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Lala Kudo (工藤ララ/Age 20)

Also known as: 伊藤はる

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Lala Kudo (工藤ララ/Age 20) Profile:

Born: April 29, 2001
Measurements: B83 / W55 / H86
Cup Size: C Cup
AV Activity: June 2020
Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 142cm
Nationality: Japanese

No biography is available yet for Lala Kudo (工藤ララ/Age 20)

Lala Kudo Movies:

DVD IDTitleRelease Date
DDK-207まいごの全裸少女を森で見つけて性欲が抑えられない 失踪少女に強○セックス・種付けプレス 工藤ララ10/18/2021
MIAA-507My Slutty Stepdaughters Came To Visit And Do Their Mother's Part While I Was Working Away From Home, Starring Lala Kudo and Rina Takase10/04/2021
IBW-841日焼け跡が残る連れ子がドンピシャリ ララ142cm 工藤ララ09/23/2021
SVDVD-877Shame! Naked Youth Strength Measurement 202109/22/2021
SVDVD-878The Cruel Chain Reaction Of A Ponzi Scheme! A Sch**lgirl On Her Way Home From A Young Lady's School! Watch Her Get Mixed Up In Shameful Acts! "If I'm The Only Unlucky One, Then I Won't Be Able To Go To School Tomorrow, Right? Then Why Don't I Let Some Girls I Hate Meet An Unfortunate Fate?" On The Surface, They May Seem Like Friends, But Deep Down In Her Heart, She Hates Her Guts, Even Though She Calls Her Best Friend, So That's What's Going On When She Calls Her Over For A Suffocatingly Awful Experience!09/22/2021
MMUS-056The Temptation Of Three Devilish Girls Innocently Showing Their Panties Leads To Instant Erection And Ejaculation!09/06/2021
WAAA-087Huge Dick Thrusting Into Tight Cunt!! Raw Fucking Creampie NTR - Rara Kudou07/21/2021
MIAA-465On a Hot Spring Trip With My Nieces, We Go Into the Men's Bath Together, I was F***ed to Come 10 Times By Barely Legal Chicks Playing Pranks. Ichika Matsumoto Lala Kudo07/08/2021
IESP-683Rara Kudo In Open Season For Lesbians: I Fell In Love With The Cameraman's Cousin07/07/2021
DFE-054I am Getting My Daughter To Eat It. Lala Kudo06/24/2021
PIYO-116Chicks Visit Your House! These Bitches Will Take Care Of You With Their Shaved Pussies.05/19/2021
VRKM-368[VR] Ceiling Specialty Angle VR -I Wub you! Romantic Fuck- Lala Kudon/a
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