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Itsuki Ayuhara (鮎原いつき)

Also known as: 安住涼子, 松沢ゆかり, 高橋あゆみ, 黒澤雪華

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Itsuki Ayuhara (鮎原いつき) Profile:

Born: April 7, 1975
Measurements: B94 / W64 / H94
Cup Size: F Cup
AV Activity: July 2015
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 158cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Itsuki Ayuhara (鮎原いつき)

Itsuki Ayuhara Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
OPBD-204超高級スカトロソープ 糞ローションFUCK BEST10/24/2022
OPBD-196Fecal Juice Giant Shower BEST 26 Works 4 Hours03/21/2022
MUCH-147The Wild Sex Of Beautiful Witches Who Are Around 40 Years Old, No. 2. 10 Women. 8 Hours. Set Of 2 DVDs.02/07/2022
VVVD-202Splitting Her Anus Open! Real Anal Splitting, 58 Shots!!01/31/2022
VSED-181No Hair So You Can See It All Clearly! Shaved Pussy Gets Cum Loads For Creampie Raw Footage. 212/24/2021
MUCH-1428 Hours And 2 Discs Of Sex With 10 Women With Big Tits And Shaved Pussies12/13/2021
OPBD-192Pummeled Right Down To The Womb - The BEST Anal Fisting11/22/2021
VVVD-189Pressed Against A Black Guy's Shocking Huge Thing!!! 9 People 8 Hours BEST05/27/2021
JGAHO-248Women With Hanging Breasts Get Speared With Cocks!03/22/2021
OPBD-179Fecal Bondage Research Institute Highlights vol. 203/20/2021
OPBD-178Excretion Shame, Special Edition BEST 11 Works, 8 Hours02/20/2021
JGAHO-048My MILF Itsuki Ayuhara, Age 4012/14/2020
KMDS-20498Plump Bewitching Madonnas, 20 People12/03/2020
MUCH-109Big Titted Married Women Best Selection BOX - 8 Hours, 4-disc Set BOX09/07/2020
KMDS-20482Even Older Ladies Want To Get Fucked... - Mature Women Who Like To Squeeze Out Every Drop Of Cum - 10 Women, 240 Minutes06/25/2020
DOG-03The Sniffing Bewitching Beauty 2 This Mature Woman Loves To Sniff, Smell, And Inhale Dirty Panties Itsuki Ayuhara06/18/2020
OPVR-016[VR] Alluring VR Shame BEST HITS COLLECTION! Ultra Close-Up Shaming! 8 Ladies 150 Minutes!!03/24/2020
KMDS-20468Headphones Recommended! - These 10 Screaming Orgasms Are Too Loud!01/30/2020
PTS-455Climax Fisting Married Woman Lesbian Awakening Massage Parlor 12 Women 8 Hour Special10/14/2019
VVVD-170Ass-Ripping Anal Sex Divine Best Hits Collection 8 Hours 2-Disc Set vol. 307/26/2019
NITR-454NITRO: The Best of Mature Women06/15/2019
OPBD-152Best Scat Collection 4 Hours Itsuki Ayuhara05/18/2019
NSPS-802Mature Woman In 40s Unending Lust Highlights05/11/2019
CMN-200Extreme Enema Paradise 1805/04/2019
VVVD-167Black Cock Anal Debut Highlights 8 Hours 2 Discs04/26/2019
OPBD-151Primo Scat Eaters Best 4 Hours04/19/2019
OPBD-148OPERA 2017 Second Half - All Works - Best 17 Works - 8 Hours - 2-Sheets Set02/22/2019
OKAX-483Special Thigh Jobbing A Voluptuous, Bulging And Warm Thigh Pussy Experience02/21/2019
ARM-523Dirty-Mouthed Madams XV: Itsuki Ayuhara02/12/2019
MUCH-053A Voluptuous Shaved Pussy Big Tits Married Woman 10 Ladies In A Row Get Fucked/8 Hours01/22/2019
OPBD-147An Ultra High Class Scat Soapland Golden Full Course Special Best Hits Collection01/19/2019
EMAF-485A MILF Mama Who Lives Out In the Country Part 9 4 Hours12/22/2018
VVVD-163An Adult Video Historical First! 30 Squirting Anal Fucks In A Row! Divine Best Hits Collection 6.5 Hours12/21/2018
OPBD-146The Greatest Lesbian Scat Masterpiece Selections 8 Hours12/15/2018
CADV-695Anal Training Sex 8 Hours 2. The Pussy Isn't Enough Anymore!!12/15/2018
OPBD-145Excrement Masochist Male Training Collection 4 Films 4 Hours11/22/2018
MRXB-012We're Penetrating Our 14th Year! MARX Renewal Anniversary 8 Hour Massive Highlights Part 2 208/10/2018
OPBD-143OPERA 2017 First Half The Best Of All Releases 17 Videos 8 hours07/20/2018
DBEB-089The Upper Limit Of Flesh Fantasy Ecstasy!! Ripe And Ready Mature Woman Bodies Writhe And Moan In This Hellscape Of Rape And Shame The Baby Entertainment GOLD BEST07/14/2018
VVVD-158V 2017 First Half All Titles Collection The Best All Extreme 15 Titles 8 Hours!06/22/2018
CADV-671Big Ass x Creampie Sex 8 Hour Special06/15/2018
MCSR-299Good Morning Old Lady! We Discovered This Incredibly Beautiful Mature Woman Hard At Work In The Countryside 12 Ladies/4 Hours05/24/2018
OPUD-256S**t-Eating Widows--My Lovers' S**t P****hment06/09/2017
MOT-224A Documentary A Perverted Housewife With An Athletic Body And Shaved Pussy Itsuki Ayuhara, Age 39, G Cup(95cm) Tits, 94cm Hips01/30/2017
AV-128Inviting Married Woman Itsuki Ayuhara10/16/2015
DANDY-556Mature Star Itsuki Ayuha Makes a House Call to Take a Young Guy's Virginityn/a
MOT-116Big-Boobed Mother With a Shaved Pussy, Hot Perverted G-Cup Mama With An Ambition to Engage in Baby Play With Her Masochistic Sonsn/a
JUY-025Bound Anal Wife Made Submissiven/a
NITR-296Face-Destroying 2-Hole Training of a Perverted Hardcore Masochistic Middle-Aged Lady Who Was in Deep Trouble Due to An Unpayable Debtn/a
MOND-053Good Day For Morning Wood Itsuki Aiharan/a
MOT-200Forbidden Love in the Family: Lustful Perverted Mother Itsuki Ayuhara, 39 Years Old, Shaved Pussy, 95cm G-cup, 94cm Hipsn/a
HIMA-83Fakecest: Impregnating My Stepmother Itsuki Ayuharan/a
VICD-347V 10th Anniversary - Finally Ready For Her First Black Anal Fuck Itsuki Ayuharan/a
SPRD-938This Mother Wants Some Ejaculation So Bad, She'll Order A Full Meal's Worth Itsuki Ayuharan/a
OPUD-227Restrained Poop-Feasting Nakadashi Anal Socialite is a Shit Pig Bedpann/a
VICD-356V10th Anniversary Edition An AV First! 10 Serious Anal Fucks Itsuki Ayuharan/a
ELEG-019Wife Life Vol.019 - Itsuki Ayuhara Goes Wild, 41 Years Old At the Time of Shooting and Her Measurements Are 94-63-94n/a
AVOP-249Wild Kingdom Special Edition - Unconventional Middle-Aged Nurse Fucking Raw With Young Aboriginal Virgins in African/a
YRMN-008To Understand The Pleasures Of A Mature Woman, You Must Experience It First Itsuki Ayuharan/a
MUCH-141Erotic Big Tits Step-Moms' Healing Sex 10 Girls 8 Hours 2 Discsn/a
NSPS-682No Matter How Old I Get... Ah, I Just Want To Fuck, I Want To Fuck So Bad! I Fucked Everyone In My Family... Am I Being Indiscreet? Itsuki Ayuharan/a
MESU-62This Actually Happened!! A Ripe And Ready Life Insurance Lady Shows Us Her Creampie Sales Technique Itsuki Ayuharan/a
ISD-108Nationwide Jukujo Sousakutai Let's Spend The Night In The Country! Yamanashi/Sai Lake Edition Itsuki Ayuharan/a
OPVR-001[VR] Great View VR! Showing Off S**t Poop Blowjob Play! Itsuki Ayuharan/a
AGEMIX-381Let This Old Lady Serve You Right 3 A Mature Woman Blowjob Is Fantastic And Cock Crazy, And Addictingn/a
OPUD-263The S**t Nurse Shit And Piss Maso Man Breaking Training Itsuki Ayuharan/a
NITR-331A Big Ass Cowgirl Old Lady Cum Crazy Enema Itsuki Ayuharan/a
SDMU-662(Rated R) R68 Men Blossom At Age 68 It's Time To Tease His Son's Wifen/a
MRXD-044This Is A Home Video Of A First Time Family Vacation With His New Wife's Daughtern/a
MOT-257Itsuki Ayuhara PREMIUM Bestn/a
CABE038[VR] Ripe Flavor Itsuki Ayuharan/a
FUGA-13Showa Stories Of A Four And A Half Tatami Mat Room The Infidelity Wife Deep And Rich Sex With Men To Pass The Time Itsuki Ayuharan/a
OYAJ013First Shoot. A Married Woman's Creampie Documentary. Itsuki Ayuharan/a
MOT-125A Glamorous Housewife Tries To Look Pure And Innocent Despite Having A Perverted Shaved Pussy - 38 Year-old G Cup Itsuki Ayuharan/a
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