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Shunka Ayami - あやみ旬果

Shunka Ayami was born on 08/14/1993 in Tokyo.

Measurements: 85-58-83 (cm)
Cup Size: E Cup
Porn/AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Leo
Blood Type: O
Height: 154 cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Shunka Ayami.

Shunka Ayami Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
HRV-004My Very Own Obedient Pet Who Loves Me Too Much 8 Hours vol. 0108/22/2019
OFJE-211My Girlfriend's Little Sister Used The Full Extent Of Her Sexy Charm To Seduce Me, And I Fell For It - 7 Title Compilation, 8 Hours08/15/2019
OFJE-207One Of The Hottest Slender Bodies In The Industry X Big Dick. The Relentless, Orgasmic Sex Makes Her Ribs Visible07/12/2019
OFJE-204Shunka Ayami Porn Retirement S1 All 12 Titles Complete Collection 12 Hours07/03/2019
OFJE-205Best Whore At Store Where You Can't Have Sex Secretly Let's You Fuck Her, Best 70 Stores07/03/2019
HRV-001Passionate Kissing Devil's Kissing Sex Actresses Love Kissing Passionate Spit Dripping Fuck Filled With Love From 8 Women06/20/2019
OFJE-203Passionate French Kiss Fuck Exchanges Passionate Kisses And Tongues With Dripping Spit 55 Fucks 8 Hours06/14/2019
ETN-002Right Before The Cumshot!! Climax Cumming Hard Fuck 30 Cumshots 4 Hours Masturbation Specialized Porn Collection Of Hard Fucks Right Before The Finish!06/13/2019
OFJE-201"Show Me How You Cum! I Love Semen! I Want To Make You Feel Good With My Mouth!" An Ultra Pleasurable Blowjob Rush Of Pre-Ejaculatory Ecstasy 100 Cum Shots In A Row! 405/31/2019
GNE-227Unbearably Amazing Throat Fuck Dripping Blowjob 30 Cumshots 4 Hours05/16/2019
OFJE-199Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex. The Latest 9 Titles In High Picture Quality. 12 Hours. Complete BEST05/15/2019
OFJE-197An Ultra Orgasmic Furious Piston-Pounding Rush Of Pre-Ejaculation Ultimate Pleasure 114 Consecutive Cum Shots 8 Hours05/03/2019
PPT-076Shunka Ayami 8 Hours. BEST PRESTIGE PREMIUM TREASURE Vol. 09. All 8 Titles + Unreleased Videos. Follow The Career Of "Shunka Ayami" - Collector's Edition!!05/02/2019
OFJE-193Shunka Ayami S1 8 Hours Of The Best. The Latest 9 Titles. PERFECT BODY Collection04/12/2019
OFJE-194We Love S1 Girls 2018 All The Best We Love You All S1 Girls 34 Girls 100 Titles x 100 Fucks 12 Hours Best Hits Collection04/12/2019
GNE-225We'll Rent You A Sure-Thing Big Tits Beautiful Girl 4 Hours 104/11/2019
SSNI-446THE FINAL Shunka Ayami Let Me Show You All Of The Techniques I Learned Before I Retire 5 Hour Special04/03/2019
MMND-166Too Much Shunka Ayami03/29/2019
GAH-125Shunka Ayami SUPER BEST Eight Hours 403/21/2019
OFJE-190Bewitching Young Beauties' Panty Shots, Down Blouse Shots, Seduction And Insta-Fuck Sex Scenes. 87 Shots!03/15/2019
OFJE-195S1 PRECIOUS GIRLS 2019 15th Anniversary DVD 6-Disc Set 24 Hours PREMIUM BEST HITS COLLECTION03/05/2019
SSNI-426Secret Woman Investigator: Captured Agent Brainwashed Into Sex Slave Shunka Ayami03/05/2019
OFJE-185Special: Women Who Get Molested In Situations Where They Can't Call Out - Newest 14 Titles: 53 Corner BEST02/01/2019
SSNI-404Shunka Ayami Has Both Her Hands Completely Tied Up And Is Brought To The Upper Limit Of Ecstasy - Bound Cumming 128 Times! Tied Up Convulsions 4,000 Times! Legs Open And Squirting 2,800 CC!02/01/2019
OFJE-181"No! I Just Came!" Relentlessly Fucking Her Sensitive , Twitching Pussy Straight After She Orgasms! Orgasm Rush. 102 Shots!12/28/2018
SSNI-384Princess Girlfriends 2 FANZA Fan Publications No.1 Best-Seller Real CG Comic Live Action Adaptation!! Shunka Ayami12/28/2018
GNE-217A Totally Beautiful Girl Gives The Ultimate Cherry Popping 312/13/2018
OFJE-1792018. Featuring S-Class Actresses With The Best Body And Looks In The Industry Only! S1 Minimal Mosaic Highlights. The Last Super Special Edition Of The Heisei Era. 35 Women, 224 Titles. 16 Hours!12/12/2018
SSNI-378S1 15th Anniversary Special. A Huge Collaboration. Part 3. An Extravagant Lineup Of S1 Actresses.12/12/2018
SSNI-362When It's Time to Give Customers What They Want, She's Just Too Kind, Going Above and Beyond By Giving Them a Fuck!! Titty Pub Girl With Nice'n Soft Big Breasts12/05/2018
OFJE-177Gorgeous Babe Knows Sex Isn't The Only Way To Get You Off: 100 Rapid-Fire Cum Shots12/05/2018
OFJE-1751 Month Of Sex With S-Class Actresses! S1 Daily Sex Calendar. 8 Hours11/16/2018
SSNI-340My Girlfriend's Older Sister Who Did All She Could to Get My Attention With Her Braless Big Boobs and I, A Real Loser For Giving In to Temptation11/02/2018
OFJE-173Bukkake On An S-Class Actress!! Incredibly Pleasurable Facials Rush From Just Before Ejaculation. 100 Shots, 8 Hours11/02/2018
SSNI-318Aboard a Bus So Fully-Packed She Couldn't Fend Off the Pervs Who Assailed Her, An Office Worker With Big Beautiful Breasts Was Helplessly Made to Cum10/05/2018
OFJE-169Raping Girls That Are Out Of Your League! Humiliating Rape/Gang Bang Special. 83 Shots, 8 Hours10/05/2018
OFJE-167This Twitching Asshole Begs for More Anal Sex! Fuck This Ass Harder and Watch Every Inch Bounce in Response! Take in Every Inch of that Ass! Enjoy the Action from All Three Angles of the Ass, Asshole, and Entire Scene! S1 Level 100 Sex!!09/14/2018
SSNI-298We Got the No.1 Scoop in the AV Industry!! What Shunka Ayami is Really Like in Private - We Managed to Get Secret Footage of the Abnormal Sex She Had With Her Fuck Buddy! Now We're Releasing It Just Like That So Get It While It's Hot!08/31/2018
OFJE-163They Want Each Other For Super Passionate Make Out Fuck While Swapping Spit Slow And Full 30 Fucks 8 Hrs08/15/2018
GNE-209A Totally Beautiful Girl Gets Her Beautiful Face Shot Up Cum Face Style 408/09/2018
GAH-110Competitive Swimsuit 8 Hours07/26/2018
GAH-109Clothed Fucking 30 Ladies/8 Hour Deluxe Edition 507/19/2018
SSNI-252Fucked Over and Over Right in Front of You06/29/2018
GAH-107Red-Hot Sex With A Dripping Wet, Beautiful Girl In A Paradise Of Eternal Summer 8 Hours 206/21/2018
SSNI-227Fluid Exchange, Intimate Sex (Her First Completely Uncut Video)06/01/2018
GNE-202A Totally Beautiful Girl Gets Her Beautiful Face Shot Up Cum Face Style 305/03/2018
PBS-001Shunka Ayami PREMIUM BEST Furious 10 Titles + Shunka Ayami's Top 20 Sexy Best Selections Of Scenes That Gave Her The Most Pleasure vol. 105/03/2018
SSNI-203Pounding Second Round of Fierce Pistoning Sex, Mercilessly Drilling the Hell Out of Her Already-Orgasming Pussy That's Twitching Away, 5-Fuck Special05/02/2018
GNE-197A Totally Beautiful Girl Gets Her Beautiful Face Shot Up Cum Face Style 0202/08/2018
GAH-098I Was Lured To Temptation By My Girlfriend's Beautiful Older Sister 8 Hours01/25/2018
GAH-097The Absolute Strongest Beautiful Girl 30 Girls/8 Hours 301/18/2018
GAH-089Creampie Raw Footage Unleashed 8 Hours09/21/2017
GNE-186These Blowjobs Are Too Hot 20 Women 208/31/2017
GNE-182A Totally Beautiful Girl Gets Her Beautiful Face Shot Up Cum Face Style 107/06/2017
GAH-079We're Renting Out The Best And Strongest AV Actresses 40 Ladies/8 Hours04/23/2017
GAH-078Clothed Fucks - 40 Girls, Eight Hour Deluxe 303/23/2017
GAH-076The Most Beautiful Girls In The World 50 Girls, 8 Hours 202/16/2017
GAH-073Cute Cosplay 8 Hours01/12/2017
GAH-072World's Most Heavenly! Brothel Heights 8 Hours12/22/2016
PPT-036Current Exclusive Actresses' Super Passionate Sex: BEST MIX SPECIAL 0110/13/2016
GAH-061Red-Hot Sex With A Dripping Wet, Beautiful Girl In A Paradise Of Eternal Summer 8 Hours07/14/2016
GNE-142Our Obedient Female Manager 105/31/2016
GAH-053The Most Beautiful Girls In The World 50 Girls, 8 Hours03/10/2016
ABP-012Shunka Ayami's Sex While Taking a Strolln/a
ABP-014Shunka Ayami Meets... True Amateur Who Will Escalate - Prestige Fan Appreciation! Bus Tourn/a
ABP-018Snug Titty-Fucking Release That's Different From the Restn/a
ABP-027Prestige Summer Festival 2013 - Summer Escapen/a
ABP-033Motto Enjoy Hi-School 02n/a
ABP-040The First Time She's Ever Fallen In a Trance, Sex That Makes Her Cum Really Hardn/a
ABP-050Creamy Kisses and Passionate Frenchies While Fucking 01n/a
ABP-060My Girlfriend's Older Sister Tempts Me and Wants to Fuckn/a
ABP-064Lover's Suite Roomn/a
ABP-104Splash Shunkan/a
ABP-112A Pet Exclusively For Our Groping Pleasuren/a
ABP-139Sexual Distress Treatment Clinicn/a
ABP-154The Greatest Sexn/a
ABP-166Be Infatuated With Shunka Ayami in Her Various Costumes and Cum With Her!n/a
ABP-175Prestige Summer Festival 2014 - An Absolute Beauty Who's So Erotic After Getting a Tann/a
ABP-188Indecent Breeding With a Lovely Respectable Missn/a
ABP-201Top Secret Agent, Sexy Comander Who Uses Her Body As a Weaponn/a
ABP-215Bashfulness x Climax x Awakening - Shameful Play Makes Me Cum, Watch Me As My Body Gets So Scandalous...n/a
ABP-232The Manager is a Pet Who Handles Our Sexual Needs 002n/a
ABP-246Raw Cream Piesn/a
ABP-260Brothel Tower, Sexual Full Course 3-Hour Specialn/a
ABP-274Outrageous Reverse Pickup By Shunka Ayami That Escalates to the Maxn/a
ABP-286Viola--d Idoln/a
ABP-299A Hospitable Retreat, Very Masochistic Fine Bellen/a
ABP-313Climax Lingerina 2n/a
ABP-331Property That Comes With a Perverted Pet, Rental Unit Furnished With Shunka Ayami File.02n/a
ABP-341Prestige Summer Festival 2015 - Tropical Sports Costume Sweaty Sex in 4 Fucks!n/a
ABP-356Enduring Orgasms One After the Other By Way of Big Cocks Over the Course of 48 Hoursn/a
ABP-367Ass Costume Miss Who is Just For Men/a
ABP-388Endless Sexn/a
ABP-402Horny Tempting Instructor 02n/a
ABP-418Shunka and I's Utterly Sweet Perverted Sex Life at Workn/a
ABP-435Passionate In-Depth Shoot, Close-Up Eroticism in 3 Fucksn/a
ABP-463Shunka Ayami is Just For Me and Loves Me So Very Muchn/a
ABP-473Naked Costume Play 01n/a
ABP-490Shunka Ayami and Her Indecently Attractive Figuren/a
ABP-506Prestige Summer Festival 2016 - Very Lewd Soap Play With Shunka Ayama Under the Blue Sky That Makes Men Totally Lose Itn/a
ABP-519Waiting to Be Flirted With, A Document 2n/a
ABP-528Shunka Ayami Will Rain Down Love Upon You With Naughty Words 1n/a
ABP-537Immobile Young Beauty Who Can Do Nothing But Cum Like Crazy While She's Fucked While Bound 001n/a
ABP-548On the Day the World Comes to An End, Shunka Ayami and I? 1n/a
ABP-557Strong Point Sex - We'll Present in Great Detail and Thoroughly Dissect Our Exclusive Actress's Erotic Merits!! File.01n/a
ABP-566Absolutely Sure-fire Situation 2n/a
ABP-578Princess of a Circle of Hobbyists 06n/a
ABP-586Big-Breasted Even With Clothes On, 3 Kinky Fucks File.01n/a
ABP-595An Absolutely Beautiful Young Lady, She Will Be Offered (Cross-Country Special)n/a
ABP-607I'm Going to Tame Shunka Ayami 3n/a
ABP-616Orgasmic Sex During Which She's Stimulated to the Max Repeatedly Without Release Act.03n/a
ABP-629Devilish Soapland Girl Who Will Bring Ever and Ever Closer to Orgasm 1n/a
ABP-642Shunka Ayami's Finest Devirginizingn/a
ABP-652My Live-In Girlfriend Has Multiple Personalities!? Vol.02n/a
ABP-664Super High-Class Underground Spa, A Revitalizing Salon 02n/a
ABP-677Lucky Perv 3, All the Erotic Ideas You Can Dream Up Can Be Brought to Reality!!n/a
ABP-685A Goddess Brought to Orgasm, Made to Cum While Securely Tied With Elaborate Restraints 01 - Pulled Between Pleasure and Pain, Making Her Climax Powerfully With Orgasms That Leave Her Out of Breath!!n/a
ABP-697The Ultimate Sex, 5 Supreme Fucks Under 5 Different Directors Act.01 - 5 Marvelous Dream Matches That Could Only Be Realized Through Sex of Another Ordern/a
ABP-706Moving On to Another Studio, "Yeah, I Admit I Love Sex". Sex For Real At Home, Baring Her Instincts During One-On-One Sex That Feels So Good, Orgasmic Last Sex. 3 Last Fucks That She Could Never Have Done Till This, Her Final Performance With Usn/a
ABS-155A 100% Beautyn/a
ABS-163Naked Housekeeper At Your Servicen/a
ABS-1752 Days, 1 Night, Beautiful Young Lady By Reservation Only 32n/a
ABS-184Shunka Ayami Will Give You Special Service - This is the Newest Esthetic Treatment, One That's Sure to Get You Hooked n/a
ABS-189Newcomer Shunka Ayami Will Give Soap Service That's Utterly Satisfyingn/a
ABS-203Shunka Ayami is So Into Me and She's At That Time Sexually When She's Just Hooked On Riding On Topn/a
ABS-210Naked Anyplacen/a
ABS-217We're Going to Catch Shunka Ayami Off Guard to Bang Her Until She Cums!!n/a
ABS-221All-Natural 100% Shunka Ayami Juice - Shunka Ayami's Body Fluidsn/a
ABS-227My Younger Sister's Just Too Sexy and So...n/a
ABS-231Porno Starn/a
DOM-045As Much As You Please 31n/a
EDD-209Young Female True Amateur Who Will Escalate 209n/a
INU-050Obedient Pet Trainee #031n/a
JOB-033Working Woman 2 Vol.37n/a
MAS-093An Absolutely Beautiful Young Lady, She Will Be Offered - Act.25n/a
SAD-057So Very Cute Younger Sister Who Seduces Men/a
SSNI-276College Girl With Big Tits Immaculately Bound and Utterly Donen/a
WAT-001New Water Polen/a
YRH-041School Memories of the Peak Younger Years, Phase 6n/a
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