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Yuika Takashima (高嶋ゆいか/Age 32)

Also known as: Shoko Nishada, あいだ飛鳥, にしだしょうこ, 夏川ゆず季, 志田明里, 西田翔子, 高島ゆいか, 高嶋唯

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Yuika Takashima (高嶋ゆいか/Age 32) Profile:

Born: July 26, 1990
Measurements: B92 / W55 / H88
Cup Size: H Cup
AV Activity: n/a
Sign: Leo
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 160cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Yuika Takashima (高嶋ゆいか/Age 32)

Yuika Takashima Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
AQMB-033浮気に堕ちた他人の妻 Vol.210/17/2022
HDKA-255Naked Housewife Highlights 6 Ladies/4 Hours vol. 1304/04/2022
NYH-135On A Crowded Bus, I Get Close To A Married Woman With Big Tits On Her Way Home From Shopping And Put My Hard Cock Up Her Miniskirt To Arouse Her And Fuck Her On The Spot / Miss Yuika Yuika Takashima06/14/2021
CEAD-342Yuika Takashima 2 Video Hyper Best 6 Hours 36 Minutes05/21/2021
UMSO-386Looking Up While She Rides Cowgirl Style! 50 Girls With Bouncing Tits vol. 0304/02/2021
NACX-076Sexy Poses Sticking Their Asses Out! Doggy Style Only Video Collection 50 Women vol. 0203/31/2021
JKSR-486"I Want You To Make Love To Me..." Horny, Innocent Wives Indulge In The Ultimate Carnal Sin: Adultery 14 Married Women, 4 Hours03/26/2021
NACX-072Creampie Sex With A Woman With A Writhing Exquisite Body 14 Ladies vol. 0301/31/2021
NASH-434A Married Couple's Real Sex Life vol. 0301/14/2021
NACX-069Every Time You Thrust, Her Voluptuous Body Will Jiggle And Wiggle! 20 Colossal Tits Mature Woman Babes In Creampie Sex vol. 0312/31/2020
ZOOO-01520 Ladies With Exquisite Bodies 2 240 Minutes With Beautiful Ladies With Beautiful Big Tits And Faces That Alone Would Be Enough To Provide You With Ample Nookie12/23/2020
DSCESD-001(Goodie Bag) Celebrity Friend Fans Thanksgiving Goodie Bag Interesting And Worth An Orgasm! Set Of 12 Fantastic And Impressive Works!!12/17/2020
NACX-066Creampie Sex With A Woman With A Writhing Exquisite Body 14 Ladies vol. 0210/31/2020
KSBJ-099When All's Said And Done, Areolas Are Better When They're Bigger!! 8 Beautiful Mature Woman Babes With Excessively Erotic Big Tits And Areolas Best Hits Collection09/17/2020
HAVD-999Hot Smothering Kisses Special - 12 Dirty Lesbians08/26/2020
JKSR-459Perfect Body, Seductive Wives With Perfect Temptation, 16 People, 4 Hours, BEST08/21/2020
BAK-039Creampie x Training BEST 8 Hours vol. 01 Special Selection Of 10 Actresses Who Learn The Limits Of Pleasure04/02/2020
CADV-731Slender But Busty Girlfriend 8 Hours 209/01/2019
MGMP-045The Golden Shower Goddess - The Holy Water Of A Beautiful Woman Tastes Like Honey -08/16/2019
KMVR-607[VR] No. 1 Approval Rating From Our Users. More Than 100 Minutes. BEST IV. A Collector's Edition Packed With Content05/20/2019
AUKB-095U&K Top 10 Lesbian Titles! The Most Popular Titles From 2018!!04/27/2019
NASH-050A Working Married Woman, In The Middle Of Committing Infidelity!! 8 Ladies04/25/2019
NASH-0388 Thin Wives With Big Tits04/11/2019
NACX-028Creampie Sex With A Woman With A Writhing Exquisite Body 14 Ladies03/31/2019
MGMP-0402018 MEGAMI Year Collection BEST1001/17/2019
SQTE-23833 Loving And Attentive Blowjobs By Beautiful Young Girls With Cute Smiles. S-Cute Blowjob Collection 201912/22/2018
SOAV-048A Married Woman's Cheating Heart. Best Collection 3. Ryo Hitomi , Kaede Mizukawa, Rena Kiyomoto, Ririka, Riri Hosho, Yuika Takashima, Ai Hoshina, Rei Tokunaga, Saryu Usui , Hana Yoshida12/22/2018
AUKB-093Secret Bathroom Love Wet And Wild Lesbian Series 240 Minutes12/22/2018
STCESD-057[Special Value Combo] Non-Stop Furiously Cumming Ass-Shaking Leg-Trembling Sex!! Misaki Honda Kanae Matsuyuki Yuika Takashima12/19/2018
BIJC-011Hot Witch COLLECTION vol. 1112/13/2018
MOPE-0272018 Masochist Man Paradise BEST1012/09/2018
SVS-059The Extreme Pleasures Of A Masochist. 10 Perverted Women Offer Up Every Hole For Pleasure. 4 Hours10/21/2018
BBZA-010Finally Released! Deep-Throating Massive Black Cocks!! Double Penetration Creampie Fuck, 4 Hours. BEST10/12/2018
CADV-685CRYSTAL THE BEST 8-hour Compilation of 100 Best Moments, Fall 201809/30/2018
MOPG-031Climax! This Goddess Will Show You How To Dry Cum, Never Before Released Footage EDITION Yuika Takashima09/08/2018
AUKG-434Mature Lesbian Squirting And Shuddering Pussies09/08/2018
SDMU-869SOD Romance Train Molester Overtakes Young Woman with His Immoral Perversion! Yuika Takashima08/22/2018
KRAY-025Hot Melting Pleasure Raw And Aromatic Sex With A Beautiful Woman Who Furiously Fucks With An Alluring Smile08/11/2018
MGMP-034An Anal Tweaking Handjob (Pumping That Ass) That Will Lead You To Amazing Ecstasy And An Excellent Ejaculation06/30/2018
NACR-162On The Other Side Of That Screen... A Male Model A Married Woman Nude Model Who Was Silently Enjoying Masturbation Because She Couldn't Control The Lust That Was Surging Through Her Body Yuika Takashima06/30/2018
KMVR-426[VR] An Elder Sister Who Loves Being An Exhibitionist Is Working Out In All Her Nude God Glory And Having Creampie Raw Footage Sex Yuika Takashima06/22/2018
MGMQ-026The Pleasure of Bcoming a Toy for a Lewd Elder Sister with Small Waist and Big Tits: Yuika Takashima06/17/2018
MADM-091Introducing Aphrodisiac Lingerie, Which Can Make Any Quiet Married Woman Beg To Have Her Pussy Pumped Deep With Your Rock Hard Cock Yuika Takashima06/15/2018
MDB-899Go Forth! A Sexy Assault!! The Creampie Combat Academy06/07/2018
MOPF-010[A DMM Exclusive] Orgasms! Divine Goddesses Who Will Lead You Down The Path To Female Ecstasy05/31/2018
AUKG-423The Unrequited Lesbian - They Were Brought Together By Sharing A Room - Yuika Takashima Waka Ninomiya05/26/2018
SOAV-041Cheating Heart Of A Married Woman Yuika Takashima05/26/2018
URMC-019An Elder Sister With Colossal Tits Is So Filthy She'll Blow Your Mind In Seconds!! Yuika Takashima05/03/2018
HDKA-138The Naked Housewife A Resident Of Machida City Yuika Takashima (29)04/30/2018
BIJN-129Beautiful Girls Gets Too Turned On By Two Huge Dicks! She Cums Too Hard And Can't Stop Twitching During This Hard Fuck!! Yuika Takashima04/28/2018
AUKG-410A Married Woman And Her Girlfriend This Beautiful Massage Parlor Therapist Is In A Lesbian Adultery Affair Erica Kitagawa Yuika Takashima12/27/2017
CEAD-089I'm A Small-Town Realtor - And A Slut Who Offers Creampie Service To My Clients! Bold Businesswoman Yuika Takashima09/10/2015
AVOP-101I ENERGY 15th Year Commemorative Edition Big Tits Unit / 100 Consecutive Creampies / Big Time Orgies08/31/2015
CUBE-009Natural Airhead, MILF & A College Girl Make Their Porn Debut At The Same Time! Saki Makita, Mari Aihara, Yuika Takashima02/04/2015
DDU-035Big-Boobed Wife With a Yen to Be a Sex Object, Please Let My Wife Be a Playthingn/a
CESD-507Constantly Fucked While Standing! Sex That Gets Her Legs Bucklingn/a
MMYM-019Lady Who Talks Dirty, A Nasty One Who Rains Down With Naughty Words Over and Over in Private While Losing Herself in Obscene Actsn/a
CESD-492Nonstop Intensely Orgasmic Hip-Jarring Sex!! 4n/a
HAR-086Once Faithful, This Wife Was Rendered a Sex Slave By Her Reclusive Stepson, Becoming a Dreg Who Welcomed Shameful Playn/a
GVG-278Submissive Stepmother Done By Lewd Siblingsn/a
MOND-042Wife Who Fell Head Over Heels For Her Brother-in-Law Who Was Hung Like a Horsen/a
VOVS-355[VR] Beautiful Big Tits Private Tutor's Fuck Punishment, Fucking In Lotus And Missionary Makes Her Colossal Tits Bounce! Yuika Takashiman/a
BBZA-007The Ban Has Been Lifted Ultra Thick Black Deep Throat Blowjobs!! Yuika Takashiman/a
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