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Kimika Ichijo - 一条綺美香

Also known as: 沢尻典子

Kimika Ichijo was born on 04/10/1964 in Chiba.

Measurements: B90 / W60 / H82
Cup Size: F Cup
Porn/AV Activity: 2012
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 160cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Kimika Ichijo.

Kimika Ichijo Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
TLZ-003Kimika Ichijo Is Picking Up Lesbians05/16/2019
HOKS-028Mature Women Living Alone Daydreaming Woman05/11/2019
NSPS-802Mature Woman In 40s Unending Lust Highlights05/11/2019
NACR-231Tempting Her Son With Her 50-Something Self Kimika Ichijo04/30/2019
NACX-03040-Something And 50-Something Porn Stars With F-Cups Or Bigger! 20 Mature Women With Swinging Tits04/30/2019
AUKB-095U&K Top 10 Lesbian Titles! The Most Popular Titles From 2018!!04/27/2019
WSP-161Colossal Tits In One Fell Swoop04/18/2019
WA-399Housekeeping Service. Turned On By The Peeping Bra And Big Ass Of A Busty, Fully Ripe Married Woman! I Suffer From Premature Ejaculations So She Masterfully Moves Her Hips And Lovingly Takes My Virginity! Continuous Creampie Sex!04/14/2019
XRW-669She's Afraid of What Might Happen if You Find Out She's Awake, So She Pretends to Be Asleep, Even While She's Assaulted Again and Again and Filled with Cream 204/11/2019
CMV-128Married Mature Women I Met On A BDSM Bulletin Board For People With Fetishes04/04/2019
CADV-708Wives In Their 30s and 40s 8 Hours Of Filthy Sex03/15/2019
MCSR-335Secret Stories Of Incest My Mother Is My Lover03/15/2019
NSPS-785NAGAE STYLE Super Select Actresses Excessively Beautiful Fifty-Something Ladies Having Horny, Lusty Sex Kimika Ichijo Video Collection03/10/2019
NASH-021A Married Couple's Real Sex Life03/07/2019
MGMP-042I Was Chilling In The Waiting Room When A Porn Actress Used Me To Practice Molestation And She Even Violated My Asshole (Yeet)!03/06/2019
KNMD-007The Cuckold Hot Springs Resort The Pleasure And Immorality Of Being Fucked By Another Man Is There Something In The Water In These Hot Springs? After All... I've Never Had Sex That Felt This Good... Kimika Ichijo Takako Moriya Madoka Karasuma02/21/2019
ODVHJ-013My Friend's Hot Mom Chapter 202/12/2019
CMC-213A Lady Lawyer Who Got Captured By The Hungry Bastards At A Corrupt Corporation Kimika Ichijo02/02/2019
MGMQ-031A Cock And Ass Who Fell For The Pleasures And Temptation Of A Beautiful Mature Woman Kimika Ichijo02/02/2019
SORA-211When All's Said And Done, I Love Being An Exhibitionist Kimika Ichijo 4 Hours02/02/2019
BBSS-018Mature Bodies... Drowning In The Touch Of An Adult Lesbian Series SEX, 4 Hours02/01/2019
CADV-702Mature Women With Big Tits And Nice Bodies 8 Hours 201/31/2019
WSP-156Drink Me Down With Your Ripe Mouth... 4 Hours01/24/2019
DOKS-466Cumming While Getting A Handjob And Getting Binaural Dirty Talk Whispered To Me - 4 Hours Collection01/17/2019
LZBS-042Go Lesbian! The Best, Carefully Selected Sex Scenes Featuring Busty Lesbians. 5 Hours. Lesbian Sex With Beautiful, Jiggly Big Tits And Shaking Colossal Tits!01/17/2019
MOPP-027A Horny Mature Woman And Her Basic Instinct To Maso Attack For Orgasmic Ecstasy Kimika Ichijo01/17/2019
CADV-700Women Who Want Cum In Their Pussies. Begging For Creampie Sex 201/15/2019
YPAA-022A Dirty-Mouthed Cuckolded Wife A Big Cock Blowjob Cuckold Fuck01/09/2019
OBA-378My Family Home Is Defective (Newly-Built) ~The Air Conditioner Is Broken Too... ~ It's Madonna's 15th Anniversary... These Middle-Aged Ladies Are Gonna Give It Their Best!!! Special12/28/2018
AUKB-093Secret Bathroom Love Wet And Wild Lesbian Series 240 Minutes12/22/2018
RVG-084Mother Child Fucking BEST vol. 212/18/2018
ARM-721Another Day At The Massage Parlor [Extra Edition] The Skilled Therapist In Her Sexual Prime Gives Attractive Male Clients Extra Services12/07/2018
RVG-083The Sexy PTA Director And The Bad Boy Student Council President BEST vol. 412/04/2018
MCSR-324With Mom 2. Me, Mom And The Obscene Spa Treatment. A Horny Married Woman Has Passionate, Incestuous Sex With Her Son In A Hot Spring Inn. 12 Women, 4 Hours11/09/2018
REQ-425"Are You Planning To Cum Inside Me!?" When Her Son Got Hot And Horny For His Mom And Raped Her, She Started To Enjoy This Wicked Incest 4-Hour Special11/09/2018
YPAA-020Impregnated Cuckolding Wife. Married Women Drowning In The Cum Of Other Men11/07/2018
GIGL-522"My Tits Are Sensitive, So Please Don't Touch Them..." When This Old Lady Gets Her Erect Nipples Toyed With Her Horny Switch Gets Flipped And She Won't Be Able To Refuse When She's About To Get Some Lesbian Sex Unexpectedly 210/25/2018
TPVR-042[VR] Naughty Time With The First-Rate Mature Woman Kimika Ichijo A Dirty Woman With An Incredible Body And Beauty Will Lead You10/12/2018
SPRD-1059I Like My Decrepit Old Wife Better Than My Younger New Wife... Kimika Ichijo10/01/2018
GVG-750Mom's Real Sex Education Kimika Ichijo09/18/2018
CADV-683Kimika Ichijo The Best 4 Hours09/15/2018
DDOB-037Married Woman Pregnancy Fetish Creampie To The Max Until It Floods Out of Her Pussy09/15/2018
TPVR-020[VR] Enjoy The Fully Ripe Body Of Kimika Ichijo . Watch Her Open-Legged Lotion Masturbation And Lotion Titty Fuck And Orgasm!09/14/2018
NSPS-744The Director Nagae Presents 3 "Cuckold Eros Company Episodes" A Husband With Cuckold Fantasies, A Husband Who Doesn't Want To Be Cuckolded, And A Husband Who Doesn't Know He's Being Cuckolded09/08/2018
MDVHJ-001The Widow's Soft Skin Kimika Ichijo08/26/2018
AUKG-432Sweaty Wet Slurping Lesbians08/25/2018
AUKG-429My Lesbian Neighbor Has Me In Her Sights--The Rapist Lesbian Stalker-- Satomi Suzuki Kimika Ichijo07/28/2018
DBEB-089The Upper Limit Of Flesh Fantasy Ecstasy!! Ripe And Ready Mature Woman Bodies Writhe And Moan In This Hellscape Of Rape And Shame The Baby Entertainment GOLD BEST07/14/2018
MMYM-022A Filthy Dirty Talk Woman SPECIAL SELECT + Exclusive Footage Aki Sasaki The Dirty Talk Sex Cut07/14/2018
TOMN-150A Hardcore Slobbering Blowjob That Will Bring You To The Edge Of Ejaculation 60 Cum Shots07/13/2018
VRTM-370A Collection Of Actresses Filming Themselves Masturbating Part 307/12/2018
NACX-01250-Something Mature Women's Sublime Fucking 12 MILFs06/30/2018
TOMN-147The Thrill Of Domination From Behind Sweaty Full Body Cum Crazy Doggie Style Fucking Greatest Hits Collection06/22/2018
CADV-671Big Ass x Creampie Sex 8 Hour Special06/15/2018
CADV-672I Like To Go On The Attack!! Girls Who Like To Tease And Bully 8 Hours06/15/2018
BKLD-004A Mother And Daughter Lesbian Series A Journey To Jukkoku Hot Springs Mao Hamasaki Kimika Ichijo06/14/2018
HQIS-064A Henry Tsukamoto Production Lust It Cannot Be Suppressed This Is The One Thing I Cannot Resist...06/09/2018
ANX-099Honest Hypnotism EX Hypno enthusiast a.k.a. How and why we chose these girls and ended up doing this shoot05/26/2018
OOMN-22750 Dick Sucking Mature Woman Babes A Rich And Thick Blowjob Collection Of Mouth Pussy Nookie05/25/2018
NASS-8536 Married Woman Babes Who Got Fucked By Their Husbands' Acquaintances While He Was Passed Out Drunk05/24/2018
NEO-645I Want To Lick The Face Of A Beautiful Mature Woman Kimika Ichijo A Fully Ripe 50 Year Vintage Let's Apply Some Moisture By Licking Her Dry Skin05/19/2018
RD-870The Shame Of A Married Woman This Naked Housewife Was Fucked Until Her Pussy Dripped With Lust And She Lost Her Mind... 10 Ladies/4 Hours SPECIAL04/29/2018
ANX-098Hypnotism Nightmare--The Fabulous Party Kimika Ichijo04/28/2018
STAR-372Kimika Ichijo 48yrs Old AV DEBUT10/19/2012
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