasy Sex Collection 5 Hoursn/a
JLZ-019Mature Woman Lesbian Action Hey Big Sister, Let's Play A Game Yukako Kusunoki Saeko Yokoyaman/a
VNDS-3241The Bride's Mother Gets Dressed The Groom Lusts For Her Big Ass And Panty Shot Actionn/a
VNDS-3242My Mom Got D***k And Mistook Me For My Dad And Gave Me A Blowjobn/a
MSJR-07This Widow Is So Lonely And Horny That Once She Gets Good And D***k, Her Hunger For Cock Gets The Best Of Her...n/a
GOJU-026I Was Planning To Feed These Aphrodisiac Candies To My Girlfriend, But My Mom Ate Them By Mistake, And She Lost Her Mind And Transformed Into A Horny Cock Monster And Fucked Men/a
NFD-016A Sex Seminar For Middle Aged Couples This Is Something You Can't Talk About With Others! True Stories Of Sexual Perversionn/a
CRZ-006This Home Delivery Lady Is Offering To Suck Your Dick At The Front Doorn/a
AED-137Fakecest Creampie Sex With A Fifty Something MILF Saeko Yokoyaman/a
GOJU-007This Is What Happened When We Exposed Our Erect Cocks To A Fifty Something Massage Therapist Lady...n/a
SPRD-887Beautiful Fakecest - My Too-Beautiful Mother Saeko Yokoyaman/a
DTKM-043Fakecest: Stepmother And Offspring Swap - I'll Let You Fuck My Stepmom, So Let Me Fuck Yours. Mitsuko Ueshima Saeko Yokoyaman/a
SPRD-852Fakecest Creampie with Mother - Her Son's Arousing Homecoming Saeko Yokoyaman/a
DTKM-039Fakecest: Parent/ C***d Swap I'll Let You Fuck My Stepmom, So Let Me Bang Your Stepmom Saeko Yokoyama Minako Nakajiman/a
CMK-035Humiliating Revenge Enemas On Haughty Female Lawyers Saeko Yokoyaman/a
MAC-35The Journey Of A Mother In Her 50's And An Aunt. The Hot Spring Tale Of R**e, Cuckolding And Fighting Over Dicksn/a
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